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19 November, 2009

Robert Eringer v. Principality of Monaco


Santa Barbara, California (November 19, 2009)
Re: Robert Eringer v. Principality of Monaco

Robert Eringer has today filed a lawsuit against the Principality of Monaco for breach of contract and fraud in Santa Barbara Superior Court. Eringer alleges that he provided intelligence services to Monaco and its Sovereign, Prince Albert, and thereafter was not paid.

This is the second lawsuit filed by Eringer related to this claim. Eringer was forced to withdraw his first lawsuit against Prince Albert, after the Prince invoked head-of-state immunity, a defense used by dictators around the world to avoid accountability in U.S. courts. Hence this lawsuit, in which Eringer names the nation-state of Monaco as a defendant on the basis that Prince Albert acted on behalf of Monaco in his dealings with Eringer. Working as the Prince’s Spymaster in Monaco for five-and-a-half years, Eringer was instructed by the Principality’s Sovereign to investigate government officials for corruption and to investigate prominent Monaco residents engaged in money laundering, arms dealing, and influence peddling, with a view to improving Monaco’s standing within the international community.

Details of Eringer’s work can be found in his Verified Complaint against Prince Albert (copy available at Eringer swore under oath to the truthfulness of allegations in that Complaint. It went un-contested by Prince Albert, who has hidden behind a cloak of immunity.

During his tenure as Spymaster in Monaco, Eringer reported directly to Prince Albert. Consequently, Albert is the main source of credible testimony to admit or deny Eringer’s allegations.

We expect Monaco’s attorneys to use every technical and procedural trick to avoid engaging the substance of this case in court. We also expect unsubstantiated attacks on Eringer’s character and motive.

Nonetheless, we persevere in the interest of a just resolution. All that truly matters is that which is said under oath, and we look forward to such testimony from Monaco’s representatives.

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The Prince, the PI, and the On-Again-Off-Again Lawsuit
Mark Hosenball

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