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04 February, 2013

Necochea, Argentina: Is a 2013 UFO Flap Underway?

Necochea, Argentina: Is a 2013 UFO Flap Underway? By Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO A massive UFO was seen over the coast of Necochea in the early morning hours of 27 January 2013, in the southeastern end of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hundreds of witnesses saw a large white light over the sea, facing the coastline, surrounded by an “S” shaped cloud and with a red light toward its lower left side that appeared to sparkle at times. After several minutes and at sea level, it rose into the air, vanishing at high speed among the stars. The time was approximately 0230-0240 hours on 27 January. Among the witnesses were Alejandro Gimenez Franzoni, Matias Silvi, Matias Bugnar, Franco Cuervo – all of them in their 20s, and readily localizable in Necochea and the city of La Plata, as some of them were tourists. Given the time at which this event occurred, and since it was a perfectly clear and starry night, the witnesses are deemed to rise into the hundreds, according to the testimony furnished by the people named above, since they could see many others along the coastline, and the beach itself, casting their gaze on the phenomenon. It made no noise whatsoever and was scarcely a few meters over the sea’s surface, ahead of the ships waiting for clearance to enter the Port of Quequén. A few minutes elapsed before the object – enshrouded in a very bright cloud – drifted upward, losing itself in the enormous expanse of starry sky. Another Case Albert Benitez is the protagonist of another phenomenon that occurred on 25 January 2013 at 23:30 hours, approximately, when he saw a large red fireball traveling at moderate speed from West to East over downtown Necochea. He adds that he could hear a squealing sound as it flew overhead, despite its distance. There may be other witnesses to this event. As we can see, UFOs keep spending their summers in Necochea. Only a few days ago we published this case, which I myself witnessed. At around 21:40 hours on 11 January 2013, a large number of onlookers saw a very bright red, strange object of considerable size and triangular in shape, flying south at a steady but by no means slow speed. The object was seen by residents of Necochea and tourists alike, enjoying another very pleasant evening, since temperatures that day had been in excess of 36 centigrade. Finally, the silent object lost itself in the southern sky among the stars. Its appearance was sudden in the airspace. I myself saw this along with other friends on the beach. A Massive Nationwide Flap? The Necochea UFO was seen at 02:30 and in Claromecó at 02:15 hours on 27 January. It was very likely also seen at Punta Alta. Was it the same one videotaped at Atucha (Buenos Aires) at 02:45? The case remains under investigation. On January 29, 2013, Julio Gonzalez published the following report: On 01/27/13, minutes after two in the morning, a UFO was seen over the community, according to a tourist from Tandil. There were other cases on Friday and Saturday, as has emerged from eyewitness accounts. An unidentified flying object was seen on Sunday in early morning hours from Claromecó and Dunamar (Necochea). This newspaper received a report submitted from a resident of Tandil, who provided exact information on the characteristics of the phenomenon. Sightings were also reported last Friday and Saturday. The tourist told this newspaper that at around 02:15 on that day, “a strange object was seen in the sky over Claromecó-Dunamar, seen by at least 15 people. It was an intense light over the sea.” He added that the UFO “gained altitude and began morphing into a sort of blue colored spiral (like a three-vaned fan) with an intense light at its core. It then began issuing smaller lights. When it was near our position, it appeared to be at high altitude and traveling at considerable speed. The spiral then vanished and the central light dimmed until it, too, disappeared.” The tourist added: “We were with my nephews and some friends from Rosario at Dunamar, some 50 meters from the public bathrooms. There were more people at the beach. They saw it too.” In his story, the tourist remarked: “This is the first time I have seen anything of this sort, although 12 years ago, when I drove a truck, I saw a pair of large lights in the sky that subsequently vanished.” The summer visitor described his feelings after seeing the object in question: “I felt surprised. At one time we thought it was the moon, but we remembered that the full moon was right there behind us. Then the spiral shape became visible,” he said, adding: “I usually travel a few days during the summer to visit Claromecó, this time it was due to the weekend, and we got to see that interesting light. Another similar case: “I took the photo I am submitting to your attention on Sunday at Claromecó, Province of Buenos Aires, 70 km from the city of Tres Arroyos. It caught my attention. The small spot fell rapidly while the large one remained static for a long time. Before that, I noticed a kind of glow in the sky, but thought it was a jet. They lost themselves in the fog over the sea. Could they be UFOs?” asked Sol Echarry on our website. Meanwhile, a resident of Claromecó who preferred to remain anonymous, also noticed the presence of an unidentified flying object. It occurred at noon on Saturday, approximately at 11:30, when she saw “a white object suspended in midair” in the Tercer Salto y Medio area. We were alone with my husband and shortly thereafter it vanished. It ascended at breathtaking speed and was gone in less than a minute. It jumped upward and quickly vanished.” Claudio Menendez, a journalist for Radio Comunidad Claromecó and a contributor to this newspaper, said in his “Dias Distintos” program that an object similar to the one seen by the tourist from Tandil had also been reported in 1991. Finally, last Friday at around 20:00 hours and hear the mouth of the creek, an unidentified flying object was reported, shining in the sky for several minutes until it was no longer readily visible

Conspiracy Geeked

I became exposed to The Abyss through the works of Neitszche, Crowley, and also some writing called The Dark Night of The Soul...  These 3 angles; theologic, psychologic, and mystic, all served to create for me a practical symbolism by which to structure myself so as  to weather the storm, so to speak.

The storm has raged far longer than any book can describe...

Along the way, I have grasped at numerous, weak handholds in hopes of finding some form of support in this trying time.  As a poet, it suites me none to have my creativity sapped.  As a human, it suits me none to have my desire to interact with the world equally sapped - to the point of near extinction.

I have become disillusioned in my pursuit of knowledge, and also of an understanding of the world around me that I just can't seem to get.  There have been so many dead-ends which I had believed in, so many people and doctrines.  In the end, most proved hollow, especially the people.

From time to time, there have been books that "mattered".  One of them that left an impression, and often is recalled in times of stress, is called The Little Black Book.  I found it at a store on South Street in Philadelphia.  I couldn't tell you where I lost it.

The first page of this tiny, little, black book, said something like "It's not what a book says that matters, but rather what the book DOES."  I believe in that.  This attitude has helped me to better navigate the stormy seas of Enlightenment.  A teacher I studied under was a big advocate of Know Your Authors.  Religious beliefs, politics, affiliations...  These factors are major players in the defining of a person, and the person who writes is the source, therefore I don't think it's good to take in just anyone's work.  Some are accurate in their research, and practical in their application of philosophy.  There is no apparent agenda behind the person, other than the desire to share knowledge, and maybe make a buck or two to support themselves along the way.

Then, there are others out there, The Stressful-Kind.  These are the cult-leaders, the self-appointed iconic figures who are no more enlightened than other Monarchy-minded elitists.  They use clever tongues to sway the audience into a form of blind allegiance.  When challenged, they resort to anger.  They avoid direct confrontation.  They use manipulations like guilt or appeal to vanity to draw in followers.  They have a lot of "friends" on their pages, and many titles under their belts.  They know who to know, what to say, and when to say it.  Inside, they are dead... The just want attention, fame, control.  These writers, both present and dead, are my biggest thorn in my side.  I may actually HATE them, to be honest.

I feel as though I have been wandering in a dark and creepy place, full of jokesters and pesky little devils.  I am tired, and just want to feel the sun upon my face again, but I continue through the "abyss" that is my Life's Journey at the moment..  I have grown slightly paranoid, beyond the level of weary awareness.  I have grown short-tempered with those beyond my inner circle of One, of myself.  I distrust because I know others to be selfish, to be liars...

But, this isn't actually a blog about my feelings, or my frustrations.  I'm writing this to say that it is my opinion, after close analysis, and interaction with some of the figures interviewed, you really should read Conspiracy Geek, by Joan d'Arc.  I know that there are more skeptics reading these words, than there are blind followers.  I know that you don't want someone to tell you what's in a book to get you to buy it, but I think if you knew WHY  it's worth owning, you might go ahead and pick up a copy today.  Maybe two, you can give the gift of Knowledge and Art!

See, Joan doesn't take her easy poise and vast knowledge of anthrpologic subjects, or the things that go bump in the day to steer the reader into Belief.  Though you can tell that this author is well learned, you will be hard pressed to find preaching, in ANY of her books.  I have read The Hunter Gatheress Journals, Phenomenal World, almost every issue of Paranoia and Paranoid Women Collect Their Thoughts.  I've also had the fortunate opportunity to communicate with the author directly on a few occasions, and no matter what angle I poked from, she never become the Cult Leader that is lurking behind the public veneer of so many of our favorite "conspiracy theorists".  I really hate that term.  I've provided her with the opportunity to soapbox me to death, and in the end, it was probably only I that ever took advantage of that opportunity.  Yes, I hate in others that which I hate in myself.  I am soap-box prone.

So, when she asked me to review Conspiracy Geek, I was super-excited.  Except, I don't really know how to write a review.  Plus, even if I had something bad to say about the book, I'd have a hard time saying it, even nicely. So, I did those brief reviews of a few chapters and posted them here.  It was fun, to try and not sound like a reviewer while doing just that!  But, that's not what I was asked to do...

I can't effectively tell you about every topic covered, nor can I do a chapter by chapter report of the entire book.  I end up just re-writing, re-inventing the wheel.  There are just too many incredible intereviews, and Joan's elegantly styled prose with which she took me through numerous thought processes that ultimately enlightened me to the struggles others endure, places I've never had the opportunity to see in the U.S.A. and era-defining strangeness that can't be swept under enough layers of rug.  And some conspiracies that were new to me, even though I thought I had heard them all by now!

The interviews are priceless.  She has an easy air when running through extremely difficult topics with a who's who of conspiracy and alt. researching.  While keeping the flow of the exchange interesting, she also manages to leave the interviewee enough wiggle room to really let us know who they are!  That is so important.  With the subject matter being of such great interest to me, I used the book as a starting point to get to know many of the figures I have come across over the years.  I was pleased to get to know some folks by reaching out to them via their various web presences.  A few people proved amazing, and I became further disillusioned by the phony shallowness of a person or two as well.  However, the disillusionment was short lived, because by the time I was done reading Conspiracy Geek and looking into people who have been slowly reeling me in over the years, I had regained strength and tolerance.  Though I was disappointed to find that my heroes are all human like me, it was a useful, and fast way, to come to know what I am dealing with, and make informed decisions on who to continue to read, and who to shelve forever.

I won't get into who I like or dislike out of the interviews in the book, but I can say that the dislikes are for outnumbered.  Though I won't endorse or condemn anyone Joan interviewed, I will say that Joan has outdone herself and continues to earn her place on my bookshelf and in my brain.  The entire book is intriguing, and there is ample room to return to chapters-past and re-read, so it's worth owning.  This isn't a book, it's a tool, a viewer to see into the personalities of some of the underground's most potent voices...  You will not be disappointed, even though you may find yourself falling out of love with a writer or two before you are finished.  You owe yourself the Truth, though, and there is no reward sweeter, even if the Truth may be a bit ugly...  Truth gets me through my "Abyss", maybe that is evidence of potency within that books pages that one just can't deny.  While I won't say you'll find all of your answeres in CONSPIRACY GEEK, I can assure you there are useful tools to aid you in your travels!

 Get your copy HERE, at  Save on the cover price when you buy from this site!