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16 December, 2013

I have no new conspiracy news. Sorry. But, how but that NSA and the internet and TOR and all that good stuff, eh? Riots. Protests. Bad weather. I mean, really bad weather. Snow in Cairo. Apparently Gaza is taking an icy bath right now. Here in Pennsylvania, we hardly get snow anymore. An inch or two of slushy mush and that's it. Used to be knee deep and ski-able...

But I have nothing new to offer, we've seen it all. Snowden blew the cap off of things, and I guess there is more to come. Contractual employment agreements were broken, probably premeditated, so I don't know that this guy is a hero or not, but he blew the trumpet, that's for sure. And, I got to tell my annoying friends and family, "Dudes, I told you so."

I've grown optimistic despite all the ugly in the world. Not optimistic of my day to day, or my personal future, but for the  whole of humanity. I figure, Nature is gonna blast us into 1 B.C., and we can rebuild from there. Someone should leave a time capsule of comic books. The archaeologists of the future may think we really had Superman.

That is in the future though. For now, we all must survive. Some of us aren't protesters or hacktivists or leaders or philanthropists. You know, like Angelina Jolie. Some of us are. I'm not. Because I spoke up once and got my psychology all fucked up. Pardon my french. I needed a word and the F-bomb makes great filler.

How many of you are all twisted in the head from caring too much about conspiracy? Can you care too much? What happens if everyone felt the same way, and one by one nobody cared at all? What if Penn Jillette read this out-loud to you? That would be fantastic.

I don't know what to say to you. I feel compelled to type and post. Almost an unnatural compulsion, external. I mean, don't give up. That much is sure, I never suggest quitting the fight against oppression and tyranny. Or even simply the Resistance Against The Stupid, anywhere stupid people are found. No, I insist the fight go on! Smite the dumb... who apparently always end up being my boss or something.

But, I also think things are far, far too far gone on a scale that doesn't get fixed with group action. I think it's time to heal self and family. Unplug. Seriously, do the tune in turn on drop out thing, without all of the drugs and smelly hair.

We can't take the internet back because we never had it. You can't safely install anonymizing software from sources on the clearnet to go to the "deepweb", as the mainstream media gave everyone the links for just a few months ago, as well as the promise that you can buy guns drugs cp and a hitman or join anonymous. Go download TOR..... Now, you are in the real deepweb of the current struggle for supremecy of the net. Using the NSA's tool for wrangling everyone in and installing their botnet of modern McCarthy. "Are you now, or have you ever been...  a free thinker?" Doh! And, your computer is owned. Or, should I say pwned? Pew, pewpew. Yeah, all that good stuff.

Turn them all off...

And, while we are trying to learn to live like a human again, some of us may actually be screwed in the head. I am. There's help for that, and it's all organic. See, turns out... Many so-called conspiracy theorists were right. The food, water and air and society are toxic and harming humans at a genetic level. The government is a corporation, and the world is it's dumping ground. We are in danger. Bad shit is going down. Some of us got what They call PTSD. I have a theory as to why this distinction is reserved for a few particular traumas and not readily recognized for all traumas such as;

Are you a special person with unique mental and physical characteristics, highly evolved just not in a hollywood fashion? Were you taught in Pavlovian institutions, with your psyche shattered into pieces of useless and controllable parts with different periods and bells and subjects and discipline for being alive and free? Were you later diagnosed with this and that, given tons of pills, became frail and complacent on the quest to "recovery" through god and the group and the good old perscription pad? You strung out on Zoloft and Questrin and high fructose cornsyrup and suffering neuropathy and various "phantom disorders"?  Are you usually right, but people around you either can't accept it or resent it? Do you have allergies? Do you read dumb ass websites about indigo children and why you should join Cult A, B, or C? Government sweating you? Microchip maybe in your head, back, tooth, hand, foot or groin? Do you meet special people along the way, who tell you you are special, and you want to believe them?

Are you eating cheetos, naked, in a beanbag? I hope not.

It's poisoning us, this life. We suffer at a level deeper than the deepweb we hope hides the secret page to our salvation. We are dying. No magic bullet. No poster. No mask. No pill. None of these things can save us...

We are not special, or freaks. Simply evolving and adapting, aka mutating to survive. Some people are showing signs of reemergence of long dormant traits, ones so strange that people call them magic, ADD, or "gifted". These people, us.. People like you and me and that guy with the cheetos that hasn't really regained his composure after getting called out... We are sick because we have been trying to use poison to fix ourselves. We are enemies because we can't be broken, ranked and filed. I don't actually get that. I don't hurt anyone, but I'm bad? But, what about....? Oh, nevermind. We know what they do with batons and sanctions and bullets and chains.

There is too much to juggle, too many points of entry for disagreeable energy and action to enter into lives. The only way out of the algorithim is to subtract yourself from the equation. Apps will be the death of you. IF there really are retraining camps getting readied for us, you will make it easy to classify you. Unitil you unplug. Heal. You can only heal in silence. You can only fight if you are strong. Own this world. It's all we have. I would like to suggest one more thing. Do it NOW. Gain mental sovereignty before totalitarianism wins by default.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 

03 September, 2013

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04 February, 2013

Necochea, Argentina: Is a 2013 UFO Flap Underway?

Necochea, Argentina: Is a 2013 UFO Flap Underway? By Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO A massive UFO was seen over the coast of Necochea in the early morning hours of 27 January 2013, in the southeastern end of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hundreds of witnesses saw a large white light over the sea, facing the coastline, surrounded by an “S” shaped cloud and with a red light toward its lower left side that appeared to sparkle at times. After several minutes and at sea level, it rose into the air, vanishing at high speed among the stars. The time was approximately 0230-0240 hours on 27 January. Among the witnesses were Alejandro Gimenez Franzoni, Matias Silvi, Matias Bugnar, Franco Cuervo – all of them in their 20s, and readily localizable in Necochea and the city of La Plata, as some of them were tourists. Given the time at which this event occurred, and since it was a perfectly clear and starry night, the witnesses are deemed to rise into the hundreds, according to the testimony furnished by the people named above, since they could see many others along the coastline, and the beach itself, casting their gaze on the phenomenon. It made no noise whatsoever and was scarcely a few meters over the sea’s surface, ahead of the ships waiting for clearance to enter the Port of Quequén. A few minutes elapsed before the object – enshrouded in a very bright cloud – drifted upward, losing itself in the enormous expanse of starry sky. Another Case Albert Benitez is the protagonist of another phenomenon that occurred on 25 January 2013 at 23:30 hours, approximately, when he saw a large red fireball traveling at moderate speed from West to East over downtown Necochea. He adds that he could hear a squealing sound as it flew overhead, despite its distance. There may be other witnesses to this event. As we can see, UFOs keep spending their summers in Necochea. Only a few days ago we published this case, which I myself witnessed. At around 21:40 hours on 11 January 2013, a large number of onlookers saw a very bright red, strange object of considerable size and triangular in shape, flying south at a steady but by no means slow speed. The object was seen by residents of Necochea and tourists alike, enjoying another very pleasant evening, since temperatures that day had been in excess of 36 centigrade. Finally, the silent object lost itself in the southern sky among the stars. Its appearance was sudden in the airspace. I myself saw this along with other friends on the beach. A Massive Nationwide Flap? The Necochea UFO was seen at 02:30 and in Claromecó at 02:15 hours on 27 January. It was very likely also seen at Punta Alta. Was it the same one videotaped at Atucha (Buenos Aires) at 02:45? The case remains under investigation. On January 29, 2013, Julio Gonzalez published the following report: On 01/27/13, minutes after two in the morning, a UFO was seen over the community, according to a tourist from Tandil. There were other cases on Friday and Saturday, as has emerged from eyewitness accounts. An unidentified flying object was seen on Sunday in early morning hours from Claromecó and Dunamar (Necochea). This newspaper received a report submitted from a resident of Tandil, who provided exact information on the characteristics of the phenomenon. Sightings were also reported last Friday and Saturday. The tourist told this newspaper that at around 02:15 on that day, “a strange object was seen in the sky over Claromecó-Dunamar, seen by at least 15 people. It was an intense light over the sea.” He added that the UFO “gained altitude and began morphing into a sort of blue colored spiral (like a three-vaned fan) with an intense light at its core. It then began issuing smaller lights. When it was near our position, it appeared to be at high altitude and traveling at considerable speed. The spiral then vanished and the central light dimmed until it, too, disappeared.” The tourist added: “We were with my nephews and some friends from Rosario at Dunamar, some 50 meters from the public bathrooms. There were more people at the beach. They saw it too.” In his story, the tourist remarked: “This is the first time I have seen anything of this sort, although 12 years ago, when I drove a truck, I saw a pair of large lights in the sky that subsequently vanished.” The summer visitor described his feelings after seeing the object in question: “I felt surprised. At one time we thought it was the moon, but we remembered that the full moon was right there behind us. Then the spiral shape became visible,” he said, adding: “I usually travel a few days during the summer to visit Claromecó, this time it was due to the weekend, and we got to see that interesting light. Another similar case: “I took the photo I am submitting to your attention on Sunday at Claromecó, Province of Buenos Aires, 70 km from the city of Tres Arroyos. It caught my attention. The small spot fell rapidly while the large one remained static for a long time. Before that, I noticed a kind of glow in the sky, but thought it was a jet. They lost themselves in the fog over the sea. Could they be UFOs?” asked Sol Echarry on our website. Meanwhile, a resident of Claromecó who preferred to remain anonymous, also noticed the presence of an unidentified flying object. It occurred at noon on Saturday, approximately at 11:30, when she saw “a white object suspended in midair” in the Tercer Salto y Medio area. We were alone with my husband and shortly thereafter it vanished. It ascended at breathtaking speed and was gone in less than a minute. It jumped upward and quickly vanished.” Claudio Menendez, a journalist for Radio Comunidad Claromecó and a contributor to this newspaper, said in his “Dias Distintos” program that an object similar to the one seen by the tourist from Tandil had also been reported in 1991. Finally, last Friday at around 20:00 hours and hear the mouth of the creek, an unidentified flying object was reported, shining in the sky for several minutes until it was no longer readily visible

Conspiracy Geeked

I became exposed to The Abyss through the works of Neitszche, Crowley, and also some writing called The Dark Night of The Soul...  These 3 angles; theologic, psychologic, and mystic, all served to create for me a practical symbolism by which to structure myself so as  to weather the storm, so to speak.

The storm has raged far longer than any book can describe...

Along the way, I have grasped at numerous, weak handholds in hopes of finding some form of support in this trying time.  As a poet, it suites me none to have my creativity sapped.  As a human, it suits me none to have my desire to interact with the world equally sapped - to the point of near extinction.

I have become disillusioned in my pursuit of knowledge, and also of an understanding of the world around me that I just can't seem to get.  There have been so many dead-ends which I had believed in, so many people and doctrines.  In the end, most proved hollow, especially the people.

From time to time, there have been books that "mattered".  One of them that left an impression, and often is recalled in times of stress, is called The Little Black Book.  I found it at a store on South Street in Philadelphia.  I couldn't tell you where I lost it.

The first page of this tiny, little, black book, said something like "It's not what a book says that matters, but rather what the book DOES."  I believe in that.  This attitude has helped me to better navigate the stormy seas of Enlightenment.  A teacher I studied under was a big advocate of Know Your Authors.  Religious beliefs, politics, affiliations...  These factors are major players in the defining of a person, and the person who writes is the source, therefore I don't think it's good to take in just anyone's work.  Some are accurate in their research, and practical in their application of philosophy.  There is no apparent agenda behind the person, other than the desire to share knowledge, and maybe make a buck or two to support themselves along the way.

Then, there are others out there, The Stressful-Kind.  These are the cult-leaders, the self-appointed iconic figures who are no more enlightened than other Monarchy-minded elitists.  They use clever tongues to sway the audience into a form of blind allegiance.  When challenged, they resort to anger.  They avoid direct confrontation.  They use manipulations like guilt or appeal to vanity to draw in followers.  They have a lot of "friends" on their pages, and many titles under their belts.  They know who to know, what to say, and when to say it.  Inside, they are dead... The just want attention, fame, control.  These writers, both present and dead, are my biggest thorn in my side.  I may actually HATE them, to be honest.

I feel as though I have been wandering in a dark and creepy place, full of jokesters and pesky little devils.  I am tired, and just want to feel the sun upon my face again, but I continue through the "abyss" that is my Life's Journey at the moment..  I have grown slightly paranoid, beyond the level of weary awareness.  I have grown short-tempered with those beyond my inner circle of One, of myself.  I distrust because I know others to be selfish, to be liars...

But, this isn't actually a blog about my feelings, or my frustrations.  I'm writing this to say that it is my opinion, after close analysis, and interaction with some of the figures interviewed, you really should read Conspiracy Geek, by Joan d'Arc.  I know that there are more skeptics reading these words, than there are blind followers.  I know that you don't want someone to tell you what's in a book to get you to buy it, but I think if you knew WHY  it's worth owning, you might go ahead and pick up a copy today.  Maybe two, you can give the gift of Knowledge and Art!

See, Joan doesn't take her easy poise and vast knowledge of anthrpologic subjects, or the things that go bump in the day to steer the reader into Belief.  Though you can tell that this author is well learned, you will be hard pressed to find preaching, in ANY of her books.  I have read The Hunter Gatheress Journals, Phenomenal World, almost every issue of Paranoia and Paranoid Women Collect Their Thoughts.  I've also had the fortunate opportunity to communicate with the author directly on a few occasions, and no matter what angle I poked from, she never become the Cult Leader that is lurking behind the public veneer of so many of our favorite "conspiracy theorists".  I really hate that term.  I've provided her with the opportunity to soapbox me to death, and in the end, it was probably only I that ever took advantage of that opportunity.  Yes, I hate in others that which I hate in myself.  I am soap-box prone.

So, when she asked me to review Conspiracy Geek, I was super-excited.  Except, I don't really know how to write a review.  Plus, even if I had something bad to say about the book, I'd have a hard time saying it, even nicely. So, I did those brief reviews of a few chapters and posted them here.  It was fun, to try and not sound like a reviewer while doing just that!  But, that's not what I was asked to do...

I can't effectively tell you about every topic covered, nor can I do a chapter by chapter report of the entire book.  I end up just re-writing, re-inventing the wheel.  There are just too many incredible intereviews, and Joan's elegantly styled prose with which she took me through numerous thought processes that ultimately enlightened me to the struggles others endure, places I've never had the opportunity to see in the U.S.A. and era-defining strangeness that can't be swept under enough layers of rug.  And some conspiracies that were new to me, even though I thought I had heard them all by now!

The interviews are priceless.  She has an easy air when running through extremely difficult topics with a who's who of conspiracy and alt. researching.  While keeping the flow of the exchange interesting, she also manages to leave the interviewee enough wiggle room to really let us know who they are!  That is so important.  With the subject matter being of such great interest to me, I used the book as a starting point to get to know many of the figures I have come across over the years.  I was pleased to get to know some folks by reaching out to them via their various web presences.  A few people proved amazing, and I became further disillusioned by the phony shallowness of a person or two as well.  However, the disillusionment was short lived, because by the time I was done reading Conspiracy Geek and looking into people who have been slowly reeling me in over the years, I had regained strength and tolerance.  Though I was disappointed to find that my heroes are all human like me, it was a useful, and fast way, to come to know what I am dealing with, and make informed decisions on who to continue to read, and who to shelve forever.

I won't get into who I like or dislike out of the interviews in the book, but I can say that the dislikes are for outnumbered.  Though I won't endorse or condemn anyone Joan interviewed, I will say that Joan has outdone herself and continues to earn her place on my bookshelf and in my brain.  The entire book is intriguing, and there is ample room to return to chapters-past and re-read, so it's worth owning.  This isn't a book, it's a tool, a viewer to see into the personalities of some of the underground's most potent voices...  You will not be disappointed, even though you may find yourself falling out of love with a writer or two before you are finished.  You owe yourself the Truth, though, and there is no reward sweeter, even if the Truth may be a bit ugly...  Truth gets me through my "Abyss", maybe that is evidence of potency within that books pages that one just can't deny.  While I won't say you'll find all of your answeres in CONSPIRACY GEEK, I can assure you there are useful tools to aid you in your travels!

 Get your copy HERE, at  Save on the cover price when you buy from this site!

05 January, 2013

Pennsylvania Loves It's Kids! Yet again, publicly, permanently, and with nipples.

Of all the hot topics in the media, this one bugs me severely.  Don't fully know why, but the subtlety of the invasion of privacy, and asserted morality involved in the upholding of this law is so blatantly Orwellian in it's tone that it freaks me out a little.  There is such a vast difference between teens taking pictures for one another and child-pornography, so to even bring up the second is a farce to throw people off of the trail of breadcrumbs to what the hell is happening.  It's a moral dictatorship, staffed by many, and running on an auto-pilot, or so it seems. I am 100% against the idea of children sending each other any sexually suggestive self-pics.  I know these can be troubling issues for any one of us for many reasons, and I am intentionally NOT getting into the case itself for just that reason.  Personally, I would flip if that was my daughter that the following is related to!  On her, on the media, and on the Governor...

"Before Gov. Tom Corbett signed the new law in October, such conduct would have been a felony. But the new law allows a lesser summary charge - similar to a traffic ticket - for juveniles older than 12 who send such images with no intent to harass another or to distribute the image."   from the York Daily Record.  (Traffic tickets for risque 13 year old children that are acting like they see on tv all day every day?  Summary offenses are handed out in volume in PA.  They are a part of every local economy, and are also the gateway drug to a lifetime of recidivism in Pa's 50+ adult prisons, not to mention the many many juvenile exploitation camps that PA uses to start 'em young.  Lovely.  That will save us all, not make the youth mad and start flipping out due to the human version of "opposition reflex".)

The above quote is one that terrifies me.  It show the tactic of bringing some new legislation to the table as an extremist, that way a lesser measure that is still unacceptable suddenly seems like it's feasible.  Choosing the lesser evil is NOT the way to roll.

What is wrong with children being punished by parents at home?  How did the boy and girl get caught?  Did another adult come across the image, and instead of contacting the parents, they rallied other adults to look at the "pornographic" image of an under age girl?  Is this not perverse in practice?  I see it as such.

The System, as I generically refer to the myriad of parts that our actual system is made of, is telling us that, they have no faith in the ability of our parents.  It means citizens have been deemed useless and without moral compass.  They are using law to parent...  That means we have totally lost our freedom, and "They" are in our home totally and to stay.

If you are a parent, I'd love to know what you think.  Do you prefer to handle your daughter sending a topless picture of herself on your own, or do you like the idea of it forever becoming evidence in the toolbox of Politicians?  Do you think you can handle explaining to your daughter that it was and will forever be stupid, and that once she sends something like that it never goes away nor can she ever be sure if the recipient will always be trustworthy even if "but we love each other! Dang!"?  In that one discussion, a lesson of "permanence" can be taught, as well as a subtle opportunity to instill modesty without the negative reinforcement of Shame.  Without the incident becoming actually and unnecessarily permanent...

This is just sick, and is evidence of an increased presence of govt. in our own homes on a deeply invasive level.  There is no money in the "cure" of what ails our culture.  But there is plenty of cash to be made off the exploitation of our children, and the juvenile justice system is the biggest purveyor of the Innocent which the underground sex and child exploitation trade networks have ever had as an ally. Now there is shade, even in light of day.

23 November, 2012

Weird War: Strange Stories of the Military By Scott Corrales © 2012 Comic book aficionados who grew up in the 1970s may remember – if only dimly – a particular comic book that stood out from the rest because of the nature of the stories it presented. Military adventures featuring Sergeant Fury (Marvel Comics) and Sergeant Rock (DC Comics) eventually shared rack space with Weird War, a title with paranormal overtones that managed to hold its own against the more established offerings, delighting and terrifying readers with tales of hapless soldiers confronting ghosts, zombies and sinister figures from other times and places. Weird War owed its success, to a certain extent, to early ‘60s offerings such as Haunted Tank. But what the writers and illustrators of these works didn’t know, or most likely were not aware of, is the volume of high strangeness that has affected fighting men and women from various countries over time – situations and circumstances that would perhaps have strained the most devoted reader of Weird War and other publications – and which has been overlooked by the no-nonsense nature of the world’s militaries. On July 27, 2012, the Moyers and Company television broadcast aired an interview with Karl Marlantes (, a Marine platoon leader, recipient of the Navy Cross and other distinguished service medals, author of "What It Is Like To Go to War", a memoir on the horrors of combat during the Vietnam War and coping with post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite being a successful businessman, Marlantes was troubled for years by his experiences during the conflict - graphically retold in the pages of his book and in the PBS interview, and he delved into an experience that can only be considered paranormal. At one point during the exposition, Bill Moyers asked Marlantes what war had taught him about the nature of evil, and the response was stunning. Marlantes asserted his belief that evil is a real thing, "something that exists, and that it is always possible for us to tune into it; it's part of being in the world...we personify it, Christians came up with the concept of the devil, and I don't believe it that way, but I do believe that we are in a world of opposites, and that somehow we have to make our choices, and that Evil exists." He then went on to describe a mind-bending ordeal that shook him to his core. After having taken part in a mass for the dead celebrated by a Capuchin monk -- a process that involved talking not only to his comrades lost in battle, but to the enemies he had slain during the conflict -- Marlantes returned home and that very same evening, found himself visited by a supernatural presence. "That night there was a presence that came into the room that absolutely terrified me, it was beyond anything I had ever encountered in my life, it was the archetype of shadow. It filled the room, and it was going to get me." The decorated war hero did not hesitate to say that the negative presence caused him to revert into a "five-year old, holding a crucifix" in an effort to allay the visitation. "It was something that I felt. It was absolutely real." Marlantes returned to the see the monk to discuss the ghastly event. The Capuchin suggested that they might have been tampering with a force far more powerful than they suspected. Turning to a superior in his monastic order, described as being more familiar with the details of the mass for the dead, the monk learned that any effort made to loosen evil's grasp on a soul will result in evil fighting back to reassert control. The Marine hero ended the discussion on evil by saying that the matter was brought up with a fellow soldier - a Chumash Indian who had belonged to the Army's Long Range Penetration units - who quickly recognized the matter as an attack by "evil spirits" that was well within the control of his people, recommending a shamanistic practice to dispel the dark forces. The Lady of Many Veils In the mid-1970s a young man performing his mandatory military service in the Spanish army was found dead in a deserted area outside his military base on the outskirts of Madrid. He had been found – with a bullet hole in his forehead- by a fellow soldier who had gone to relieve him on guard duty. His submachine gun lay on the ground beside him, and a piece of paper protruded from his flak jacket’s pocket. It turned out to be a message for his father. A teenager far from home, thrust amid strangers in a barracks, may become homesick enough to take his life, and sadly, this is nothing new. But the contents of the message went beyond the usual suicide note one might expect to find on a body. The soldier wrote that he had been visited by a beautiful woman while on guard duty: she was dressed in a “costume of many veils” and had spoken to him about the nature of the universe and the myriad forms of life to be found beyond the confines of the earth, were joy and love were boundless. The mystery female tendered the soldier a tempting invitation – to join her aboard her spaceship, the vehicle that had brought her to our planet, and go away with her to see the wonders of the universe. Taken aback by the thought of deserting his post, the guard refused the offer, and watched her walk away into the darkness. Night turned to day and the soldier was unable to dispel the vision of loveliness from his mind. The nature of the encounter was such that that he was afraid to bring the matter up with his buddies, who would surely jeer at him. Overcome with regret, the soldier remembered that the woman had told him that the way to be with her involved surrendering his own physical life. It was then that he penned the note to his father, making it clear on paper that his suicide was not on account of any hardship or depression brought about by the mandatory service. He promised to return from the afterlife to visit with his family and offer them aid. Upon reporting for guard duty that evening, he turned his service pistol against himself and died. Spanish paranormalist Salvador Freixedo includes this unsettling story in his book Defendámonos de los dioses (Beware of the Gods) but adds some intriguing details. The recruit who came across the suicide’s body took the note and did not show it to anyone at all, much less the military authorities or the boy’s father, the intended recipient of the message. He immediately reported his find, but found himself accused of murdering the sentry. He spent over a year in a military prison but was later released due to a lack of evidence. Who or what was the “lady of many veils” who claimed a world beyond our own as her home? Even the most hardened believer in the ETH would be forced to agree that a bona fide alien traveler would hardly ask for death as the price for a jaunt in a spaceship. More importantly, was the nameless soldier her only victim, or one of many, caught in the “games non-people play”, as John Keel would have put it? Freixedo adds an interesting note with more specifics: On 8 March 1984, Madrid’s Diario 16 newspaper reported the death of another young conscript, Carlos Assua Molinero, found dead of a bullet wound in a sentry box. The precise location was given as one of the guard posts between the military School of Communications and the town of Alcorcón. “The causes motivating the suicide are unknown.” Perhaps the “lady of many veils” wasn’t quite through playing with suggestible minds mesmerized by her charms. A Paranormal Siege of Military Bases? Given the nature of their training, statements made by soldiers, sailors and airmen are often accorded greater weight than pronouncements from other members of society. We present another incident involving personnel of the Spanish military, this time in what appears to have been a close encounter of the 3rd kind (CE-III). On November 25, 1998, a sentry patrolling the perimeter of the Morón de la Frontera Air Base near the city of Seville (Spain) at five o' clock in the morning was startled to hear a sound he likened to "steel plate being cut" (a similarity to the metallic clangor heard by Ms. Sepúlveda in the Chilean case). The sentry shouted a challenge; when no one responded, he loaded his rifle and fired two shots in the air, while letting loose the German Shepherd watchdog that accompanied him on his rounds. Almost immediately following the two loud reports, an entity described as a two meter tall "sort of person" emerged from the surrounding thicket. According to Spanish researcher José Manuel García Bautista, the sentry was astonished by the being's height and its fluorescent green eyes, adding that the darkness kept him from making out its physical details. With his heart pounding, the sentry fired another shot straight into the creature, to no avail. He then ordered the German shepherd to attack; the animal charged the dark figure, but stopped short of it with a loud whimper. The highly trained guard dog cowered back to the sentry, who was at a loss as to what to do next. The entity spared him further confusion by vanishing into the thicket once more. After contacting his superiors over a handheld radio, the sentry was taken to see the base commander, who advised him to keep the whole affair confidential and awarded him a week's leave. But before going off on his furlough, the sentry noticed that his guard dog now sported a long scar running along its left shoulder blade: physical proof of the encounter with the unknown creature. García’s files include even more harrowing cases which have been previously mentioned in INEXPLICATA. One of them is the November 12, 1976 encounter between two young soldiers engaged in guard duty at the Talavera de la Real Air Base near the city of Badajoz (western Spain). In the fateful early morning hours of that November day twenty six years ago, around 2:45 a.m., José María Trejo and Juan Carriozosa were standing guard outside the air base's fuel depot, each in their own guard shack, separated by a distance of two hundred feet. The night, which had otherwise been uneventful, was shattered by a loud, piercing, whistling sound that caused the soldiers to cover their ears for about five minutes. The high-pitched noise ended abruptly, causing the soldiers to emerge from their shacks. Given that they were insuring the safety of tens of thousands of gallons of jet fuel, the possibility of a terrorist attack crossed their minds. Armed with submachine guns, the soldiers decided to comb the area beyond Trejo's guard shack, which seemed to be closer to the source of the sound. They had only advanced a few feet when the high-pitched whistling sound was heard again, loud enough "to drive us crazy," in Carrizosa's words. Things were only getting started. The very moment the second whistle-blast ended, the sky became filled with an intense light, "brighter than a flare", which lasted some twenty seconds. Both soldiers were amazed at the unsuspected display, and were still exchanging questions about it when a third soldier joined them, asking if they'd seen the light. Deciding that these events were a bit too unsettling not to be reported, they summoned the duty corporal, who ordered the three soldiers and a guard dog--a wolf hybrid--to patrol the area and check for anything unusual. A crackling sound arose unexpectedly from a eucalyptus tree. The soldiers unleashed their growling dog, which ran at top speed toward the darkened area. The three men held their submachine guns tightly, expecting to hear the guard dog barking at an intruder. "The wolf-dog came back to us," Trejo told researcher García, "but it seemed dazed, dizzy, as though someone or something had given it a beating or frightened it out of its wits." The three soldiers began shouting challenges into the darkness, fingers on their triggers, expecting at any moment to find themselves in a heated gun-battle with intruders bent on detonating the fuel depot. "I felt a strange sensation," reported Trejo. "Something was standing behind me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a green light. Spinning around on a heel, I found myself faced with the most fantastic and inexplicable sight I could've envisioned: a nine-foot tall human figure made of green light." Even stranger, remarked another of the witnesses, was that the figure appeared to be composed of small points of green light, giving it a small head, thick torso and extremely long arms. The luminous giant appeared to have neither legs nor feet. Trejo tried to fire a hail of bullets at the figure, but found it impossible to pull his Z-62 sub-machinegun's trigger. Indeed, a gradual stiffening was taking over his body, inducing a sensation of lassitude. He could see and hear perfectly, however, managing to shout: "Get down, they're killing us!" before hitting the ground face first. Trejo's terrified brothers-in-arms were not stricken by the enigmatic paralysis and opened fire against the towering green figure, estimating a total of forty or fifty shots between them. The green giant became brighter, "like the flash of a picture camera" before fading like an image on a television screen. Talavera de la Real was in turmoil. Alarms were sounded as some soldiers took up defensive positions and others headed for the fuel depot. The three sentries were hard pressed to explain what had occurred to an irate superior officer. But what saved them from an uncomfortable stay in the base's stockade was a cold physical fact: despite having ordered fifty men to comb the area in broad daylight, not a single cartridge case was found. A masonry wall behind the place where the green giant materialized should have been pockmarked with bullet impacts, but was otherwise intact. But it was Trejo--the first one to see the green intruder--who would pay the price physically: only a few days after the incident, he was afflicted by sudden bouts of blindness to which neither the base's medics nor physicians at an Army hospital were ever able to explain beyond a vague description of "nervous shock". These cases are not unique to Spain’s military. While the mainstream media has no problem running ghost stories when they find it "quaint" or timely (the flurry of supernatural stories that usually appear around Halloween), one of them stood out because of its unusual geographic location and the fact that it involved U.S. combat troops in a dangerous, active war zone. Stories about Afghanistan's "Forward Operating Base Salerno" made their way across the Internet in 2004, involving American troops standing guard at an old tower overlooking a graveyard. Elements of the 2nd Batallion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment felt at one point that they were being subjected to an elaborate prank by other members of their unit, but no one else had heard the sound of eerie, high-pitched laughter of a little girl in the desert night, emanating from the soldiers' radio receiver. The anecdote about the "ghost girl" harkened back to the experience of a couple of Marines who saw a young Afghan child walking a goat down a road in the darkness, their forms clearly visible through their night-vision goggles. However, upon removing their visual aids, the girl and the goat had disappeared. Stranger still, when the Marines put their goggles on again, they found the girl now standing on the guard tower's balcony. The battle-hardened soldiers had been trained to face a ruthless enemy, but not the paranormal: they ran down the stairs and abandoned the tower. Nor was it a one-time incident. On successive nights, the guards found themselves huddling in fear by the radio receiver as an abnormal coldness invaded the tower, feeling an unworldly presence in their midst. The presence of a three-foot tall figure walking around outside the guard post was confirmed by watchers in another tower, but a physical reconnaissance of the surroundings did not turn up anything. Soldiers Against The Unknown These high-strangeness circumstances were also the subject of exploration by Michael Lindemann in his book Six Viewpoints (Wildflower Press, 1994). An interview with two UFO experiencers disclosed the fact that individuals working in “black projects” for the military appear to find themselves at the center of what could best be described as poltergeist phenomena, but clearly involving small non-human entities. Household objects will appear and disappear, much as during a poltergeist event, with the attendant strange noises and opening and shutting of doors. One of the experiencers – “Marty” –makes a compelling statement: “Through my experience with aircraft, I’ve met a lot of military. One thing that I’ve found is that they’ve experienced a similar thing. In Hawaii, I think the word is mini-huna, the small island gods or whatever. Talking with military personnel who’ve worked don the smaller islands out there, they say that that type of activity happened every day on the base – things moving, things disappearing, things showing up out of nowhere…” In the mid-1970s, researcher Rufus Drake wrote a feature for Saga UFO Report on the strange activity that seemed to bedevil Williams Air Force Base in Arizona (“Air Force Base Besieged by Saucers”, UFO Report, July 1977, p.37). The incidents ranged from encounters with unknown flying craft chasing T-37 airplanes from the 96th Flying Training Squadron over the desert at relatively low altitudes. Maj. William Royce, involved in one such event, pursued an intruding UFO and managed to close in on it, making out interesting details on its surface as it flew at nearly four hundred miles an hour. Even more fascinating details on the base’s activities at the time emerged from the article. Drake wrote: “Other super-secret projects at Williams are kept out of the public eye. In a fenced-off, stucco building on the base, the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory is reaching beyond the frontiers of science to probe the human mind, and to develop the means for waging war by disrupting the brain impulses of far-off enemy troops. On the desert, laser beam devices are being tested as potential death ray weapons. The store clerks, barbers and bartenders of Chandler know all this, but it isn’t officially admitted.” Perhaps the most chilling detail in Drake’s assessment of the situation at Williams AFB has nothing to do with shiny objects harassing airplanes, but encounters between security personnel and unknown entities that mirror the events at Talavera de la Real in Spain or more ominously, those at Bentwaters AFB in the United Kingdom. It involves a civilian security guard named James Pitrelli, making his rounds of a bank construction in January 1976 only two miles distant from the air force base. A mass of red light appeared over the trees, moving downward toward a landing. The object settled on a tripodal “landing gear” before the eyes of the stunned guard, who was able to observe a humanoid occupant make its way out of the craft. According to Pitrelli, the entity was humanoid up to a point. It had a massive torso supported by stumplike legs, and dangling arms that reached down to the ground. Worse yet, the unappealing sight appeared to be headed straight for him in strides. The contact experience was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a car along the road, causing the non-human presence to retreat to its conveyance, which rose into the air and vanished into the night. (An interesting side note to this story is that Rufus Drake was a pseudonym – one of many – employed by Robert F. Dorr, a veritable powerhouse in then-burgeoning world of “Men’s Magazines”. Mr. Dorr is a respected author of military affairs and foreign policy with over 70 books to his credit). Witches and Warlocks Perhaps facing poltergeists, strange humanoids and UFOs are among the least of a soldier’s worries. What can we say when the average fighting man or woman has to deal with black magic? Colombia’s El Colombiano newspaper (27 Dec 2011) published a compelling article by Juan Pablo Gómez about the experiences of elements of the Colombian Army with sorcerers and witches employed by the FARC guerrilla organization and other insurgent forces. A soldier from a guerilla-fighting unit encamped in a rural area suddenly began to emit hair-raising guttural sounds and howls, causing other members of the platoon to jump awake in panic. Twisting and turning in his hammock, the soldier could not be awakened from the nightmare that held him within its grip. Over half an hour later, the soldier calmed down and the rest of the platoon stood down, all the while fearing an attack from guerilla forces in the tropical darkness. At first light, superiors inspected the soldier, startled to find his neck, torso and legs covered in strange bruises of unexplained origin. According to troopers interviewed for the newspaper feature, “there were recruits who would wind up paralyzed” after supposedly paranormal attacks, or else stricken with “strange illnesses that defied medical expertise.” But the conscripts – largely of peasant stock – knew full well what was going on. These supernatural attacks were handiwork of local witches, whose spells would cause sleeping soldiers to jump awake in the night, brandishing weapons against their companions, spreading confusion and eroding unit cohesiveness. One might dismiss the beliefs of young rural recruits as fanciful, but officers have approached their superiors concerned over the use of magic by the enemy. “Guerilla recruits,” states the article in El Colombiano, “are “prayed over” by the warlocks or witches of the towns they represent. One of these enchantments is meant to spread confusion among the troops. It is a prayer uttered in a kneeling position, and produces a camouflage effect.” The spell does not create a mantle of invisibility or anything of that nature; it causes “soldiers to see other things” than the person protected by the orison. Government forces were also faced with “high strangeness” situations, such as the one experienced by a platoon camping along the banks of the Arauca River, a tributary of the Orinoco that acts as a border between Colombia and Venezuela. When the unit camped for the night during the dry season, the river was no more than three meters wide (10 ft) and no deeper than fifty centimeters. By daybreak, the soldiers were stunned to find themselves facing one of the wildest bodies of water they had ever seen: the roiling, rushing waters were completely impassable. The platoon leader was forced to tell his troops on the other side of the river to remain there until the waters went down. Three soldiers who had attempted to make a crossing were swept away by the river, but survived. Conclusions Skeptics may well argue that the military – especially combat troops – are subjected to such exquisitely high levels of stress that it can trigger hallucinatory experiences. Yet some of the cases presented here occurred when troops were at a normal, non-combat level of readiness. It could also be argued that the military has not been “singled out” by the paranormal any more than law enforcement has, yet the annals of high strangeness show us that police officers have more than their fair share of brushes with the unusual. Occultists tell us that spirits cling to battlefields and sites of mass carnage and that elementals are attracted to these very same places. These are forces that elude the scientist’s microscope, but are no less real to those who have to confront them…especially in the middle of the night.

21 November, 2012

"The U.S.S. Incessant: A World War II Story About My Father"

 It was difficult for me; the day I got stumped.  A simple request, which should have been easily met with similarly simple response on my part became a journey that was a lesson in duality.  Read "CONSPIRACY GEEK", and write a review... Yes I'm on it!

Thankfully I don't own a credit card, or I'd actually have done just that for Amazon.  My being a little out of step saved me from tackling the book with that attitude, and since I am sharing my thoughts on a niche-blog with a smallish audience, I can simply share my thoughts on some chapters.  Which is where the bonus is for me, because I have no sense of urgency to complete the entire book as if it were a book to be read abruptly and reviewed briefly!  That isn't what one does with a literature of this nature.  The variety of topics and techniques are diverse, too much so to take this book lightly or with an attitude of nonchalance.

Joan d'Arc's "The U.S.S. Incessant: A World War II Story About My Father" began as a cumbersome chore.  Here I am, 34 and totally uninformed (AKA "uninterested".  That's what I always would tell myself at least.) about WWII's details.  Same with WWI.  Korean War as well.  And I'm about to read a World War II story about an author's Father.  Great...

Joan's delivery method for this piece is the only part of the chapter that was tough to tackle!  And, not because she is awkward in her prose, but the quite the contrary.  There is a grace with which she delivers heavy measures of candor, historical reference, and an overall good-feeling as you go because, whether you know history or not, you know being human.  In the end, it was a very candid glimpse into the life of an author that one otherwise doesn't get.  At least, not from this author.  While she may tell-all about digestive-ailments that she had to figure out and treat on her own, thanks to The Bird Lady (Referencing a chapter in Hunter Gatheress Journal Vol 1), Joan isn't one to start talking about her personal life.

You will not find names here, as is to be expected from a Paranoid Woman in a world of vast conspiracy.  That in itself is unusual, because if anyone is not shy about name-dropping  in her writings when it is relevant or necessarry.  You will, however, be taught some heavy stuff about mustard gas, learn about what we now call "PTSD" and/or "CPTSD" and how these syndromes can effect a whole family, be told of some tough living that bore fruits of of what sounds like a colorful and ultimately fulfilling childhood.  Maybe not the type one thinks of as being "blessed" by today's standard, however there is no moping to be told of in the words contained within the 6 potent pages that sit quietly between the covers of "CONSPIRACY GEEK" - disguised as a WWII story - but really a study in sociology and also a candid glimpse at the younger years of one of the busiest Lady's in the world of "Alternative-Reporting" and conspiracy literature.  Definitely a great piece of work!

08 November, 2012

Thoughts on "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life", by Joan d'Arc in her new book "CONSPIRACY GEEK"

        She calls the piece "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life", however I believe it could be called, "Memoirs of The Creator".  Joan d'Arc certainly maintains her tongue-in-cheek pose while bringing to the table some of the most difficult questions, and also answers.

I began reading "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life" with expectations, as a friend of mine had sounded excited when suggesting I read it.  So, I did.  I'm already reading "CONSPIRACY GEEK", so there was no harm to be had of reading in the same irregular order I was already reading it in, just differently.

Immediately, I was confused.  I said, "Wait, is this a fictional story or is this a thesis?".  I didn't know. So I read on, paragraph after paragraph of finely-woven wording, expressing the impossible question of "Why?".

Immediately I was taken in by the stark harshness of her description of nihilism in everyday life.  She simply states it to be a frame of mind "where no action is preferable to any other".  I felt, things, as I read these words stitched into the tapestry of the whole in waves of undulating, conscious expression that seemed to tarry on the side of sorcery, rather than a matter to be reduced to the category of fiction or official.

I began to feel fear of this woman.  These words were too powerful.  She shouldn't have this power. I read on.

The pointlessness of my everyday life became evident.  The emptiness of my motion, the lack of passion in my action.  Life, the rite of existing in the physical form, had been hollow for a long time, and I know that.

To read the same thing I often feel, and not even know that to be the reason for my "fear"; well, that is even more power, is it not?  And I read on, against my conscious Will, it seemed.  What magic IS this?!

Then, in one fell swoop, the significance of the seemingly-useless became clear.  The power that inactivity, as well as activity, has over the world around a person is tremendous, which is demonstrated by Joan d'Arc's use of Gerard Duprey.

I don't know who the man is, except for the unpleasant impression of the man's overall existence that I derived from inside the lines of Joan's wildly-flying magic carpet ride of literature.  He sounded slovenly, apathetic, and utterly useless; though intelligent.

My instability began to settle, and I drew nearer the end.  Mind you, this is only a short piece.  Yet one hell of a ride!  In the few pages of "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life" , I felt more, was moved further, and had the most intense "AH HA!" moment in many years.

This slob-of-a-loser-guy, this lethargic Duprey, gave Joan the fuel needed to show me that even in the state of inactivity, presence and thought are enough to make things happen; to create.  She showed me, for a moment, what it was to be a creator, by inducing both understanding of the base-human  "side of the coin", and somehow granting me a moments' detachment from all of that, through her crafting of this piece, so that I may really say "Oh, I see."  I still can't express what I saw, am seeing, and wish I could just give to you, now. The activity we often think necessary to make something happen.  The activity I have found is important... Only when it is.

Though I wouldn't opt to be a motionless mover, I can see how in Duprey's inactivity (which wasn't really inactivity and that may make him a bit of a contradiction in his self) has had effect.  A ripple grew from his laying on the kitchen floor, snapping and pointing at the help, which reminds me of the term "thought-forms".  This glimpse, and the practical way Joan applied her craft to expressing to the reader that there is reason to feel good, even if right now things seem bleak.  She teaches how to be a creator, even if only in our own small ways.  She gives us the formula of having a moment's peace, and if a moment can be achieved, a life-time can be aspired towards. In that is the Power.  With that, my fear ceased to exist.  I put it back down.

26 September, 2012

Vintage Cuppa Joe and Alien Design Store

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10 September, 2012


Conspiracy Geek: Collected Writings and Interviews

By Joan d’Arc

Approx. Publishing date October 1, 2012

Pre-order NOW via paypal at
Or send $18.95 plus shipping $3.49 (CAN/INTL 12.99) to Sisyphus Press, POB 10495, State College, PA 16805.

Copyright 2012 - Use authorized with book reviews or book sales only.

Joan d’Arc, co-founder in 1992 of Paranoia Magazine and editor of HunterGatheress Journal, now Chief Resident of the Paranoid Women Institute at, compiles her best writings and interviews in this collection
  • A new race of disembodied cyborgs is being engineered to travel into deep space. 
  • The night Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster became a Spacegun. 
  • Proof that the U.S. knew Japan was going to bomb Pearl Harbor and let it happen. 
  • A new mafia-connected JFK witness steps forward. 
  • Giordano Bruno, the first Catholic priest Ufologist from the 16th Century, burned at the stake for his Universalist ideas. 
  • Evidence of Robot Probes in our own solar system and what that means to humanity.
  • Beings in NothingDrive: An Existential Analysis of the Travis Walton UFO Abduction. 
  • A chronology of anomalous radio signals: Have messages from space been misconstrued or covered up?
  • Why alternatives to Darwinian Evolution should be taught in public schools. 

This cutting-edge 356-page book contains 13 articles and 12 interviews.  Interviewees include:
  • Joan Mellen on the Cast of Characters in the JFK assassination;
  • Michael Cremo on how museums and textbooks hide evidence of extreme human antiquity;
  • Barbara Walker on how God demoted Goddess and replaced the Womb with the "Word";
  • David Ray Griffin on 9/11 and Osama bin Laden;
  • Jarrah White and Ralph Rene on the Apollo Moon Hoax;
  • Stephanie Caruana on the Gemstone File JFK Thesis;
  • Acharya S. on the mythological attributes Jesus shares with other solar gods;
  • Craig Heimbichner on Freemasonry and Aleister Crowley's OTO;
  • Beth Goobie on surviving a Canadian MKULTRA cult from birth;
  • Spy Robert Eringer on how he brought in Ira Einhorn for the murder of Holly Maddux;
  • Mike Bara on evidence of remains of ancient cities on the Moon.

Pre-order Conspiracy Geek: Collected Writings and Interviews NOW via paypal at
Or send $18.95 plus shipping $3.49 (CAN/INTL 12.99) to Sisyphus Press, POB 10495, State College, PA 16805.

26 July, 2012

Forbidden Archeology: Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity

Forbidden Archeology: Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
by Michael A. Cremo
Some researchers in the UFO field explain the origin of the human species through extraterrestrial contacts. Generally, the proposed scenarios involve accepting the standard evolutionary account of hominid evolution, with a relatively late extraterrestrial intervention giving rise to anatomically modern human beings within the past few hundred thousand years. It is not my purpose here to directly discuss specific theories of human origins involving extraterrestrial intervention. Instead, I will offer a general caution that such theories should take into account the actual physical evidence for human antiquity.
According to standard ideas, the human line branched off from the ancestors of the modern chimpanzees about 5 million years ago. The first hominids, or humanlike primates, were the australopithecines. Further developments led to Homo habilis and Homo erectus. Finally, at about 100,000 years ago, anatomically modern humans like ourselves appeared. Scientists say the factual evidence supports this view and no other. But my research into the history of archeology reveals that archeologists have found much evidence showing that anatomiclaly modern humans have been present on this planet for hundreds of millions of years. These results were reported in Forbidden Archeology (Cremo and Thompson 1993) and its abridged popular version The Hidden History of the Human Race. These books provoked shockwaves among mainstream archeologists and anthropologists, as documented in Forbidden Archeology’s Impact (Cremo 1995).
So what kind of evidence are we talking about? Let’s begin with one example, which is typical of many others documented in Forbidden Archeology. In the year 1852, the journal Scientific American (June 5) carried an intriguing report of a metallic vase blasted out of solid rock at Dorchester, Massachusetts, near the city of Boston. Describing the vase, which was about 4.5 inches high, the report said: "The body of this vessel resembles zinc in color, or a composition metal in which there is a considerable portion of silver. On the side there are six figures of a flower or bouquet beautifully inlaid with silver, and around the lower part of the vessel, a vine, or wreath, also inlaid with silver.” The vase came from fifteen deep in a layer of rock called “pudding stone.”  The "pudding stone" is now  known to geologists as the Roxbury Conglomerate, and according to the United States Geological Survey, this rock is of Precambrian age, over 600 million years old.
Before moving on to other examples of evidence for extreme human antiquity, let me explain why I undertook this research effort. As a member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, which is the science studies branch of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, I have deeply studied the ancient Sanskrit writings of India for almost thirty years. Among these writings are the Puranas, or histories. The Puranas contain accounts of human civilizations existing on this planet for hundreds of millions of years. During this time,according to these accounts, human beings like ourselves coexisted with intelligent races of apelike creatures.
As I mentioned in a paper that I presented at the World Archeological Congress  (Cremo 1999), one can from the Puranic histories make two predictions about the archeological record. This first prediction is that one should expect to find a bewildering mixture of human fossils and artifacts, some appearing quite advanced and others appearing quite primitive, going back hundreds of millions of years. And in truth, one does find this.
The second prediction is that this archeological evidence for coexistence of humans and more apelike creatures will be edited by establishment scientists to conform to their linear progressive concept of time and evolution, with simple forms existing earlier and more complex one later. And in fact, one also does find this. Scientists have indeed selectively suppressed the abundant evidence for the extreme antiquity of anatomically "modern" humans. This suppression has taken place by a process of knowledge filtration, whereby reports conforming to certain preconceived notions are preserved in scientific discourse and reports not conforming to these preconceived notions are dropped from scientific discourse. UFO researchers are well aware of how this knowledge filtration process operates in suppressing evidence in their field of research.
The process of knowledge filtration in the study of human origins has been going on systematically for about 150 years.  In 1849, gold was discovered in California. Miners rushed there to extract it, digging mineshafts into the sides of mountains. Many such mines were opened at Table Mountain in Tuolumne County. The deposits at Table Mountain are covered by hundreds of feet of solid basalt, preventing objects from entering from above. The gold-bearing gravels near the bedrock are said by modern geologists to be from 33 to 55 million years old (Slemmons 1966). Miners recovered human artifacts and human skeletal remains from mineshafts at this level. Such artifacts and fossils were also found in gravels from the higher sub-basaltic gravels, which are at least 9 million years old. These objects were found not only at Table Mountain, but at many other locations in the same region. Among the artifacts discovered in the mines were obsidian spear points and stone mortars and pestles, such as the stone mortar and pestle recovered by J. H. Neale 1,500 feet inside the Montezuma Tunnel mineshaft at Table Mountain. This specimen, found in the gravels near the bedrock, would thus be between 33 and 55 million years old. All of these discoveries were collected and reported to the scientific world by Dr. J. D. Whitney (1880), the state geologist of California, in a book published by Harvard University's Peabody Museum of Natural History.
So what happened to these very well documented discoveries, placing human beings in California up to 55 million years ago? William H. Holmes, a very powerful anthropologist working at the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, D. C., used his prestige and influence to discredit Dr. Whitney and his discoveries. Holmes (1899, p. 424) wrote: "Perhaps if Professor Whitney had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood today, he would have hesitated to announce the conclusions formulated, notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted." In other words, if the facts do not conform to the favored theory, then the facts, even an imposing array of them, must be set aside.
Someone might argue that such things may have happened in the nineteenth century but not today. Not true. In February 1996 the California gold mine discoveries and other interesting cases from my book Forbidden Archeology were  featured in an NBC television special called The Mysterious Origins of Man. It was produced and directed by Bill Cote and his associates at BC Video. During the filming of The Mysterious Origins of Man, I told the producers to contact officials at the Phoebe Hearst Natural History Museum at the University of California in Berkeley for permission to film the artifacts stored there. Permission was denied.
Although we were not able to get the new video images we wanted, we were able to use published photographs taken of the objects in the nineteenth century. When broadcast, the show was very popular, and NBC decided to air it again. Establishment scientists, taken by surprise  and outraged at the first showing, attempted to prevent the program from being rebroadcast. When they failed, they tried to get the U.S. government to take action against NBC. (Cremo 1998, pp. 467-534)
On June 17, 1996, Dr. Allison R. Palmer, president of the Institute for Cambrian Studies, wrote to the Federal Communications Commission, the government agency that grants licenses to television broadcasting companies: “At the very least NBC should be required to make substantial prime-time apologies to their viewing audience for a sufficient period of time so that the audience clearly gets the message that they were duped.  In addition, NBC should perhaps be fined sufficiently so that a major fund for public science education can be established.” (Cremo 1998, pp. 533-534) Palmer’s attempt to get the FCC to punish NBC failed, but the very fact that such an attempt was made should tell us something. It is worth noting that copies of Palmer’s letter were sent to the executives of NBC and were widely distributed on the internet to scientists, who were invited to send their own letters of support to the FCC.
In the 1970s, Virginia Steen-McIntyre was a young geologist working for the United States Geological Survey. She took part in the dating of an archeological site in Mexico--at a place called Hueyatlaco near the city of Puebla. Anthropologist Cynthia Irwin-Williams had recovered advanced stone tools from this site. Tools of this level of sophistication are normally attributed to anatomically modern humans. Using four different methods (uranium series, tephra hydration, fission track, and stratigraphy), Viriginia Steen-McIntyre and her colleagues obtained dates of over 250,000 years for the Hueyatlaco site (Steen-McIntyre et al. 1981).
This was unexpected for two reasons. According to standard views, human beings did not enter North America until about 25,000 years ago, at most, with conservative scientists favoring an entry time of 12,000 years. Furthermore, human beings capable of making such tools did not come into existence until about 100,000 years ago. The principal anthropologist at the site was quite unhappy with the dates obtained by Viriginia-Steen McIntyre and her colleagues. She wanted a date of 25,000 or less, not 250,000 years! Virginia Steen-McIntyre, however, remained firm in her conviction that the age of 250,000 years was correct. But she paid a considerable price for her conviction. She found it difficult to get her report published, she was labeled a publicity seeker within her profession, she lost a teaching position she held at an American university, and found that her career as a geologist was blocked.
Describing her experience with the knowledge filtration process, Virginia Steen-McIntyre wrote in a letter (March 30, 1981) to Estella Leopold, associate editor of Quaternary Research:  "The problem as I see it is much bigger than Hueyatlaco. It concerns the manipulation of scientific thought through the suppression of 'Enigmatic Data,' data that challenges the prevailing mode of thinking. Hueyatlaco certainly does that! Not being an anthropologist, I didn't realize the full significance of our dates back in 1973, nor how deeply woven into our thought the current theory of human evolution has become. Our work at Hueyatlaco has been rejected by most archaeologists because it contradicts that theory, period." (Cremo and Thompson 1993, pp. 364-365).
The case of Virginia Steen-McIntyre shows the suppression of evidence by very direct means. In other cases, the process of knowledge filtration is more subtle. It can take the form of inability to properly evaluate evidence because of strongly held theoretical preconceptions. For example, in 1979 researchers in Tanzania found sets of footprints in volcanic ash deposits about 3.6 million years old. According to Mary Leakey (1979) and other scientists, these footprints are indistinguishable from modern human footprints. The usual explanation is that the footprints were made by Australopithecus, the apeman of that period. But careful study shows that none of the fossil foot bones of Australopithecus fit the Laetoli prints (Tuttle 1985). Among other things, Australopithecus had toes much longer than those of modern human beings. As of today, the only creatures known to science that could make the Laetoli prints are human beings like ourselves. But most scientists would not even dream of considering this possibility. They are absolutely convinced that anatomically modern human beings evolved about 100,000 years ago and could not possibly have been present 3.6 million years ago in Africa.
One might ask if there are any human skeletal remains of that age, and the answer is yes. For example, such fossils occur at Castenedolo, in northern Italy, near Brescia. There the Italian geologist Giuseppe Ragazzoni (1880) collected bones of 4 individuals from a blue clay formation of Middle Pliocene age--about 3 or 4 million years old. The skeletal remains show the Castenedolo individuals were anatomically modern. Some have suggested that the skeletons arrived in their positions by burial in fairly recent times, but as a professional geologist Ragazzoni was well aware of this possibility. He carefully inspected the overlying layers of sediment and found them undisturbed. A skeleton of similar age was found by other researchers at Savona, Italy, and details of its discovery were reported to the scientific world by Arthur Issel (1868).
But many influential scientists opposed such discoveries on theoretical grounds. British archeologist R. A. S. Macalister provides a good example of such scientific prejudice. In 1921 (p. 183), he wrote about the Castenedolo finds: "There must be something wrong somewhere." But why? Had not the bones been discovered by a professional geologist in a layer of undisturbed Pliocene clay? That was not good enough for Macalister (1921, p. 185), who said: "The acceptance of a Pliocene date for the Castenedolo skeletons would create so many insoluble problems that we can hardly hesitate in choosing between the alternatives of adopting or rejecting their authenticity." Macalister, of course, rejected their authenticity, and given his prominent position, this rejecting carried tremendous authority.
Keep in mind that the Castenedolo fossils show that there were anatomically human beings present in Italy at the same time that the Laetoli footprints were made in East Africa, about 4 million years ago. There is also some fragmentary fossil evidence from Africa itself. In 1965, anthropologists Bryan Patterson and William W. Howells found at Kanapoi, Kenya, a fragment of a humerus (upper arm bone). Upon examining it, they found it to be almost exactly like a modern human humerus (Patterson and Howells 1967). Other researchers have found it to be different from those of the australopithecines (McHenry and Corruccini 1975). The Kanapoi humerus is 4-5 million years old.
And we can go much further back in time. The French anthropologist Gabriel de Mortillet (1883, p. 72), in his book Le Préhistorique, tells of a complete anatomically modern human skeleton found in a Miocene formation at Midi de France (at least 5 million years old and perhaps as much as 25 million years old) and another such skeleton found in an Eocene formation at Delémont, Switzerland (at least 38 million years old).
There are human artifacts of similar antiquity, among them the stone tools found by Carlo Ribeiro (1873), head of the Geological Survey of Portugal, in Miocene formations near Lisbon. These are about 20 million years old. They were originally displayed by Ribeiro at the Museum of Geology in Lisbon. Early in the twentieth century, museum workers changed the labels to indicate younger, acceptable dates, and later the artifacts were completely removed from display and placed in storage (Cremo 2000). Stone tools were found by Louis Bourgeois (1873) in a Miocene formation at Thenay, France, and more  stone tools were found by Fritz Noetling (1894), of the Geological Survey of India, in a Miocene formation in Burma. These discoveries, made in the late nineteenth century, were published in scientific journals and discussed in scientific conferences. The only reason for their absence from current textbooks is that they contradict the idea of a recent human origin.
From the United States comes a human skeleton found 90 feet deep in coal in Macoupin County, Illinois. Immediately above the skeleton were 2 feet of unbroken slate rock. The coal in which the skeleton was found is from the Carboniferous period, making the fossil about 300 million years old. The report of this discovery was printed in the December 1862 edition of a scientific journal called The Geologist. The June 11, 1891 edition of the Morrisonville Times newspaper, of Morrisonville, Illinois, in the United States, carried a report of a gold chain discovered inside a solid piece of coal. The chain was found by Mrs. S. W. Culp, wife of the newspaper's publisher, when she was breaking a lump of coal. According to the Illinois State Geological Survey, the coal containing the chain is of Carboniferous age, about 300 million years old. In 1897, a coal miner working in a mine near Webster, Iowa, in the United States, found an unusual carving on a piece of stone. The Daily News of Omaha, Nebraska (April 2, 1897) said: "The stone is of dark grey color and about two feet long, one foot wide and four inches in thickness. Over the surface of the stone, which is very hard, lines are drawn at angles forming perfect diamonds. The center of each diamond is a fairly good face of an old man."
Also of interest is an iron pot found in a block of coal in the year 1912 by Frank J. Kenwood. The discovery occurred at the Municipal Electric Plant in Thomas, Oklahoma, where the coal was burned to generate power. Kenwood wrote in a notarized affidavit: "I came upon a solid chunk of coal which was too large to use. I broke it with a sledge hammer. This iron pot fell from the center, leaving the impression of mould of the pot in the piece of coal" (Rusch 1971, p. 201). The coal was traced by Kenwood to the Wilburton Mine. According to the Oklahoma Geological Survey the coal in that mine is about 312 million years old.
Such intriguing discoveries continue to be made. Over the past several decades, miners in South Africa have found hundreds of metallic spheres with grooves running around their equators. One specimen has three such parallel grooves encircling it. The spheres are composed of a very hard substance. Roelf Marx, curator of the museum of Klerksdorp, South Africa, wrote about the spheres  in a letter dated September 12, 1984: "They are found in pyrophyllite, which is mined near the little town of Ottosdal in the Western Transvaal. This pyrophyllite is a quite soft secondary mineral...and was formed by sedimentation about 2.8 billion years ago. On the other hand the globes...are very hard and cannot be scratched, even by steel" (Cremo and Thompson 1993, p. 813). No one has yet come up with a satisfactory natural explanation for the spheres, which appear to be human artifacts.
I have here mentioned only a few of the hundreds of well documented cases showing the extreme antiquity of the human race on this planet. There is a fairly continuous chain of discoveries going from about 100,000 years ago to over 2 billion years ago. Hypotheses about extraterrestrial contacts and interventions should be considered within the framework of this evidence.
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03 July, 2012

Ode to Jack Kerouac, by Joan d'Arc

Ode to Jack Kerouac

copyright 2008 by Joan d’Arc

I can’t look out your ghost,
   pulling your long hot burden nowhere
wedding your tears to the stream
long dream
    of an impossible task
too much to ask
      to dharma your soft so hard
      to meaning your Gerard
One fast move or you’re gone,
  pulling your long hot burden nowhere

I can’t look out your ghost,
 to see the skid row sod you tried to become
He was a bum, the Lowell bookshopkeep said,
    “man’s man, momma’s boy”
One fast move or you’re gone,
  never again to belong
      Gone—the way of the railroad earth
a phantasm from the cookie dough factory,
  pulling your long hot burden nowhere

I can’t look out your ghost,
  to find one sap belongs
    in the chain gang of god-given wrongs
Oh—godman atop an Underwood,
     Go—the way of the railroad earth
  add your tears to the stream
By its burbling it shall speak
    a phantasm clear:
  pull your long hot burden nowhere

I can’t look out your ghost,
  couch hobo hitchhiker
    fish out of water fishing
the Pisces sees
  the cause of suffering is birth, Maw
—the first law
of deadbeat Buddha despair
    Go—Your way or the Highway,
 Rise—your Virgo Moonward,
  trailing your bebop starship skywhere