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27 July, 2010

Did Bradley Manning Act Alone?

By Philip Shenon, The Daily Beast

The massive dump of U.S. military secrets about the Afghan war—including possible evidence of war crimes—is believed to have come from the detained Army intel analyst. Philip Shenon reports he may not have been the lone leaker. Plus, the seven most shocking secrets from the WikiLeaks files.

A 22-year-old Army intelligence analyst from Potomac, Maryland, is almost certainly the source of what could well be one of the most damaging leaks of classified military information in the nation’s history, according to the former computer hacker in California who turned in the analyst. The former hacker, Adrian Lamo, told The Daily Beast he had no doubt that the young Army analyst, Bradley Manning, who had been posted in Iraq until this spring, was responsible for the massive leak of American military reports from Afghanistan that were posted online Sunday by the whistleblowing website Wikileaks, and promoted with joint reports in Britain and Germany. I believe that somebody would have had to have been of assistance to him,” said Lamo.

“It was not my impression that he had the technological expertise to carry out some of these actions,” Lamo said of Manning’s efforts to gather classified information from military computer networks. “I believe that somebody would have had to have been of assistance to him.” Asked who specifically might have helped Manning, Lamo declined to elaborate. Lamo blasted WikiLeaks for going forward with Sunday’s release of the nearly 90,000 reports, if only because WikiLeaks had now guaranteed that Manning—the website’s source, he believes—would be dealt with even more harshly by military prosecutors.

“For WikiLeaks to do this, it’s transparently callous in its attitude toward him,” Lamo said, referring to Manning. “The information wasn’t going to go away. WikiLeaks could have waited until after Manning was sentenced, after he was tried.” He said, “WikiLeaks is just paying lip service to wanting to protect Manning as a potential source, while letting him get hit by a train over this.”

He said that given the volume of material made public this weekend, “it also shows that there’s no way WikiLeaks could have vetted all the data for safety”—to insure that the lives of American officials and others mentioned in the secret reports would not be in jeopardy when the material was made public. The disclosures today could raise new questions about the credibility of WikiLeaks and its Australian-born founder, Julian Assange, who now appears to have been playing word games when he insisted as recently as several days ago that he did not have access to a large library of secret material leaked by Manning.

Among the findings:

1) Pakistan’s spy service, according to revealed documents, is a major supporter of insurgents in Afghanistan, allowing its members to meet secretly with the Taliban, offering strategy advice, organizing groups to fight coalition troops, and plotting the assassinations of members of the Afghan government.

2) A top-secret group of American forces, nicknamed the “black” unit, is specially tasked with hunting down top Taliban leaders and either killing or capturing them on the spot—without a trial. The Obama administration has apparently increased the missions even though some have gone awry, killing civilians.

3) NATO troops are relying on remote-controlled Predator drones more and more heavily, controlling them from a base in Nevada and using them to kill an increasing number of Taliban targets.

4) The Taliban has access to heat-seeking missiles and has used them against American aircraft, a fact never before disclosed publicly. Many of the missiles aren’t successful. Americans have also been forced into dangerous retrieval operations when their own remote-controlled drones crash, so that Taliban do not recover them.

5) Several documents detail the frustrating disappearance of money meant for humanitarian aid, such as the case of an orphanage erected with much fanfare and donations in Gardez. A year after its opening, American visitors reported that there we no orphans at the site, and that many had been called home for the holidays. (In Afghanistan, an orphan is defined as having no father, but many still have mothers.)

6) Civilian death tolls are rising consistently, with the Taliban conducting a successfull roadside bombing campaign. As of the writing of the report, one document cited 2,000 civilian deaths from roadside car bombs alone.

7) U.S. forces covered up a 2007 helicopter attack, according to the documents, claiming that Taliban brought down a coalition helicopter with conventional weaponry—when instead they used a missile. A U.S. official at the time said the attack, which killed seven soldiers, “had probably been brought down by a rocket-propelled grenade.”

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Also see this interview with Julian Assange "I Enjoy Crushing Bastards":

26 July, 2010

Greylodge Occult Review

Brand new interview with Greylodge Occult Review

John Wisniewski Interviews Joan d’Arc and Al Hidell of PARANOIA

John: When and how did Paranoia Magazine begin?

Joan: PARANOIA Magazine was born in 1992 out of the ‘Providence Conspiracy League’, a group of co-conspirators who met in my now defunct Providence bookstore, Newspeak. It was the only bookstore in the area back then that sold conspiracy books. Now conspiracy books are ubiquitous. One night, Al Hidell came into a Conspiracy League meeting with the idea to put some of the material in our three-ring binders into a magazine called PARANOIA. We never expected the magazine to get off the block, but some magazine distributors expressed interest and we started doing a quarterly. At first the Conspiracy Leaguers did the writing, but after the magazine got out there a bit we started getting articles from other authors; among them, Alan Cantwell, John Judge, George Andrews, R.B. Cutler, and other JFK assassination researchers.

If you look at the first four issues of PARANOIA (posted as PDFs on our website,, you’ll see the early tabloid style black and white covers. In fact, this style, along with the curious title, made people wonder whether we were serious or tongue-in-cheek. We like to say we were protecting ourselves from lawsuits under the “parody” clause of the Constitution. Wink. Back then we raised some eyebrows and everyone thought we were pretty much nuts, until George “Dubya” Bush put us on the map during his nightmare twice-stolen presidency. From then on, we were vindicated, unfortunately.

In 2009, after 18 years of publishing and after the 51st issue of PARANOIA, we decided to switch from magazine format to book series. The combined reasons were the magazine ‘consignment’ paradigm and the new internet economy. More than half the magazines we were paying to print were being destroyed by the chain stores. The only answer was print on demand. The new book contains content similar to the old magazine format and comes out approximately once a year. The book is a 192-page square back compendium containing 24 authors and interviewees, available either at or, if you prefer, at (

Al: One day, I brought a red binder into Joan’s Newspeak store, and I’d pasted a big picture of Lee Harvey Oswald on the front. That became a repository for various conspiracy clippings and material, and it quickly evolved into a magazine once the binder couldn’t hold any more. Joan and I invested a small amount of money to have it printed, and we took it door-to-door to various independent bookstores in the Providence area. Soon, we managed to convince a few magazine distributors to carry us, and we were on our way.

John: Can we talk about some of the conspiracies that the magazine has written about over the years Probably the most covered conspiracy in print is the Kennedy assassination. Looking back, do we really know who is responsible?

Joan: Paranoia has published numerous articles on the JFK assassination over 51 issues of the magazine, which incidentally are now held in the Poage Political archive at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. In our most recent publication, PARANOIA The Conspiracy Reader (our new book series, I discussed the JFK assassination with a man named Roderick A. MacKenzie III, who claims to have been associated with the mob in Dallas in 1963. In this exclusive interview, MacKenzie claims that he knew Lyndon Johnson’s personal so-called hitman, Mac Wallace. He further claims that Mac told him, while in a drunken stupor the day after the hit, the names of the persons on four hit teams situated in Dealey Plaza that day. Included on his list of the hit teams was Mac Wallace himself, who admitted to being posted on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD).

In fact, recent research affirms this claim. A fingerprint lifted from a carton in the “sniper’s nest” (6th floor window), labeled “unknown” in the National Archives, was definitively identified in 1998 as belonging to Mac Wallace. The website states: “On March 9, 1998, A. Nathan Darby, A.L.C.E., a Certified Latent Fingerprint Examiner, and a member of the International Association for Identification, signed a sworn affidavit stating that he found a positive match between the “Unknown” print from Carton “A” and the 1951 print of Mac Wallace.” This information puts Lyndon Johnson right in the driver’s seat of the Kennedy assassination, although it doesn’t argue against Pentagon, CIA and Mafia involvement.

There have been a few people named for the position behind the picket fence in an area known as the “grassy knoll.” According to eyewitnesses and photographs there were at least two shooters stationed in this area. One of them was dressed like a policeman, and he shows up in a picture known as the “Badgeman” photo, which shows a dark blurry figure seemingly in uniform, with an outline of a “badge” and a puff of smoke coming over the picket fence.

The documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy by Nigel Turner, features an interview with imprisoned French mobster, Christian David, who claims three French hitmen from the Corsican Mafia were hired to do the job ( According to David, one hitman was situated on the 6th floor of the TSBD and another on a lower floor of the Dal-Tex building. (Rod MacKenzie claims this team was supposed to be on the roof, but encountered some sort of problems.) David claims a third hitman, by the name of Lucien Sarti, was positioned on “the little hill with the wooden fence.” Sarti was dressed in some sort of uniform and took only one shot with “an explosive bullet.”

Another hit man MacKenzie mentions is a French Corsican mobster named Michael Victor Mertz. MacKenzie claims this man was just one of many Corsican mobsters who stayed in the “safe house” MacKenzie ran for the mob in Dallas. Mertz was especially difficult to please, requiring special wines and white shirts. MacKenzie claims Mac Wallace told him that Mertz was situated on the roof of the County Records Building. According to Christian David’s claim, the three Corsican hit men returned to a “safe house” and remained for about ten days, and were flown to Montreal. (Highlights of the MacKenzie interview can be found on the PARANOIA website:

Jack Ruby was seen by many witnesses in the crowd in Dealey Plaza before and after the assassination. MacKenzie claims Jack Ruby was a shooter on the 2nd floor of the TSBD. It’s pretty certain that Mac Wallace and a Chickasaw Indian named Loy Factor were shooters from the 6th floor. Frank Sturgis, Eugene Hale Braden/Brading and Chi Chi Quintero were supposed to be on top of the Dal-Tex Building but due to some problem they were located on a lower floor. According to Marita Lorenz, Sturgis was one of the gunmen who fired on JFK. If MacKenzie is right, it was from a lower floor of the Dal-Tex Building. This means Sturgis may have been responsible for the first low shot of Kennedy’s back, or if not Sturgis, Braden/Brading is another possible shooter.

Continue reading this lengthy interview here with links to multiple sources:


Self Inflicted Shoot Down 1.2 (update on Julian Assange & WikiLeaks

Read the former Special Forces Sergeant of Intelligence Penucquem's updated article on the CIA's WikiLeaks project

The title (above) is the link to the article

25 July, 2010

Child Murder for Jesus 1.2

The title is the link- updated article on fundamentalism, misogyny, torture and murder of children and how it all relates to halls of power in the USA

22 July, 2010

Corexit Experiment

“Corexit is an industrial solvent. It's a degreaser. It's chewing up boat engines off-shore. It's chewing up dive gear on-shore. Of course it's chewing up people's skin. The doctors are saying the solvents are making the oil worse."

Chris Pincetich, a marine biologist and campaigner with the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, said Coast Guard planes are flying overhead at night spraying Corexit on the water and on land. "People need to realize that their water, their air, the sand they're walking on, the things they're touching when they wake up in the morning, are coated with this stuff," he said. "We are producing an experiment in the Gulf, the likes that no one has ever seen and top scientists admit that, so we're all part of the experiment."

21 July, 2010

The Faces

The Face on Mars, NASA 1976

Sculpture to be Seen from Mars, Noguchi 1947

"First entitled Memorial to Man, this project suggests Noguchi's pessimistic view of man's future in the atomic age, for the huge earthwork face, whose pyramidal nose was to be one mile long, was meant to inform extraterrestrials that--before the nuclear destruction of the human race--a civilized life form had existed on the planet."

20 July, 2010

The Money Mind

BP oil spill: failed safety device on Deepwater Horizon rig was modified in China

Blow-out preventer was sent to Far East at BP's request rather than overhauled in US

"BP ordered the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig, whose explosion led to the worst environmental disaster in US history, to overhaul a crucial piece of the rig's safety equipment in China. The blow-out preventer - the last line of defence against an out-of-control well - subsequently failed to activate and is at the centre of investigations into what caused the disaster.

Experts say that the practice of having such engineering work carried out in China, rather than the US, saves money and is common in the industry."


After millions of gallons of oil and toxic chemicals have polluted the ocean, killing marine life and ruining the health of innocent humans, its nice to know BP saved money on outsourcing the blow-out preventer to China.

These are the hereditarial type of people who would destroy the whole planet if they thought it would make them a dollar.

19 July, 2010

Atmosphere Under Assault

Atmosphere Under Assault: The Plot Against Hurricanes

By Joel Carlinsky

The term "hurricane" is an official but arbitrary designation for a tropical storm that reaches sustained wind speeds of more than 75 miles per hour. Thus a single storm might pick up speed and become a "hurricane," then lose speed and be downgraded to a "tropical storm,” then gain speed again and so on, several times in the course of it's existence. Therefore, there is really no such thing as a "hurricane" distinct from other tropical storms of the same type.

These strong tropical storms are quite common seasonally in the regions where they occur. They form along the equator, on both sides of it, and move toward the pole as they gain in strength. In modern times, forecasting when they will make landfall so inhabitants of low-lying coastal areas can evacuate has become the most important safety precaution available.

Other protective measures include building codes that try to design structures to withstand the high winds, and insurance coverage to enable owners of damaged buildings to rebuild afterwards.

Despite all efforts, however, nearly every year finds one or more hurricanes causing what the news media term a "natural disaster." When this happens the cameras pan over the wreckage and the announcer's voice describes the suffering of the "innocent victims" of "nature's wrath." The wisdom of millions of people choosing to live in a low-lying coastal area where hurricanes are known to be a frequent occurrence is never mentioned. It is taken for granted that cities and such large populations belong there and it is "nature" that is to blame if they suffer any damage.

In the well-known case of New Orleans, the media constantly used the term "natural disaster." Not many were asking if maybe it was not very smart to build a city of 2,000,000 people in a low-lying coastal area known to have frequent hurricanes. Most of them simply assumed New Orleans belonged there.

More recently, in Haiti, many people were killed by mudslides caused by heavy rains. The heavy rains were inevitable in that climate. The mudslides, however, could have been avoided by not deforesting the hillsides uphill from where the people lived. The media called it a "natural disaster" and called the people "innocent victims," but in fact they were not innocent; they had committed suicide by deforesting the hills above their villages.

But as a direct result of these and other news stories reflecting the views of the media (and those who own the media) there has been a growing demand in recent years to "do something" about hurricanes. The people who are asking that "something be done" about hurricanes are not demanding that "something be done" about deforestation, or about the construction of large cities in coastal zones, or about allowing millions of people to live in those areas. Those factors are simply accepted as normal and inevitable, and the demand is to "do something" about the hurricanes instead.

While at first glance it might seem not much could be done about such powerful storms, there have, in fact, been several suggestions along those lines. As long ago as the 1960s, the United States Air Force tried seeding hurricanes in the Caribbean in the hope that they could be induced to use up most of their water content before reaching land. This program was not successful.

More recently other suggestions have been made, and one of them has been tried out by accident. The suggestion that a thin coating of oil on the waters of the ocean would retard evaporation sufficiently to prevent storms from growing is now being seen in action in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of an accidental oil spill. We shall soon see if this hypothesis has any merit.

By whatever means, however, it would be a serious mistake to prevent or weaken hurricanes. They are a normal and necessary part of the global environment in which we live, and are essential to the functioning of the coastal ecosystems of the regions where they occur.

Because they are regular, seasonal phenomena, hurricanes are a part of the expected annual series of weather events, and all species that live in a hurricane zone are adapted to their regular recurrence. They are, therefore, a part of the process that keeps the ecology in dynamic balance. Many species are dependent on them for creating the conditions they need.

A few examples:

1. Hurricanes over water stir up bottom sediment, which provides extra nourishment to plankton, which are the base of the oceanic food chain, so for several weeks after a hurricane all aquatic life flourishes.

2. Swift-churning waters break off small pieces of coral reefs, which are carried some distance away and sink to the bottom to grow into new reefs. This is one important way in which coral propagates, so without hurricanes the reefs would continue to grow in size, but could not spread to other areas to start new reefs.

3. When a big tree falls, the gap in the canopy allows sunlight to reach a lot of seedlings and underbrush, which need sunlight to grow, and could not grow in the shade of the big tree. Many species in a forest community need these gaps and the sunlight they permit to fill their role in the forest ecosystem.

4. While a big fallen tree is being recycled back into the forest floor to provide nutrients for a next generation of trees, it is also providing years of food and habitat for the insects and microbes that do the recycling.

5. It also is providing habitat for many species of animal life that hide in the tangle of broken branches to protect them from predators.

6. In areas where hurricanes are common, all native species are adapted to them. Non-native species in adjacent areas, which are not so adapted, therefore are kept out of the area by the recurring hurricanes. If the hurricanes stopped, they would be able to invade the former hurricane zone, to the detriment of the native species there, as all introduced species are always destructive to native species that are not adapted to them.

7. In areas where hurricanes are common, a significant portion of the yearly water supply comes from them. Without hurricanes there would be a water shortfall amounting to a major drought.

8. The water shortfall could not be made up by simply causing extraordinary rainstorms because the heavy downpour typical of hurricanes provides enough water all at once to flush out coastal ecosystems and rejuvenate them. Since this is an annual event, these coastal ecosystems are adapted to it and need it.

9. Low-lying coastal areas in the tropics and subtropics are the richest, most diverse ecosystems on earth. Many such areas are under heavy threat from unrestricted development. Other areas are still relatively intact because the frequency of hurricanes discourages human occupation. If hurricanes were no longer a factor, these fragile coastal ecosystems would soon be overrun by development from which they are now protected by the fact that hurricanes are common there.

From these few examples, it should be plain that a program to prevent hurricanes or weaken them to the point of any significant alteration of their major features would be a disastrous mistake. Yet there is an increasing chorus of voices demanding "something be done" about this important and much-needed phenomena and sooner or later "something" will be attempted. So now is the time for people who understand the necessity for hurricanes to begin to organize to protect them from those who in their ignorance would attempt to tamper with them.

Instead of waiting until it is too late and a program of hurricane suppression is undertaken, a movement to protect our atmosphere from well-meaning but ignorant interference which could spell incalculable disaster should be begun now, while there is still time to gain strength before any serious damage is done to ability of the atmosphere to support the conditions upon which life depends.

Anyone interested in joining such a movement and helping to protect natural weather conditions, please contact the author at:

13 July, 2010

'60s anti-war rocker Tuli Kupferberg dies in NYC

Tuli Kupferberg, a founding member of the Fugs, one of the first underground rock groups and a staple on the anti-war protest scene in the 1960s, has died. Kupferberg, who had suffered strokes in the past year, died Monday in a Manhattan hospital, said his friend and bandmate Ed Sanders. He was 86.

Tuli Kupferberg

"I think he will be remembered as a unique American songwriter," Sanders told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from his home in Woodstock, N.Y. "Tuli had an uncanny ability to shape nuanced lyrics."

Sanders, who is writing a new memoir about the Fugs, said he visited his friend in the hospital on Thursday. Although Kupferberg was clearly ailing, he leaned into his ear and sang him the lyrics to a Fugs classic, "Morning, Morning," Sanders said.

"And then I said goodbye.

“One of the songwriting miracles from the Fugs Second Album on ESP-disk, 1966, by Tuli Kupferberg. It was just inspired, he doesn't know how he did it and can't do it again. The muse for "Morning, Morning" pictured in this video was Sally Eaton, actress, Wiccan priestess, the hippie witch in Jim Rado/ Gerry Ragni's 1968 musical "Hair."

Check out reviews of Paranoia on Amazon

PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1

New Review by Dale Thorn

Plus more reviews at:

Big Information in a Small Book, July 12, 2010

The following are my summaries and interpretations of the main articles in this book. Your view may be different, but no less interesting.

Necronomicon: It went to the publisher as fiction and emerged as non-fiction. That alone is incredible, and it's not just the level of paranoia in the story that gets your attention - it's the realization that some of this is either true, or (even scarier) about to come true one way or the other.

Crimson Shadows: Yin or Yang, Shiva or Shakti, Democrat or Republican, Freemason or Super-Patriot, the CIA and shadow government doesn't care. Rat us out - that's when we care. The OTO, like other fringe groups, was once exciting as a belong-to, but now they've switched to lawyers and litigation to defend their market share. But the Agency isn't particular - just do your job and you won't get hurt. So which came first, the chicken or the egg? Does esoteric religion and sex ritual drive the Agency or vice-versa, or is this merely the Land of Opportunity in ways that they didn't teach in High School? Let me spell it out for you, Jack. We can use you - just do your job and keep your mouth shut.

Mystery of Albert Pike: Is there really a difference between Albert Pike and Larry King, or Ed McMahon? Morals and Dogma is no more difficult a read than conspiracy theorist Vincent Bugliosi's Reclaiming History, but unlike VB's tome, Morals and Dogma can teach you something useful. Especially (ever notice how many words contain the substring 'cia'?) if you're young and want to move up the social ladder quickly, by degrees as it were. To understand Pike's legacy, consider that the KKK as a Southern vigilante order consisting of handfuls of rednecks wearing costumes and burning houses, became a huge organization in the North in the industrial explosion of the 1910-1925 period, where cities of as little as 250,000 people would have KKK memberships of 50,000 or more. When Pike railed against African-American juries as hopelessly biased, was his contention that of an ignorant man of the 19th century, or if not ignorant, was he simply unable to look ahead to our time when we've risen far above all that? Consider the trials in L.A. in 1992 and 1994. In each trial where the racial makeup of the jury favored the defendants, the defendants got off. When the second juries were commissioned, the verdicts were exactly the opposite. How do you have a second trial with the exact same evidence as the first and change a 12-0 verdict into a 0-12 verdict? Are the people of L.A. that stupid, or was Albert Pike that smart?

2012: The Harmonic Convergence took place in 1987. So too did the establishment of the Wiccan-Pagan Alliance, as well as an explosion of UFO reports on Paranet detailing mutilations, abductions, ghastly experiments, and infiltration of our governments by several alien species, some of which were or are hostile. The author contends that creating Heaven on the Earth is a slow and human task. But the Pope takes issue with that, given the direct evidence of our latest complete century as the worst and bloodiest ever. The article goes on with speculation about the true meaning of 2012 (apocalypse or transformation etc.), and concludes with a wish that religion should become more spiritual. But how do you become more spiritual when you have the opportunity to collect trillions of dollars tax free? And then what do you do with all that money? It's like everything else - the money doesn't sit in a pocket or under a mattress, it goes into a bank or investment account where it's leveraged for all sorts of interesting projects. And Jesus probably isn't going to be on the board of directors, ever.

Messages from Space: A reexamination of ET contact a la SETI, with added speculation about probes that may be in orbits around the Sun or other near-space celestial bodies. Such probes could be a few years or a thousand years old, and the type of communication (if any) that these probes utilize may not conform to any of SETI's playlists.

Forbidden Archeology: I noted in reviews of Bugliosi's Reclaiming History, that some of the debunkers who planted (er, added) their reviews of the book were diligent enough to include people who believe in ancient humans of the modern design as kooks and nuts, as much as people who believe that Oswald was not the greatest (accidental) marksman in world history. Certainly modern-style humans were extracted from 50 million year old rock when tunnels were blasted through mountains to enable trains to cross the Rockies in the late 19th century. Much of the softer evidence is presented here, but the hard(!) evidence from those ancient rocks is more difficult to debunk. Perhaps the ancient rock got heated enough to melt and flow around some unlucky miners or tunnel blasters, then cooled quickly so that the rock retained its Carbon-14 age and the modern bodies too. Then again, in this the enlightened 21st century, we're to believe that giant skyscrapers with truly massive steel cores and steel skeletons just fall down like a child's toothpick house, as though the steel columns were no longer there. I'd go with the rocks. Very solid(!) evidence.

Grandson of the Apollo Hoax Theory: Another competent article examining the known suspicions in this case, but this one seems (to me) to have more and better detail on the dangers of radiation in space, and how little protection the astronauts must have had in order to keep the total weight of the rockets to a minimum. People should remember that the July 1969 launch of Apollo 11 had a 360-foot high rocket being blasted into space. That's like launching a 30-story building from Earth to the moon, albeit that only the smaller sections remained for the latter parts of the journey. Weight was a serious issue, and the NASA scientists scrambled fanatically to shave every ounce of weight from every trimmable component. Having a significant amount of lead shielding or the equivalent in the Command Module or LEM was not an option. Unless I read it wrong, the difference between the actual protection afforded and what would be needed to keep the men safe was not some small ratio like 2-to-1 or 3-to-1, but several orders of magnitude.

ParaNotes: My suggestion to readers is get to know Cass Sunstein, a man in Obama's administration who was or is being groomed for the Supreme Court. If we get a few like him on the court, you can kiss your First Amendment goodbye, and I'm not kidding or exaggerating. The First Amendment was not intended as a license to market porn and violence, but as a right not abrogable by government to challenge that government on any and all issues. And Cass thinks you're a nuisance, at the very least.

Robin Hood: New revelations about the famous bandit's final resting place. Why are the owners of the estate containing the grave so insistent on secrecy and keeping investigators out? What has been published or aired as the end product of limited "research" that's been endorsed by the estate owners has also been redacted to a great extent. And that's suspicious, but to what end?

The Men that Don't Fit In: This is my kind of guy. The man who stays next door when he's not on the road with the carnival. He's up for nearly anything - fishing off the pier, lunch at Nate & Al's, or discussing international politics. In his job at the carnival, he was paid to maintain some temporary living quarters for other road warriors, only they didn't do much carnival work. How odd would it be if you worked at the carnival and your boss sent you to Fort Detrick Maryland to study advanced methods of document forgery, given that you already have a lot of experience in that field? You might expect them to arrest you, but they give you training instead. Then, in the course of making ID's for your temporary tenants, you get to know these people a little. Professional shooters. Is anyone hosting a marksmanship contest in the area? No - these guys like to keep a low profile. Very low it turns out. One day you're close to Dallas, and it happens that the President is coming to town that day. Your residents leave before sunrise and don't come back until late afternoon. Shortly after that they vacate their rooms at the carnival and disappear. And by the way, the President was shot when your roomers were gone into town that day. You don't ask questions, but little by little you discover that your associates are known Mob figures, and when they visit, someone gets hit. Rod MacKenzie, the author of this narrative, is an old man telling the story of his working life as a document forger and host to professional hitmen. Lots of guys like MacKenzie lost their lives in the years following 1963, because they just couldn't keep a secret.

RE-ABS, not MILABS: Melinda Leslie offers a new perspective on UFO abductions, to help tie these phenomena to other aspects of UFO study such as crash retrievals, technology research and so on. I thought this article asked more questions than it answered, even if the answers were highly speculative. So maybe Melinda is looking for information, and if you have any, why not give her a shout.

The Gods of Eden: Now this gets closer to an explanation for abductions than anything else I've read. That is to say, this is the 50,000-foot view - the long view of history speculating on the true nature of "who owns us." If you're a firm believer in the official doctrine of Evolution put out by armies of tenured professors, NPR and Public Television, read no further. You believe that everything is an accident, including DNA or magic bullets that pause to get a cup of coffee. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. That is to say, just because we don't have photographs of our owners (verified by experts of course) doesn't mean they don't exist. We have a long history of emulating what we learned from our owners, and practicing it on our fellow humans. The author makes the point that having Super Patriots and cult leaders tell us over and over how wonderful things are, as long as we get out to vote and pay our extortion (er, taxes), is the eternal lie as suggested in the Garden of Eden story, and it keeps us ignorant and unaware of our meaningful history.

The Great American Moon Hoax: Another we-didn't-go article, with confirmation of the radiation issues noted above in the Apollo Hoax comments. This article has a lot of additional details, particularly gravity and engine thrust calculations that paint an unlikely picture for a successful Moon program.

Inside Job: An interview with David Ray Griffin, respected researcher and author on 911. Griffin notes the anomalies and lies in the government version of 911, and most telling, unlike the Warren Commission which published 26 volumes of evidence and testimony, much of which contradicted their final report, the 911 Commission has published next to nothing, and nothing at all that contradicts their final report. This interview does not discuss any of the ground zero evidence in detail, instead focusing on Bin Laden and the other so-called perpetrators of 911.

Eustace Mullins at 86: Probably the dean of conspiracy buffs and now deceased, Mullins was effectively blacklisted from appearing in anything except fringe media, due allegedly to his views that the troublemakers in our society are specifically anti-Christian (and we probably know who he's referring to). Some of Mullins' work may be valid, and who knows - even his anti-usury views may have validity in idealist societies which have alternatives to loaning money at interest. And that's where I stand back and ask whether it's possible to build a technological human society without loaning money for profit. I don't know, and unless I can witness debates on the subject by reasoned scholars, I can't justify jumping into Mullins' work since it makes assumptions that are outside of my own experience.

Where is Irving Thalberg Now (an interview with Tiny Tim): A fringe character if ever there was one, Herbert Khaury a.k.a. Tiny Tim was nonetheless a serious musician, philosopher, and observer of the follies of human existence. This interview is a must-read. For example, when Shelly Winters was blaming herself for President Kennedy's death, Tim suggested that she didn't really have enough information to issue a warning, and the interviewer added that they probably wouldn't have heeded a warning anyway. When the interviewer asks whether people would be shocked if Jesus showed up in a spaceship, Tim replied in the affirmative saying that Jesus could just as well catch a ride - no need to walk on air or anything fancy like that. But it's not all lighthearted banter here - Tiny Tim's observations on some subjects are very profound and worth reading.

The Uninvited States of America: According to this article, the Tavistock Institute is not only the mother of all think tanks, but it has infiltrated and gotten near-total control of all policy-making institutions world wide. Tavistock controls the agenda nearly everywhere because it owns the very language of modern-day political and social discourse. Terms such as War on Drugs and War on Terror were devised by Tavistock luminaries. Propaganda, Public Relations and Consumerism are the product of just one of Tavistock's gurus, Ed Bernays. War, peace, and even the way you feel every day is influenced by Tavistock's tentacles in science, industry, government and media. Just how far Tavistock has gone in replacing society's sense of values with their own non-values is debateable, but this article will acquaint you with the possibilities.

The Sons of the Sun of God: I've known for a long time that Jesus' last name is not Christ. But when I hear that title spoken by a religious person, speaking with authority as it were, I know I'm going to be hearing dogma rather than a simple exposition on the life of the Bible's number one character. That said, this article discusses Christ mythology and related religion-inspired characters from ancient history to the present, and contains many names and aliases that are useful in this area of research.

Programmed to Kill: An overview of serial and other notorious killers, noting their many close connections to movers and shakers all over our society. If you thought for example that Jeffrey Dahmer was just a lone nut weirdo with a penchant for drilling holes in people's heads and eating them, read about his spontaneously arranged (from a payphone) VIP tour of the Vice President's office while on a school field trip to Washington DC at the age of 17. The article goes on to note John Wayne Gacy's high security clearance when stumping for the Carter campaign in the 1970's, despite a significant criminal history, blacked out by the FBI when requested documents were released later. Did the DC Sniper case make any sense to you? It didn't to me, but from what I've read here, I'd almost bet we'll know more about that as time goes on, and the one thing we're likely to learn is that it's a cover for something else, including a deliberate assassination.

12 July, 2010

White House Press Corps Forbidden to Ask Certain Questions

By Wayne Madsen / Wayne Madsen Report

WMR has learned from a veteran member of the White House Press Corps that the Obama administration has made it known through White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and other White House Communications officials that certain questions posed by the reporters who cover the White House are definitely off-limits. On the banned list are any questions about Obama’s post-Columbia University employment with Business International Corporation (BIC), a global financial and political information company that WMR previously reported was a front for the CIA.

White House Press Corps members have been quietly told that any questions related to BIC, Obama’s withheld records while he was a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles from 1979 to 1981, or his records at Columbia, are forbidden. At the same time he was attending Occidental, Obama, using the name Barry Soetoro and an Indonesian passport issued under the same name, traveled to Pakistan during the US buildup to assist the Afghan Mujaheddin. WMR has learned from informed sources in Kabul that Obama has been extremely friendly, through personal correspondence on White House letterhead, with a private military company that counts among its senior personnel a number of Afghan mujaheddin-Soviet war veterans who fought alongside the late Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Shah Masood. The firm is also involved in counter-insurgency operations in Colombia, where Obama is building seven new military bases, and Iraq.

In 1981, Obama spent time in Jacobabad and Karachi, Pakistan, and appeared to have an older American “handler,” possibly a CIA officer. WMR previously reported that Obama also crossed the border from Pakistan and spent some time in India. At the time of Obama’s stay in Pakistan, the country was being built up as a base for the anti-Soviet Afghan insurgency by President Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and later by President Reagan’s CIA director William Casey.

Obama has suspiciously refused to release his transcripts from Occidental or Columbia University and he has remained cagey about his post-Columbia employment with BIC.

The word from the White House Press Corps is that if anyone were to ask Obama about BIC or possible past CIA work, domestically or abroad, the offending reporter would see a quick pulling of the White House press credential.

See also:

By Deanna Spingola

According to Dr. Manning, Obama (born in 1961) enrolled at the very pricey Occidental College in Los Angeles, California in 1979 and was recruited there in 1980 by the CIA which has made it a practice since its inception to recruit college students. He was, by his own admission, a “C” student, a dope smoker and a member of the Marxist Club at Occidental, a co-educational liberal arts college. In 1981, Obama allegedly transferred from Occidental to Columbia University. It is atypical for a student to begin their education in one four-year school and then transfer to another school. Columbia University requires that incoming students pass certain academic requirements which Obama apparently lacked. However, Columbia had a foreign student program and the CIA has major connections and influence with Columbia and the nation’s other educational facilities.

The CIA needed Muslims or others who could easily blend into the Muslim environment in the Middle East. The CIA persuaded Columbia University to extend their foreign student program to Obama, now a Columbia student, so that he might travel to Pakistan and enroll in the universities around Karachi in addition to the Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow. The school, one of Russia’s most prestigious universities was founded on February 5, 1960 as The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). It was renamed the Patrice Lumumba School on February 22, 1961. On February 5, 1992 the university re-adopted its former name. According to their web site, “The main aim was to give young people from Asia, Africa and Latin America, especially from poor families, an opportunity to get University education and to become highly qualified specialists. The students were admitted through non-governmental organizations, governmental establishments, and the USSR embassies and consulates.”

Obama, as an undercover agent, was allegedly the lead agent in the arms and money supply for the CIA-trained Taliban Army against the Soviet Army war machine. His actions were integral to the Taliban’s success in their opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Obama, it is publicly acknowledged, went to Pakistan in 1981. There is no way of knowing how often Obama traveled between Pakistan and Russia. According to Dr. Manning, Obama was an interpreter for the CIA during the war in Afghanistan. When Obama completed his CIA operations in the mid 1980s and returned to the U.S. he persuaded the State Department to maneuver his entrance into Harvard Law School; since the CIA, the U.S. president’s personal agency for black operations throughout the world, also has connections to federal and state politicians, they managed to arrange Obama’s entrance to yet another elite school in 1988.

Despite a five-year absence from the rigors of college activity he was accepted at Harvard where he excelled and on February 5, 1990, was elected president of the venerable celebrated Harvard Law Review, the highest student position at Harvard Law School, a term that lasts for one year.[3] After graduation he could have worked in any leading law firm except that he lacked the proper citizenship qualifications which would have come to light during the interview and normal background checks pursued by major law firms. Moreover, his academic deficiencies at Occidental College would have disqualified him from the top law firms. Furthermore, he was a CIA operative in the Middle East during the time that he was supposed to be attending Columbia University. So despite his Harvard achievements, Obama became a Saul Alinsky-style community organizer in South Chicago which alleviated the necessity of providing a legitimate background check.[4]

Continue reading here:

09 July, 2010

BP Exploiting Workers in the Gulf

BP plays dirty with fisherman in the Gulf, forcing them to work for BP!

When will the government agree that money from big oil is as dirty as money from big tobacco?

This video is excellent.

08 July, 2010

PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader

PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1, Available on Amazon

See reviews:

Were the Apollo moon landings hoaxed? Is Osama bin Laden really dead? Who wrote the occult grimoire, Necronomicon?

In this PARANOIA compendium, 24 authors and interviewees discuss the monumental conspiracies of our time, including:
• What will happen in 2012?
• Did the Mob assassinate JFK?
• Who is reabducting UFO abductees?
• What role do magick and ritual play in The Invisible Government?
• Have we received any messages from space?

Plus, everything you always wanted to know about UFO think tanks and the mother of all think tanks: Tavistock. This exclusive collection also features the final solution to the economic downturn: Entomophagy (eating insects). (What, is there a problem with that?)

Volume 1 includes writings by: Dan Harms, Robert Guffey, Michael A. Cremo, Philip Coppens, Barbara Green, Steve Ahlquist, Iona Miller, Anthony Bragalia, Melinda Leslie, Joan d'Arc, Al Hidell, John Kaminski, David Gracer, Mark Elliott and Dail Cantrell.

Also, interviews with: Craig Heimbichner, David Ray Griffin, Acharya S, David McGowan, Jarrah White, Roderick A. MacKenzie, III, Ralph René, and Tiny Tim.

Featuring artwork by Lee Harvey Roswell, Ned Sonntag, John Moore, Saint John, James Quigley, and Iona Miller.

07 July, 2010

Meet the Patriots

They've got their eye on you ; )

Intelligence Report, Summer 2010, Issue No. 138

A great overview of the “Patriot” movement by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Meet the Patriots

"In the last year and a half, militias and the larger antigovernment "Patriot" movement have exploded, accompanied by the rapid expansion of other sectors of the radical right. This spectacular growth (see timeline) is the result of several factors, including anger over major political, demographic and economic changes in America, along with the popularization of radical ideas and conspiracy theories by ostensibly mainstream politicians and media commentators.

Although the resurgence of the so-called Patriots — people who generally believe that the federal government is an evil entity that is engaged in a secret conspiracy to impose martial law, herd those who resist into concentration camps, and force the United States into a socialistic "New World Order" — also has been propelled by people who were key players in the first wave of the Patriot movement in the mid–1990s, there are also a large number of new players. What follows are profiles of 35 individuals at the heart of the resurgent movement":

Four pages of information here:

Hurricane-dependent Ecosystems At Risk From Ignorant Intervention

By Joel Carlinsky

A few weeks ago I had some correspondence with someone who mentioned in passing that he knew of a group using some device he described as about a cubic foot in size to control weather. While I was and still am extremely skeptical of any such claims, I was interested enough to research the matter. I found the Weather Rangers fit the description, so I sent an e-mail to David Wells asking to join the group. When that was approved, I joined--for just long enough to look over the website. Then I promptly unsubscribed and sent a letter to David Wells explaining why and cautioning him that he was likely to do serious environmental harm. I got no response, nor had I expected any.

The issue might have ended there, except that an Australian nut-case with whom I had clashed before sent a post to the OML asking for volunteers for a secretive project in Florida. It seemed likely to me, based on what I had learned about the Weather Rangers penchant for monkeying with storms, that the project he wanted volunteers for without telling them what it was about was probably an attempt to prevent Gulf hurricanes. I wrote a message to the OML saying so and pointing out some of the reasons this was a bad idea. Both this post to the OML and my letter to Mr. Wells were also posted on the website of a correspondent of mine who specializes in exposing secrets.

Predictably, my message to the OML drew a violent blast of defamation and billingsgate from the Australian lunatic, Ash Palise , who is apparently a former Scientologist, or at least certainly has copied their style of vituperation.

It also drew some cogent comments from several people to whom I forwarded it. Although David Wells and Alberto Feliciano, another of the Weather Rangers to whom I had sent a similar letter, have not yet weighed in, two members of the Weather Rangers have written to me in an a civil manner, so I have sent them replies trying to explain why I think they are doing the world a disservice.

I have set out below a few additional considerations that should be understandable by everyone, not just those familiar with the orgonomic understanding of the atmosphere.

Hurricanes have had a bad press. On the evening news they are seen as having caused a lot of damage, trees knocked down, etc. and it looks like what the announcer says, that they do a lot of harm. Many people who do not look any farther than the mass media for their education on current events accept that evaluation.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In regions where hurricanes are common and there can be several in a normal year, they play an important ecological role. A large portion of the annual water supply is provided by these strong storms.

Trees are knocked down, true, but the resulting tangle of downed wood gives habitat and shelter to many species of animal life that need such tangles of downed timber to hide in from predators. While the downed wood is being recycled into the forest floor to provide nutrients to a next generation of trees, the insects that do the job gain food and a place to live. They in turn feed many species that live on them.

Species that are not adapted to life in a zone that has hurricanes cannot invade and cause all the damage that invasive species always do in a new habitat. If the hurricanes ceased, they would be able to gain a foothold to the detriment of the species already living there. The well-known case of the introduction of the rabbit to Australia should be enough to point out the risks of allowing exotic species into an area.

Just as there are some ecosystems, especially in Australia, but also in the Cascades in Oregon, for example, that are fire-dependent and need periodic fires to function properly, so also there are hurricane-dependent areas, in particular, the coastal zones in the sub-tropics, where the frequency of hurricanes has created a hurricane-dependent ecosystem.

The coastal zones in the sub-tropics are already under severe attack from development. The very last thing they need would be a short-fall in the frequency and strength of the annual tropical storms that keep them in balance. If humans were ever to gain the ability to interfere with these much-need storms it would be a disaster beyond any that can be imagined.

Unfortunately, there is now a serious risk that such ignorant intervention could actually take place. A secretive cult of irresponsible weather-control hobbyists who have no knowledge of ecology is plotting to disrupt the hurricanes upon which life in the coastal areas of the sub-topics depends. If you are concerned about this potential vandalism of the atmosphere and would like to help do something about it, please contact me. We need all the help we can get to stop this plot against the earth.

Joel Carlinsky

Please forward this message to any individual or group you think might be interested. Thank you.

Another Reason to Not Interfere With Hurricanes

By Joel Carlinsky

Certain irresponsible persons have recently proposed the use of the Reich Cloudbuster to prevent hurricanes or deflect them from their normal course. In a previous mailing I gave some reasons why this should not be done. This article provides additional reasons to consider any such project as irresponsible and nothing short of an attack on the earth.

Please pass the following on to any individual or group who might be interested in the issue of interfering with tropical storm systems. Your comments will be appreciated.

Hurricanes and Ocean Plants
The Importance of Phytoplankton to the Earth's Oceans

“Hurricanes stir up the oceans and consequently bring much needed nutrients to the water's surface, providing food for phytoplankton, and in turn, fish and mammals.”

Read more at Suite101: Hurricanes and Ocean Plants: The Importance of Phytoplankton to the Earth's Oceans

This is "Brave New World"

the title (above) is the link to the article

05 July, 2010

Notable Current Events in Drag [Welcome to July]

The title [above] is the link to the article (better than the 'Enquirer' ;o)

03 July, 2010

Inside The US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire

By Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff

We face what appears to be a military industrial media empire so powerful and complex that truth is mostly absent or reported in disconnected segments with little historical context. A case in point: The London Times reported on June 5, 2010, that American troops are now operating in 75 countries. Has President Obama secretly sanctioned a huge increase in the number of US Special Forces carrying out search-and-destroy missions against al-Qaeda around the world? If so, this increase is far in excess of special-forces operations under the Bush administration and reflects how aggressively Obama is pursuing al-Qaeda behind his public rhetoric of global engagement and diplomacy. Somehow this information didn’t make it into the US media.

The US, in cooperation with NATO, is building global occupation forces for the control of international resources in support of Trilaterialist—US, Europe, Japan— corporate profits. A New York Times report on the availability of a trillion dollars in mineral wealth in Afghanistan, on top of the need for an oil/gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea, suggests other reasons for U.S objectives in the region.

Jim Lobe of Inter Press Service writes on June 15, 2010, “The timing of the publication of a major New York Times story on the vast untapped mineral wealth that lies beneath Afghanistan's soil is raising major questions about the intent of the Pentagon…Blake Hounshell, managing editor at Foreign Policy magazine, says that the US Geological Service (USGS) already published a comprehensive inventory of Afghanistan's non-oil mineral resources on the Internet in 2007, as did the British Geological Survey. Much of their work was based on explorations and surveys undertaken by the Soviet Union during its occupation of Afghanistan during the 1980s.”

Given the previous reports, there is nothing new about resources in Afghanistan that the Pentagon and US multinational corporations didn’t already know. On the contrary, the public should consider whether the surfacing of this resource story is a managed-news press release being done at a time of sensitive concerns regarding NATO’s mission in Afghanistan. A deliberate news insertion such as the mineral wealth story is designed to create support for a US/NATO global empire agenda.

Managed news includes both the release of specific stories intended to build public support as well as the deliberate non-coverage of news stories that may undermine US goals. Have you been told about the continuing privatization of this global war? Independent journalist Jeremy Scahill, wrote in The Nation magazine November 23, 2009, how Blackwater (Xe) operatives in the Pakistani port city of Karachi are gathering intelligence and helping to direct a secret US military drone bombing campaign in that country.

There has not been much coverage of the report in Global Research, May 27, 2010, regarding new US capabilities for cyber warfare, announced recently by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as the activation of the Pentagon's first computer command and the world's first comprehensive, multi-service military cyber operation. CYBERCOM is based at Fort Meade, Maryland, which also is home to the National Security Agency (NSA).

The US’s Israeli partner in the Middle East demonstrated a skilled manipulation of the global media’s coverage of the May 31 attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Israel controlled the news and images that emerged from the attack on the ships, asserting that the invading Israeli paratroopers were viciously attacked by crewmembers—resulting in the killing of several in “self defense.” Israel sought to divert the focus of public discussion away from the illegitimate use of excessive force against a group of humanitarians– of diverse religious and national affiliations– to the blaming of the victims for causing their own deaths.

Managed news creates a Truth Emergency for the public inside the US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire. Deliberate news management undermines the freedom of information on the doings of the powerful military/corporate entities though overt censorship, mass distractions, and artificial news— including stories timed for release to influence public opinion (i.e., propaganda).

A Truth Emergency is the lack of purity in news brought about by this propaganda and distraction. It is the state in which people, despite potentially being awash in a sea of information, lack the power of discernment resulting in a knowinglessness about what is going on in the world. In short, we are living in a time where people do not know whom to trust for accurate information and yearn for the truth.

One antidote to the ongoing Truth Emergency is the creation of validated independent news by colleges and universities around the globe where students and professors use research skills and databases to fact check and verify information that is reported to the public. For more about this, and what we can all do to counter managed news, see Project Censored International's new website at http// Together, we can build accountability in our media and breathe life back into our withering republic.

Peter Phillips is professor of sociology at Sonoma State University, President of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored, former director of Project Censored, and co-editor of Censored 2010.

Mickey Huff is associate professor of history at Diablo Valley College, Director of Project Censored/Media Freedom Foundation, and co-editor of Censored 2010.

01 July, 2010

Weather Rangers use cloudbusters to prevent hurricanes

By Joel Carlinsky

The secret project Ash was refering to in his post to the OML is a plan by the weather-control cult he belongs to, the group calling themselves the Weather Rangers, to prevent huricanes in the Carribean to try to keep the oil spill away from the coast of Florida. This is a mistake.

Ash means well, but his good intentions are no substitute for a sound knowledge of orgone physics. Strong circulatory storm systems are an important part of the metabolism of the atmosphere. If they are prevented, the atmosphere will stagnate and there will be a drought. If the stagnation is severe enough, and goes on long enough, all life processes will stop also.

The role of DOR in droughts and illnesses was well documented by Reich in the 50s and by numerous others since. DOR is increasing because of the widespread use of nuclear energy, as Reich also elucidated and others have confirmed. It is the production of DOR that renders nuclear energy the gravest threat to life on earth.

As the amount of DOR builds up, there will be more and more strong storms, as the earth reacts to the stagnation by trying to clense itself and re-mobilize the stuck energy. This process should be helped, not hindered. DOR is a far more serious threat to life on earth than any amount of oil could be.

It is never a good idea to get ones scientific information from the daily news media, and the hysterical reports in the press about the oil spill are being exagerated to sell newspapers. A marine biologist I spoke to a few days ago told me there are natural flora in the gulf that will clean up the oil spill in time, but the current deployment of detergents to break up the oil is liable to kill them.

Use of cloudbusters to prevent hurricanes would likewise be a bad solution, no matter how well intended. This is a good example of how spreading the word around about how to make cloudbusters without insisting on first learning the basics of orgone biophysics is a bad mistake. Cloudbusters in the hands of mechanisticly- thinking people who do not understand basic orgonomy, or worse, think they know better and ignore orgone theory, are a serious environmental danger.

People like Ash and his Weather Ranger friends have little or no idea of how the orgone atmosphere functions and cannot see the vital importance of such natural phenomena as hurricanes and tornadoes. Well-intentioned as they are, they are ignorant of the scientific facts involved, namely, the orgone energy conditions that underly all weather behavior.

Ash is trying to recruit volunteers to stop hurricanes from forming in a part of the world where there have always been hurricanes and where all native species are adapted to their seasonal input and many are dependent upon them. Considering how short a time it has been since Ash first found out about cloudbusting, and how little he knows about orgone physics in general, such efforts, no matter how well intended, are nothing but a threat to damage the environment. Such people, no matter how well-motivated, are more of an environmental menace than any amount of spilled oil could ever be.

Since I am not allowed to post to the OML, and that is where Ash sent his misguided missive, if you are a member of the OML, would you please forward this letter to the OML for me? Thank you.

Joel Carlinsky

P.S. It is long past time that a committee was formed to address such menaces as the Weather Rangers and other dangerous miscreants who try to disrupt natural atmospheric functioning with mechanistic efforts to control weather. If you are interested in joining an orgonomic environmental protection group to police the misuse of cloudbusters, please let me know.

Letter to group calling itself the Weather Rangers


I am very concerned about what I have read about you and your group attempting to interfere with normal hurricanes and tornadoes. These strong circulatory storm systems are a very important part of the metabolism of a healthy atmosphere and serve the purpose of restoring normal atmospheric functioning. Without them we would all be in trouble.

I realize you mean well, but please do not try to interfere with hurricanes. They are not a disaster, no matter what the media may say. They are the way the atmosphere responds to stagnation and represent an attempt by the atmosphere to regain mobility. If they were to be prevented, the end result would be the ultimate stagnation of the atmosphere, leading to droughts and lack of oxygen. Life could not survive without hurricanes.

This is especially true of all native life forms in regions like Florida and the Caribbean, where hurricanes are so important a feature of the normal year. I strongly urge you to consult an ecologist before embarking on any project to manipulate the weather in that region. If one undertakes a weather manipulation program without input from a trained ecologist the results are virtually certain to be a disaster.

Joel Carlinsky

See :

Weather Rangers to the rescue
Who you gonna call when you have a nasty, persistent drought? David Wells' weather modification researchers have been fine tuning their skills. Alberto Feliciano in Puerto Rico appears to have dissolved this season's tropical and hurricane storms, including Ana, Erika and Bill. Their recent focus: restoring rain in Texas, perhaps a bit too much.

Continue here: