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16 December, 2013

I have no new conspiracy news. Sorry. But, how but that NSA and the internet and TOR and all that good stuff, eh? Riots. Protests. Bad weather. I mean, really bad weather. Snow in Cairo. Apparently Gaza is taking an icy bath right now. Here in Pennsylvania, we hardly get snow anymore. An inch or two of slushy mush and that's it. Used to be knee deep and ski-able...

But I have nothing new to offer, we've seen it all. Snowden blew the cap off of things, and I guess there is more to come. Contractual employment agreements were broken, probably premeditated, so I don't know that this guy is a hero or not, but he blew the trumpet, that's for sure. And, I got to tell my annoying friends and family, "Dudes, I told you so."

I've grown optimistic despite all the ugly in the world. Not optimistic of my day to day, or my personal future, but for the  whole of humanity. I figure, Nature is gonna blast us into 1 B.C., and we can rebuild from there. Someone should leave a time capsule of comic books. The archaeologists of the future may think we really had Superman.

That is in the future though. For now, we all must survive. Some of us aren't protesters or hacktivists or leaders or philanthropists. You know, like Angelina Jolie. Some of us are. I'm not. Because I spoke up once and got my psychology all fucked up. Pardon my french. I needed a word and the F-bomb makes great filler.

How many of you are all twisted in the head from caring too much about conspiracy? Can you care too much? What happens if everyone felt the same way, and one by one nobody cared at all? What if Penn Jillette read this out-loud to you? That would be fantastic.

I don't know what to say to you. I feel compelled to type and post. Almost an unnatural compulsion, external. I mean, don't give up. That much is sure, I never suggest quitting the fight against oppression and tyranny. Or even simply the Resistance Against The Stupid, anywhere stupid people are found. No, I insist the fight go on! Smite the dumb... who apparently always end up being my boss or something.

But, I also think things are far, far too far gone on a scale that doesn't get fixed with group action. I think it's time to heal self and family. Unplug. Seriously, do the tune in turn on drop out thing, without all of the drugs and smelly hair.

We can't take the internet back because we never had it. You can't safely install anonymizing software from sources on the clearnet to go to the "deepweb", as the mainstream media gave everyone the links for just a few months ago, as well as the promise that you can buy guns drugs cp and a hitman or join anonymous. Go download TOR..... Now, you are in the real deepweb of the current struggle for supremecy of the net. Using the NSA's tool for wrangling everyone in and installing their botnet of modern McCarthy. "Are you now, or have you ever been...  a free thinker?" Doh! And, your computer is owned. Or, should I say pwned? Pew, pewpew. Yeah, all that good stuff.

Turn them all off...

And, while we are trying to learn to live like a human again, some of us may actually be screwed in the head. I am. There's help for that, and it's all organic. See, turns out... Many so-called conspiracy theorists were right. The food, water and air and society are toxic and harming humans at a genetic level. The government is a corporation, and the world is it's dumping ground. We are in danger. Bad shit is going down. Some of us got what They call PTSD. I have a theory as to why this distinction is reserved for a few particular traumas and not readily recognized for all traumas such as;

Are you a special person with unique mental and physical characteristics, highly evolved just not in a hollywood fashion? Were you taught in Pavlovian institutions, with your psyche shattered into pieces of useless and controllable parts with different periods and bells and subjects and discipline for being alive and free? Were you later diagnosed with this and that, given tons of pills, became frail and complacent on the quest to "recovery" through god and the group and the good old perscription pad? You strung out on Zoloft and Questrin and high fructose cornsyrup and suffering neuropathy and various "phantom disorders"?  Are you usually right, but people around you either can't accept it or resent it? Do you have allergies? Do you read dumb ass websites about indigo children and why you should join Cult A, B, or C? Government sweating you? Microchip maybe in your head, back, tooth, hand, foot or groin? Do you meet special people along the way, who tell you you are special, and you want to believe them?

Are you eating cheetos, naked, in a beanbag? I hope not.

It's poisoning us, this life. We suffer at a level deeper than the deepweb we hope hides the secret page to our salvation. We are dying. No magic bullet. No poster. No mask. No pill. None of these things can save us...

We are not special, or freaks. Simply evolving and adapting, aka mutating to survive. Some people are showing signs of reemergence of long dormant traits, ones so strange that people call them magic, ADD, or "gifted". These people, us.. People like you and me and that guy with the cheetos that hasn't really regained his composure after getting called out... We are sick because we have been trying to use poison to fix ourselves. We are enemies because we can't be broken, ranked and filed. I don't actually get that. I don't hurt anyone, but I'm bad? But, what about....? Oh, nevermind. We know what they do with batons and sanctions and bullets and chains.

There is too much to juggle, too many points of entry for disagreeable energy and action to enter into lives. The only way out of the algorithim is to subtract yourself from the equation. Apps will be the death of you. IF there really are retraining camps getting readied for us, you will make it easy to classify you. Unitil you unplug. Heal. You can only heal in silence. You can only fight if you are strong. Own this world. It's all we have. I would like to suggest one more thing. Do it NOW. Gain mental sovereignty before totalitarianism wins by default.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?