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10 September, 2012


Conspiracy Geek: Collected Writings and Interviews

By Joan d’Arc

Approx. Publishing date October 1, 2012

Pre-order NOW via paypal at
Or send $18.95 plus shipping $3.49 (CAN/INTL 12.99) to Sisyphus Press, POB 10495, State College, PA 16805.

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Joan d’Arc, co-founder in 1992 of Paranoia Magazine and editor of HunterGatheress Journal, now Chief Resident of the Paranoid Women Institute at, compiles her best writings and interviews in this collection
  • A new race of disembodied cyborgs is being engineered to travel into deep space. 
  • The night Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster became a Spacegun. 
  • Proof that the U.S. knew Japan was going to bomb Pearl Harbor and let it happen. 
  • A new mafia-connected JFK witness steps forward. 
  • Giordano Bruno, the first Catholic priest Ufologist from the 16th Century, burned at the stake for his Universalist ideas. 
  • Evidence of Robot Probes in our own solar system and what that means to humanity.
  • Beings in NothingDrive: An Existential Analysis of the Travis Walton UFO Abduction. 
  • A chronology of anomalous radio signals: Have messages from space been misconstrued or covered up?
  • Why alternatives to Darwinian Evolution should be taught in public schools. 

This cutting-edge 356-page book contains 13 articles and 12 interviews.  Interviewees include:
  • Joan Mellen on the Cast of Characters in the JFK assassination;
  • Michael Cremo on how museums and textbooks hide evidence of extreme human antiquity;
  • Barbara Walker on how God demoted Goddess and replaced the Womb with the "Word";
  • David Ray Griffin on 9/11 and Osama bin Laden;
  • Jarrah White and Ralph Rene on the Apollo Moon Hoax;
  • Stephanie Caruana on the Gemstone File JFK Thesis;
  • Acharya S. on the mythological attributes Jesus shares with other solar gods;
  • Craig Heimbichner on Freemasonry and Aleister Crowley's OTO;
  • Beth Goobie on surviving a Canadian MKULTRA cult from birth;
  • Spy Robert Eringer on how he brought in Ira Einhorn for the murder of Holly Maddux;
  • Mike Bara on evidence of remains of ancient cities on the Moon.

Pre-order Conspiracy Geek: Collected Writings and Interviews NOW via paypal at
Or send $18.95 plus shipping $3.49 (CAN/INTL 12.99) to Sisyphus Press, POB 10495, State College, PA 16805.

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