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16 June, 2009

Black Squirrels & Doppelgangers at Conspiracy Con 9

Adam Gorightly Reports on the 2009 Conspiracy Con event

Conspiracy Con 9 started out rather weirdly for this humble gonzo reporter, when — after checking into the hotel where the event was being been held — I was approached by a middle aged man who asked me if I had “brought the books?” Well, indeed, I had brought some books I was planning to sell at the event, however — as far as I could tell — these bore no relation to this fellow, who I didn’t know from Adam.

Upon further interrogation, it became apparent that this gentleman — who I soon discovered was Roger Tolces, a speaker at the conference — had mistaken me for someone he had just talked to in regards to the aforementioned books, and so I informed Tolces that it was probably my doppelganger he had spoken to, which got a chuckle out of his wife, but left Mr. Tolces somewhat perplexed until he realized I was pulling his leg…sort of. This is not the first (nor will it be the last!) of an alleged Gorightly double sighting at a conspiracy or paranormal conference. Years ago, psychic Eugenia Macer Story informed me that she saw a Gorightly doppelganger at some such conference, although I forget the exact details of Eugenia’s anomalous encounter.

Tolces, it so happens, is a private investigator who specializes in — as he calls them — “electronic countermeasures”, which includes ways to ward off MK-ULTRA-like harassers. Later, I visited briefly with Tolces at his table and related certain experiences, nearly a decade old, I had had with what I perceived as some sort of microwave harassment. Tolces replied that he didn’t think my story was “crazy” and that he has heard similar stories many, many times.

Conspiracy Con inevitably brings about interactions between likeminded spirits from all ends of the conspiratorial spectrum, including meeting up with colleague, and Mothman experiencer, Andy Colvin. After picking Andy up at the San Jose airport and arriving back at the hotel parking lot, another inexplicable incident occurred when a black squirrel crossed our path. In all my years of traveling up and down the Golden State, never before in my life had I witnessed such a spectacle, and Andy was able to snap a photo of said anomalous squirrel before it scampered out of the view. Afterwards, I did a bit of research and discovered that the rare black squirrel is a melanistic variation of the common grey squirrel, in essence a genetic mutation, which a quick web search revealed has been seen on occasion in the greater Santa Clara area, home of Conspiracy Con.

Later inspection of this black squirrel photo revealed a possible MIB (or Man In White, as the case may be) standing behind a tennis court fence, in the background of the photo, apparently monitoring our activities.

The Black Squirrel and The Man In White - Photo by Andy Colvin
Andy and I later evolved several theories explaining the haunting appearance of this white-shirted mystery man and the black squirrel and soon came to suspect that either this odd squirrel was remote controlled, or perhaps even a holographic projection used to mesmerize Andy and myself for means of MK-ULTRA tomfoolery.

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