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02 June, 2009

Selling War

And the facebook account was free!

I saw this on CNN this morning. CNN was pushing it. The program had propaganda written all over it.

U.S. military takes Afghanistan mission online

(CNN) — The U.S. military is taking its Afghanistan mission into cyberspace, launching social-networking efforts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It’s the “first-ever effort by the military in Afghanistan to engage nontraditional audiences directly with news, videos, pictures and other information from Operation Enduring Freedom,” according to a news release from the military.

As of early Tuesday, the Facebook page had drawn nearly 5,000 followers, following about two weeks of testing and its official launch on Monday. Messages of appreciation poured in, along with well wishes for service members’ safety. The multimedia effort is aimed at "rapidly delivering an unfiltered view of the war from troops on the ground, and opening a two-way dialogue with people around the world interested in the Afghanistan mission," the military said.

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