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10 February, 2010



-- Avatar Obama by Don Grabau


by Don Grabau

The bad news is, everybody knows what the bad news is. Everybody (that is, anybody who has even a touch of human empathy) feels depressed, abused, and powerless to stop what's going on all around the planet. The good news is that all the leaders of Western Democracy are being exposed as the Fascist Dictators they actually are while simultaneously being caught with their collective fingers deep in the pockets of Global Corporations and Banks. Money and Power perpetually lure busy hands into hot pockets out of deeply repressed and grotesquely distorted sexual impulses. Welcome to the World Wide Orgy of the Filthy Rich, and keep in mind that their Orgies always end in mutual cannibalism.

We don't have to eat the rich, all we have to do is survive their incoming renewed Reign Of Terror until they consume each other. And the only way to survive this acceleratingly evil onslaught is to WITNESS it, to be consciously aware of it, to NAME it and talk about it with each other. Our very survival depends upon honestly overcoming our passivity and silence by telling each other what we see, what we understand, and what we feel. There's a touch of Wall Street and even Goldman Sachs in every family, no?

Yep, it's Petronius and his debauched Satyricon back for yet another run at the global box office! The Imperial Puppet Prince of Corporate America has openly embraced the Code of Machiavelli and is gleefully torturing (even now as you read) and eagerly unleashing the deadly 'Hounds Of War' upon the common people, the good and innocent workers of the World...and their children!

As Prince Obama has no compassion for the "foreign" kids he slaughters with his expensive drones, his Blackwater mercenaries, and his toxic uranium in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine, he will likewise have no compassion for American children here at home. His LIES are LEGION and his legislated impoverishment of common American workers and their children promises to have no limits. He is, at home in America, applying the same deceptive techniques he employed in his Oslo speech.

Remember, folks, PLUTO deals with CLANDESTINE POWER, with PLUTOCRACY (America has been a Plutocracy since its founding) and with the following list of astrological aspects unfolding over the next several years that indicate the initial CLANDESTINE PLUTOCRACY that is America is due to be revealed, to be uncovered in roughh, raw and violent ways.

Let's begin here with several basic astrological facts as follows:

1) ... Transiting SATURN IN LIBRA 1980; Ronald Reagan, -LAST USA SATURN CYCLE.
IRAN-CONTRA black ops; Saturn enters Libra September 1980, leaves August 1983.

2) ... Transiting SATURN IN LIBRA 2009; Barack Obama, -CURRENT USA SATURN CYCLE
Obama Years: Saturn enters Libra October 2009 leaves October 2012.

3) ... Threefold Transiting USA SATURN RETURN exact dates:
Dec 3, 2010; Mar 22, 2011 (RX: RETROGRADE MOTION); Aug 28 2011.

FIVE OPPOSITIONS of PLUTO to Natal USA VENUS occur, here are the exact dates: March 8 2009, (RX) May 2 2009, Dec 26 2009, (RX) Aug 8 2010, Oct 19 2010.

So, what do these astrological facts amount to? Well, the USA is about to repeat the Reagan/Saturn cycle of "benign" Conservativism which means more money for the super wealthy, fewer regulations and constraints on the rich, devaluation of honest work, exaltation of and increased police enforcement for the Royal Office of the President, and massively mounting troubles for unions and all the working poor. It was Ronald Regan whose policies TRIPLED the US National debt!

Saturn, after all is the symbol of Authority and the force of Contraction. In the birth chart of the USA Saturn rules the Second House of Money and Income because it rules the astrological sign of Capricorn which controls that house. Capricorn, in turn, is the sign of business and politics; it's the symbolic energy-field of the norms established through the lowest common denominator of political-financial authority. It's always a stand-in for what we know as the "status-quo".

Hence, in a meaningful sense we can say that a Nation's "Saturn Return" is the Return of that Nation's Status-Quo as well as the Power of its Oligarchical "Upper-Class"! Those holding Power seek to entrench themselves by holding on to that Power resisting all efforts to share it or let it out of their Control. It favors AUTHORITARIANISM; Police, Pentagon, Federal Reserve, Presidential Executive Office, Army, Corporate CEO Officers, Rulers of all kinds, and STRICTER FORMALISM in Society. Mind your manners, children, or your "President" (by way of Israel's Rahm Emmanuel) will have to spank you hard!

Then there is this previously mentioned little matter of the recently 'demoted' planet, PLUTO.

PLUTO is the symbol of extreme, absolute, catabolic POWER. It is Death and Wealth as Power. Please let those thoughts/realities seep into your field of conscious AWARENESS!

Our Nation, the USA, is preparing for its FIRST PLUTO RETURN, which will occur in the year 2022. But before Pluto reaches the position in Capricorn ( 27+ degrees), which it occupied at America's birth, it will OPPOSE USA Natal VENUS 5 times as cited above, it will oppose USA Natal JUPITER three times, then USA SUN five times, and finally USA MERCURY three times. Following are the exact dates:

Exact Jan 17 2011, Exact Jul 8 2011 Rx Retrograde, Exact Nov 20 2011.

2) ... Fivefold Transiting PLUTO OPPOSITION NATAL USA SUN:
Exact Mar 14 2014, Exact May 17 2014 RX Retrograde, Exact Jan 5 2015, Exact Aug 17 2015 RX Retrograde, Exact Nov 1 2015.

Exact Feb 27 2020, Exact Jun 26 2020, RX Retrograde; Exact Jan 1 2021.

We are looking at real mayhem here, at murder, war, and financial upheaval of cataclysmic proportions all wrapped in the secrecy of covert PLUTO POWER. In the USA we are looking at the likely outbreak of another "Civil War", at Marshall Law, at a Police State. Those of us willing to look "reality" in the face know that this process became fairly inevitable after the US Government's assassination of JFK in 1963, and that the FALSE FLAG operations of 911 signified the final phase of the collapse of any pretence of "democracy" in America.

All these transits constitute a veritable Earthquake of Pluto erupting in, under, and through America, which will leave nothing the way it has been, but will entirely dismantle and break up the familiar "face" of the Nation.

This Earthquake began its rumbles and tremors this year 2009, but does not cease its quaking until 2022. We're looking at a 13 year long upheaval, a global volcanic eruption, or a total "pole shift" or anything else we want to call it -- so long as we realize all these phrases are METAPHORS for some Collective Event(s) erupting from the Raw, Catabolic (breaking down) POWER of Pluto.

It is the daily, widespread activity of the Lord of Death, Destruction, and Hidden Power. Our job, if we want to survive Pluto's "eruption" is to become CONSCIOUS of it and try to direct or cajole its FORCE into some kind of Creative channels. Nobody escapes the final Power of DEATH, none of us ever gets out of here alive. Life culminates in Death as we insist on living it here on Earth, and if we are "religious" or "spiritual" we know or imagine or just prefer to pretend that there is another "life" after death, and a better one. When we look at Pluto in this way we speak of the "Ressurection" which we hope or pretend or fully assert must follow Death. So, we call Pluto Death & Rebirth, the Power of Ressurection.

Barack Obama (who ran for President by exploiting Pluto's theme of radical change and Ressurrection while loudly proclaiming 'Hope' and 'Change') has informed us all, during his soul-curdling acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, that "evil does exist in the world" and he should know because he literally embodies the EVIL he speaks and will continue to see it in the mirror every morning for the rest of his un-natural life.

Don Grabau is Starpath Visions at

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