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30 March, 2010

The Great American Moon Hoax

The Great American Moon Hoax
Joan d’Arc Interviews Ralph René (1995)

René, author of NASA Mooned America!, believes that there have been no manned flights to the moon. In this exclusive interview, René asserts that the Apollo moon photos are studio creations. He also shows that NASA has lied about deadly solar radiation and the true temperature in space, and charges that NASA has instituted a policy of lying by its “astro-nots.” So what did NASA really do with the money that went into its deep space pockets? Currently enjoying a wave of popularity in Russia, René believes the Apollo program helped to finance the CIA’s secret war in Laos and Cambodia.

Joan: René, you claim that NASA faked the photos of Apollo moon landings, and in your book you analyze several of these photographs showing why they are hoaxes. Let’s talk about the most famous official NASA photograph, from the cover of your book. The photo of Alan Bean entitled “Astronaut Collecting Lunar Samples, Apollo XII” was purportedly taken on the moon by Peter Conrad on October 20, 1969. At first glance it is an artistically contrived picture of an astronaut with the reflection of another astronaut, standing some distance away, reflected in his faceplate. Is it actually possible for astronauts to get this creative on the moon?

René: I think that the creative layout was the result of a composite picture from studio photos created by snip and paste in a photo lab.

Joan: So, in your estimation, what’s wrong with this picture? [See Alan Bean photo on page 52]

René: The first thing I noticed about the photo was that the shadow side of Al Bean’s suit was brightly lit. The top front of Bean’s left shoulder and his whole left side is much too bright for the singularly directional sun light found in the vacuum of space.

The next thing is that the lower inside of his right arm should have been in a shadow. Then there is the fact that the Moon’s actual horizon is on the same level as the horizon reflected in Bean’s faceplate. Both faceplates are curved, and mirrored curves double the angle of incidence. Obviously since only two astro-nots were supposed to be on the Moon, this photo had to have been snapped by Peter Conrad. But when you take a magnifying glass to the original photo, Conrad’s hand is nowhere near where the camera should be. In fact, Conrad has no camera, or if he has his hand obscured the lens. An X-ray camera perhaps!

Examination of Bean’s shadow as shown in his faceplate shows that the two figures were less than 10 feet apart. Because of the faceplate’s curvature, the camera that took the picture had to be at least 10 feet in the air directly between them. Since we don’t see anything there, it had to have been either taken from a camera boom using a timer mechanism to trip the shutter, or there was another astro-not (stage hand) on that camera boom that we have never been told about.

We’ve all seen the TV travel adventures where a lone man pits his life against the wilderness and goes from hither to thither being photographed from every angle by … nobody! And if these explanations don’t sit well, try this one. The Man in the Moon is very tall and happened to be passing, so he obligingly snapped the shot for the two tourists before he went on his way.

Another problem is found in the shiny object in Bean’s hand. Again there is no shadow side even though his shadow (shown in his face plate) proves that the sun was behind him and off to his right. Since neither flash nor spotlight can compete with the light from the Sun the brightness is inexplicable.
Look at the bright circular object that is level with the top of his helmet and off to his far right side. Notice the two long structural—looking objects below it. It looks like a spotlight on scaffolding, doesn’t it? Spotlights light best that which they are aimed at, hence the name.

Check out Conrad! Of all the places one can imagine, the Moon must be evenly lit because it lacks atmosphere, clouds and trees. Why should an extremely bright pool of light be centered on Conrad? Does the Sun play favorites on the Moon?
If you look at Conrad’s feet you will notice the main shadow on his right going toward his rear and another one on his left coming forward. Two shadows, one Sun. Strange things were happening on the Moon.

Joan: Leading Russian space scientists have stated that they know of no way of protecting cosmonauts from deadly solar radiation beyond the Van Allen Belt. How does the Van Allen Belt protect earth from deadly space radiation?

René: In 1963, Bernard Lovell, the famous British astronomer, was allowed free access to the entire Russian space program. He was told by the leading Russian space scientists that they “could see no immediate way of protecting cosmonauts from the lethal effects of solar radiation.” This is why I call most of the Apollo astronauts “Astro-nots.” The Russian space scientists made this statement to Bernard Lovell six years prior to the first Apollo landing. He dutifully reported it to NASA’s chief administrator, Hugh Dryden, who just as dutifully…ignored it! The Van Allen Belt (Shield) is a natural magnetic field which diverts from the Earth much of the deadly radiation (X-rays and gamma) that the Sun routinely spits out during solar fires.

Joan: Is this why the USSR didn’t bother to compete with America in its zeal to “walk on the moon?”

René: Not being a mind reader I have no idea why Russia (which lied about everything else) didn’t also claim to have landed on the Moon. However, in the summer of 1972 (after the next to the last Apollo landing) the Russians were allowed to buy (at a low fixed price) one quarter of our entire year’s grain crop. This raised our price over 60 percent. I believe that the deal still holds. Hey, a little blackmail never hurt a hungry nation.

Joan: How has the Van Allen Belt become one of NASA’s best kept secrets?

René: It wasn’t the Van Allen Belt that was played down. It was the fact that solar radiation is deadly.

Joan: How many chimpanzees have gone into orbit beyond the belt and what exactly was their fate?

René: NASA sent a number of space monkeys and apes beyond the shield but I have been singularly unsuccessful at finding any data on those shots. Rumor has it that once past the Van Allen shield only cockroaches, which are able to withstand amazing amounts of rem (roentgen equivalent in man) were able to live past ten days.

Joan: How much shielding would be required for protection against this deadly radiation, and how much would such a vehicle weigh?

René: It took a couple of years to get the X-ray and proton solar data from NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] and when the floppy came it carried a virus that wrote DOS into every one of my files that had the word NASA in it. When I finally found someone able to read the data we found that only particle energy is given. NOAA Imagineers pretends that there is no space radiation by giving only the data on the velocity of the particles. This man not only gave me the word Imagineers but also told me to ask NOAA “How many rem are there in a 20 ton meteorite moving at 20,000 mph or a car traveling at 120?

According to ex-NASA astrophysicist John Mauldin, six feet of water or the equivalent mass of another material is needed to protect life forms from an X-ray flare. Because these flares are always present there is no safe time to make the trip. In fact, the greatest series of flares ever recorded happened in 1972 near the low of that solar cycle. Not being a rocket scientist I cannot say how much weight a shield would add to a vessel. If I subtract the volumes of the command ship and the LEM [Lunar Landing Module] from respective spheres, each 12 feet greater in diameter, we are looking at a volume of water of about 500,000 pounds. When we add tanks and structure to support this, plus fuel and more tanks and structure to lift that fuel, we are probably looking at another 15 million pounds of mass. This would bring the total mass from 6.5 to 21 million pounds. It would also require another 13 engines for a total of 18.

Joan: What would be its chances of getting off the earth, landing on the moon, and again taking off from the moon?

René: The chance of lifting 20 million pounds using chemical fuel reaction motors ranges from none to absolutely zero.

Continued in PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1, available at:

29 March, 2010

Alien Media

'Who controls the media controls the mind: who controls the mind controls the machine.'

Now let's see who controls the American mass media complex.
  • ABC--CEO Robert Iger
  • CBS--Chairman Leslie Moonves
  • NBC--CEO Jeff Zucker
  • PBS--CEO Paula Kerger
  • FOX/News Corp.--Chairman & CEO Rupert Murdoch
  • CNN/Time Warner--Chairman & CEO Jeffrey Bewkes
  • MTV/Viacom--Chairman Sumner Redstone
  • Google--Presidents Sergey Brin, Lawrence Page

You know, I never noticed this before, but they appear to all be members of the same alien consanguineous ethno-genetic gang , just like the individuals who supervise the world's economic system through their central banking syndicate. Must be just another meaningless coincidence I suppose. And I bet if one continues doing the research one will discover the same pervasive predominant alien monopoly of the newspaper, radio, music, movie, magazine and book publishing industries as well.

27 March, 2010

Designed Dysfunction

"Obama's regulatory blueprint disingenuously claims that the Community Reinvestment Act, which pressures banks to make low-income loans, can't have contributed to the mortgage crisis, because it existed for years before the crisis began. But it is not the Act's passage, alone, that economists credit causing the mortgage crisis, but rather the unrealistic regulations adopted to implement the Act many years after the Act's passage. Economists, investment bankers, and historians have long noted the role of the CRA and its regulations in promoting the risky lending that spawned the financial crisis.

"Banks and mortgage companies have long been under pressure from lawmakers and regulators to give loans to people with bad credit, in order to provide "affordable housing" and promote "diversity." That played a key role in triggering the mortgage crisis, judging from a story last year in the New York Times. For example, "a high-ranking Democrat telephoned executives and screamed at them to purchase more loans from low-income borrowers, according to a Congressional source." The executives of government-backed mortgage giants Fanni Mae and Freddi Mac "eventually yielded to those pressures, effectively wagering that if things got too bad, the government would bail them out.

"As a Washington Post story shows, the high-risk loans that led to the mortgage crisis were the product of regulatory pressure, not a lack of regulation. In 2004...the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development helped fuel more of that risky lending. Eager to put more low-income and minority families into their own homes, the agency required that two government-chartered mortgage finance firms purchase far more 'affordable' loans made to these borrowers."

So what we have here is that the U.S. Congress-government (which is simply a rigged two-party dialectical system directed by numerous private banking firms which own the Fed: Citigroup, BoA, JPMorgan, WellsFargo, Goldman Sachs et al) "commanded" themselves to issue loans to "minorities" and other low-income liabilities to manufacture an economic "collapse" to commence the development of their unfolding communist socioeconomic scheme. Nothing was lost by the billionaire banks, since they were all "bailed out". But that's what happens when the economic and political apparatus of a nation is controlled by congenital ravenous scum.

So, what is evil?

A Comment on the Church pedophilia scandals (& poem)

The title is the link

25 March, 2010

Chile: Luminous Entity Spreads Panic Among Bus Passengers

Chile: Luminous Entity Spreads Panic Among Bus Passengers

Source: La Estrella de Iquique
Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010

[Liliana Núñez Orellana has kindly provided us with this follow-up on the alleged post-earthquake CE-3 witnessed by bus passengers in the vicinity of Iquique - SC]

The sighting of a luminous being on the shore of the region of Tarapacá caused panic among passengers of an intercity bus from Iquique to Santiago de Chile.

The brush with the paranormal took place at 5 a.m. on March 1st 2010, when the passenger bus made a stop along Route A-1, linking from Iquique to Tocopila near the Vicente Mena Beach, between Punta Gruesa and Chucumata.

At that point, one of the female passengers began mumbling in her sleep: “They’re there, outside, there’re here,” creating expectation among her fellow bus passengers. She was wakened by one of her traveling companions. Once awake, the woman reacted as she looked outside the bus, seeing a fluorescent cylindrical structure in the sea. She began screaming and and causing alarm among the other passengers.

Collective panic gripped the passengers at this point, who after a few seconds “claimed having seen a top-shaped spacecraft emerging from the sea”, according to researcher Raul Rivera.

When everyone inside the bus calmed down and endeavored to photograph the luminous structures with their cellphones, the consternation and screams made an encore. “A being standing approximately 3 meters tall, thin and with impressive flashes of light, began walking toward the highway,” explained Rivera, stating that the case is being rigorously investigated in Santiago.

Once in Santiago, the experiencers went their separate ways, “making the investigation a difficult undertaking,” according to Enrique Silva, one of the two persons in charge of the process. He says that until now “only eight eyewitness accounts exist – a paltry sum, considering that an inter-city bus generally transports between 30 and 40 passengers.”

The identities of these eight witnesses is being kept in complete secrecy while future eyewitness accounts are sought, and the investigation can truly be finalized.

One of the open issues of this sighting is that neither the bus driver nor his assistant can be found. This has only served to stoke expectations, as some witnesses claim that the driver’s assistant took photos and videos of the encounter.

“There are key witnesses to the case. We cannot say who they are, nor the company to which the bus belongs. I can only say that something happened, as the eyewitness accounts are in agreement. I can say that a strange phenomenon occurred at that site,” Silva states explicitly.

The rigorous nature of the investigation is not only due to the sighting’s complexity or the difficulties involved in finding the final location of the passengers. The researcher in charge of the study adds that “there is an armed organization involved with the sighting, not as the source of the phenomenon, but as key witnesses. Therefore, the information involved, and the investigative process, must be handled with great care.” Silva explains that “we should have results this week or early next week.”


(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Liliana Núñez and Felipe Polanco)

Cabalistic Cabal

Yellen said to be Obama's Pick for Fed Vice Chairman Position

"Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Janet Yellen is President Barack Obama's pick for vice chairman of the central bank in Washington. Yellen, 63, would replace Donald Kohn, a 40-year Fed veteran who resigned. Yellen, served as President Bill Clinton's chief economist in the 1990's. The Obama administration is also working to fill two other vacancies on the seven-member Fed board. Among the candidates is Sarah Bloom Raskin, 48, Maryland's commissioner of financial regulation. She graduated from Harvard Law School in 1986, the same year as Elena Kagan, Obama's solicitor general. Peter Diamond, an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is also under consideration."

So we have Janet Yellen, Sarah Bloom Raskin and Peter Diamond as all potential candidates for occupying the current vacancies on the Fed's Board of Governors. On the surface, it appears that an unwritten requirement is that one must be a member of a particular ethnicity or religion to be eligible. Similar to how all the Presidents and Directors of the major international banking institutions just all happen to be representatives of the same "ethno-religious" group too, which their "objective" mass media never reports.
  • World Bank--Robert Zoellick
  • International Monetary Fund--Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  • European Central Bank--Jean-Claude Trichet
  • Bank of England--Mervyn King
  • Federal Reserve--Ben Bernanke
  • Group of Thirty (G30)--Paul Volcker

Just all a meaningless, irrelevant coincidence I suppose. The essence of all conspiracy research is exposing the agent(s) of the conspiracy. Here is the covert cabalistic cabal which controls and manages the global economic and political system behind their phony Presidents, Prime-Ministers, Premiers and other assorted puppets of putridness. They live, we sleep.

If the left are 'sheep', the right are 'fish'

The title is the link-

23 March, 2010

PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1

PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1

REVIEW by Victor Thorn

(please send all reviews of the book to

Although readers far and wide gasped with apprehension when news broke that Paranoia magazine’s nearly two-decades-long run was drawing to a close, their spirits brightened with the release of Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1.

Personally, this book appeals to me in the same way as does a visit to a buffet restaurant. A long line of food and all its variety is much more appealing than one simple entrée. Considering the complexities of our world, a smorgasbord of material has always been Joan d’Arc and Al Hidell’s strong point. Their ‘labor of love’ is also apparent in the book’s formatting, graphics, and expanded-size layout.

Which leads to another point: on the cover of a past issue of their magazine came this question: “Are we conspiracy geeks?” Well, the selection process used in editing this collection proves why the paranormal, conspiracies, and other arcane & strange subjects are some of the coolest endeavors anyone can pursue. In fact, think of how boring life would be if all we had to rely on were the government and mainstream media sources for our news and information.

Fortunately, this latest offering carries on a tradition pioneered by such figures as Charles Fort, numerous 1960s counter-culture publications, and all the great underground zinesters who flourished in the 80s and 90s. Now, readers can feast on David Ray Griffin’s latest revelations regarding 9-11, Dave McGowan’s spectacular analysis of serial killers and their political connections, or why NASA’s “Moon Hoax” merits further investigation.

Similarly, author William Bramley gives new meaning to “As above, so below” via his Gods of Eden interview. In this same vein, Michael Cremo explores the possibility of humans occupying our planet for millions of years (not simply thousands). Since this forbidden knowledge has been suppressed, is it any wonder (as Joan d’Arc points out) that long-standing messages from space are also being denied?

Other areas of interest include an intriguing article on the enigmatic Freemason Albert Pike, confessions of a long-lost JFK assassination insider, an overview of the groundbreaking Federal Reserve investigator Eustace Mullins, the stealthy Tavistock Institute, and Acharya S.’s always controversial revelations.

I will close with a gauge I use to determine how interesting a book is. Specifically, I’m a chronic ‘underliner’. So, with pen in hand, I ink-up page after page during my perusals. Naturally, the more a book is marked by the final page, the better I enjoyed it. With this process in mind, let me tell readers that my copy of Paranoia: Volume I is dripping with ink, and there isn’t any higher compliment than that.

22 March, 2010

Book Review: Really Mysterious Pennsylvania by Stan Gordon

Really Mysterious Pennsylvania-UFOs, Bigfoot and Other Weird Encounters-Casebook One
By Stan Gordon
ISBN 978-0-9666108-2-6
(c) 2010

“Remember, you only an hour away from one of the most prominent researchers in Pennsylvania” – those were the words that a friend told me when I moved to Pittsburgh so many years ago. The name “Stan Gordon” was a constant in the UFO press of the 1970s and the research of his UFO/paranormal groups was covered everything from saucer sightings to some of the most spellbinding accounts of encounters with Bigfoot and other beings. All this, including the legendary “Kecksburg Crash” of 1965, made the great state of Pennsylvania a treasure-trove of forbidden lore.

Decades later, I would have of being among the first to set eyes on Really Mysterious Pennsylvania – the book that everyone had expected Stan to write for so long, unlocking the contents of his paranormal archives. And it does not disappoint!

In recent years, research into the “far out and far away” has taken a decidedly Western leaning, with researchers concentrated in the Southwest and California, hovering around Roswell. This new book is a reminder that we have mysteries – and then some – on this end of the lower 48.

In the 18th century, when William Penn became the owner of the kingdom-sized estate known as Pennsylvania, little did he realize that he had acquired a land of extraordinary paranormal activity, ranging from winged monsters in its forests, hairy bipeds in its lofty ridges, to unexplained lights in the sky. Really Mysterious Pennsylvania takes the reader through ten chapters devoted to UFO sightings of all descriptions – lights in the sky, cases involving ground traces and high-strangeness events, even truly dangerous encounters with the unknown. Act II of the book, so to speak, concerns the “Eastern Bigfoot” and its interaction with bewildered humans: of particular interest here is “Chapter 14 – Government Intervention” which describes the active role that the FBI has taken in some cases. The book’s final section is a delight to the seekers of high-strangeness cases, involving Thunderbirds, mysterious ice falls, and “The Mysterious Fowl Eater”

The best feature of Really Mysterious Pennsylvania is that it promises to be the first in a series of books on our state’s wonders and enigmas – and what better tour guide than Stan Gordon?

-- Scott Corrales, INEXPLICATA

17 March, 2010


A Key Chapter from "Justice For JFK"

by Robert D. Morningstar

One of the early victims of the JFK conspiracy of silence, better yet "silencing" in the aftermath of JFK'S murder, was the noted reporter, columnist and television celebrity, Dorothy Kilgallen. I had watched her for years on "What's My Line?", not realizing that she had any involvement with the JFK story. Years later, I learned that she had broken the convention of silence in the press and written openly in her column about discrepancies in the official story. Suddenly she was dead.

On November 8, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead in her apartment shortly after returning from Dallas where she had interviewed Jack Ruby and had conducted her own investigation of the JFK murder during several trips to cover the Ruby trial.

She had revealed secret transcripts of Ruby's testimony in her column. Kilgallen had met with Ruby. She had learned of a meeting three weeks before the assassination at Ruby's "Carousel", the Dallas underworld's merry-go-round where the "Big D" mobsters wheeled around.

Present at the meeting were Ruby, Officer J.D. Tippit, Bernard Weismann and, she would later learn, a fourth party.

Lee Israel, author of "Kilgallen", reports that that Ruby, himself a TV fan of Dorothy Kilgallen, had taken a liking to her during the trial. According to Israel, he respected her more than any other reporter. She had gained his confidence and had several conversations with him in the courtroom. She was given a five minute session alone with Ruby. Some writers have stretched this to a half-hour, others deny it.

Regardless, it is a fact that when Dorothy returned to New York, she told friends that she had discovered that Ruby and the slain Officer J.D. Tippit had been friends. They had been seen together in Ruby's Carousel Club at a meeting 2 weeks before the assassination in the company of Bernard Weissman, who had placed the "JFK-Wanted for Treason" newspaper ad in Dallas newspapers on November 22nd, 1963. Studying the Warren Commission Report, Killgallen deduced that the meeting had also been reported to Chief Justice Warren AND that the identity of "the fourth man",which she had been unable to ascertain, had been reported to Warren as "a rich Texas oil man", as Earl Warren described him in the official transcript.

She told Israel that she had discovered something that was going to break the whole JFK assassination mystery wide open. She told the same story to her next door neighbor, her hairdresser, her agent, her publisher, and the producer and host of "Nightlife".

Kilgallen had told Israel about a very mysterious and sinister player in the JFK assassination to whom she gave the code name "ferret man". From the description of the individual, it is clear that "ferret man" was none other than David Ferrie, another known associate of Jack Ruby involved in gun running, the Marcello mob and other anti-Castro operations from Florida to Texas. At one time, Ruby and Ferrie were co-owners of an airplane.

Nightlife's producer, Nick Vanoff, pleaded with her not to broach the subject on the air. She had arrived at the studio with a folder full of pertinent and explosive notes documents. She kept the folder closed throughout the interview. Vanoff, asked her agent, Bob Bach, to send her "a dozen long-stemmed roses."

On Sunday November 8, Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead, sitting fully dressed, upright in bed, early in the morning. The New York City Police investigated and the coroner found that Dorothy Kilgallen had died from ingestion of a lethal combination of alchohol and barbituates. All her notes and the article on which she had been working to "blow the JFK assassination wide open" also disappeared.

What did Kilgallen know? The convention of silence continued. The New York Times noted the coroner's report. The Daily News noted it as well. Of course, the Journal American took note but nowhere did you read any reference to her Dallas trips nor her investigation into the murder of JFK at the high point of her own career. Every nostalgic memory of her in the Press was a fond one of "What's My Line?".

They all abandoned her, no one asked a question publicly. Not John Daly, not Bennett Cerf. No one in the press could be bothered about someone, even someone famous, who had died nearly by her own hand. Indeterminate causes can mean many things and "causes" is plural.

It was only the year before the murder of JFK that no one had questioned the death of Marilyn Monroe on the other side of the continent, who had also died of a barbiturate overdose, by her own hand. Neither her diary, nor her notes for her press conference, nor her "suicide note" were ever found. Only Joe D. cared, courageous enough to say, "Those bastards, they killed her."

Recent reports indicate that whoever sent "those bastards" apparently killed Marilyn by mistake. Many believe she was going to reveal the government's Castro assassination attempts (divulged to her by RFK) or the Kennedy mob connections or her love affair with JFK, when, according to recent reports (Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1996), she was actually going to announce her remarriage to Joe DiMaggio.

The press continued its pseudo-patriotic posture, in today's parlance, "politically correct" posture, benign neglect by design. Things were getting eerie for the Fourth Estate. The Fourth Estate had been transported to "The Twilight Zone". Both reporters and witnesses were dying. The Press hardly noticed.

Things were getting bad. Penn Jones wrote "Forgive My Grief" to chronicle the continuing string of strange deaths which followed the freight train of the Warren Commission Report, which railroaded Oswald, with its strong box of secrets sealed till the year 2039.

We could still watch "What's My Line?" but there was something strange about the show. John Daly was stiff, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis and others were just as wooden and flat. Forced mirth is not worth watching.

It's painful living in fear, says Leon to Deckker in "Blade Runner."

A dark cloud, a shadow, if you will, hung over the show.There was a Void: hollow, empty, voiceless. TV fans missed her. Things got yet worse! Penn Jones had to write "Forgive My Grief II". Witnesses were still dropping like flies as Jones recorded No. 5, No. 56...No.67, No. 68. Some of us didn't believe The Official Story, even without knowing of her trips to Dallas for another 20 years. It was too incongruous to believe that the person I had seen just the night before and again that very afternoon, so alive, so intelligent, so bright with life, could have died so pitifully, so quickly.

I beg to differ with the disinformed current opinion of those today who never saw her, but to my TV eyes, Dorothy Kilgallen was not some stupified, alcoholic lush addicted to barbiturates. In all those years on television, I never saw her manifest any signs of slurred speech, sluggishness, lethargy, or uncoordinated speech or movement, though others may differ on this. She always spoke with the utmost courtesy, composure and graciousness. She had a way of asking one question which could extract three pieces of information.

The Media's Convention of Silence

"On a need to know basis" came into our vocabulary and an apparently craven press was caving in to "higher powers". The press now written with a little "p", neutered and rechristined "The Media", really didn't "need" to know, it was learning how not to ask the right questions.

Broad and broader flowed a whole brook of Warren Commission "white lies" and unanswered questions, which soon wound its way to another bend, then a twist of the facts, finally, widening into a whole river allowed to flow unimpeded and unquestioned.

Things got still worse! Penn Jones had to write "Forgive My Grief - Part III."...No.77, No. 78... As more and more people died or disappeared, a bridge of silence was erected over the river of questions which proceeded from the brook of the Warren Commision's "white lies". The press, politically correct as always, developed a polite disinclination to know. The press preferred to take the long way around.

The press, under duress after Dorothy's death, had learned ("been taught" may be more apt) to avoid even approaching The Bridge of Silence for, as Dorothy Kilgallen had shown, the toll for crossing it was very high.

And so, fellow Americans...Ask not......For whom the bell tolls for us.

Not a murmur was heard much less a dissenting word from the myrmidons of political correctness. They had all abandoned Dorothy. In 1964, CBS had televised "The Wizard of Oz."

"Ignore the man behind the curtain! The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken" screamed the Wizard of Oz, and the press obeyed.

Continue reading at:

15 March, 2010

PARANOIA the conspiracy reader, volume 1 available now!

Hey All - Thought you might like to know my 1994 interview with Tiny Tim has been reprinted in the new PARANOIA conspiracy reader book!

Interviews with David Ray Griffin on 9/11, Craig Heimbichner on the OTO, Jarrah White on the Apollo hoax, Acharya S on the Jesus Hoax, Roderick MacKenzie on the JFK assassination, Michael Cremo on Forbidden Archeology, Melinda Leslie on MILABS - REABDUCTIONS, Dan Harms on Lovecraft's Necronomicon, and more!

Also read my 1995 interview with Ralph Rene on how NASA Mooned America, and Al Hidell's interview with David McGowan on the political connections to serial murders.

Also featuring Robert Guffey on Albert Pike, and Tony Bragalia on RAND and UFOs, and don't forget Providence Bug Man himself, David Gracer, on the final solution to the economic downturn: Entomophagy (eating insects), yes! I know you're into it!

A smashin article by Iona Miller on Tavistock, the mother of all think tanks, and Barbara Green on who the hell murdered Robin Hood and where is he really buried? Phil Coppens on 2012, and so much more!

Original artwork by Lee Harvey Roswell, John Moore, Ned Sonntag, James Quigley (Gunsho), Saint John, Iona Miller, Al Hidell.

Were the Apollo moon landings hoaxed?

Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

Who wrote the occult grimoire, Necronomicon?

In this new PARANOIA compendium, 24 authors and interviewees discuss the monumental conspiracies of our time, including:

What will happen in 2012? • Did the Mob assassinate JFK? • Who is reabducting UFO abductees? • What role do magick and ritual play in The Invisible Government? • Have we received any messages from space?

192 pages, available now!

More highlights here:

14 March, 2010

Manson Mythos

"In 1969, he became one of history's infamous villains, presented by the media as evil incarnate. CHARLES MANSON SUPERSTAR sets the record straight after years of media disinformation, and features an exclusive interview with Manson which allows him to speak for the first time without being censored or sanitized, as well as rare archival footage, police documents and photos. Filmed on location at San Quentin Prison, Spahn Ranch, Death Valley."

Worth watching.

"Total paranoia is just total awareness." --Charles Manson

08 March, 2010

Author Jerry Smith has died

Jerry Smith, prolific conspiracy author, beloved assisant at Adventures Unlimited, has passed away very suddenly from pancreatic cancer. He was ill for only about two months.

He was a prolific author on the frontier of weather warfare research and HAARP. He also co-wrote and did research with Jim Keith.

He appeared on the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory show on HAARP destined to be a classic.

Jerry's website is:

See obituary for Jerry Smith written by Loren Coleman:

Jerry Smith Dies

Jerry Smith's world was occupied by HAARP, Burning Man, black helicopters, and Loch Ness. Smith died at 3:00 am on the morning of Monday, March 8, 2010, of pancreatic carcinoma (pancreatic cancer), I was informed by Kenn Thomas, editor of Steamshovel Press, moments ago. Smith, born on April 8, 1950 in Pomona, California, was an author, lecturer and editor on unexplained phenomena, but sometimes remained behind the scenes in recent years, as a ghostwriter.

Interests that had him ranging from Loch Ness to Burning Man, the well-known writer to a select few was a true friend to many in the field of unsolved mysteries.

Smith's acknowledged bibliography of published works includes three books from Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP), scores of non-fiction articles and reviews, and more than a dozen ghost-written books.

Smith began his career in writing and publishing in the little magazine field in 1966, writing and publishing his own amateur sci-fi fan magazine (called a fanzine or just "zine") in the Valley Science Fiction Associations' Valley Amateur Press Alliance (ValAPA) of Pomona, California. He was active in the zine scene throughout the late '60s and early '70s, appearing regularly in zines and APAs, like the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society's APA-L, and culminating with his founding of the Unicorn Society and its Unicorn Amateur Press Alliance (UnAPA) in Klamath Falls, Oregon, in 1974.

01 March, 2010

The Alan Cantwell Papers


Correspondence, articles, books, clippings, ephemera and audiovisual materials collected and created by Alan Cantwell during the course of his research relating to the theory that the AIDS epidemic is a man-made creation, its link to cancer bacteria, and the Hepatitis B experiments conducted on gay men from 1978-1981.

The materials also discuss biological warfare, radiation, genocidal issues, and HIV. Included are a number of articles and books written by Cantwell as well as research material he used for his body of work. The authors of the research material include Robert Gallo, Virginia Livingston and Robert Strecker.


Alan Cantwell was born in the Bronx, New York City, on January 4, 1924 [correction, that's 1934! Don't rush me. - Alan]. His father was an orthopedic surgeon and his mother a nurse. He attended Cornell University and graduated in 1955, followed by medical school at New York Medical College. After graduating in 1959, he served an internship at Mercy Hospital in San Diego, CA.


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