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01 June, 2010

Gulf evacuation plans

I received the following in an email. Thought I should spread the word:

Greg Evensen is a former Oklahoma state trooper, very reliable. Anyone within a thousand miles of the Gulf of Mexico needs to listen to every word of this. Don't be put off by the religious tone of this; the info about the troops at 500 mile intervals is true.

Forced evacuations will begin in less than weeks. If you don't leave now, you will never make it. You will either die on the road, or in a FEMA camp. The troops are already in place.

Subject: The potential disaster and evacuation plans.. Must listen..

Notes from interview: Beginning June 15 to July 1, as many as 40 million people will begin to be evacuated from the Gulf area. This evacuation has been dubbed Operation Deadly Tide. The command troops are U.S. based, but will be reinforced by UN troops, Canadian, British and Russian. These troops will engage people at every 500 mile intervals to keep them moving.

Benzene in the air in the Gulf is at very high toxic levels. If people don't get immediate medical care or leave the area, it can be fatal. Evacuation needs to start soon. The east coast may later evacuate 10 million people, depending on whether the oil doesn't actually end up on British beaches.

Worst case scenarios: the fracturing of sea bed will cause more and more oil. Evacuation looks reasonable under the circumstances, especially w/ the chemical dispersants.

200,000 local police and 300,000 volunteer and regular rescue personnel will be called to area along with military. Border enforcement will collapse and Mexican people will look to come north. This is an unprecedented situation. Traffic saturation on highways will be unprecedented as well. Checkpoints will direct the traffic to FEMA camps (that don't exist?). If you can leave, leave now. Go north. Take a vacation.

Report: "There have been previously unseen ground units emerging from otherwise inactive areas in the desert southwest, including New Mexico." "These gaurd units are emerging from the middle of nowhere. Speculation: .... perhaps underground areas ... heading easterly. perhaps hybrids - say what? - aliens disguised as U.S. troops." OK, ignore this part if you will, but pay attention to the rest of it!


  1. I listened to the audio a few days ago. The alien half-breeds made me say, "Oh brother" and actually felt Greg should have kept that to himself for credibility sake.

    We'll see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath on this one. [Perhaps I should be with the Benzene?

  2. He definitely shouldn't have let that one out of the gas bag! That one made my hair curl.

    But I wonder if it won't be too long before they're evacuating some of these areas due to chemical dispersants.

    Agreed: I'm definitely getting the strangest emails at this point. So I thought I'd share some of them. Not all of them...

    By the way, John Kaminski has left the Gulf and has driven north. I think it was a good idea to get out early...

  3. Yup... found what you mentioned about this John Kaminski guy.


    John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but now is adrift in America, running from the poisons that have been put in the Gulf of Mexico by madmen who are trying to rule the world by destroying it. "

    One thing that I do agree with is this conclusion by Hawk and Greg -- using a natural disaster to finalize the plan to take over America and rush it into a total police state is not a half brained idea. It's a slow kill move, giving them time to adjust and keep on top of the situation as it changes, especially given the logistics of so many people. I'm not throwing it all out, just didn't like to hear the alien hybrid thing talked about 2x in the interview. If I see a red-eye, I guess I'll know these gentlemen were spot on.

  4. it's mid-july now and no one has been evacuated.