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08 April, 2011

The Christ Bomb

By Don Grabau

Few people realize that the world’s first nuclear bomb tested in the Journado Del Muerto (the Valley Of Death) actually had a name given to it by the physicists who ‘created’ it; they called it the ‘Christy Bomb’ when they weren’t referring to it euphemistically as the ‘device’ or the ‘gadget’. They were making a pun on the name of Robert Christy, a young Canadian who worked under the supervision of Hans Bethe at Los Alamos. Puns, codes, and double meanings were the language of the day during that time of war, but at least one man among them all, Seth Neddermeyer, spoke out about the emotions this ‘pun’ stirred within him:

"I didn’t go to Trinity. Kerst and I were busy trying out a new idea of ours, the Chronotron. No, that wasn’t why I didn’t go. At Los Alamos they called it the Christy Bomb. The CHRISTY BOMB! I stayed home. Really, I hoped the goddam thing wouldn’t work." (Davis, Nuel Pharr. Lawrence and Oppenheimer, Simon & Schuster, New York 1968; p.230)

The ‘gadget’ or Christy Bomb was conveyed in nervous caravan-like fashion to a tower built to hold it at Trinity Site through the sleepy town of Belen (Little Bethlehem) and the only newspaperman allowed to witness the test explosion, William Laurence of the New York Times, wrote to his editor that the story could only be compared to "…an eighth-day wonder, a sort of Second Coming Of Christ yarn." He was not the only man to refer to this event in these peculiarly christian terms, Winston Churchill and Robert Oppenheimer among many others also spoke of the bomb’s detonation in terms of the "second coming" and the "apocalypse" and, indeed, Oppenheimer is credited with naming the exact location of the detonation " Trinity Site ".

Assuming that all this language might refer to something relevant about the world’s first nuclear bomb explosion one can consult the birth-chart of the event to see what light it might throw upon the meaning and purpose of the entity named, The Christ Bomb, detonated at Trinity Site, New Mexico (33N37, 106W30) at the exact moment of its’ ‘birth’ or manifestation since that time is exactly recorded as 05:29:45 AM mountain war time on July 16, 1945.

Looking at the chart for the Christy Bomb one notices immediately that two angles of the chart, the M.C. – I.C. axis or power line passes through the final 30th degree of Pisces at the Mid-Heaven and the final 30th degree of Virgo at the Imum Coeli. Because of the Precession of the Equinoxes an astrological "Age" begins when the Spring Equinox "backs" into the final degree and minute of a given sign, hence the 29th degree and 59th minute of the sign Pisces began the Piscean Age of which the Christ figure is a symbol or avatar as the "fisher of men" and the Piscean Age has been centered powerfully on the religious-political impact of this Christ figure. Consequently, when the Christy Bomb was detonated with that very degree on the Mid-Heaven the event was announced to the World-At-Large = M.C. as the "Second Coming" and an "Apocalypse" because it announced the End of the Age of the Pisces Christ and was, in a profound sense, the summation and symbolical final act of that age.

The late Dane Rudhyar has emphasized that the first half of the Piscean Age did, indeed, focus through the sign Pisces with its innate emphasis on direct feeling experience of the Unity of all men in what the Roman Catholic Church actually calls the "Mystical Body Of Christ" (a period that climaxed around 1200 A.D.) but, that the latter half of that ‘Age’ shifted the emphasis to the implied other pole of Pisces, it’s complimentary opposite, Virgo which initially took the form of the cult of Mary, the Virgin Mother of the Christ, and great Cathedrals built in her name sprang up all over western europe along with the cult of Knights fighting evil under the banner of a Lady Fair (Guenivere & Lancelot, the Romance of the Rose etc.). This chivalric order of Virgo purity gradually gave way to the analysis of Science and the worship of pure technique which is the more mundane expression of the Virgo energy state. How fitting, then, that at the detonation of the Christy Bomb at Trinity Site the very men who saw it as the "Second Coming" and who created it as a "gadget" and a "technically sweet solution" should have been objective scientific technicians and those of us who consult its ‘birth chart’ should find a reference upon its Power Axis (M.C.-I.C.) to the beginnings of the Piscean Age and the Christ figure who dominated the spiritual imagination of that Age. It seems the detonation of the Christy Bomb at Trinity Site announced the End of an Age by referring back to its initial beginning via the Birth of Christ (Belen = Little Bethlehem) and its conclusion at the apocalyptic "Second Coming".

Indeed, at the moment of the detonation of the christ bomb the 15th degree of Cancer was rising in the East and the star Sirius had just preceded it over the horizon by a moment or two while the star Canopus was conjunct the bomb’s Ascendant within half a degree. Since Cancer is the preeminent sign of birth and the womb, we are looking at another reference to the second coming or second manifestation (birth) of the Christ and since the Ascendant is traditionally said to refer to the body appearance of a given entity it might interest us to know that in physical shape the bomb actually was a clumsy round object attached to which were all sorts of cables & wires; this fits the profile of the birth of an entity with Cancer, the Moon’s Sign rising, constructed around a sphere of Plutonium at its core and with another sphere called an Initiator at the very center (it is said to have had the appearance of a "dimpled gulfball"). Ah, but ‘Initiator’…there is a word to fire the poet’s imagination!

Since we are all potential poets, let’s use our poetic imagination to look at the star whose rising in the East was in process as the Christy Bomb exploded: Canopus. According to the celebrated ancient, Aristides, the word ‘canopus’ comes to us from the ancient coptic-egyptian name for the star which was Kahi Nub meaning golden earth. And, indeed, Canopus marks the rudder in the stern of the fabled ship, Argo, in which Jason and his famous Argonauts set sail in search of the golden fleece. It is a curious fact that when the spherical core of the bomb reached Trinity Site it had developed cracks & pits in its surface which absolutely needed to be flawless in order to work, so the physicists brainstormed and decided to plug the pits with several ounces of gold (they used common Kleenex as well). See, in your mind’s eye, the round Christy Bomb hoisted up into its tower in the middle of the desert at Journado Del Muerto be-spotted with flecks of gold as Canopus, the ‘golden earth’ rose over the Eastern Horizon and gold greeted gold while physicists looked on through the ‘countdown’ to detonation. Then listen to these words of Thomas Carlyle concerning the nature of the star:

"Canopus shining-down over the desert, with its blue diamond brightness (that wild, blue, spirit-like brightness far brighter than we ever witness here), would pierce into the heart of the wild Ishmaelitish man, whom it was guiding through the solitary waste there. To his wild heart, with all feelings in it, with no speech for any feeling, it might seem a little eye, that Canopus, glancing out on him from the great, deep, Eternity; revealing the inner splendour to him. Cannot we understand how these men worshipped Canopus… ? …To us also, through every star, through every blade of grass, is not a God made visible if we will open our minds and eyes ? We do not worship in that way now: but is it not reckoned still a merit, proof of what we call a ‘poetic nature’, that we recognize how every object has a divine beauty in it; how every object still verily is a window through which we may look into Infinitude itself . " (Allen, Richard Hinckley. Star Names, Dover, New York 1963; p.70 quoting Carlyle)

What caused Oppenheimer to say just moments before the detonation, "Lord, these affairs are hard on the heart", or Fermi to exclaim, "Ah, the earth on the eve of its disintegration" ? And why did the reporter, Lawrence, write of the explosion saying: "It then came to me that both Oppie and I, and likely many others in our group, had shared in a profound religious experience, having been witness to an event akin to the Supernatural." ?

Perhaps what they were experiencing was something of the rich and complex lore associated with the star, Canopus, for we are told that this star itself is the Steersman of the ship Argo, the ‘pilot star’ in the stern of that boat which the Egyptians considered to be the Ship Of The Dead with Osiris on board as the ‘strategos’ or ‘general’ in charge of planning the strategy of the voyage. The ancient Vedic Hindus called Canopus ‘Agastya’, an inspired sage or ‘Rishi’ and he was the helmsman of their boat, the Argha. What is the significance of these boats and their steersmen ? According to the work of Hertha Von Dechend and Georgio De Santillana (see Hamlet’s Mill, Gambit, Boston 1969) these boats and especially the star Canopus are involved with the changing of the ‘Ages’, the shift via the Precession which heralds a new ‘Age’ requiring a search into the depths for a new strategy or sense of values which will anchor it. These two brilliant and wonderfully eccentric scholars argue that Canopus, whom the Arabs called ‘the weight’, is the plumb star or the weight on the end of the plumb line by which the orientation and measures of each successive new ‘Age’ is determined and it is conjunct the Ascendant of the Christy Bomb as it is exploded on July 16, 1945 at the very moment when the final (‘first’) degree of the Piscean Age occupies the M.C.-I.C. of the event! We may expect from this that the Christy Bomb is somehow involved with the final ending of the ‘measures’ of the Piscean Age and the announcing of the ‘measures’ for the new, Aquarian Age.

Our ancient ancestors all around the globe took the ‘measure’ of things from the movement of the Sun, Moon, and Stars in the sky; and in the West, particularly, the planet Saturn and its’ yearly cycle through the zodiac of stars was the most emphasized (in immediate, practical terms) of these celestial measurers (along with its partner, the Moon, and her nearly matching monthly cycle). In fact, the Greek name for Saturn was Chronos from which we derive the whole concept of chronology, chronicles, and the sequential or chronological succession of time as measurement. Chronological time was later measured via water-clocks, hourglasses, and finally electrical clocks and watches. But after the detonation of the Christy Bomb announcing the end of an Age the very measurement of time became a thing determined by the decay of radioactive cesium and the ‘atomic clock’ came into being. This is interesting in light of the fact that Canopus was not the only celestial body conjunct the Ascendant of the bomb, for the planet Saturn-Chronos was also within one degree of conjunctioin to that Ascendant and in the process of rising too. If we were looking at this chart as the birth of a person what would we as astrologers say to someone born with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in the astrological sign Cancer ?

Most likely we’d begin by explaining that the principle of contraction, concentration, and gravity would be expressing in a very ‘up-front’ way in that person’s life through his or her personal feelings. Such a person might feel = cancer rather serious about life, perhaps have a tendency to take his or her personal feelings so seriously = saturn as to become emotionally contracted or repressed. But the Christy Bomb was not a person in the human sense of the word, -it was a ‘gadget’, a ‘device’, a bomb. Still, this bomb was uniquely different from any bomb that had preceded it; it was an ‘Atomic Bomb’ which was unusual in that it did not explode (according to the physicists who made it) instead, it imploded. The implosion issue was a very serious and highly classified secret about this bomb whose unique qualities required that the bomb explode inward or implode before it could explode in the usual sense. In fact, the unique physics of a sphere which could implode is very fitting for the ‘birth chart’ of an entity known as THE BOMB with Saturn conjunct its’ Cancer Ascendant, the first man-made entity to employ the process of atomic fission or chain reaction in so concentrated, controlled, and confined a way as to result in an almost instantaneous and never before equalled implosion/explosion. This is Saturn on the Cancer Ascendant compressing the feelings inward under great duress, for it is in a 90 dg. angle or ‘square’ relationship to the Moon, -the queen & ruler of Cancer.

The Moon at the birth of the Bomb is in Libra =cardinal/initiating air or intellect in its own native 4th house and only 7 minutes of one degree from an exact waxing square to the Ascendant. Here we see the feelings = Moon expressing via the intellect =Libra/Air and in conflict = waxing square with the body of the bomb = Ascendant itself. While the Christy Bomb was certainly not a human being, it was a living entity if we look at it occultly, for a basic tenant of the perennial occult philosophy is that all matter is conscious and in that sense, alive. So we are looking at the body of the Christy Bomb when we look at its Ascendant, we are looking at that crazy-wired ball hoisted up a steel tower in the middle of the Journado Del Muerto just as it is detonated releasing the enormous, concentrated tension of Saturn conjunct Cancer Rising and in square to a Libra Moon. If we regard this as the chart of an event we can see it will have a powerful and challenging effect on the general public for the Moon in event-oriented or mundane astrology symbolizes the collective feelings of the general public. Indeed, since the Moon is ruler of this Ascendant the event signifies a critical challenge to the collective history and tradition of feeling itself ! This ‘entity’ was born to tell us something about a new way to ‘measure’ our feelings.

Perhaps this is why the steersman and measurer = Canopus, the ‘strategos’

Perhaps this is why the steersman and measurer = Canopus, the ‘strategos’ of the new Age, as well as Saturn, the traditional chronicler of history, are both so tightly involved in the conflict; the explosion of the Christy Bomb put an end to history as we had known it and announced a new, ‘Atomic’ age. We are living in that ‘Age’ now and our sense of time is officially based upon radiation, the ‘decay’ of radioactive cesium in atomic ‘clocks’. Some of us are wondering how the wake-up alarms on these clocks will function!

Will we hear an alarm ring like a bell ? Will we wake up to that infernal electric buzz with the option of pressing the ‘snooze’ alarm, or will a radio station suddenly begin playing tunes and announcing the day’s ‘news’ and weather forecast ? For with Saturn on its’ Ascendant we can be sure the Christy Bomb, as herald of a new ‘Age’ in need of new ‘measures’ will most certainly be broadcasting a message concerned with time.

What is ‘atomic time’ and how does it affect us ? Consider that Saturn with his sickle as old father time is in his astrological ‘detriment’ in the sign of Cancer on the bomb’s ascendant for he ‘rules’ the complimentary opposite sign of Capricorn which deals with the so-called ‘objective’ facts of history. But placed in Cancer he is no doubt telling us that we must deal with our personal feelings regarding those facts, gestate those facts within the womb of our feelings, and give birth within ourselves to a serious and wise understanding as to what they imply. The fact is that the Christy Bomb was the first in a long series (which still continues today) of nuclear test explosions and it released radioactive contamination into the air, water, and earth poisoning the eco-system of our planet, our Cancerian home environment. It was followed by more and larger nuclear bombs/tests and by the 1950’s the general public = the Moon, began to be aware of Saturnian concentrations of strontium 90 in mothers’ breast milk, the milk of cows, and the bones of people everywhere as it fell from the stratosphere in its circumnavigation of the globe via jet streams and trade winds. We began to realize the collective, global implications of the ‘technically sweet solution’ that was the bomb. Since that time, the sperm count in males has declined all around the world. Curious, since the traditional understanding of the symbolic glyph for the Christy Bomb’s rising sign, Cancer, is that it depicts the dance-union of the ovum and the sperm.

But I must repeat that in the birth chart of the bomb this union is under challenging stress because the Moon, herself, squares the Ascendant and Saturn from a 4th house home/land base of Libra. The resultant stress is manifestly evident from the fact that Saturnian authority figures of the political-economic status-quo = Saturn + Capricorn did not inform the general public = Moon, of the polluting radiation fallout in the local area surrounding the detonation site. The fact is that neither the scientists involved, nor the military, nor the President, himself, knew what would happen when the ‘gadget’ was detonated; hence, Enrico Fermi’s infamous quip at the countdown: ‘Ah, the Earth on the eve of its disintegration !’

Strict secrecy was kept about the test on all levels of government, but that should come as no surprise if we realize that the Moon at 14 dg. of Libra in the chart of the bomb is tightly conjunct the natal Saturn at 14 dg. of the same sign in the birthchart of the United States (Rudhyar’s chart) whereof it is said: "In America we have no Kings, for the Law is king". The chart of the bomb shows a direct challenge to the people from the law = Moon square Saturn, and that challenge clearly reiterates the popular saying: Question Authority.

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