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06 May, 2010

Weather Control Vs. Planet Earth

The Weather Rangers

By Joel Carlinsky

My recent series of messages expressing concern about the prospect of weather control technology being misused to interfere with normal atmospheric metabolism brought me a number of angry responses from some readers who seem not to understand the point I was trying to make. Most of them seemed to think any weather that kills people or harms their crops is bad weather and should be prevented. Some of them expanded the list of bad weather conditions to include any weather that destroys other property as well.

This attitude is short-sighted. It is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the atmosphere. People who evaluate anything the atmosphere does according to how it affects human life and property in the short term fail to recognize that the atmosphere is not just a non-living inanimate mass of non-living gases. It is a well-organized system of closely-related components that work together just as the components of a living organism do. Interference with the functioning of the system in any one part can seriously disrupt the entire system.

The atmosphere has a metabolism just as a living organism does. In the normal course of this metabolism, a certain amount of the atmospheric energy is processed through a series of stages, cycling from lively, moving OR to DOR, to water, and back again, and forming the main components of the atmosphere along the way. The nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen that are the basic gases in the atmosphere are formed as a result of this process of atmospheric metabolism.

It is not just an accidental coincidence that these elements are also the main elements found in the living organism. Living organisms are a part of the atmospheric processes. The general vitality of all living things in an area depends to a very great degree on the functioning of the biological energy field to which they are exposed. Normal weather and normal health are both parts of the same underlying phenomenon.

Weather becomes stuck in a state of chronic drought when excess DOR builds up in an area. If the DOR situation goes on long enough, the drought become permanent and the area becomes a desert. This is not only a question of rainfall. Desert life-forms show biological characteristics typical of deserts, quite aside from those associated with less water. In many species, including humans, this can extend to behavioral characteristics as well as morphological ones.

Strong circulatory storm systems such as hurricanes and tornadoes are a self-healing reaction by the living atmospheric energy to clean itself of DOR and bring back the mobility of the normal moving atmospheric energy. When there is a lot of DOR around, a strong movement is triggered, usually in the form of a tornado, that reverses the stagnation and afterwards the atmosphere and the biosphere both are functioning far better.

There has always been some DOR. It is a natural part of the metabolic cycle of both atmosphere and organism. But in the last 60-odd years, the amount of DOR has been vastly increased by the advent of nuclear technology on this planet. Both nuclear explosions and more slowly, but just as inexorably, nuclear power plants, produce huge amounts of DOR. To a lesser, but still significant degree, any electromagnetic technology does the same. Deforestation of large areas and the damning of large rivers also contribute significantly to the stagnation of the atmospheric energy.

As a result, the normal atmosphere is increasingly hard pressed to cope with this ongoing assault, and an increase in strong storms is the result as the atmospheric energy tries to clean itself and remain capable of functioning. Any interference with this self-healing response by any technological means would be extremely ill-advised since the re-mobilization of the atmospheric energy is vital to metabolism of all living things as well as being the only process by which the atmosphere can return to normal behavior over the long term.

The mechanistic conception of the atmosphere as dead, inanimate, and nothing but a non-living mass of gases that just happens to do whatever it does at random, without any coordinated purpose or over-all organization is a reflection of the dead and deadened biosystem of the mechanists, who are unable to feel the life energy in their own bodies and project their lack of life sensations onto the cosmos via theories of a non-living natural world. These theories of a dead, non-living atmosphere mislead mechanistic thinkers into the idea that intervention in the interests of preventing "bad weather" can do no harm.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Halting the healing process of the atmosphere to prevent short-term highly-localized damage from storms will inevitably end up causing far more damage than any number of storms could ever cause. Carried far enough, such well-intended but ignorant tampering could spell the ultimate death of the atmosphere of the earth.

The Reich cloudbuster is the only effective means of purposeful intervention in atmospheric behavior. The attempts by cloudseeders to augment precipitation by adding condensation nuclei to selected clouds have failed to produce any convincing evidence even after over 60 years of trying. And while several unorthodox inventors have made exaggerated claims for various electromagnetic devices purported to "control weather", none have ever done any better. An understanding of the orgone energy field of the earth and how it underlies all atmospheric behavior conclusively rules out any possibility of anyone ever inventing any electromagnetic method of effective weather control.

So I am not really too concerned at some deluded crackpots like the so-called "Weather Rangers", who claim to be able to control weather with some electrical device really being able to do any harm. All they could possibly do with any such device is just what all other electromagnetic technology does; add a little bit to the total amount of DOR in the world and make the over-all condition of the atmosphere just a little bit worse.

But what is dangerous about these people is not their bogus and ineffective technology, but their mechanistic attitude. They are setting a horrendous precedent. If at some future date some such irresponsible group like the Weather Rangers were ever to start using real cloudbusters instead of the crackpot equipment these deluded cranks are using, the world could be in very bad trouble indeed.

That is why I thought the ignorance and misconceptions on which the Weather Rangers are basing their actions should be exposed and contrasted to the healing practice of atmospheric medicine with the cloudbuster as advocated by Reich and those who understand the proper use of the cloudbuster to help a damaged atmosphere return to healthy self-regulation.

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