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07 January, 2008

Here goes nothing!

Well, I decided to do it. After years of using the Internet before there was an "Internet" I've decided to start a blog. (I used to access the Usenet through Compuserve back in 1988.)

I know I'm going to inundated with a bunch of crap from a lot of people I really don't want to hear from; however, I also know there's even more people out there who have very interesting things to say, and from them, I do want to hear.

As many may already know, I am involved with Paranoia: The Conspiracy & Paranormal Reader, which is in it's 16th year. I sell the advertising for the magazine and perform graphics and layout work. It's fun to do. ...but the question begged is "Am I paranoid?"

The ancient Greeks considered paranoia to be thoughts that came from beyond the mind, meaning not based in a rational process. However, they did not consider people who were "paranoid" to be insane, as do present day psychology and psychiatry. These thoughts were considered just as valid by them as other thoughts. In the film Conspiracy Theory, Mel Gibson's character believes someone or something is out to get him and as a result is labeled a mentally ill person suffering from paranoid delusions. As it turns out, someone really was out to get him and he was not crazy after all.

Is someone out to get you? Let's hear about it!


  1. Hey Devin! Congratulations on finally getting off your ass and doing this! Well ... er ... actually I guess you're sitting ON your ass! :)

    I'm NOT paranoid! They really ARE out to get me!

    Remember "government by the people, of the people, and for the people" was really a government started by a few rich men who did not want to pay their taxes, and it's still a government for those kinds of people.

    Edward Teach
    (What, You thought I'd use my real name? Are you crazy? They're watching us all the time!)

  2. They got me. I penetrated so deep I came out the other side. Now I don't know which one I am on. Don't write me no matter what you do. ;)

    Paranoia, as many other clinical distinctions is a matter of degrees. It can be sub-clinical [not psychotic] as can narcissism, toxic narcissism or malignant narcissism. Also, can be true of borderlines. We are a nation of neurotics, and paranoia is just another proof of chaos theory.

    wave on,

  3. Thanks Iona!
    I know I'm not crazy. Everyone else is!
    I've added your site to the Paranoid links at the bottom of the page.