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15 January, 2010

iONic Update

Starting on Wed., Jan.20, Dr. Carolyn Dean, Ion, and Bob Neveritt will be guests on's CASH FLOW for 3 hours each week - from 2pm-5pm EST.

Achieveradio itself has been picked up by so we will have a wider audience.

Below is a comment from a new listener which inspires us to keep broadcasting:

[My first time tuning in live --- I can see why there would be an audience for a 3 hour program --- really "great stuff" --- from explanations and definitions of the "other side of the veil" to "time" etc. all delivered in fun, funny, clever, rapid word play with Carolyn Dean and Bob Neveritt as great foils to the truly Incredible Ion with his great insights (pun intended)! Ion is also a punster and I can also see that he has a great sense of humor and the ability to put everything into perspective. And, so much wisdom to impart! Could talk for hours on subject of "contrasts" alone. A better program could not have been scripted minute by minute!]

Remember, iON ("a zillion entities from the Guf") just showed up 10 months ago.

With iON, there is only one rule: THERE ARE NO RULES.

Bob Dobbs

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