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30 August, 2010

A Millennialist Cult in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula?

A Millennialist Cult in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula?

INEXPLICATA sometimes receives information that does not clearly fit under its high strangeness/UFO/paranormal banner, but which is nonetheless compelling and worthy of being shared with our readers.

On August 27, 2010, Mexico’s El Universal newspaper published an article regarding the discovery of a “micro-city” known as Las Aguilas in the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula – a discovery substantiated by an overflight conducted by El Universal itself. Reporter Yazmin Rodriguez writes that a group of foreign investors purchased hundreds of acres of jungle and low-lying hills in the Maya heartland two years ago to build the city. The locality, she adds, is known in the Mayan language as Xul – “The End”.

Mexico has been a destination for immigrant populations for decades, usually fleeing political persecution in their own countries. But this group of predominantly Italian settlers has constructed nearly two dozen homes made of reinforced concrete made to very high standards, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to fifty centigrade (110 Fahrenheit), forest fires and catastrophic floods. The core of the community, writes Rodríguez, is located between two hills, among the few to be found in the Yucatan.

“According to reports from the residents of Xul,” she adds, “the Italians have the idea of creating an area that will offer their families protection against possible “difficult times” and periods of adversity that are still to come. They even hope, it is said, to survive a catastrophic “end of the world” which could come about in 2010, according to Mayan prophecy.” The architect responsible for the project, however, has flatly rejected any such millennialist aspirations, but has said “difficult times are ahead, and many climatological nuisances.”

Las Aguilas, as the micro-city is known, is near Xul and an area of archaeological interest known as Kiuic. A survey revealed that the twenty-two homes of the community have up to twenty-four bedrooms each. Fifteen of these, curiously enough, are oval-shaped and equipped with reinforced windows and large cisterns. The compound also includes an artificial lake –according to El Universal – warehouses and cultivation areas, as the immigrants are hoping to subsist from the local soil. Las Aguilas gets its power from solar cells.

The newspaper article notes that Alfonso Keb Centeno, a laborer, says that the Italian immigrants built their community with a specific purpose in mind and that they belong “to some religious group, as we see them pray a lot, especially on weekends”. Access to the 2000-acre compound is restricted and constantly monitored.

The El Universal article goes on to add: “The entire area is surrounded by low-lying jungle and a mile and a half away from the Xul police station. The area has some fifteen hundred residents who are faced with extreme poverty and unemployment. Most of them worked in the Italian construction project for months, and are amenable to its existence. “They gave us work for a while and are good people,” says Keb Centeno, 38, who supports his wife and four children.”

The Italian homesteaders, however, are not quite so sanguine about the locals associating their community with Xul’s description as the ideal place to die, in Mayan tradition. They insist that their only aim is to protect themselves against global climate change and the inevitable “hard times” that we all must face.

El Universal assures its readers that the National Institute of Migration (INM) conducted an inspection and that the Italian settlers have all their papers in order. Many of them have already acquired citizenship.


23 August, 2010

A Tale of Two Popes - Retold

A Tale of Two Popes -- Retold
By Scott Corrales - INEXPLICATA

Five years ago I wrote an article that was a departure from the usual mix of high strangeness and ufology that has come to characterize Inexplicata. Even as the world mourned the passing of John Paul II and celebrated the accession to the papal throne of the new Pope Benedict, few outside of the Mediterranean basin were aware that for many years, an Antipope – the dreaded word of the late medieval and Renaissance period – claimed the obeisance of global Catholicism. Ruling not from fortified Avignon but from southern Spain, Pope Gregory XVIII governed the Palmarian Church and its singularly conservative agenda.

I’m taking the liberty of reprinting a few paragraphs of A Tale of Two Popes (2005):

“The media overlooked the passing on March 22, 2005 of the Pope Gregory XVII – the first “antipope” since Renaissance times – at his see in southern Spain. This controversial character presided over a thriving orthodox catholic church (for want of a better term) that embraced the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass and other ceremonies and beliefs done away with by that assembly of prelates in the 1960s. With millions of dollars in his treasury, a monumental basilica and bishops all over Spain and even in the United States, Gregory XVII had excommunicated John Paul II early on, accusing the Bishop of Rome of being the true “antipope” (one of the first items of business for the Council of El Palmar, held in October 1980).

“Before stepping into his papal slippers, Gregory XVII had been Clemente Domínguez, better known in the media as “el papa Clemente”, eternally linked to the alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin at El Palmar de Troya in the community of Utrera (Seville).

“The first “antichurch” since the Papal Captivity in Avignon during the 14th century was established in 1978 with Clemente’s ascension, formally known as the Iglesia Palmariana de las Carmelitas de la Santa Faz (Palmarian Church of the Carmelites of the Holy Visage). It was this year, following the death of Paul VI, that the separatist church claimed the right to be considered the true see of worldwide Catholicism.

“The Palmarian Church’s officials, however, were quick to deny any rumors of Gregory XVII’s passing, flatly telling reporters from Europa Press that “no Pope has died here” and barring them from entering the basilica. It was Mayor Manuel García who ratified that the antipope had indeed died, after receiving confirmation from the local vital statistics office. Mayor García limited himself to saying: “The Palmarian Church has been 35 years [in our community] and we have always gotten along well.”

“Thirty seven years ago—on March 30, 1968 -- southern Spain had been stirred by the alleged apparition of the Virgin at a farmstead known at La Alcaparrosa within Palmar de Troya: as had occurred in Ezkioga in the 1930s and in Garabandal earlier in the 1960s, four pre-teenage girls – Ana Aguilera, Ana García, Rafaela Gordo and Josefa Guzmán – had gone out to cut wildflowers to decorate the small altar to Our Lady of Carmen in their school. As they accumulated their cut flowers at the foot of a tree, they became aware of a watchful pair of eyes. A strange sensation of peace overcame them as a lovely female face materialized around the eyes; they fell into fell into religious ecstasy and returned home reporting having seen the Blessed Mother.

“Hundreds of townspeople reported to the miraculous tree, where miracles soon began to occur: the enrapt features of a local woman appeared to glow from within, as if fuelled by divine light; a man began running around on his knees at an utterly impossible speed; another began singing songs in Aramaic. The Virgin imparted boilerplate messages concerning the coming of the Antichrist and the approaching Apocalypse while communion wafers materialized on the tongues of the faithful. Miraculous healings were also reported, most notably that of a deaf-mute teenage boy who suddenly complained that all the noise was hurting his ears, and no Marian apparition would be complete without the “dance of the sun”, which occurred in August 1969 over El Palmar.

“Other seers soon began experiencing the same visions, among them a local accountant named Clemente Dominguez. From that moment on, it was Clemente who became the official seer of El Palmar de Troya, supposedly displaying stigmata and shedding an amazing fourteen liters of blood. Two years after the original sightings, forty thousand faithful converged on El Palmar de Troya to witness a new round of Marian apparitions. In 1972, a wealthy dowager bequeathed Clemente a princely sum of money toward “his good works” and this led to the purchase of La Alcaparrosa – the farmstead where the Marian sightings had repeatedly taken place.

“Martin Ngô-Dinh Thuc, the Vietnamese bishop of Hue, exiled from his country after the fall of Saigon, found his way to El Palmar de Troya. The divine apparition commanded him to ordain a new clergy with Clemente Dominguez at its head, and the seer and his affiliates were promptly created priests and bishops on January 1976 after having received minor and major orders alike.

“The separatist juggernaut was already in motion: the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Visage was established with Spanish, Irish and American presbyters. An enraged Catholic Church excommunicated Clemente Dominguez and his followers; two years later, civil authorities arrested them for impersonating men of the cloth. But the worst blow was dealt on May 29, 1976, when Clemente and his bishops suffered a car accident near San Sebastián in northern Spain. None of the bishops were injured. Clemente, however, lost both eyes.

“Upon learning of Paul VI’s passing, The Palmarian Church proclaimed itself as the true church on the strength of a message allegedly received from Jesus Christ himself: “The reign of the glory of the olives has commenced…the pope heralded by many mystics and many prophecies, the pope who joins the blood of Spain with the genuine blood of France, and the blood of the Chosen People, the Jews. He shall not delay in wielding the sword to carry out the mission of an Emperor. There is no other way to counteract the official election of the Conclave in Rome, from whence shall spring the Antipope. Only the meek and humble at heart shall acknowledge the true pope: Pope Gregory XVII.”

“Crowned by four of his bishops, Gregory XVII began building a cathedral and papal palace in El Palmar – a walled compound that includes a well of miraculous water dug at the behest of the Virgin and a tall white cross where apparitions allegedly occurred through the early 1990s. The Tridentine Mass was reestablished (perhaps inspired by Archbishop Levefre, who had done the same in France that year) and 24 cardinals ordained. Three dioceses in Spain, several in Europe, and one in the United States constituted the Palmarian Church. The newly minted pope proceeded to canonize the heroes of the Spanish right wing: the dictator Francisco Franco was elevated to sainthood along with the Gothic king Don Pelayo and Christopher Columbus. Other deceased officials of the Franco regime soon found themselves wearing haloes and looking down from altars.

“Funding for the majestic, if garish, basilica and Gregory XVII’s papal state was secured from donations made by disgruntled Catholics around the world, who shared his anti-communist, anti-progressive and decidedly right-wing agenda. In the late 1970s charter flights arrived in Seville from all over the world, according to journalist Joaquín Gómez, bearing donations from believers. “In one month alone,” he writes, “the Palmarian Church received donations from the United States alone in excess of a hundred million Pesetas (USD $ 763,946.00)

As of 1998, when Gregory XVII celebrated the Jubilee of the original apparitions at El Palmar de Troya, his secessionist church’s coffers held nearly ten billion Pesetas – nearly eighty million dollars -- and over two thousand masses had been held in the basilica that year. With his passing, the fate of the Palmarian Church is uncertain, but if past performance is an indicator, we can expect the coronation of a new pope in Utrera who will challenge the rule of the “antipope” chosen by the Vatican.”

The preceding dozen paragraphs were the entirety of what appeared five years ago. New information has since emerged, and we present it here.

As it turns out, the Palmarians and the good people of Utrera may have gotten along swimmingly, but a schism was already taking place within the bosom of the Iglesia Palmariana. Its very own website at states that Pope Gregory had “fallen into heresy” during the last years of his reign in spite of “all his valuable services to the Church” and regrettably died without having “repented from such heresies.”

Bishops loyal to Gregory, however, did not hesitate to acclaim his chosen successor – Manuel Alonso Corral – as the next pontiff of the Palmarian Church (the one true church, we must remember) who took on the ominous name of “Peter II”, the last pope in Saint Malachy’s Papal Prophecies, supposedly written in 1139 A.D. when the saint spent a month in Rome under the sponsorship of Pope Innocent II. The broader public did not know these prophecies until the 1590s.

Crowned with the splendid papal tiara of the Palmarian Church, Peter II, with the motto “De cruce apocaliptica”, commenced his reign even as elements of his schismatic church condemned him and called him a usurper. The website adds that his accession is invalidated by having embraced “the same errors and heresies as Pope Gregory XVII” adding that a neither a heretic nor those under the ban of excommunication may rise to the papacy.

The website – obviously maintained by the faction opposed to the de facto rulership – insists that the true doctrine is being upheld by “those bishops who bravely opposed Pope Gregory XVII” and represent the only valid hierarchy in the church, adding – as though the reader had forgotten at this point – that the Church in Rome lost its privilege when it accepted the “heretical teachings of Vatican II”.

And what, we may well ask, were the oft-mentioned heresies that Clemente Dominguez indulged in?

The website does not abound on the matter beyond the following: “We believe that Pope Gregory XVII eventually lost all authority as Pope, bishop and member of the Catholic Church due to his heretical personal beliefs, which led him to other grave errors, including the confection of a “Bible” called the “Sacred History” or “Palmarian Bible.” This fifty-page document is of a purportedly Messianic bent, with the Palmarian Pope as the agent of a mission of salvation. Names are named, to use the expression. The Balkan nations, Turkey and China plot “a terrible battle” in which Russia will endeavor to play the conciliatory role: “When all the countries are aflame, when the Fourth Reich has been brought into being, this shall be the justification for communism to rise again. Beware of Moscow! Beware of China!

But the matter appears go far deeper, according to an article written by Moises Garrido, a Spanish researcher who has held the matter up for scrutiny in “El Palmar de Troya” ( Pope Gregory seemingly feared a palace revolution worthy of the Medicis and the Borgias. The holy father of El Palmar learned of a coup attempt by one Father Isaac María, prompting the southern Spanish pontiff to make the following statement: “Perverse Father Isaac, who has been Our official chaplain for twenty-three years, is the mastermind of this shadowy faction that has formed within the Church...any bishop who flouts papal authority clearly displays the fact that he is a minion of Satan.” This pronouncement acquired physical form in the dismissal of several bishops and nuns who allegedly formed the backbone of the dark cabal. Most notably, says Garrido in his article, was one “Father Laureano”, who apparently had designs on Pope Gregory’s very existence. Incriminating items – including a switchblade – were found in the cleric’s quarters. This merited yet another papal pronouncement. “When we have seen this terrible hour for the Church, and have been close to being assassinated, and still run the risk of being assassinated, Gregory XVII, awake and vigilant, naturally cannot leave the Seat of Peter an orphan. We cannot be at peace until We have appointed a successor, Father Isidoro María de la Santa Faz...”

All this neomedieval skullduggery aside, the focus on El Palmar de Troya as an “Antipapal See” is on its finances and not its theology. Manuel Carballal, author of many books on UFO and conspiracy matters, interviewed Moisés Garrido for his El Ojo Crítico journal (, learning that the Palmarian Basilica – a vast, mock Romanesque structure – had an appraised value of nearly 16 million U.S. Dollars. Aside from the true faithful interested in traditional, pre-Vatican II teachings, Garrido suggests that ultraconservative groups found El Palmar’s set-up attractive for their own ends, reacting against anything that smacks of reform, modernity or liberal thought.

Many of the bishops went on to become owners of valuable property not only in the sleepy community, but also in cosmopolitan Seville itself. The worldwide economic crisis, however, has not been kind to the Palmarian Church either, and some of its holdings have been liquidated out of financial necessity.

In 2008, Garrido risked physical harm by entering the Palmarian Basilica and taking photos of Pope Peter II. He was forcefully expelled from the place of worship, and a scuffle nearly ensued ( “Visiting the Palmarian Basilica, erected in its day by the megalomaniac Clemente Dominguez, aka Gregory XVII, is a spectacle,” writes Garrido. “Entering the place is akin to time travel. You think you’re in the age of the Council of Trent. The environment, the Latin mass, the women wearing veils over their heads, nuns covered from head to toe, the ostentation of the curia, the overloaded religious’s a unique experience.”

19 August, 2010

Corporate Terrorism in the Gulf

An Astro-Gnostic Look at the Deep Water Horizon Catastrophe


"THE MOST COMMON WORDS I hear spoken by any environmentalists anywhere are, We’re fucked. Most of these environmentalists are fighting desperately, using whatever tools they have—or rather whatever legal tools they have, which means whatever tools those in power grant them the right to use, which means whatever tools will be ultimately ineffective—to try to protect some piece of ground, to try to stop the manufacture or release of poisons, to try to stop civilized humans from tormenting some group of plants or animals. Sometimes they’re reduced to trying to protect just one tree." (Derrick Jensen, "Beyond Hope"; Orion Magazine; June 2006.)

The Deep Water Horizon was not a platform floating in the Gulf Of Mexico drilling for oil. It was a weapon of bio-psychic-terrorism. An embodiment of the collective corporate lust for economic-energetic control of the World's future. BP, Transocean, and Halliburton with all their various and assorted chief executive officers, investors, and bankers collaborated in the pursuit of profits to be obtained by draining the Life-Force residing within the body of Pacamama, Sophia, Mother Earth. What they saw on their horizon were personal financial profits to be pumped up out of the abyss of the Great Mother's Gulf. Black Gold, the slippery stuff that makes the gears and engines of Corporate Industry run smoothly. Fuel for the combustion engines of every dying and death-dealing Dystopian Metropolis. I mean this kind of METROPOLIS !!!

At 9:45 PM on April 20, 2010 the rig exploded due to an uncontrolled eruption of methane gas and oil made possible by a combination of well documented corporate incompetence, greed, and criminal negligence which killed eleven workers, wounded many more, and released from at least thirty thousand feet beneath the sea a highly pressurized gusher of toxic gases and other exotic fluids lethal to most forms of organic and human life. Corporately owned American Media initially reported the event in a rather off-hand manner as just another unfortunate "accident" and neglected to mention the gusher at the bottom of the Gulf until a few days later when they called it a "spill". That was the "spin" immediately placed on an ongoing catastrophe which more than three months later (August, 2010) still defines the way most Americans continue to see the event. Yes, and Nero did fiddle while Rome did burn. (I tawt I taw a puddy tat!)

At first, I assumed this catastrophe was just another routine astrological out-picturing of the final stages of the series of five opposition aspects occuring between Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces which began the day Americans supposedly elected Barack Obama as President and did not end until July 26, 2010 when both planets shifted out of the Water and Earth signs (Pisces-Virgo) into the Fire and Air signs (Aries-Libra). Just another Rape of Mother Earth, another rigged corporate crime against all Life.

The shift of elements from earth and water to fire and air suggested that the viscous fluid from the bottom of the sea would burn in the air. And because this sea is the Gulf Of Mexico, one of the five major vortices on Earth creating world-wide ocean currents, this oily gas gusher will wind its way through all the waters circling the planet. The fires have released chemically ("dispersant") lethal fumes to be carried on the streams of the Winds. The clouds have gathered it up to drop as rain all around the globe, especially from the Gulf of Mexico to the North and East of the USA.

The sudden and explosive changes indicated by Uranus to all the status-quo structures and forms of Saturn emphatically signified a major shift in human destiny but I didn't want to say a word about it to my happily cynical friends because most of them are persistently denying the revolutionary wake up call symbolized by Uranus opposing Saturn. It's a call which requires that all of us shift out of our comfort zones, that we recognize these are times cf shocking change and uncomfortable realizations. Yes, but human nature craves Saturn Security, even if that security is false.

The major thrust of an astrological opposition between Saturn and Uranus is easily summed up in two words: challenge authority. Demand to see its credentials. Question it. What we can't question binds us.

Yet, I've grown weary of being a messenger for "wake up calls" since Pluto crossed America's Dharma Path (Ascendant) in 2001 (WWTowers-911 Events) and announced the obvious likelihood of the Plutonian Death of America as a Nation. Americans are trained to confuse the message with the messenger. To them it's as if anyone who voices the obvious personally wills the Nation's Death, as if such a person is undergoing a gratuitously self-induced "depressing" and "negative" attitude toward life!

Nevertheless, I drew up a chart for this Deepwater Horizon event and took a look at it. Here's the chart:


Well, the annunciatory opposition of Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces is clearly visible in the chart, but the Sun as well as Neptune and Chiron (both of which are in conjunction aspect with each other though 'out-of-sign' in Aquarius and Pisces) are also in quincunx aspect (all three of them) to Saturn, sextile to each other, and semi-sextile to Uranus forming the infamous "Finger Of God" or "Yod" configuration. It's a "boomerang" Yod with an extra special "kick" from the trickster-fool (Uranus) poised to give us all the finger! Some weird joke is manifesting itself in phrases like "top kill", "static kill", "bottom kill". Too much kill, if you ask me. Total Kill.

Sounds like war stuff, like those cruelly cynical movies made by Quentin Tarantino. The "Kill Bill" syndrome. BP or Citizens United versus the Supreme Court. Remember, kiddies, Corporations are Persons now and they legally have the "same" Constitutional Rights as you and me. Their "lobbyists" can install whomever they like into any position of Federal or Local Government. They are free to buy any office in the land. It's the argument of the Federal "Finger Of God" -it's the LAW!!! Supreme Commandments carved in stone. The talk of the Master Bible Archon, the Shylock of the Old Testament, Yahweh-Saturn:

"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on. Nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line. Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”

This nefariously moving finger of a "Yod" is a highly unstable energy construct of a "last chance" (Rudhyar) nature implying something of a "fated" or "karmic" set of forces at work. All its power pivots about the Saturn-Uranus opposition giving it a very charged meaning; Uranus is all but guaranteed under such circumstances to break open the form of Saturn. In this case, the Deep Water Horizon drilling rig (symbolized in the chart by the Sun) is the form Uranus broke open.

Saturn is the indicator of the possessed human vessels used by the Archon Authority secretly in charge: BP Corporation and its CEO, Tony Hayward. The chart for this explosion guarantees that highly unstable conditions (both psychological and physical) prevailed at the rig right up to the moment of the explosion. The quincunx aspect always indicates a state of continuous adjustment followed by readjustment like a perpetual game of musical chairs. It is an aspect indicative of instability and excess. How many volumes of "Kill Bill" do we need?

Try untold millions of gallons per day! And don't forget to toss in the Uranus Kicker, neuro-toxic "Corexit". O, yummy-yummy, what fun!

There are two sets of Yod Configurations in this chart with Saturn at the Apex of one, and the Sun topping the other. This second, "other" YOD has Saturn sextile the Saggitarius Ascendant of the event with the Sun at its Apex and in Quincunx to both. Sagittarius rising implies that a message, vision, teaching or prophecy is at the core of the Deep Water Horizon event and that it will resonate with America's Natal Saggitarius Ascendant. So, what is that "prophecy"?

Well, Jupiter, the Planet-Force "ruling" Sagittarius is found in the Oceans of Pisces rushing toward union with shocking Uranus wanting to EXPAND the message. Here is the Sabian Symbol (Rudhyar again) for the degree Jupiter occupies within Pisces' Cosmic Ocean:

Rudhyar gives the "keynote" as: "The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great 'peak experience'."

As the rig exploded the Sun had just entered the sign of Fixed Earth, Taurus, while transiting Chiron as the Collective Wounded-Healer function of all Humanity had just entered the Mutable Water sign of Pisces representing all the Oceans of Earth. The two, Chiron and the Sun, aligned in productive Sextile aspect with each other while both pointed in excessive Quincunx fashion to Yahweh-Saturn occupying the Final and Summing-up degree of Virgo's Mutable Earth. The Earth broke from the Uranus Shock of the explosion as the pipes were blown out of the rock in the sea bed tearing open what many have called a "gate" into the Underworld, the Xtian Hell Realm. It's a gate the Corprations (including the Federal Government) can't close.

But they can and have lied about it using the negative (simulated) side of the Force of Neptune affecting the Collectively Abstract Mind of Aquarius in Quincunx aspect to the Power of their Saturn "Authority". I repeat, this so-called Authority of theirs is Archontic, it's a mere simulation of true Authority -the kind that derives from respecting boundaries and forms. The Earth and Sea were raped, violently ruptured by the decadent Corporate Elite in league with the deamonic mimicry of the disembodied and thoroughly non-organic entities that are the Gnostic Archons:

"Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can. The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, "counterfeit spirit." (Apoc John III, 36:17. The term occurs several times in different texts.) The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term HAL, "simulation." The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern." (see John Lash; Gaian Cosmogenesis and the Origin of Alien Life According to Gnostic Teachings.)

It's important for Americans to recall that as a Collective People, we are symbolized by the Moon in the Nation's Birth Chart, and that Collective Moon is found in Aquarius at 27 degrees and 13 minutes. Neptune touched (conjuncted) the US Natal Moon on March 5, 2010 and will do so twice again on August 23, 2010 and finally on January 16, 2011. Its passage over the Moon is being used to create widespread confusion characterized by a pronounced inability for focusing the critical mind. It is being used to create an American Fantasy of Escapism. Recall how the Yahweh Archon of Old Testament Biblical fame brought about the confusion of tongues at the infamous "Tower Of Babel". Today, that Tower is Public Media.

Meanwhile, the Progressed US Moon is in Virgo where, on June 26, 2010 it touched (conjuncted) the Natal US Neptune at 22 degrees and 25 minutes in that sign of Virgo. This is a highly unusual and statistically significant combination of Moon-Neptune interactions! The last time Neptune conjuncted "WE THE PEOPLE" was 165 years ago (1845-46); it's not an everyday event! But it warns of mass delusion, escapism via prescription drugs, confusion of feelings on a COLLECTIVE MASS FEELING LEVEL. National Psychosis. Lying as a "trickle down" practice from the Upper classes to the Lower. Faithlessness and Betrayal. Contagious and slow spreading disease. Speaking of which....

Neptune is the traditional "ruling planet" of OIL. It's action is fluid, dispersive, pervasively permeating all boundaries, and on the day of the Deep Water Horizon Explosion it was excessively impacted (via Waning Quincunx aspect) by Saturn in Virgo -the Lord Of Boundaries found in Mutable Virgo Earth. So, Neptune (ruler of the fading Age Of Pisces) was simultaneously conjuncting the US Moon and in Quincunx aspect to Saturn while blending (Conjunction) with Chiron and sextiling the Sun which had just entered the energy-field of Earth, Taurus.

So, what happened? Excessively leaky boundaries resulted; something more than mystical was and still is afoot ...a distinctly 'peak experience'. It's a slippery, "oily" Neptunian peak experience being craftily engineered by disembodied Archontic Forces and their collaborative human vassals. Do not expect the mixture of oil/gas/sludge alternately gushing and oozing from the seabed of the Gulf to cease anytime soon! And don't agree to pretend (Negative Neptune Escapism) this event was an "accident", either. It was deliberately planned. A "New Law" is, indeed, "Walking Down The Slopes"! A Law of Global Proportions affecting every person on Earth. An Archontic Law rooted in religious Monotheism enforced through Yahweh's penchant for fear mongering and terrorism. A Law designed to bring about Mass Homogenization of thought and behaviour via tricks like the "Cap and Trade" legislation. Evidence of this is found throughout the chart cast for the moment of the explosion. Let's take a closer look at it.


The Magical Mind Games of The QUINTILES.

Please continue reading at:

13 August, 2010

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Travel WayBack to 1953 - A History of Iraq

Peabody and Sherman - History of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Everything you always wanted to know by traveling in the Wayback Machine.

This is right on!

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Travel WayBack to 1953 - A History of Iraq

“the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is no basis for foreign policy”

12 August, 2010

BP/Gov Whistleblower Matt Simmons Found Dead

Matt Simmons: BP, CIA conspiracy theory suggested behind his unexpected death

August 11, 4:20 PM Political Spin Examiner Maryann Tobin

Oil industry icon Matt Simmons became a household name during the BP oil spill crisis, partly because of his criticism of BP and their handling the worst oil spill in US history.

Simmons, 67, was found dead in his home in Maine on August 8, 2010. The medical examiner’s office is unclear about whether he had drowned in his tub after suffering a heart attack, or died from a heart attack while drowning.

Before his unexpected death, Simmons had become a whistleblower against BP and the US government. He used his oil industry and government connections to reveal information about the BP oil spill disaster that he claimed were deliberately hidden from the public.

The confusion surrounding the exact cause of his recent death has sparked reports that he was assassinated by either the CIA or BP. Simmons “blew the whistle on several lies BP and Government where telling to the public.”
In the early days of the Gulf oil spill disaster, Simmons said claims that only 5,000 barrels of oil were leaking "were preposterous.” Simmons said, “A minimum of 120,000 barrels of oil per leaking into the Gulf.” As it turns out, he was right.
Simmons also said there were leaks 5 to 7 miles away from the damaged Deepwater Horizon well, and that huge underwater plumes, creating dead zones, covered up to 40% of the Gulf of Mexico.

Right again. Both claims were later confirmed by NOAA.

More recently, after BP claimed they had capped the leaking well, Simmons stood by his earlier statements that the well being shown the public is a fake and BP has a second well leaking in the Gulf.”

“Certainly the claims being made by Matt Simmons could have been deemed as a threat to National Security…and just may have earned him a place on the CIA kill list," according to Current. "Both the United States Government and Great Britain consider BP as critical to national security, as BP supplies 80% of the US Military’s oil and BP pays millions of Government pensions in the US and Great Britain.”

Some people believe Simmons was off base with his claims of a BP and US government cover-up of the true scope of the Gulf oil spill disaster. Others say he was right on target. Whichever is true, the circumstances surrounding his premature death may only lead to more questions than answers.

Weather Rangers 40 years out of date

By Joel Carlinsky

Forty years ago, books and magazines were full of praise for the heroic pioneers who cut down forests to turn worthless wilderness into profitable farms. Schoolchildren were taught to look up to captains of industry who did grand things like building factories that belched out smoke which was a sign of progress. Every boy wanted to grow up to do heroic things like killing wild animals like elephants and tigers and gorillas. It was considered a great thing to harpoon whales or chop down redwood trees.

But the world has changed a lot since then. Today, it is standard procedure for any company or government department to do an Environmental Impact Study first, before starting on any project that could have any effect on the environment. No company can expect to just go ahead and start on anything without first taking into account what the effects on the environment will be. Even the military, despite their claim that they are so important they should be allowed to do nearly anything they want, must at least make some show of taking precautions to avoid as much environmental harm as possible.

There are thousands of companies all over the world that make their living as consultants, doing Environmental Impact Studies for proposed projects. Every university in the world has a department producing graduates who are qualified to act as consultants for companies so those companies can decide which projects they can do and which ones they cannot do because they would be too harmful.

The Weather Rangers are 40 years out of date. They are acting as if the last 40 years never happened. As if all the hard work of countless environmental activists trying to raise public awareness of the dangers of unlimited "progress" never happened. The Weather Rangers are acting as if they had a right to do whatever they please with the weather. That is no different from the 19th century captains of industry thinking they had the right to cut down forests or build polluting factories without being accountable to anybody.

Nobody today is just ignorant of the importance of doing an Environmental Impact Study before starting something that could affect the atmosphere. Nobody today can plead ignorance of the need for accountability when undertaking such projects. Nobody needs to have ever heard of orgone to know such a plan as the Weather Rangers propose would be reckless and irresponsible.

Nobody today needs me to tell them there are trained professional ecologists who can advise them. And nobody today needs to be told there are laws to protect the environment and it might be a good thing to look them up and see if what they are planning is legal before starting to do it.

The Weather Rangers are not being just ignorant. They are being arrogant and irresponsible. This earth has suffered enough from such people in the past. I will not keep quiet and let it happen again.

11 August, 2010

Electroshock and LSD Experiments on Children

This article is one hell of a ride!

Dr. Lauretta Bender’s Electroshock and LSD Experiments on Children

Also includes this section on The Army, the CIA and Metrazol:

Army CIC interrogators working with the CIA at prisoner of war camps and safe house locations in post-war Germany on occasion used Metrazol, morphine, heroin and LSD on incarcerated subjects. According to former CIC officer Miles Hunt, several "safe houses and holding areas outside of Frankfurt near Oberursel" - a former Nazi interrogation center taken over by the US - were operated by a "special unit run by Capt. Malcolm S. Hilty, Maj. Mose Hart and Capt. Herbert Sensenig. The unit was especially notorious in its applications of interrogation methods [including the use of electroshock and Metrazol, mescaline, amphetamines and other drugs]." Said Hunt: "The unit took great pride in their nicknames, the 'Rough Boys' and the 'Kraut Gauntlet,' and didn't hold back with any drug or technique ... you name it, they used it." Added Hunt, "Sensenig was really disappointed when it was found that nothing had to be used on [former Reichsmarschall] Herman Goering, who was processed through the camp. Goering needed no inducement to talk."

Eventually, CIC interrogators working in Germany would be assisted in their use of interrogation drugs by several "former" Nazi scientists recruited by the CIA and US State Department as part of Project Paperclip. By early 1952, the CIC's Rough Boys would routinely use Metrazol during interrogations, as well as LSD, mescaline and conventional electroshock units.

Metrazol-like drugs are still used in interrogations today. According to reports from several former noncommissioned Army officers, who served on rendition-related security details in Turkey, Pakistan and Romania, drugs that produce effects quite similar to Metrazol are still used in 2010 by the Pentagon and CIA on enemy combatants and rendered subjects held at the many "black sites" maintained across the globe. Observed one former officer recently, "They would twist up like a pretzel, in unbelievable shapes and jerk and shake like crazy, their eyes nearly popping out of their heads."

In 2008, at the behest of US Sens. Carl Levin, Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel and in reaction to a March 2008 article in The Washington Post, the Pentagon initiated an Inspector General Report on the use of "mind-altering substances by DoD [Department of Defense] Personnel during Interrogations of Detainees and/or Prisoners Captured during the War on Terror." It is not known if the investigation has been completed. Among the more famous recent cases of the use of drugs upon prisoners concerns one-time alleged "enemy combatant" Jose Padilla, who had originally been accused of wanting to set off a "dirty bomb." The charge was later forced, but Padilla was held in solitary confinement for many months and forced to take LSD or other powerful drugs while held in the Navy brig in Charleston, South Carolina.

The government has gone to great efforts to keep the public uninformed as regards use of drugs on prisoners. In an article by Carol Rosenberg for McClatchy News in July 2010, Rosenberg reported that, when covering the Guantanamo military commissions trials, when the question of "what psychotropic drugs were given another accused 9/11 conspirator, Ramzi bin al Shibh, the courtroom censor hits a white noise button so reporters viewing from a glass booth can't hear the names of the drugs. Under current Navy instructions for the use of human subjects in research, the undersecretary of the Navy is described as the authority in charge of research concerning "consciousness-altering drugs or mind-control techniques," while at the same time is also responsible for "inherently controversial topics" that might attract media interest or "challenge by interest groups."

Read article here:

10 August, 2010

CIA Created Afghan Heroin Trade

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has good reasons for trying to shut down US investigations into corruption in his government. The Afghan aristocracy has always run the nation’s heroin trade. But it was the CIA that created it.

In 1933 King Mohammed Zaher Shah took the throne in Afghanistan, ruling the country in feudalistic fashion until he was deposed by his cousin Mohammed Daoud in 1973. A handful of families including the Karzais and the Kalilzidads (Zalmay Kalilzidad is US Ambassador to Afghanistan) owned nearly all arable land, while most Afghans languished amidst some of the planet’s worst poverty. Finally, they’d had enough.

In April 1978 King Daoud was killed in a revolution led by Nor Mohammed Taraki, who became President. Taraki embarked upon an ambitious land reform program to help poor Afghan sharecroppers who were traditionally forced to work the land owned by the king and his cronies. He built schools for women, who were banned from education under the monarchy. He opened Afghan universities to the poor and introduced free health care.

When counter-revolutionary bandits began to burn down universities and girl’s schools, many Afghan’s saw the hand of the CIA. By April 1979, a full seven months before the much-ballyhooed Soviet “invasion” of Afghanistan, US officials were meeting with corrupt Afghan warlords and oligarchs bent on overthrowing Taraki.

As the campaign of sabotage intensified, Kabul revolutionaries called on Soviet leader Leonid Brezynev to send troops to repel the bandits. Brezynev refused. The situation deteriorated.

Pro-Taraki militants, convinced of a CIA destabilization plot, assassinated CIA Kabul Chief of Station Spike Dubbs. On July 3, 1979 President Jimmy Carter signed the first national security directive authorizing secret aid to Afghan warlords. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski said later that he had convinced Carter that in his, “…opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.” Brzezinski, who co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, was baiting the Soviets to invade Afghanistan.

The embattled Taraki appointed Tabizullah Amin as cabinet minister in charge of land reform. Amin launched a brutal campaign of terror against political opponents, turning world opinion against the previously celebrated Taraki government. Former KGB Chief Yuri Andropov believed that Amin was an agent provocateur working with the CIA to infiltrate the Kabul government, intent on discrediting its progressive agenda.

Taraki sensed the same and traveled to Moscow to consult with the Soviets on a strategy to get rid of Amin. When he returned to Kabul, he was executed. Amin seized power. A few weeks later CIA-backed warlords massacred dozens of Afghan government officials in the western city of Herat. This combination of events forced Brezynev’s hand.

In December 1979 Soviet tanks rolled across the Panshir Valley, while KGB operatives stormed the Royal Palace in Kabul. They assassinated Tabizullah Amin and installed Babrak Karmal as the new leader of Afghanistan. Brzezinski now had the justification he’d been looking for to begin overtly arming the counter-revolutionaries in Afghanistan.

Though the decade-long Afghan conflict killed 2 million people, Brzezinski later boasted, “That (Carter’s secret directive) was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap.”

CIA agents streamed into Peshawar in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province. The city lay at the foot of Khyber Pass, the gateway to Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees were flooding into Peshawar to escape the looming war. With help from the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), the CIA scoured the refugee camps looking for modern-day Islamic fundamentalist Assassins who were prepared to intensify the guerilla war on Kabul’s socialist government and now, to repel the Soviets from Afghanistan.

The CIA found what it needed in Hezbi-i Isbmi, a force of feudal-minded Islamist fighters assembled and trained by the Pakistani military with CIA oversight. Their leader was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a fanatic who in the early 1970’s had ordered his followers to throw acid into the faces of Afghan women who refused to wear their burkhas. In 1996 Hekmatyar’s troops took Kabul in a coup against the leftist Rabbani government, then handed it over to the Taliban. The recently released Wikileaks documents say Hekmatyar is now helping the Taliban attack US soldiers.

In 1972 Hezbi-i Isbmi murdered hundreds of left-wing students in Afghanistan then fled to Peshawar, where they escaped prosecution under the protection of the US-allied Pakistan military government. The group was feared and despised by Afghans and Pakistanis alike, who viewed them as a terrorist organization.

The US armed these terrorists with Soviet weapons purchased from Egypt, China and Czechoslovakia. Pakistan’s military dictator Zia ul-Huq allowed the CIA to open an intelligence station facing the Soviet Union and to use Pakistani military bases from which the CIA could fly reconnaissance over Afghanistan. These same bases were used to give advanced guerilla warfare training to Hekmatyar’s troops, whom the Reagan State Department would soon fondly refer to as the mujahadeen.

President Zia’s Pakistan became the third largest recipient of US military aid in the world, behind only Israel and Egypt. Much of that aid was going to arm the mujahadeen who launched raids into Afghanistan, seizing large chunks of real estate and immediately planting it to poppies. Between 1982-83 opium harvests along the Afghan/Pakistani border doubled in size, and by 1984 Pakistan was exporting 70% of the world’s heroin.

During that time the CIA Station in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, became the largest spook den in the world. It was no coincidence that Golden Crescent heroin output soon surpassed that of the Golden Triangle, just as the CIA was launching its biggest operation since Vietnam.

While Hekmatyar’s troops planted poppies, another mujahadeen leader, Sayed Ahmed Gailani, was supplying the Turkish Gray Wolves syndicate with Pathan opium. Gailani was a wealthy Afghan aristocrat with ties to former King Zaher Shah. He owned the Peugeot dealership in Kabul and his drug smuggling was underwritten by the Saudis. Hekmatyar himself ran six heroin labs in Baluchistan Province.

But Hekmatyar and Gailani were merely following in the footsteps of Vang Pao, Phoumi Nosavan and Khun Sa, the CIA’s heroin warlords of the Golden Triangle.

In the 1980’s Pakistan became the world’s poster child for political corruption. The Islamabad junta’s unflagging support for Reagan’s mujahadeen was at the root of the corruption. A senior US official stated that, “key Hekmatyar commanders close to the ISI run heroin laboratories in SW Pakistan and the ISI cooperates in heroin operations”. In September 1985 the Pakistan Herald reported that military trucks belonging to the National Logistics Cell of the Pakistan Army were being used to transport arms from the Port of Karachi to Peshawar on behalf of the CIA, and that those same trucks were returning to Karachi sealed by the Pakistani military and loaded with heroin. The practice, according to the Herald, had been going on since 1981, just as Hekmatyar’s forces began planting poppies.

Two high-ranking Pakistani military officers were caught with 220 kilos of heroin, but were never prosecuted. Golden Crescent heroin captured 60% of the US market and bricks of hashish appeared in US cities stamped with a logo of two crossed AK-47 assault rifles circled by the words, “Smoke Out the Soviets”. From 1982-92, roughly the period of US involvement in Afghanistan, heroin addiction in the US rose by 50%. All the while Nancy Reagan was telling us all to “Just Say No”.

For the sake of the oligarchs and their CIA hatchet men, Karzai had better keep the shredder running. There are lots of skeletons in the Afghan closet.


USA Military Substituting Christian Conversion for Mental Health Professionals

From the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Dear Secretary Gates:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has learned on numerous occasions over the past several years about blatantly sectarian Christian religious programs and Christian proselytizing in the military. The proselytizing is unconstitutional and we demand you issue an order to stop it now.

Our letter addresses a particularly pernicious subcategory of proselytizing that must also cease immediately. The military often substitutes evangelical chaplains in the place of professional mental health care for service members suffering from mental health conditions, especially post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These reports have recently become increasingly frequent and alarming.

Among the many types of shocking incidents and illicit and dehumanizing practices reported to MRFF have been the military's teaching of creationism as an actual bona fide means of suicide prevention; the use of a parachurch military ministry's evangelical Christian program to treat PTSD; service members seeking help being sent to and proselytized by chaplains instead of being sent to mental health professionals; articles in official military publications stating that finding Jesus if the only solution to the mental health problems faced by members of our armed forces; mandatory mental health training inside chapels, plus countless "Spiritual Fitness" events and programs being promoted as mental health solutions.

Perhaps the most alarmingly repugnant stories are those coming in from our recent war veterans regarding the wide- spread practice of "battlefield Christian proselytizing." When, on active duty, our service members sought urgently needed mental health counseling while on the battlefield and with the gun smoke practically still in their faces, they were instead sent to evangelizing chaplains, who are apparently being used with increasing frequency to provide mental health care due to the acute shortage of mental health professionals. Chaplains are not certified, professional mental health experts.

According to the reports of these veterans, the chaplains they were sent to for evaluation and treatment had the unmiti- gated temerity to urge, as a medicinal cure, a conversion to evangelical Christianity, and sometimes even went as far as disgustingly lacing their "counseling" with the soldiers' need to stay on the battlefield to" kill Muslims for Christ." Even in the best cases, while the chaplains' words of proselytizing may have provided a temporary placebo, allowing these soldiers to return temporarily to combat for the remainder of their deployment, within months of returning home from war, their "temporary religious faith" wore off as their profound mental health symptoms, quite predictably, returned in all their fury. And, again, the shortage of available mental healthcare professionals and lack of treatment exacerbated the service members’ psychological trauma.

For many of our veterans, the severe adverse consequences of being subjected to battlefield Christian proselytizing rather than receiving genuine mental health care have been, to just name a few, broken families, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and particularly, even suicide. While religious counseling may be helpful to some service mem- bers, and should certainly be available to those who specifically seek religious counseling, the widespread use of evange- lizing Christian chaplains as a substitute for qualified mental health professionals is preventing many service members from getting the serious medical treatment that they desperately need and deserve, and is most likely exacerbating the unprecedented, unbridled suicide epidemic. It's just as specious and heinous as having these proselytizing military chaplains substitute for military combat trauma surgeons.

Another alarming matter is that, due to the heavy promotion by the military of sectarian Christian religious "solutions" to mental health problems, non-religious, even moderately religious, service members struggling with mental health issues or contemplating suicide may not seek the help they need because they think they will just get evangelical, funda- mentalist Christianity rammed down their throats if they do.

The improper use of Chaplains to proselytize our psychologically traumatized service members seeking mental health- care is an unconstitutional, unconscionable disgrace and is a clear matter of national security because it fatally under- mines unit effectiveness for battle. Thus, this issue must be aggressively addressed immediately by you and top military leaders. No more suffering and no more suicides will be tolerated. Suicide can and should be prevented, but not at the price of unconstitutional battlefield proselytizing by officers or enlisted personnel – which is of no value. We are not requesting, we are now demanding a direct, responsive reply from you within the next 10 business days about your plans to stop unconstitutional proselytizing of traumatized service members.

Given the shamefully rampant suicide rates in the United States Army, it is likely that at least another dozen or so United States active duty service members, not counting veterans, will commit suicide during the aforementioned period in which we have just demanded to be contacted by you.

Michael L. “Mikey Weinstein Founder & President Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Paul Sullivan Executive Director Veterans For Common Sense

CC: John M. McHugh – Secretary of the Army Ray Mabus – Secretary of the Navy Michael B. Donley – Secretary of the Air Force Admiral Michael Mullen - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General James E. Cartwright - Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General George W. Casey, Jr. - Chief of Staff of the United States Army Admiral Gary Roughead - Chief of Naval Operations General Norton A. Schwartz - Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force General James T. Conway - Commandant of the Marine Corps

09 August, 2010

The Wells-Newman Weather Control Machine

The Weather Rangers website has this posted as the explanation of how the Wells-Newman machine works:

The Wells-Newman Weather Control Machine

How Does the Machine Work?

Posted by Alberto Feliciano on August 9, 2010 at 5:42am

Nobody knows for sure. The machine seems to deflect a part of what we understand as 'gravity', redirecting a small portion of it's force into any direction in which we point the machine. It is the opinion of at least one Scientist, MT Keshe who is a Nuclear Engineer, that atmospheric weather is a reflection of the magnetic/gravitational internal workings of the planet. If that is so (and it makes a lot of sense after you have read his book "The Universal Order of Matters") then it is possible the machine may be affecting the movement of magma flow and magma rocks underneath the surface. The changes induced inside the planet then would be reflected on the surface and create change in the weather conditions. The machine appears to work in the same way as the brake pedal in a Semi-Truck: not necessarilly excerting direct pressure itself onto the wheels but affecting the truck's braking system through what we might call indirect means, redirecting the pressure.

Response by Joel Carlinsky

My amazement when I saw this explanation was a bit greater than it would have been if the machine had spoken and told me how it worked. It would be hard to think of a less informative explanation or a theory as far from the reality as this one. If I were prone to paranoia, I would suspect a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the facts.

The Wells-Newman weather control machine is an electrical device. It is powered by ordinary household AC voltage. To anyone at all familiar with the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s and 50s, that immediately tells everything needed to understand how such a device could affect the weather and give the illusion of weather control.

Reich found that weather is driven by the constant motion of orgone energy in the atmosphere. Great sweeping streams of orgone flow into the earth from deep space, swirl around the planet in a corkscrew movement, and impart motion to the atmosphere. Anything that alters the speed or direction of the orgone flow will have an effect on the movement of the atmosphere.

The cloudbuster does exactly that. It manipulates the movement of orgone energy, and the movement of the air follows. If the atmosphere was moved by anything else, the changes in the movement of the orgone caused by the cloudbuster could not affect it, so the functioning of the cloudbuster proves the theory.

The normal atmospheric orgone is in constant motion, both from point to point, and superimposed on that moving stream of orgone, it is also expanding and contracting in a pulsating motion. But under certain well-defined conditions, the motion becomes "stuck" or stagnated, resulting in a "dead" region in which the normal atmospheric processes fail to take place. If this goes on long enough the inflow of new energy to the area downstream of the DOR field is blocked and the area does not get much rain and a drought is the result.

Such DOR barriers are always to be found just upstream from any area suffering from a drought. In the case of long-standing deserts, the DOR field is very strongly entrenched and are due to prehistoric meteor bombardments that had the effect of atomic bombs.

The stuck condition is called "DOR" and it is known to be caused nowadays by irritation of the orgone by nuclear and to a lesser extent, by electrical sources of excitation. The process of irritation is called "oranur".

Nuclear explosions and nuclear reactors are the most important sources of oranur and DOR, but any high-voltage AC electrical equipment will cause a milder amount of oranur and DOR. While the effects of electrical equipment are seldom as dramatic as those of radioactivity, they can be enough to be noticeable by a particularly alert individual.

Most people never notice DOR or oranur, even in the most intense situations, and those who do usually form some sort of rationalization to explain it to themselves without really facing up to what they are seeing. This tendency to rationalize away the observations of orgone-related phenomena is by far the most common reaction to any observation of anything to do with orgone energy.

The Well-Newman machine apparently creates an oranur field, not as strong as the oranur field around a nuclear reactor, but strong enough to block or disrupt a storm system moving across the surface of the earth, something the field of a reactor has long been known to do.

Similar effects have often been observed from radio and television broadcasting antennas, radar and microwave dishes, and high-voltage power-transmission wires. DOR can also be found indoors in rooms with microwave ovens, electronic equipment, or flourescent lights. I have seen clouds break up consistently directly over high-tension wires while other clouds, not passing over the wires, were unaffected.

So when I first heard of the Weather Rangers and their electrical weather control machine, I knew at once what was happening. It is nothing new. And it is not "weather control". It is a device that has a strong enough electrical field to cause an oranur irritation of the atmosphere and break up clouds and, possibly, under some conditions, block a storm or bump it into a new path.

As a side-effect, it will also cause DOR and will make people near it sick, though this may not be noticed by anyone not familiar with the vast range of symptoms possible from DOR sickness.

Fortunately, most really strong storms, such as hurricanes, are too strong to be destroyed or diverted by any oranur source powered only by household current, and tornadoes, far from being prevented by creation of oranur and DOR, will be increased since they are a reaction of the atmospheric energy to build-up of DOR and serve the function of restoring mobility to the stuck, stagnated atmospheric energy field.

The Weather Rangers have developed a vast edifice of rationalization based on the fortuitous observation that this device could break up clouds. Seeing it as some kind of "weather control machine", and steeped in the culture of comic books and superhero cartoons, they formed a club to "protect the innocent" from bad weather, unaware that what they were doing would cause serious environmental problems and cause far more harm than any storm ever would.

And, having no idea of the orgone energy that drives the atmosphere, they have managed to come up with an incredibly wrong theory of how the device works. And having made an emotional commitment to both the theory and the ideology of "protecting the public by preventing deaths from hurricanes and tornadoes, they are not likely to listen to any Reichian who tells them what they are really doing is making things worse by creating more DOR.

So the Weather Rangers have become an additional source of destruction of the atmosphere.

04 August, 2010

review of PARANOIA

The fifth wonderful review of PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader has arrived, and it's a great one!

If you miss Paranoia Magazine, do not fear

In 2009, Paranoia magazine announced that publication would cease. The
editors announced (to an obviously dubious readership) that Paranoia
would continue operations in a new format. The appearance of this
volume represents the fulfillment of this promise. However readable,
enjoyable or thought-provoking Paranoia, The Conspiracy Reader,
Volume I may be, the work must also be evaluated as a successor to its
former incarnation as a (maga)’zine. (One wishes the title of the
current incarnation was further removed from The Conspiracy Reader
(2000), The New Conspiracy Reader (2003), and The Complete Conspiracy
Reader (2004), all somewhat less successful works by the same

The legacy of the former publication is considerable: for nearly
twenty years Paranoia Magazine distilled conspiracy theory into a
readable format. The “Reader’s Digest” approach to editing has been
criticized for bowdlerizing great literature into pabulum accessible
by the low brow. However, the same technique has the opposite result
when applied to the obsessive, the schizophrenic, and the raving. The
journalistic sensibilities of the editors of Paranoia found the “magic
bullet” which could circumvent the chief criticisms of conspiracy
theory literature. Paranoia, The Conspiracy Reader, Volume I preserves
this editorial tradition.

Perhaps equally importantly the volume also continues the tradition of
the “Para-notes,” seemingly the literary successor to Wig-Wag
magazine’s “Indignities.” Rather than culling the minds and writings
of the fringes of society, the “Para-notes” turn a critical and
obsessive eye toward the inconsistencies, back-tracking, and slips of
tongue recorded by the popular press. These observations result from
an overly scrupulous eye applied to the spectacle of mass media.
Oddly, the “Para-notes” invite their own fascination. Although the
publication of the “Paranotes” has been timely, they excite the most
interest when read out of time. The same names keep cropping up, but
our collective memory-hole is deep. For those so inclined, could
someone please write biographies of Arlen Specter and Donald Rumsfeld?

However, if you’re the sort to collect and index the “Para-Notes,”
you’ll have noticed that 10 of the 25 articles appeared previously in
the pages of Paranoia Magazine, but this fact should not dissuade the
potential reader. The 15 articles would probably have filled two of
three issues published each year, but the $14 cover price beats the
$21 yearly subscription. It’s unlikely that many readers have access
to the original publications. If one does have access to more than two
or three of these articles, that reader may be safely considered
obsessive. Go ahead. Buy it. It’s got the new “Para-Notes.” You don’t
want a hole in your collection like that Iron Man #4 you didn’t buy
when you were 12, do you?

So what’s missing from Paranoia, The Conspiracy Reader, Volume I? Ads.
For some that might be good, but frankly, the advertisers in Paranoia
Magazine put more than one fascinating book in my hands. In fact, in
the earliest incarnations before the Internet, the advertisers in
Paranoia Magazine were prone to be adventures themselves. By
responding to cryptically worded snippets in the first 12 volumes of
Paranoia Magazine, I fell down more than interesting rabbit hole.

Sadly, in the internet age, more fringe types are content to put up a
website in hopes that chance traffic discovers their genius (despite
the fact that Google drives traffic to mainstream sites under the
guise of returning “good” results). So perhaps a sense of community is
lacking from the new format as well… but if everybody who bought a
copy wrote letters to the editors, they might print them. And really,
Joan and Al, some of us wouldn’t mind if you took ads.

The book is available at Amazon:


03 August, 2010


Lunatic government scum polluting the planet with their toxic chemicals

More info & good articles at:

It seems these bacteria in power call their insane program of spraying chemicals in the atmosphere "geo-engineering". Notice how they label all their insidious activities with Orwellian sounding phrases, similar to how the reduction of one's freedoms is outlined in a "Patriot Act". According to their deranged logic the reason for their chemical contamination of the atmosphere, people and land is to "prevent global warming", which is nothing more than a hoax concocted by the global governors of the CIA-Mossad-MI5-FSB to increase their socioeconomic and physiological power over the masses. They simply hired the dweeb Al Gore to be their frontman.

Another one of their profitable pernicious schemes is the "war on cancer". Here's how it works: first they program the masses to buy their chemicals in the form of deodorants, body washes, hair products, cosmetics etc., which after extended repeated use causes some type of cancer in the consumer-victim. The manufacturers of this poison know all this, but their co-conspirators in the medical industry profit handsomely since the patient then undergoes their expensive chemotherapy and radiation "treatments". Then these money maniacs also generate more millions or billions of dollars through their annual "Race for a Cure" hustle, held in numerous major cities across the globe. Remember, the very same group of "humans" selling the toxins are then organizing an event to "cure" it. And the zombies of course, pay their $50-$100 fee to participate in the "race". But what do you expect? Nothing can improve because the sociobiological dichotomy remains constant. The same anti-social predator phenotypes continue reproducing and maintaining their power over the less intelligent target masses.