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06 January, 2011

Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Episodes Disappearing from DVRs

Damage control - This is how it's done in the total control state!

By Kurt Nimmo,

January 5, 2010

Emails sent to and comments posted on Alex Jones’ flagship websites today provide multiple confirmations that episodes of Jesse Ventura’s popular truTV show Conspiracy Theory are disappearing from the DVRs of TiVo, Comcast, DirectTV and AT&T customers.

Shows finding their way to the digital memory hole include the already heavily censored “Police State” episode and shows on the JFK assassination and the worldwide water conspiracy.

“All of the shows that we have recorded on our Direct TV DVR of Jesse Ventura’s Show season 1 & 2 was removed without mine and my husband’s permission,” an email received on December 27 explains. “We do not have any setting’s on the DVR which would allow or permit the shows to be erased and deleted from our Direct TV Receiver/ Recorder.”

“Alex is right,” a comment on the InfowarMovies states. “I had 7 episodes of Ventura in my directv dvr. All of them marked as keep. The police state episode is gone. I think when they do code updates is when they erase. This is nuts!”

“I have AT&T Uverse and the Fema camp episode has been erased from my DVR,” reports a comment on Paul Joesph Watson’s story this morning about the episode appearing on YouTube.

Read full story here until the youtubes are pulled!

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