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30 March, 2011

Fukushima is “worse than Chernobyl”

Professor Christopher Busby, European Committee on Radiation Risks, says nuclear industry finished, science fiction scenario is emerging in Japan as truth is slowly being dragged out of people. Fukushima is “worse than Chernobyl” … Why? Because there are 7 million people living within 200 kilometers. The Chernobyl coverup: 1 million people died.

29 March, 2011

Interview with Tiny Tim (1994)

Tiptoe-ing Through the Past, the Future … and All Points in-between

(Or ... Where is Irving Thalberg Now?)

Interview by Joan d’ Arc and Mark Westion (1994)

We met with Tiny Tim one Sunday afternoon at the bar in the Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge in Warwick, Rhode Island for a chat and a few beers. Mister Tim is a sweet man who is polite to everyone he meets, always placing a Miss or Mister before their first name. He drinks Molson Ice with a straw and wears really cool sequined sneakers. And Mister Tim obviously had a good upbringing; apparently the women in his life did not. His first wife, Miss Vickie, whom he married on the Johnny Carson show in 1969, has now seen fit to sell the perverted version of her story for big bucks to a tabloid, The Star. Miss Vickie should get a life. His present wife, Miss Jan, should quit being a cheat and hand over her little black book to her lawfully wedded husband. And Mister Tim’s Eternal Princess, Miss Stephanie, should stop opening the door to everyone but him, and prepare to fly through the portals of Heaven and the New Earth with Tim and Tim alone.

Mr. Tim: Praise the Good Lord for giving me a sliver of the future; I believe everything comes from him, thank his blessings. This is an unbelievable world…the more I think of it, the more mysterious it gets! Last night, (and I’ll answer any questions you’ve got, if you’ve got all day so do I, because we may never have this time again. Everything that goes out is a document, whether it’s the Times, or college kids or high school juniors. Keep the word going. Years ago I went into the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and I was amazed at how many articles you could find, day by day, that nobody knows about, it would take a lifetime to read).

So anyway, last night on Channel 2, I saw a program called The MGM Years, all about the early film “talkies” and there was Irving Thalberg, director of Mutiny of the Bounty, a genius, taken away at the young age of 37, way before his time. I was in bed in the early morning, wondering where he was. You can’t talk to him any more! It’s like the old scripture “Dust thou art and to dust you shall return.” Now he’s gone! All the people—my parents, everyone—all floating specks of dust! There must be a great silence among the dead. I wonder about all these things; where is Irving Thalberg now? All I can do, all any of us can do, is to have blind faith. I can only go by the documents of history. I didn’t see Lincoln here, but the facts say he was here. I didn’t see Washington, I didn’t see Jesus Christ, but I believe he was here and he arose from the dead. I believe in the great Yahweh, God, Creator of Israel. Perhaps the Good Lord called him [Irving Thalberg] because he wanted some movies made up in heaven. We never know what’s going on.

Miss Joan: Have you ever seen a flying saucer?

Mr. Tim: No, I’ve never seen a flying saucer, although I wish I could, and perhaps the few who have are fortunate to see them. There are people who believe in reincarnation, and certainly everyone can have their opinion until proven right or wrong. However, there was one instance only that I talked with a woman in Florida in 1990, whose husband was a sheriff. She claimed she was abducted by a flying saucer at a shopping mall. I asked her how these beings looked and what she could remember about it and right away she blanked out. Her husband came in from outside about five minutes later and during that time she said nothing. People who actually have these experiences most of the time will be able to name names, places, times, facts and give some proof. But mostly it’s not possible (Miss Peggy, could you bring another round?)

Here’s another interesting story: In 1968, when I started to get “hot,” Shelly Winters invited me to her house. When I walked into her house, she started ranting and raving that she was responsible for President Kennedy’s death! Bobby Kennedy had just been shot, John Kennedy’s death had been years before, but she blamed herself. And I asked her, “When did you have this premonition that the President would die? Did you see the date, did you see who would do it, did you see the time and place?” I told her that if she didn’t see all these things, then she can’t blame herself.

Miss Joan: The President may not have listened to her warning anyway.

Mr. Tim: That’s a very good point. At least if she had the time and place down, they would have listened to her. When I left the house, she never spoke to me again. In all these phenomena—like the flying saucer mystery at Roswell, New Mexico—if the military is hiding things, these people all have dates, times, and it’s all been written down how everything at the crash site looked. So if it’s true that the Air Force is hiding things, these are exceptions to the rule.

Miss Joan: So you believe that there is a government cover-up of alien beings and flying saucers?

Mr. Tim: I would say yes. There is a government cover-up of something unusual, something that would shock mankind.

Miss Joan: Meaning it would affect our religions?

Mr. Tim: Now Miss Joan, that’s a great question! Not only would it affect all our religions, Catholics, Protestants, even Jews, but that opens up a can of worms, because the questions now are, “Did the Garden of Eden apply only to the Earth beings or to beings in the entire Universe? Does the banishment from the Garden of Eden apply only to Earth beings? How does this affect Mars, or Venus, or planets in another galaxy?”

Miss Joan: Yes, and do we share heaven with beings from other planets?

Mr. Tim: Or if they have a Hell, have they sinned, or does this only apply to the banishment from the Garden of Eden here? Remember God’s command: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” We don’t know what outer space holds and who is dominant. There might be some beings who have never heard of this particular great god Yahweh. They might have their own god in another galaxy, or it very well may be that Yahweh is the Creator of all of the galaxies. So yes, this would certainly change aspects of religious beliefs. You would, in the last days, there will be many things that will befuddle everyone. Where is our God, where is He? The last days could be today, or centuries from now.

Miss Joan: And if Jesus showed up in a spaceship would people be shocked?

Mr. Tim: They would be shocked, but does he have to walk on air? He may have chosen to ride. The great God Yahweh always keeps something from man; he surprises him all the time! There really is no religion that knows it all. But we’d like to think that we know it all.

Take for example, the film The Last Temptation of Christ. It’s 1988, a hot summer in New York City. I was barely paying the rent after my mother left. The Last Temptation of Christ was opening up to penalties of error and sin, at the Ziegfield Theater on 54th Street. I had nothing to do, it was hot in my hotel room. I did not, I repeat, I did not go down there for publicity! Something beckoned me to go to this opening. I took a cab and got off at Broadway and saw lines all the way down on both sides; on one side protestors against and on one side lined up to see the movie. I had to walk down the middle of the street, and everyone was pointing and saying there’s Tiny Tim! I did not want this publicity. The protestors were shouting that it was a sin to see this picture because it proclaims that Jesus Christ sinned.

Then the cameraman from ABC comes up and asks me if I believe it was a sin to see this picture. I said “that’s why I want to see the picture.” If Jesus Christ sinned with Mary Magdalene, that makes me believe more in him, because then he realizes that since he came from God and became as a man, he would truly realize the pain, the suffering, the loneliness and sexual desire, which is needed here in the heat of the day, in the afternoons of time. Would that make me believe less in him? On the contrary! And then I got in line to see the movie and I was booed by the other side.

When I saw the picture, it had made allowances for that before it started. It said that the picture is only the opinion of the writer. But here’s where I was shocked with the picture: it showed that Mary Magdalene was very beautiful, and that Jesus was in love with her and she didn’t want him to die, but as he was going on the cross, a beautiful little girl told him to come down, she said, “you’ve suffered enough.” So he came down from the cross and lived many years with Mary Magdalene. Judas, who had betrayed him, later said to him, ‘you know I betrayed you, who knows if it was meant to be or not, but look what you did, you sold yourself, you came down from the cross!’ Then he tells Jesus that the little girl was Satan; the devil appearing as an angel, a beautiful little girl!

I pray that Satan and his demon angels repent. Let’s say Satan is tired of this warfare and the great God gave him the ability to enter the Garden of Eden to take the challenge. Instead of being his robot, he lets him roam the world as a prince of evil; and let’s face it, he won the battle! Today we have a world gone wild. Who can stay together? Who can get to heaven? But Satan himself will be bound up by the Almighty. Suppose he said: “Jesus Christ says to forgive the enemy ten times over, I’m asking you to forgive me. Me and my demon angels were wrong to rebel against you; we were mighty but you were Almighty. I was jealous when you created man as lower than the angels, so deliver us, show us your example and deliver us from our insanity and schizophrenia, bring us back to sanity and home to heaven.”

So, you can see, instead of the second coming, it would be the second going, back to heaven! If the great Artist of the Universe allows this to happen, then no one goes to Hell and the Garden of Eden can be recreated, because of his mercy, with one exception: those who are born again will have the knowledge of good and evil and what happened before! Not saying that Satan will not try again. I thank God for giving me life, for giving me breath, and the ability to think.

Miss Joan: What about all the earthquakes and calamities going on right now. Is the end near?

Mr. Tim: It might be near, I believe, but we’ve thought this throughout the centuries. I feel something is coming, something from inner space perhaps, or from outer space, we will see them coming.

Mr. Mark: Do you think we’ll see this during our lifetime?

Mr. Tim: Yes. It’s no great wisdom, but I think about inner space and outer space. I had a strange dream one time: there were many different types of people. (I think there will be aliens who come to our rescue and aliens who do not). I saw a time when the Earth was captured by beings from another universe. These beings had taken over and were ruling the Earth. They looked like polar bears. They needed to eat human meat, and so in captivity they were feeding the earthlings enough to get fat and they were carting them off in cattle cars to go to slaughter. They would start out being secretive about it. Also I saw the young ones. I saw stores that were selling human legs, all shaved, and little kids were taken like young calves.

Miss Joan: You’re not alone in that theory, others believe we are being “farmed” by an alien species; first as slaves, now as a food source.

Mr. Mark: There are thousands who disappear every year, nobody knows where they go.

Mr. Tim: You can never stop thinking about how high the sky is. All these news items in the Sun, the Enquirer, the Examiner, could very well be subconscious revelations, like the early robots in comics who are now our computers, all subconscious revelations. The Good Lord gave to man to create for the future, but everything came with a struggle, the light bulb, the telephone…

(Miss Joan gives Tiny Tim a gift: A Schwa alien pin and an alien necklace made in Providence.)

Miss Joan: These will keep you safe from alien abductions.

Mr. Tim: Thank you. How beautiful. But I wouldn’t mind being abducted as long as they bring me back safe.

Miss Joan: Well, some of the things they do aren’t very nice.

Mr. Tim: Oh? What do they do?

Miss Joan: Well, sometimes they force you to have sex, maybe because they need our DNA.

Mr. Tim: Oh, that would be wonderful! (Oh, Miss Peggy, when you’re ready we’ll have another round). Now take President Clinton. Here is a man who, take a look at him now, a great guy with a charitable heart, a compassionate man, he loves fame, he loves glamour…

Miss Joan: He loves women too…

Mr. Tim: Yes, he does. Well, he has the care of the country, health care, the crime bill, and he’s thinking of making things better for people and yet he has the same things in common with John Kennedy, both loved women and both have to face the consequences of the Great Yahweh God who hates fornication and wants marriage to remain sacred. I pray for mercy for myself, that the God of Sexuality and Sensuality, who is prevalent in this world, no matter how good his intentions (thank you so much Miss Peggy, you’re wonderful); he committed adultery on his wife! If he gave her “the world,” the stain of deception is always there. He would have to really repent for her to forgive him.

Miss Joan: She forgave him on television. I saw her. She said “when you’re married ten minutes you’ll be forgiving someone.”

Mr. Tim: Well, who knows what went on with her and Vince Foster! If such is the case, if she remained faithful (I heard, well, some assumptions were made that something was going on) and after he and Jennifer Flowers, well you know, she’s not a bad looking girl! If I had met her in the sixties, but that’s a one-sided affair, it usually is anyway. But marriage is a sacred vow and it’s hard to live with someone who has broken that vow, believe me I know with Miss Vickie. And Miss Jan, boy this one takes the cake!

Mr. Mark: Is that your second wife?

Mr. Tim: Yeah. I haven’t seen her more than three times this year [October, 1994].

Miss Joan: A woman of the world?

Mr. Tim: She sure is. I’m trying to find that black address book she’s got! There’s something about being faithful. Now Miss Stephanie, did I tell you about her? I praise the Good Lord. Now, I had good parents, and great success at one time, you know the ups and downs. I praise the Good Lord for good health and to be able to see what I have, but with all that I pray to find the Eternal Princess. If I ever get to heaven, I pray that He will make me another Miss Stephanie, and this time give her the grace to love me as she can’t do now. I want to continually flow through the portals of Heaven or the New Earth with her alone.

Mr. Mark: Who is Miss Stephanie?

Mr. Tim: Stephanie Bohn (B-O-H-N). I met her in Texas in 1988; she was twenty years old then. I met her at the Club Donna through a booker who used to go with her, Big Bucks Brunette. I told her what I’m telling you now. She opens the door to everyone but me. But she is my eternal love. When I die I want to have on my tombstone: Here Lies Tiny Tim “God Grant Me in Death the Love You Denied Me in Life: Miss Stephanie.” Did you ever read the Unauthorized Biography of Tiny Tim?

Miss Joan: No, who wrote that?

Mr. Tim: It was out in 1976, written by Howard Stern. No, I mean Howard Stine. (Miss Peggy, another round!) In that book he writes something about me that’s very strange. Now, I don’t really like guys, but I’m sensual, or at least I was. But one time I had, not a homosexual affair, but I massaged this guy, he was 16 and I was about 22. There was a great attraction. I tried to get out of it for a long time. I can’t explain it to this day. I don’t like guys. If I did I’d let you know, but there was a strange sensuality there, and finally he got married in 1960 and I related this story in the book for this reason: you know, in this life you can be as straight as an arrow, but you never know who you are going to meet, man or woman, who is going to knock you off your feet! It can’t be explained. So many things just can’t be explained.

Miss Joan: Thank you, Tiny Tim.

All: Oh, Miss Peggy, another round!

This interview with Tiny Tim first appeared in Newspeak KataZzzine, Issue 1 (1994). Tiny Tim passed away in 1996. His official website contains discography, memorabilia, pictures, books and more. This interview was reprinted in Paranoia book volume in 2010 entitled Where is Irving Thalberg Now?

21 March, 2011

Irresponsible Cloudbusting May Increase Radiation Danger

By Joel Carlinsky

Joel Carlinsky writes on the irresponsible use of cloudbusters at his blog:

"Strong winds and torrential rains and mega snow in storms in West Coast and California March 18-20th are result of radiation reaction with atmosphere in Japan and across ocean.. An Oranur reaction has taken place in Japan and across Pacific causing intensification of storm as it crosses Pacific."
---Post to an internet mailing list.

I agree 100%. The real problem is not the radioactive particulates in the atmosphere. It is the oranur reaction they cause. And that is not detectable with the usual instruments. We can expect a series of intense storms as the atmosphere reacts against the oranur excitation from the damaged reactors with strenuous efforts to rid itself of the pollution.

One effect of such storms is that a lot of the radioactive particulates will be washed out of the atmosphere into the sea or onto the land before they have had as much time to run down into less a less harmful state as they would otherwise have had.

A further problem is the large number of backyard cloudbuster hobbyists who are bound to try to "help" by pointing pipes at the sky in all directions. None of them will know that there are others doing the same thing, possibly within a few miles of them, and there will be cloudbusters drawing from all directions at random.

And that will result in some very chaotic weather. It will also spread the radioactivity around quite a lot more than nature ever would have.

I suggest that anyone reading this should look at the weather maps for the next few weeks for signs of cloudbusting being done from the West Coast in an attempt to divert storms away from some areas to others.

The most likely scenario is that someone will decide that the most poulated areas are the ones that should be "saved" at the expense of those less heavily populated, so storms that are on-track to a large city may suddenly change course and go to some relatively unpopulated area.

Also, look for unpredicted rain to wash a lot of fallout down out of the atmosphere before it reaches land. That could mean someone decided to contaminate the ocean instead of letting the fallout reach land. The fallout that reaches land will tend to stay where it hits the ground, while anything that comes down in the ocean will tend to travel much farther and faster than any contamination on land, but that will not occur to a lot of people who think of the ocean as a public dumping ground.

A probable result of such misguided cloudbusting to "save" or "protect" areas on land is the radioactive contamination of the Pacific Ocean food chain to a significantly greater extent than would happen otherwise.

There is no transparency and no accountability in the field of cloudbusting. Anyone is free to decide what to attempt with a cloudbuster without any input from anyone else or any oversight by anyone representing the interests of the public. There are no standards of training required, no guidelines that must be adhered to, and no way to sanction those who cause damage or to require them to carry insurance to compensate their victims.

Cloudbusting is a wild frontier where anybody can do exactly as he pleases with the fragile atmosphere upon which all life depends. Most of the people who take up cloudbusting have good intentions and think they are doing the right thing, but they nearly all lack any real knowledge of the little-known branch of physics that the cloudbuster is based on, and they also are almost all totally ignorant of the biological sciences that would enable them to understand the potential effects on the ecosystems they will inevitably affect.

And there are some who are sadists or psychopaths or driven by a need to dominate and control. Such persons are attracted to cloudbusting for the feeling of power that it gives them. They enjoy the feeling that they get to decide what weather the rest of us have to endure.

And the rest of us are at their mercy.

I am trying to change that. I am trying to get a movement going to demand transparency and accountability in the cloudbusting field. There should be standards set, a professional Code Of Ethics, training, insurance coverage, consultations with ecologists, and some way to sanction those who are found guilty of malpractice.

Because the atmosphere is too important to be left to whoever wants to control it.

If you would be willing to help in this project, please contact:

18 March, 2011

MacKenzie Eyes Only Memo “ZR-FLATSTORE” (12-9-61)

The following document was mailed to me by U.S. post from Roderick A. MacKenzie on March 11, 2011 and I received it on March 17, 2011. The page was torn into 15 small pieces and placed in wax paper inside of a padded envelope. I pieced the document together and taped it on the same day I received it. The page is small, measuring only 5 and a half by 8 inches. It is stained in 3 spots by a yellow color, and appears to contain three original signatures, one in pencil and two in black marker.
- Joan d’Arc (This document will be made available for analysis by the JFK research community. More details to be added.)

The document reads as follows:

Report No. ZR-72-40-63210
Date: 12-9-61
Area: ZR
Sect.: 5
To: SecH2CIA Cd 2 9 Nwds,
Sec. DIA SFHS ZR-Rfl. 21.
Sec. FBI Div. V. ZR-Rfl.
[paper is signed in pencil at top "Miami 40" with initials "LD" and in black marker "OK Zapata B."]


This day of 12-9-61 At __________ [handwritten, cannot read]
D.I.A. Has auth. Formation of an Safe Area Project Under Supervision of
Agent Mayer in Habana Central. To provide a SAFE HAVEN for Selected
partys and persons under scrutiny of RAM ZR FLATSTORE / inactive
Agents, Partys, Hot Indvls., for short periods to be trained in Carnival
Arts under umbrla. INACTIVITY. Inactive Operatives will be under NEED

The funding for this initial costs of formation and and mtnce. Of this BLK
OP. will come from PETTY CASH directed from Permindex, Ltd. Of Toronto,
Cn. To be fwd to Permindex fr. Dist. At Permindex Inc. New Orleans, La.
Zl. (See Cover pages for Items and listing of NEEDS sup by MacKenzie, R.
c/o Mc willi Habana, Cuba, El Presidanti Hotel.

This Project is dubbed ZR-FLATSTORE and must be comp. by 3-5-196 .
and be op under "HANDS ON" cont of MacKenzie at Chgo. And
go to Gibsonton, Fl. Fr initial set up as SAFE ENVIRONMENT on midway of
MacKenzies choice. Attn: Bertram, C. Permindex N.O., La. Clients will be
directed under NOMAD Cntrl. Only. To safe haven at ZR-FLATSTORE to
Learn skills on Carnival Games or Shows Mac Kenzie will form as per
route (See Billboard Mag, Letter List and Ads under Agents Needed. Code
No. 6969McKen.

Due to nature of this project Blackout secrecy is in effect, Need to know
mtn. Tel. Contact Nightly w/Agency th D. Graham and Roselli on all mtrs.
Pert. To ZR-FLATSTORE and Clients will be directed through this mode of
Info. Cmptzation is in effect on all levels in this project and NEED TO
KNOW is in effect all the way.

This order is in effect immediately.

C.V. Mc Allevery / Case agnt.
Route ZR-RIFLE, #5
[Signature of Mc Allevery appears in black above name]

Here is the scanned document as a PDF for all of our eyes:

For more information see also:

Interview with Roderick MacKenzie

PDF of book, The Men That Don’t Fit In, by Roderick MacKenzie

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades of Faked Safety Reports, Accidents

By Jason Clenfield - Mar 18, 2011

The unfolding disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant follows decades of falsified safety reports, fatal accidents and underestimated earthquake risk in Japan’s atomic power industry. The destruction caused by last week’s 9.0 earthquake and tsunami comes less than four years after a 6.8 quake shut the world’s biggest atomic plant, also run by Tokyo Electric Power Co. In 2002 and 2007, revelations the utility had faked repair records forced the resignation of the company’s chairman and president, and a three-week shutdown of all 17 of its reactors.

With almost no oil or gas reserves of its own, nuclear power has been a national priority for Japan since the end of World War II, a conflict the country fought partly to secure oil supplies. Japan has 54 operating nuclear reactors -- more than any other country except the U.S. and France -- to power its industries, pitting economic demands against safety concerns in the world’s most earthquake-prone country.

Nuclear engineers and academics who have worked in Japan’s atomic power industry spoke in interviews of a history of accidents, faked reports and inaction by a succession of Liberal Democratic Party governments that ran Japan for nearly all of the postwar period.

Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a seismology professor at Kobe University, has said Japan’s history of nuclear accidents stems from an overconfidence in plant engineering. In 2006, he resigned from a government panel on reactor safety, saying the review process was rigged and “unscientific.”

In an interview in 2007 after Tokyo Electric’s Kashiwazaki nuclear plant was struck by an earthquake, Ishibashi said fundamental improvements were needed in engineering standards for atomic power stations, without which Japan could suffer a catastrophic disaster.

“We didn’t learn anything,” Ishibashi said in a phone interview this week. “Nuclear power is national policy and there’s a real reluctance to scrutinize it.”

To be sure, Japan’s record isn’t the worst. The International Atomic Energy Agency rates nuclear accidents on a scale of zero to seven, with Chernobyl in the former Soviet Union rated seven, the most dangerous. Fukushima, where the steel vessels at the heart of the reactors have so far not ruptured, is currently a class five, the same category as the 1979 partial reactor meltdown at Three Mile Island in the U.S.

Back-up diesel generators that might have averted the disaster were positioned in a basement, where they were overwhelmed by waves. “This in the country that invented the word Tsunami,” said Brockman, who also worked at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “Japan is going to have a look again at its regulatory process and whether it’s intrusive enough.”
The cascade of events at Fukushima had been foretold in a report published in the U.S. two decades ago. The 1990 report by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an independent agency responsible for safety at the country’s power plants, identified earthquake-induced diesel generator failure and power outage leading to failure of cooling systems as one of the “most likely causes” of nuclear accidents from an external event.


After Hokuriku Electric’s Shika nuclear power plant in Ishikawa prefecture was rocked by a 6.9 magnitude quake in March 2007, government scientists found it had been built near an earthquake fault that was more than twice as long as regulators deemed threatening.

“Regulators just rubber-stamp the utilities’ reports,” Takashi Nakata, a former Hiroshima Institute of Technology seismologist and an anti-nuclear activist, said at the time. While Japan had never suffered a failure comparable to Chernobyl, the Fukushima disaster caps a decade of fatal accidents.

Two workers at a fuel processing plant were killed by radiation exposure in 1999, when they used buckets, instead of the prescribed containers, to eye-ball a uranium mixture, triggering a chain-reaction that went unchecked for 20 hours.

Continue reading at:

14 March, 2011

What the Financial Newsletters Leave Out

Trevor Constable and the Ahrimanic Forces

The following article by Trevor James Constable was originally published in Borderlands (Vol. 43, No. 3, May-June 1987) It explains in a nutshell the "Ahrimanic" theories of Trevor James Constable which derive from Rudolph Steiner.

Numerous readers of my Cosmic Pulse of Life (1976) have expressed their gratitude for the book’s esoteric insights into world trends. Many orthodox analysts nowadays, mainly in the financial newsletters, are aware that the USA is being steadily and systematically destroyed from within. Politically, economically, spiritually and morally, the USA is being cut down through the actions of numerous eminent and influential Americans, most of them native born citizens. In all history, there has been no such treason.

Slowly the reality is sinking into the financial newsletter publishers that these malevolent operations are taking place on an almost inconceivably vast scale. As yet, there is little or no comprehension that the overall directing consciousness is not human, or that its scope and capacities dwarf the most brilliant human being into insignificance. This was dealt with in my Cosmic Pulse of Life, and warrants overview updating after a decade. Because of its very nature, nothing will appear concerning this kind of intelligence in the financial newsletters.

The earth plane is under preparation for the incarnation in the mortal body of Ahriman ― the third member of the Cosmic triad involved in Earth evolution. The occult sequence is the incarnation of Lucifer in Asia four millennia ago; the incarnation of Christ in the Middle East two millennia ago; and the imminent incarnation in the West of Ahriman, the spiritual suzerain of the inferior forces, i.e. the forces standing beneath Man. Nothing can prevent this event, for it is Cosmic in design and integumented into the whole drama of evolution. As incarnate humans, what we do control is our individual orientation and reaction to the Ahrimanic event, to which current world trends are a sinister precursor.

Dr. Rudolph Steiner has stated that ahrimanic goals include total control of the Earth, the making of the world wholly ahrimanic. Destruction, rigidification and enslavement characterize the advance toward ahrimanic control. Actions directed towards world control are all around us, cunningly masked by idealistic fronts, and we should be sharply aware that ahrimanic aims and agents always come to us as that which they are not. Those who are dismantling and undermining America purport to be impelled by common sense and idealism.

The secret orders and secret societies into which wealthy and influential Americans have been inducted, usually at leading universities, are for the most part ahrimanic organisms serving vast subversional goals in earth evolution. Highly educated men have to be led to believe that their clandestine activities are for the benefit of mankind, which is wholly in accord with the lying nature of the ahrimanic powers. Cultivated elitism runs strongly in such groups of men, and provides and avenue by which the ahrimanic powers access the individuals psychically. The greed and wealth of some of them places them under the control of those ahrimanic lieutenants commanding those spheres of action.

The secret activity has accelerated since World War I, synchronous with other preparations for the incarnation of Ahriman. Some of it has even peeped above the surface in the various “commissions” and “councils” such as those organized and financed by the Rockefeller interests. These are typical ahrimanic fronts, carrying the clear ahrimanic signature of representing themselves as that which they are not. They have come to constitute a shadow government in America, by which the irritating impediment of elections may be circumvented. Diffusion of such unelected rulers into every significant level of government suffices to exert control, no matter who is elected by the public.

Ambitious political pushers quickly came to accept in America, that without the blessing and support of the shadow forces, they can wield no significant influence of any kind. Actual and direct control has passed in our time wholly to the shadow forces. Mere party politics and hoopla are part of the cunning duping of the populace, who fail to realize that the country is managed from the shadows no matter who stands in front of the TV cameras as president.

The heaviest shadow backing today lies behind the high-powered drive for World Government. Only one force in earth evolution stands to benefit from such an agency: Ahriman. To make the Earth wholly Ahrimanic requires political machinery, to manage the forthcoming attempt at enslavement of mankind. Ordinary citizens of rational mind are being systematically brainwashed to believe that “peace” can only come to Earth out of World Government. Institutions of higher learning support this goal, while their learned professors fail to discern that our present earthly governments are all run from the shadows and that World Government can be no different.

Avoided like a plague is the common sense reality: Earth has always been one world and is one world now. Within its diversity lies its unity. A World Government, bending all to a single authority, aims at the eradication of diversity.

The USA stood as a prototype of unity in diversity, with all the tribes of the earth brought under one banner, yet protected from each other’s excesses by Constitutional government. The individual became the sovereign amid the mass. Failure of American government has not been due to its forms, but rather to corruption of individual humans who ensoul those forms: representatives, judges, leading elective and appointive officials. The Money Power has been the major earthly agency of this corruption, but it is absolutely essential to grasp that the corruptive impulse, the corruptive will, reside in the same extra-human source as is now illegally manipulating the whole world. The Money Power is the worldly instrument of the ahrimanic will.

Men who have surrendered the USA to dishonesty and corruption, now seek behind a veil of fake altruism, to bring the entire world under the control of international finance capitalism, which has replaced the obsolescent nationally-based capitalism of the past. With its sophisticated modern communications and unimaginable financial power wielded at the tap of a computer key, international finance capitalism is the ultimate ahrimanic instrument. Sovereignty and governments get in its way, impede its maneuvers and frustrate its appetites.

Nothing of these machinations appears in the full light of day, which is what you would expect of the powers of darkness. Control of informational media is central to the main ahrimanic design, and the limitation and rigidification of thought in America today strangely coincides with the so-called “information age”, wherein the brightest people have not an inkling of what is really happening. Media control is responsible. Media clones intone about the “tides of history” as one impeding government after another is destabilized and swept out of the way of the ahrimanic powers.

Always these invasions of other people’s lives, nations and affairs take place behind phoney protestation about violated human rights, fake moral outrage and synthetic morality. A free man aware of ahrimanic workings sees only one dominant tide in the material world: the tide of financial debt. Here is bondage for mankind on an unprecedented scale. Woe betide that nation or people that finds its way to solvency. Geopolitical targeting will ensue, and if need be, the entire life of that people will be convulsed with ahrimanic ruthlessness behind a moralistic facade.

Who issues the debt that results in international serfdom? The same forces that now back the lofty-sounding commissions and councils and clubs, all of them driven by their obsession for World Government. They really know not “whence cometh” their conscious thoughts about all this. The excarnate ahrimanic beings access them through subconscious actions, and we can expect that sophisticated developments of what exists on earth as radionics, exercise such control. By this means, the will of the ahrimanic powers is driven up into our world ― through these men of earthly financial and political power. Subversion of earth evolution requires earth plane action by earthly incarnates, who become literally the hands and feet of those spirit beings who are unable to function in this density.

Greed is the impelling motive that leads controlled human beings to distort and monopolize commerce, control natural resources, misuse technology and despoil the natural beauty of the Earth that is essential to the well-being of its inhabitants. Worst of all their crimes against mankind is the special corruption of education, so that each incoming generation is shaped to accept world corruption. The revivifying power of youth is thereby diverted into a frantic youthful scramble for a share of the spoils.

Men come and go from this plane. The scale and sequencing of the mighty events that are now climaxing, bespeak a superintending intelligence not afflicted with mortality. The periodic irruption of secret societies into the open at various points in history, at times when incarnates were needed to implement earth plane action, further supports the extra-human surveillance and supervision of anti-evolutionary machinations.

The moral, social, economic, industrial, political and emotional disintegration of the USA have all attained the kind of momentum that tends to be self-reinforcing. The ultimate ahrimanic obscenity is meanwhile being clandestinely prepared: political merger of the USA into the ahrimanic stronghold of the USSR. World Government can eventuate no other way. The ahrimanic minions who have worked for the destruction of the USA as a prerequisite for this merger, may not ever see the day when they will rule it all in the way they dream ― without being elected.

Most of these misguided and greedy men are into their 70′s. No matter what secret societies they belong to and regardless of their earthly eminence, they all face the inexorable democracy of the grave. Nobody ever plotted their way around that. These vain and deceitful men have pursued the enslavement of their fellows under false banners of friendship and service. There is solace for the victims of their wickedness in the grinding wheels of the Lords of Karma.

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The Cosmic Pulse of Trevor James Constable

Interview by Joan d’Arc (This interview took place by telephone in 1994)

Plasmoids That Live in the Sky might be the title of a campy fifties sci-fi movie, but in this case it’s the subject of the life work of Trevor James Constable, and the result of years of scientific research gathered and corroborated worldwide and presented in his book Cosmic Pulse of Life. When he is not documenting the existence of macrobacteria on infrared film, Trevor is doing some serious “cloudbusting” experiments, explained in his video Etheric Weather Engineering on the High Seas and in a forthcoming book. Here, Trevor talks about fringe science, the invisible realm and the flummoxing of earthling power elites by evil entities having no business doing business in this dimension.

Joan d’Arc: Mr. Constable, I read that your book, Cosmic Pulse of Life, first published by Merlin Press in 1976, “shocked the publishing industry” because of its criticism of official science, a “science” which has been unable to make a significant finding in the area of UFO phenomena in over forty years.

Trevor James Constable: Well, first of all, the shock which is alleged to have occurred in the publishing world is, I think, exaggerated. I think it had a serious impact on the UFO world, because people suddenly found that a large mass of evidence had been gathered, and it was original evidence. It hadn’t been put through any kind of government or scientific strainer where the life could be knocked out of it. This indicated that the UFO thing was something immeasurably more complex than just a bunch of entities climbing into spaceships over on Venus or Mars or somewhere else in the universe and traveling over here to take part in the life of the Earth in some incomprehensible fashion. It showed that there was a biological dimension to the whole thing, and this in turn is the key to the general sequestration of the whole approach of Cosmic Pulse of Life. It is true that, since the days of Kenneth Arnold, when UFO’s first entered the public domain, there has been no single significant finding in the area of UFO phenomena.

d’Arc: Yet, answers seem to be closer when working with the theories of Wilhelm Reich and others considered to be in the realm of “fringe” science.

Constable: That is a fact. It is true that answers are closer when you work with the theories of Wilhelm Reich. Because you must remember that Reich’s work is rooted in practical matters. And his discovery of this biological energy, a specific biological energy that he called orgone, set the entire question of vital force on a completely new basis. Up until then, it had been sort of a philosophical will-รณ the wisp. Reich changed all that, and by using modern instrumentation and modern methods he presented evidence of the existence of this biological power, the thing that makes every heart beat and which nobody, but nobody, in the entire reaches of official science has yet seen fit to address.

d’Arc: Why do the High Priests of Science need to protect the materialist worldview at all costs?

Constable: [Imagine being] raised from infancy with chains of interlocking and interlacing views laid upon you and made a part of your method of functioning and viewing creation, and all this excludes the idea of a biological energy; there isn’t any pulsation, it’s just chemicals. Then all of a sudden someone comes along and says, “Hey, wait a minute, there is a bioforce!” And it’s physical, it’s accessible. You can demonstrate it! Well, what happens is everything that you know, everything that you have been taught, everything that makes up the cement of your whole worldview is subject to a very serious disillusionary attack. That is the reason why they clamp down in official scientific circles at the very suggestion of specific biological energy, orgone, or as we refer to it in my phase of weather engineering, chemical ether.

d’Arc: Explain your theory that some UFOs are “plasmoidal living organisms” which are native, albeit invisible, to our atmosphere and how you came to realize that these biological entities could be photographed using infrared film.

Constable: As explained in my book, when Dr. Woods and myself started this work back in 1957, we went after spaceships like everybody else. We had no consciousness whatever of there being anything else. And when we used infrared film for the purpose of pursuing objects that were repeatedly seen and reported worldwide as having come from and often returned to an invisible state, we recorded not so much spaceships as these strange plasmoidal living organisms. And there were too many of them to be ignored, or blown away as aberrations or the results of faulty processing: the normal excuses that are made for these things.

And, we were not at all happy at the time that we obtained the first evidence of the plasmoids; not at all, because we wanted spaceships. We were in that same hard, mechanical idea about these things, that someone had built these things over in Venus or Mars or elsewhere, and they jumped in them and flew over here, and they were cheek by jowl with us on Planet Earth. At least that’s what we wanted to be able to prove.

In actual fact, using infrared film, which extends the range of the human eye far beyond what the eye itself will register, we got something else. We got these living organisms, and we got lots of them. And since that time lots of other people all over the world have got them. I just got a letter from a gentleman who photographed shoals of these things over the Western Australia desert. So, they are there and they have always been there. They are not from anywhere else, they are what we might call the upper dimension of our physical world. They have been referred to as macro bacteria: the counterpart at the upper border of physical nature of the microbes that infest the sub-sensible realms of physical nature of which we were earlier not aware. We are aware of them now, because centuries ago the microscope was discovered and an optical limitation was removed. Infrared film does the same thing at the upper border of physical nature, but the things that are found, instead of being extremely small, they are very vast, sometimes forty or fifty feet across.

So everything fits from a polarity point of view, and finding out that these things could be recorded with infrared film was simply accidental. It was not something that was planned, programmed or intended. But we didn’t shrink from what we found, we pursued it through the years and we never found any reason to revise it. The work that was done subsequently in Italy twenty or thirty years later served only to verify it, as has the work done by other people in Romania, Australia and elsewhere. All through the years, all of this has been mercilessly crushed by the people in the UFO field who feel that they are somehow serving the truth by killing something that’s alive.

d’Arc: How does orgone energy (“the ether”) relate to your exobiology theory and your work in Reichian cloudbusting?

Constable: I would need a three or four hundred page book to describe my work in Reichian cloudbusting. In fact, a fairly comprehensive volume on this is being prepared now and is going to be published by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation sometime this year. So it is futile to attempt an interview at this time to describe my work. I haven’t done Reichian cloudbusting in a while; I do things in a completely different way, I use geometric forms. I do not use the old time Reichian cloudbuster anymore, although I made good use of it for many years.

I can only say it is impossible to assemble any kind of valid exobiology theory if you do not first understand why it is that everything living on this Earth, from the microbe to the mastodon, pulsates! That’s the thing that you have to elucidate first.

d’Arc: If Reich had lived beyond the mindset of the fifties, do you think he would have changed his view of UFOs as “machines from another planet?”

Constable: Sure, I think that he would have readily expanded his initial conception of UFOs as machines from another planet. However, I want to point out something significant here, and I never tire of re-emphasizing this, because it never seems to sink in, that it’s not a question of having spaceships or plasmoidal organisms: you have both! There are at least two dimensions to the UFO phenomenon. One is the spaceships idea and the other is the living organisms. And because in the mode of their manifestation these two aspects of the UFO phenomenon are mutually confused, nobody seems to have been able to straighten it out, except me.

People believe that you’ve got ships from other planets and you can’t have anything else. If you’re going to have biological critters in the upper atmosphere, well then you can’t have the other. You’ve got to have both. And what this does is expand your consciousness. And that is one of the good things about this whole phenomenon in all its diversity. You’ve got to get your consciousness expanded and operating along new lines. The old ways are dead and gone, like this civilization of ours. I certainly believe that Reich, had he lived, would have expanded his understanding of these things, because he had the mentality and the observational power to do so. But, you can’t expect very much of a man at a critical time of his life when he was being harassed and hounded by the medical profession, the psychiatric profession, the FDA, and the courts. You can’t expect much from a man who is under that kind of pressure.

d’Arc: What was your theory of space and flying saucer propulsion in 1958, when you wrote your classic book They Live in the Sky, and how have your theories changed since then? Were you influenced by Wilhelm Reich’s work (described in his book Contact With Space) and were you pursuing a similar path in your research?

Constable: My theories in 1958 I cannot recall for you in detail or compare them to the views that I hold now. But basically there wasn’t a great deal of difference, it’s just that in the meantime more and more evidence has accumulated. The basic idea that the source of all these things is the invisible has continued to gain momentum and continued to gain status because of the derelictions and inadequacies of the formal theories. I was influenced by Wilhelm Reich, but not until after I had made my original contribution with They Live in the Sky. I did not know Reich existed or I might have written that book differently. That influence came along later and is part of subsequent development worked out in Cosmic Pulse of Life, which correlates with work from Romania and Italy.

d’Arc: Does the appearance of UFOs in the skies have anything to do with the “destruction of the industrial, financial, moral and spiritual fabric of the USA?” Is the American decline an engineering job on the part of an otherworld intelligence which somehow rules the planet Earth through its top power elite?

Constable: Everything that has happened and everything that we are seeing now that shows this ongoing downtrend in American Life, the industrial, financial, moral, spiritual and political fabric of the USA disintegrating, this is all being brought about by people who are in the body with us. There is no question about that. This is a function of conspiratorial activity. It is the inspiration of it that comes from other planes; the guidance of it. And very often these people have no conception whatever that they are under psychic control and are being directed from other planes to do these things by entities who cannot manifest here themselves. That, in my opinion, is the reality of any infiltration of the top power elite which is, by the way, not something visible to the ordinary citizen. It is hidden also, as most people know, down at the level of the Presidency. Somebody like George Bush (Sr.), for example, would be probably at about the fourth layer down in the power structure. The entire world is run from the shadows and it is well to keep that in mind.

d’Arc: In your book you state that scores of people believe there is some undetermined energy principle behind the UFO phenomena, yet the billion dollar NASA budget does not contain a dime for UFO investigation. Why does the government bury its head and continue to pretend there is nothing out of the ordinary happening in the Earth skies?

Constable: Of course it is true that there is an undetermined energy principal behind the UFO phenomena, and NASA has no hesitation in squashing billions which it doesn’t have to earn, and spending nothing to investigate UFOs or even have a small project on them. Nothing. The reason for it is very complex and relates to the energy question. We know from Reich’s work that this energy will run motors, and if you can run motors out of the atmosphere without having to hook into the power grid, that is a disaster for the world’s power structure. The control of energy is the control of people. It is the control of economies. So the breaking of the fuel monopoly is reason enough for governments who are run from the shadows and steeped in corruption to do nothing to elucidate the principles of energy that are behind UFOs.

d’Arc: Can you discuss your statement that “unseen extraphysical entities have expanded their manipulations and destructive capabilities on the physical plane via humans they can control.” Do you see this as an occult influence in top levels of world secret government?

Constable: Extraphysical entities with an interest in the earth plane can only manifest here through correspondences. They do not come down and land on the White House lawn, because they do not belong to the Earth plane. So what they have to do is find correspondences within those in authority and control what they can access and, by those means, infuse their malevolent ideas and purposes into the civilization. On the simplest and broadest basis you may ask yourself why it is that the US, despite having had the most successful and largest expansion of production in the history of the world in World War II, grew by 1950 to become a phenomenally prosperous country, and since that time has been run down mercilessly to a shadow of its former self, incapable of carrying out even many of its own defense processes, can’t forge its own aircraft carrier anchor chains, stuff like that. Straight down from a high point. Despite the prodigious proliferation of computers and other things that are supposed to improve productivity and increase the standard of living, our standard of living goes down. The chief agency and the chief link between the ruling authorities, the real rulers here, and those in the extraphysical realm who are utilizing them, is the dishonesty of the men on the physical plane. That’s what opens them to access from the unseen.

d’Arc: In your book you talk about Hitler and the occult influence in machinations of World War II. Most people do not believe in “magic,” but is it more simply understood as a series of deals made with other-dimensional entities who shouldn’t be trusted?

Constable: I referred to Hitler merely in passing and pointed out that he was essentially the vehicle of Lucifer and it was a Luciferic activity that he headed in Germany. Anyone who does not understand the difference between Lucifer, Ahriman (the evil deity in the Zoroastrian religion) and Christ will never know anything about this world. We in the USA are fully in the clutches not of Lucifer but of his opposite, Ahriman, and the Ahrimanic powers in general. This is what you are dealing with in the so-called phenomenon of the Greys, all of which is taking place in the darkness. It’s a significant point, it’s a signature. Nothing is out on the table, nothing is in the light, everything is in the dark.

d’Arc: So the trouble we find ourselves in is a result of bad deals made by Earth leaders?

Constable: Oh, true to form, I think that these arrangements were originally entered into with these otherworld entities for the purpose of attempting to get from them technology that could be used to make profits, technology that could be exploited and, instead, they found themselves inextricably enmeshed with entities they could neither understand nor control. And these were beings that had no trouble flummoxing them five ways from Friday. The very sound principle from basic spiritual science is to have no commerce whatever with entities of this type, to have no commerce whatever with entities who do not belong here and above all to be honest, since honesty protects you against all this. Do everything that you want to do, or that you want to see done, in the broad light of day and right out on the table top. That is a principle that I think our government relinquished and buried a long time ago. Alas for America!

©1994 PARANOIA. This interview with Trevor James Constable first appeared in PARANOIA, Issue 5 (Summer 1994). The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor James Constable was republished by The Book Tree in 2008 ( (800) 700-TREE.

The Trevor Constable Story

“Racist Rapes Atmosphere”

The Trevor Constable Story

By Joel Carlinsky

Trevor Constable is in his 80s and retired now, but has left a legacy of younger imitators and groupies who look up to him as a great alternative science researcher and innovator. Several of them are actively trying to copy his methods of "weather engineering" using the equipment and methods he devised. This is highly unfortunate. Even one Trevor Constable is at least one too many.

Far from being the benevolent humanitarian the deluded groupies think he is, Mr. Constable shows some truly alarming tendencies. He was a campaign worker in the 1968 presidential election campaign for George Wallace, who ran on a platform of strict racial segregation. He later said that he wanted Wallace to first win, then get asassinated soon after, so his running mate, General Curtis LeMay would become president.

Constable went on to later become a close friend of LeMay, and on his behalf, LeMay at the time of his death was lobbying his former associates in the Pentagon to look into the weather control methods developed by Constable. Apparently neither of them knew the United States is a signatory to a United Nations Convention banning weather modification as a weapon or any military research on weather modification, so what LeMay was doing was urging his former co-workers to commit a war crime. This could be regarded as treason.

Constable has written several highly laudatory biographies of World War Two German and Japanese war heroes, stated that Lee Quan Yu, the former dictator of Singapore, best known for advocating beatings with a cane as a punishment, is the greatest political leader of the 20th century, and once told a radio talk show audience on the Art Bell Show, that we should not show any sympathy for crippled children because they must have done something in a past incarnation to deserve being crippled.

Constable is very mystical, and especially influenced by Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian folklorist, philosopher, and theologian whose highly mystical ideas are often incorrectly thought by mystical-minded people to resemble those of Reich. In fact, there is no resemblance at all and Steiner was about as far from being a scientist as it is possible to get. It is hard to imagine any set of ideas farther removed from the meticulous natural science of Reich than the near-total reliance on intuition and folklore of Steiner.

In an article in the Journal of Borderland Research, What The Financial Newsletters Leave Out, he once claimed that the real conspirators behind the conspiracies the conspiracy theorists talk about are not human; they are Arimanic entities on the Astral Plane, and they use astral radionics machines to influence the minds of people here on earth.

In a conversation with me, he once stated that "Reich did not invent the cloudbuster. He was a re-incarnated Atlantean, and remembered how they used to build them in Atlantis. They fought a war with them and sank their continent." When I asked him how did he know that, he said he was clairvoyant.

In a letter to Dr. Richard Blasband, then Director of Research of the American College of Orgonomy, which at the time was funding his cloudbusting efforts, Constable asked Blasband to hold onto a check for money they owed him because he was in the process of a divorce and wanted to wait to claim the money until after the judge had examined his finaces so his disabled soon-to-be-ex-wife, the mother of his two children, would not be able to get her hands on it.

This from the man who once stated, "Inherent in the Anglo-Saxon race is the spirit of fair play. It is a part of their structure."

It is with this background in mind, that we must look at the statement he made in a letter to Jerome Eden, published in the C.OR.E. Manual, by Jerome Eden, to "Take the orgone by the balls and it will talk. Any other approach and it laughs at you". Eden commented, "That's how you torture somebody!"

According to Mary Poe, who was his assistant, when she quit, shortly after he had discovered how to direct a lightning strike to a selected target, he tried to kill her with directed lightning bolts.

In his published writings on his weather control work, Constable often used expressions like "Shoving millions of tons of air around", but in all his published writings, spanning over 40 years, he never once mentioned any such concept as self-regulation of the atmosphere, or suggested there was some sort of cause for the droughts he constantly attempted to break.

In fact, he never even mentions DOR, the stagnant, unhealthy state of orgone, which according to Reich and almost every other worker in the field, is the underlying basis for droughts and must be carefully removed before attempting to bring rain to a drought-stricken region. He told me that thinking about DOR causes it, so he tried not to think about it. He said Dr. Richard Blasband was "socking in the whole East Coast with DOR by worrying about it all the time".

One result of this conflating cloudbusting with mysticism was that, since he did nothing to remove the DOR blockage that was causing the droughts, every time he "ended" a drought, the drought soon returned again right after he ceased working. Time after time, Constable succeeded in bringing rain in the mist of a drought, or in a desert area, but in not one single instance did the rains continue for long after he stopped operating.

His sole criteria for the success of an operation was the amount of rain that fell, not the impact that rain had on the place where it landed. He often trumped his "great results" by documenting them with first, the original weather forecast from the previous day, then the news story about the rain the next day, to demonstrate how he had caused the forecast to be wrong.

One of the operations he did was thus documented by the news headline: 9-Year-Old Boy Swept Out To Sea By Sudden Unexpected Storm". Another was documented by the newspaper headline: "Storm Hikes State Death Toll To 67 On Rain-slicked Freeways".

It should be noted that this particular operation was not conducted to break a drought or because there was any need for rain, but merely to demonstrate a new technique he had discovered to Dr. Blasband, who was visiting. Blasband did not raise any objections to this killing people for the sake of a demonstration.

In another instance, Trevor Constable was asked at an alternative science conference about one article of his in which the "beneficial" results were accompanied by a news story of 6 field hands being struck by lightning. He shrugged it off with, "Well, if they don't believe in it, they can't sue me, can they?"

Now there is a reason I am going into all this material that sheds light on the character of Trevor Constable. That reason is that recently an Australian admirer of Trevor Constable, Ash Palise, has taken up cloudbusting as a hobby, and already has bungled several operations, inflicting more damage on Australia than Trevor Constable managed to inflict on the entire earth in his entire 40-year career.

And Mr. Palise has been trying to emulate his hero, Trevor Constable, using his variation on the cloudbusting equipment first invented by Reich in 1952, and operating it according to the theories and concepts he has picked up from Constable, theories and concepts unsupported by any scientific evidence, and dramatically at odds with those of Reich and virtually everyone else who has engaged in cloudbusting over the past 60-odd years.

One result of this uncritical acceptance of these concepts of Constable by Ash Palise, has been the recent floods in Queensland, the worst flooding in Australian history. Hence the need for a full-length disertation on the misconceptions of cloudbusting promulgated by Trevor Constable and now, unfortunately, being continued by Ash Palise with truly disasterous results.

( To be continued......)

Joel Carlinsky writes on the irresponsible use of cloudbusters at his blog:


Curtis LeMay

George Wallace

Rudolpf Steiner

04 March, 2011

Identity cards. Do we really need them?

By Roy Wood

The Home Office has triumphed yet again with another half-hearted attempt at legislation that once dissected, means absolutely zilch.

I have had enough of watching Jacqui Smith’s expression on our screens, face looking like a smacked bottom, desperately trying to convince the electorate that she is telling the truth.

According to our Home Secretary, this ID scheme will be imperative in the fighting of crime and terrorism. OK, so it has presumably been well thought out, hasn’t it ?

Now it doesn’t need rocket science to work out that because the introductory scheme in Manchester is not compulsory, we’re hardly going to be swamped by queues of terrorists and crooks in post offices all over the country, waiting to supply their fingerprints to the authorities. So it cannot be effective in significantly reducing crime.

Any police officer will tell you that their biggest problem has always been linking these crimes to the perpetrators, rather than simply trying to identify the individuals in the first place. As far as terrorism goes, since we became part of the EU and our borders have been opened up to all and sundry, terrorists can easily move across borders using tourist visas (or even very good forgeries) which can be deemed as legitimate identification.

Let’s be honest. This is yet more unnecessary, and expensive, Labour legislation.

Surely the Government already has in place a facility to detect people who use multiple identities in order to evade tax? The police must also have under surveillance those people who change their identity in order to perpetrate fraud. MI6 already has specific data on terrorist factions. The spooks are not stupid.

In fact, as time goes on, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the Government wished to keep adding more personal information to our databases, thus making privacy a thing confined only to the history books.

But, let’s face it, the Government doesn’t exactly have an impeccable record when it comes to taking care of our personal data. They are still allowed to download sensitive material onto their personal laptops, which have so far been discovered on a train or in the back of a taxi by some honest boy scout. We might not be so lucky next time.

Are we really gullible enough as a nation to want to put these people in charge of our personal stuff? So what if I lost my ID card? Easy thing to do – people lose their phones and cards, or have them stolen, on a regular basis. I would immediately be treated with suspicion, and be inconvenienced by being denied goods or services until my card could be replaced and reinstated. This may take weeks, as it is likely to happen to quite a lot of us.

In that time card thieves and fraudsters would in possession of our identity. What an absolute catastrophic mess that would be.

The scheme could also be wide open to forgery. Remember, the cards would originally need to be issued on the basis of providing ID in the first place, such as a driving licence or birth certificate. I already have this documentation. Why the hell do I need to go out and spend another sixty quid on even more ID?

It is also estimated that in order to keep the National Identity Register up to date, the charges for these cards could end up costing in the region of £95 to even £300. I know that these things are supposed to include fingerprints and an iris reading. But surely this would only be needed when travelling abroad, so why not include them in your passport?

ID cards could very well inconvenience our normal everyday existence. Surely you wouldn’t need to supply your fingerprints to purchase a jacket from Topshop? But if you were a young person, you could very well be refused the goods if you were unfortunate enough to have lost your ID card.

We all know that the Government dare not allow the British public a referendum on ID cards, because they would lose big time. I would have preferred to write something humorous in this column, but it’s just not funny, is it?

“Oh bugger! Lost my card – may need to get a hand transplant and some new eyeballs before I can go into Matalan.”

(This article was written by rock legend Roy Wood for the Sunday Mercury Times in UK, even though the article says it was written by Paul Cole. I have personally emailed Paul Cole and he admitted it was written by Roy Wood. Although he assured me via email on December 15, 2010 that he would have the byline changed, he has not done so. – Joan d’Arc)
tojoan d'Arc

dateWed, Dec 15, 2010 at 5:07 AM
subjectRe: campaign to take your name off Roy Wood's article "Identity cards are another invasion of privacy."


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

The article, of course, IS written by Roy Wood, for whom we successfully campaigned to get his place on the Walk Of Stars.

I have asked my digital team to remedy the situation.


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