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30 September, 2010

Heat Wave in Russia Caused by Cloudbusting in Algeria

By Joel Carlinsky

Dr. Richard Blasband and Dr. Barbara Koopman, both past presidents of the American College of Orgonomy, and both practicing medical orgonomists, are both students of a Russian psychic healer, Nicolai Levashov, whose methods they have both wholeheartedly endorsed in numerous public statements. Dr. Blasband has done a lot of cloudbusting in past years, though he seems to have given it up since he became involved with Levashov.

One must wonder, though, why he has not informed his mentor of some rather obvious facts that would have prevented Levashov from making this embarrassing claim in a newspaper interview in his native Russia. In the interview, posted on his website, Levashov says the recent heat wave and drought in Russia was intentionally caused by the United States government, using secret electromagnetic weather control technology. He says the motive was to cause a famine in Russia to force Russia to buy gentically modified grain from America which had been modified to cause sterility in future generations of Russians.

Dr. Blasband must know there is no such secret weather control technology and no such American government plot. He knows this because he is a friend of the group that caused the heat wave. He has been in frequent contact with them. They are based in Berlin, Germany, and are engaged in a "desert greening" project in Algeria. There is nothing at all secret about this project. They have a website and are actively seeking to publicize it.

This group of Blasband's friends have a cloudbuster at an oasis in the desert in Algeria. They are trying to create a farming colony there, using the cloudbuster to bring rain into the area. The way they have been doing this has successfully resulted in rain in their area, but as a side-effect has pushed the hot dry air mass that is normally over the Sahara Desert northward to Europe, whence it moved Eastward until it was over Russia, causing the unprecedented heat wave in Russia. An examination of the weather maps for the summer shows clearly where the hot air mass came from.

This accidental side-effect of the Algerian cloudbusting project is the true cause of the disaster in Russia, not any "secret government weather-control plot" by the United States. Why does Dr. Blasband not so inform his mentor?

It may sound a bit paranoid of me, it may perhaps be a conspiracy-theory, but I can think of only one reason for his silence on the subject: Maybe Dr. Blasband would rather let the U.S. government take the rap for the heat wave in the eyes of the public than to expose his Algerian friends as the real cause of the sufferings of the Russian people.

The article/interview can be found here:

Tatiana Aliokhina

Anti-Russian Anticyclone: Who ordered the deadly summer?
Nicolai Levashov’s interview for the newspaper The President
The infernal heat, fires and smog of summer 2010 in Russia were more like that of a huge crematorium gas chamber than a unique natural disaster when the temperature broke all records. How can the apocalyptic summer weather of 2010 be explained?
A bit of history

In 1977 the UN adopted the convention on the prohibition of "environmental warfare" using means which would impact on the environment, and artificial stimulation to effect climate change. The USSR and USA also concluded an agreement to cease development in this area but they nonetheless continued under the guise of scientific research.

Recently declassified documents show that even in the seventies the USA and USSR entered into an unprecedented climate control arms race. Documents of the National Archives of the British government show that in the seventies both superpowers seriously suspected each other of preparing for "climate war" and both had secret military programs to control the global climate. Weather forecasting became an integral part of the secret services according to Leo Carlin, the Rector of the Hydro-meteorological University. So, economic droughts and political floods may well become part of the weather forecasts in the 21st century. The climate becomes an economic and national security field and "climate weapons" the most guarded state secret...

Read the article

28 September, 2010

A hypnotic time out with Iona Miller

Art and voice by Iona Miller.

Welcome to my world--a world ensouled and enlivened by imagery. A world of the seemingly familiar, yet peculiarly mysterious.

In our modern culture every image, mundane or divine, has been used and abused. In the Postmodern Era there is no new iconography. In imagery and art, there is nothing new under the Sun. Everything which can be used from religion, myth and symbolism has been used and can only be recycled -- recycled like these collaged images from the trash-heap of society. The materials for these images was literally someone's garbage. My task was therefore, as usual, trying to turn "lead into gold."

Here, in this animated world, images are lovingly juxtaposed with their complements and opposites. Some images just want to "live together." The familiar is combined with the mysterious, reflecting a unique surrealistic vision. Reflectaphors, or reflective metaphors, repeat themselves in each image or poster, as well as jump from image to image--i.e. they echo themes among the various pieces as the series unfolds itself in self-similar fashion, like the iterations of fractals.

So, Anima Mundi bids you welcome and acts as our tour-guide or hostess. She coaxes you deeper into the labyrinth of desire and fulfillment, where each of you can find your own resonance, the imagery which speaks the loudest or clearest, or beguiles with the mere whisper.

To experience psychic reality means to be in soul, in the realm of the imagination, as if interacting with its inhabitants and locales. Inner visionary experience, be it wrathful or beatific, is an expression of soul. Through images the unconscious affects our worldview, health and relationships. Soul is the middle world between gross materiality and the spiritual world.

Matter, spirit, and ego fight over the soul. Yet soul is a primary experience, virtually our only way of being. Each wants its unique fantasy to reign uppermost. So, the first task is to distinguish soul from spirit, so the body may unite with and be enlivened by both.

This is a psychological approach to art and life--giving voice to soul, living life as art. It means the return of a subjective feminine eye on reality. It means the enlivening of our bodies and the world of nature with imagination. When we see soul as the background of all phenomena, we becoming aware of the animating principle and develop a relationship with Her.

All images arise either from body processes (instinct) or psychic forms (spirit). Whether instinct-controlled or spirit-controlled, they are related to physiological processes. They appear psychologically as images, but work physiologically. They produce emotional or visceral aspects, but not in any causal way. The images don't produce reactions. The image is the entire psychophysical gestalt.

The soul generates images unceasingly. The soul lives on images and metaphor, especially epistemological metaphors--how we know what we know. These images form the basis of our consciousness. All we can know comes through images, through our multi-sensory perceptions. So, this soul always stays close to the body, close to corporeality, to what "matters."

Let the images come into your body. Embrace the image.

27 September, 2010

Are the Weather Rangers Outlaws?

"If the weather rangers can save lives by operating the machine they have justification to do it regardless of what anyone else thinks. It is no one Else's responsibility. As we test and find out more from the machine under controlled conditions we will find a safe way and the feasibility of it will become more clear." – Ashtweth Palise

Are the Weather Rangers Outlaws?

Response by Joel Carlinsky

This is from a member of the Weather Rangers. I do not know if it is official Weather Rangers policy or just the opinion of this one individual, but if it is not a policy that the Weather Rangers group as a whole has decided upon, they should lose no time in repudiating such a statement.

The statement admits the process is not yet safe, but claims the right to endanger the public by use of an unsafe technology in the hope it will be possible to make it safe. This amounts to conducting potentially risky experiments on the public atmosphere, thus forcing unsuspecting members of the public to be unwitting experimental subjects without their having given their consent. This is a human rights violation that is prohibited by International Law and the laws of every country on earth.

Contrary to what many people may think, there are laws that regulate weather modification. They were intended to cover cloudseeding, but are usually worded in such a way that any method of weather modification would be included, even methods not yet invented at the times the laws were passed.

In the United States, all weather modifcation operators are required to file a notice with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ten days before the start of an operation.

It is illegal under the Endangered Species Act to do anything that will affect the habitat of a species on the Endangered Species List.

It is a violation of the National Environmental Policy Act to conduct a project that will affect the environment without giving advance public notice and having some means in place for members of the public to comment.

It is a violation of the Wilderness Act to alter the "pristine character" of a designated Wilderness Area.

In addition, some states have laws that either ban weather modification or regulate it. Some require that operators carry sufficient insurance to guarentee compensation to anyone whose property is harmed by their operations. And a large body of case law exists in which the courts have consistantly uphelp the liability of cloudseeders for any damages they cause.

Do the Weather Rangers have a formal position on the issue of what their policy is if their operations conflict with environmental protection laws? Most of them are law-abiding citizens, not normally given to breaking laws. And most of them profess concern for the environment, so breaking environmental protection laws should be particularly repellant to them, quite aside from any possible legal punishment.

It might be a good idea for the Weather Rangers to consult a lawyer before they decide to conduct any further experimentation that carries the risk of both criminal and civil liability. If they were to, say, divert a storm from one area to another, and if people were harmed in the area to which they had diverted it, they might find that a claim to have "saved lives" in the area which might otherwise have been struck might not serve to exonerate them in court.

Of course, the legal establishment is not likely to prosecute at this time, though if the Weather Rangers were ever to succeed in getting the weather-control technology they use accepted by official science, that would change. But there is a very realistic matter of how the part of the public that does believe their device works shall regard them, as well as a question of how they want to be able to regard themselves.

If they are willing to be regarded as an outlaw group, protected by the fact that since their method is unrecognized by official science, they can violate laws without fear of punishment, they should state that clearly on their website for all to see. Anything less in a group that is trying to obtain funding for anything is defrauding their potential donors.

Mr. Palise is not one of the leaders of the Weather Rangers. The people in the group with the most influence are David Wells, who invented the device, Alberto Feliciano, and Sterling Alan. They are the ones who hold the positions that count in the Weather Rangers. It is up to them to set the policy and decide if the Weather Rangers are a law-abiding group of responsible citizens conducting scientific experimentation in an ethical way or an outlaw band who willfully ignore important laws intended for the protection of our environment.

To Leaders of the Weather Rangers: what about it? Does Ash Palise speak for you on this issue? So far, he is the only Weather Ranger to have spoken, so unless there is some public statement setting forth the position of the group on if they obey environmental protection laws or not, it must be assumed that he does.

The Weather Rangers website:

26 September, 2010

My Story is an American State Secret

On the 5th of July 2010 I spent about half an hour visiting with two very polite regional policemen [Mossos] at my door. What I said and what the policemen said and, what I did not say, causes reflection

Ostensibly, the police were looking for someone else and I was able to truthfully state I had no knowledge of the wanted person. But in the course of the conversation and our interactions, one thing became very clear. The [professionally courteous and pleasant] police were here to take my information

I made no secret of the fact I am unregistered in Spain, and I made it clear I had no intention of registering with immigration or applying for residency. The police copied my passport information, questioned me about further details that would confirm my identity, reported in with their radio my information and had me sign a statement to the effect I had lived in my present apartment “for more or less one year, to be provided to the judge” who wanted to know who lived at this apartment

I told the policemen I doubted I was officially wanted for “writing wicked political satire” and simply felt at present time I had no better place to stay, that I am a well behaved guest in their country, and I do not advantage of their social services and spend only my own money. The police stated to me they did not think my stay in Catalonia under the circumstance would be a problem, and they left

But my stay here is a problem [click on the title above, to read more..]

19 September, 2010

17 September, 2010

911 Prescience

"Live Scenes From New York is a 3 disc live album by progressive metal band Dream Theater, recorded on August 30, 2000. It was originally released on September 11, 2001 but when it was noted that the cover artwork depicted the skyline of New York, including the twin towers of the World Trade Center in flames, it was recalled and re-released a short time later."

09 September, 2010

Native American Ethics Relationship to Quantum Theory

Sioux leader Red Tomahawk on western science: "The knowledge and use of any or all the powers of the objects on Earth around us is as liable to lead a man wrong as to lead him right. It is merely power, with no way of knowing how to use it correctly … unless Woniya [Spirit] is with a man's spirit for the light."

The ancient native world diagnosed 'ego' as a mental illness and it is safe to say the ancient native mentality was an ethical 'persona' as opposed to a modern western ego based personality. To tell a lie was a concept that could not be grasped in the western sense. Compare this to the modern people who often do not even realize when they are lying to someone or being lied to, or most frightening, are not aware of when they might be lying to themselves, in a culture based on the self deceit of ego [individual self image]

We can throw all the self deceit of ego’s love in western psychology at evil [in a morals based system] and get nowhere without ethics

Ethics is the avenue to a real or tangible love, ethical relationships with our surroundings in nature [precluding greed], and applied ethics with our fellow man and our neighbors is the only avenue to peace.

Heads in the sand allow western social stupidities to go on and is why we are sinking as a society, generating the 'terror' we are subjected to whether the terror of radicalized people resulting from policy of sustained economic development or the state terror of the policy enforcement mechanisms such as ‘renditions’ [chicken or egg, which came first?]

The new age quantum mechanics ‘love and light’ crowd who think we can love our way into a new reality (never gonna happen) with a simple change in our heads are deluded. In fact all the love and light people on the planet are just accountable as Dick Cheney [and in a way just as self deceived and spiritually ugly] for our doom in a sense of string theory [karma] when they don't put their lives on the line for our future in a sense of ethics or busting their butts in some way to make the stupid stuff stop from this end-

When the western people figure out anthro-centric [western science which is a religion in its own right, or the capital 'I' in English, examples given] is by far the greater self-deceit than any native anthropomorphism, we might get on track and begin to understand 'stupid is as stupid does' in the big picture

Our plundering other societies is just now 'a case of the chickens coming home to roost' that every man woman and child in the USA is being held 'accountable' [never mind 'responsibility', they ARE different words and might as well be differnt worlds] in a native sense of string theory, if you have enjoyed the elevated wealth tied to the plunder, you are accountable to the consequence, personal responsibility notwithstanding. You pump gas? String theory in quantum mechanics has you in its grip, and there is no escape except to make personal sacrifice towards us all working together untying from that particular web ruled by string theory's rule as postulated by Jesus: ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’

It is as simple as a medicine man or Jesus saying “You must be like children in your understanding” which does not serve the purpose of any scientist, or any Thomas Aquinus or St Augustine who were ethical midgets by comparison to the truly simple and humble people known as ‘primitives’ in anthropology

Female intelligence particularly, psychological androgyny generally, and integrated spiritual concept [related to the preceding] -all relate to original ethical concept in Native American thought and philosophy which has been both: metaphorically and literally destroyed [in translation] by western civilization's science and education which are social-morals based in monotheism [something the ancient native culture is not]

In the 1920s it was noted by scientists the native languages easily described processes in the new quantum mechanics, something western languages were struggling with. Native American languages have many hundreds of gender which are actually varying degrees of androgyny, a reality inconceivable to nearly all western thinkers with their he, she and gender neutral in the paternal hierarchal order whose reality is shaped by language of ‘I’ and trapped in its western mentality as postulated by Benjamin Whorf [Chomsky had it wrong]

The ancient native mentality is perfectly suited to know the phenomena of quantum mechanics with its language foundation in observing processes in nature. Native 'spiritual' concept is a mistranslation of a high ethics [not morals] system, free of fear, guilt or shame- all based on principled ethical relationships with our natural surroundings. It is not at all about right and wrong, rather it is about what works and what does not work. It really is as simple as that, what works as opposed to what does not work is the Native ethics in a nutshell, versus the fear, guilt and shame motivated western morality with its false forgiveness excusing accountability which has not, does not and never will make the necessary corrections for survival

Quantum mechanics does not care about the individual by its very nature. Native America has attempted to tell the western world this most simple of seminal facts for 500 years: “It’s all related” -a thing simple and beautiful persons like Pat Kennedy or Chief Joseph or Heavy Runner or Tecumseh did not know how to explain to complicated, unhappy and self centered people, i.e. ‘whitemen’

Yet these ‘primitives’ are the people who produced brilliant tacticians like Joseph and medicine men like Wolf Robe, men who performed miracles equal to some of those ascribed to Jesus, with native ethics based training in quantum theory demonstrating intelligence in a manner any lab or particle smasher will never come close to replicating. People who would not harm a stem of a single blade of grass if it could be avoided, let alone smash atoms, people who look at the technology induced malignancy of today's planet and see the source of that malignancy in the western mentality of 'I'

Chippewa leader Rising Sun on western science: "The 'scientific view' is inadequate to explain … how man is to find and know a road along which he wishes and chooses to make this said progress unless Manitoo by his spirit guides the mind of man, keeping human beings just and generous and hospitable."

Rising Sun, speaking as an elderly man in 1918, WAS NOT speaking solely or even primarily of human relationships with fellow humans, and as a western ‘I’ thinker, that would not have even occurred to you, were one to be perfectly honest with oneself

08 September, 2010

5 To Go

"Following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, there are now only five nations in the world left without a Rothschild owned central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya. Interestingly, the satellite state of Israel, more commonly known as the United States government, chooses to refer to these countries as "rogue nations". --Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

02 September, 2010

Libertarians: Obama is shockingly pro-war

America’s third largest political party is shocked by Barack O’Bomber’s war policies. Let’s make the third largest party the winning party! [Note: Iraq had a sustainable modern society before we bombed it to smithereens.]

Press Release, September 2, 2010

Libertarians: Obama is shockingly pro-war

WASHINGTON - Following President Obama's "end of our combat mission" speech, Libertarian Party chairman Mark Hinkle released this statement:

"President Obama needs to stop lying. In his speech, he repeated the ridiculous and false claim that the U.S. combat mission is over in Iraq. He seems to think that if he keeps talking about the war in a nice way, then the war isn't really happening. Unfortunately, even though President Obama is the one person on Earth with the authority to withdraw the U.S. military from Iraq, he has chosen instead to keep over 50,000 troops there, risking their lives, and bleeding American taxpayers.

"The Republicans in Congress are just as bad. They have consistently failed to own up to the terrible financial impact of these wars, all the while claiming that they want to cut government. They want to nit-pick Obama's past statements about the war, but in fact they should be showering him with praise for doing exactly what they want.

"This war has been a shameful failure from the beginning. But even if the U.S. military could impose a sustainable modern democracy on Iraq, it would in no way be worth the hundreds of billions of dollars, and thousands of American lives, lost in the process. The Bush-Obama War in Iraq has done nothing to safeguard the rights of Americans -- on the contrary, it has probably made Americans less safe, and certainly poorer.

"The purpose of the U.S. armed forces is to defend the territory of the United States, not to re-engineer foreign societies. Contrary to his rhetoric before being elected, the president has proven himself to be shockingly pro-war. In addition to sustaining the American war presence in Iraq, he has greatly escalated the War in Afghanistan. Just like his predecessor, Obama believes that government force is the answer to everything."

The Libertarian Party platform states under "3.3 International Affairs": "American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements. We would end the current U.S. government policy of foreign intervention, including military and economic aid."

For more information, or to arrange an interview, call LP Executive Director Wes Benedict at 202-333-0008 ext. 222.

The LP is America's third-largest political party, founded in 1971. The Libertarian Party stands for free markets and civil liberties. You can find more information on the Libertarian Party at our website.

What a Wonderful War?

Keith Olbermann and Jeremy Scahill respond to neo-con revisionist, Barack O'Bomber, after he thanks George Bush for the wonderful war.

"These people want to post some kind of false flag of victory on the corpses of all who have died in Iraq because of their decisions... They shouldn't be able to leave their houses without being confronted with the death and destruction that their lies caused."

Yes. Agreed.

Documentary: Just Say No

The Gulf War produced an historic level of military resistance in a very short time.

What will happen to the conscientious objectors and the hundreds of dissenting GIs in Germany who went AWOL rather than go to the desert?

This program highlights military resisters and their families: from North Carolina to Frankfort, Germany and an inside look at the underground railroad of support in Western Europe.

See video at:

Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions

Scott Horton Interviews Joy Gordon

Joy Gordon, author of Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions, discusses the comprehensive sanctions imposed on Iraq in the 1990s that killed 500,000 children, the US led effort to literally starve Iraq by cutting off food importation, how the Gulf War and subsequent sanctions destroyed Iraq’s modern infrastructure and prevented rebuilding, contradictory US and UN policies on rewarding compliance of Security Council resolutions and how the US “reverse veto” power guaranteed the sanctions would never be lifted while Saddam Hussein remained in power.

Interview here: