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26 January, 2008

Mini Ice Age and planetary evacuation?

I watched The Age of Warming on Sunday, 20 January 2008, 7:00 PM EST, CBS (in place of 60 Minutes) about mini-ice ages being brought about by warming trends and what occurs sociologically as a result.
(Yes, it was very much like the film, The Day After Tomorrow, and even mentioned the film.)

Throughout history massive wars have resulted during these mini-ice ages

The revolutionary wars of the 18th century were greatly influenced by this cold trend that affected Europe so greatly. The long famine in France helped to bring about the French revolution and the pressure on England to import more and more food caused her to begin to force the American colonies to pay for their own administration and protection, which, in turn, caused the American Revolution. Throughout history massive wars have resulted during these mini-ice ages.
This was all very interesting, but it got downright frightening when the programme went into what would happen in the future when the same thing occurs again - and it will. Of course the Earth could sustain a lot more people now than it could then due to modern farming techniques; however, it could not sustain the population at anywhere near the level it is now. According to this programme, even with all our best efforts, the planet could sustain only about 2 billion people. The programme put forth the opinion of some scientists that such a mini-ice age could occur as early as when the population is expected to reach 8 billion - and that's not too far off!
6 billion people would have to "leave the planet"

The funny thing was, however, that although the viewer would probably assume the other 6 billion people would die due to war and famine, the narrator didn't really come out and say that. He said several times, instead, that 6 billion people would have to "leave the planet". I found that to be an interesting choice of words, especially considering they were well chosen and no doubt written words and not merely those words of someone speaking "off the cuff".

Maybe the aliens are going to move us...and CBS is helping to get us thinking along those lines.

What's the frequency, Dan?

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  1. From what I understand this is going to be one of the coldest Winters for quite some time! I think I'm going to move from Orlando to the Cayman Islands where I keep most of my money!
    M. Mouse