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08 October, 2009

Anarchy, you’re soaking in it.

By Teresa

Many people have imagined what the world would be like without government. I used to worry about it… Would there be tyranny of the rich? Would the mafia take over? Then I realized, we’re already there.

There are a number of gangs that claim to be in charge of various geographic regions. Occasionally, they go to war with each other. These gangs establish protection rackets to fund their operations, and they supplement those funds through deals with business associates to force competition out of the market.

I don’t grant special privileges to some gangs over others just because they call themselves government. However, I notice what people in these gangs do and I work around them whenever possible. Sometimes, I pretend to go along with them until I’m in a safer place. I notice the actions of each individual, regardless of whether they’re wearing a costume or badge.

Since I’ve been seeing the world more clearly, I see also that gangs don’t rule the world. Take a look around you and see all the ways people interact with each other freely… People selling goods at farmer’s markets… People exchanging services with friends and neighbors… People going to rummage sales and getting their nails done.

Individuals who interact with each other freely far outnumber individuals in gangs that call themselves government. What’s more, there are a number of people within these gangs who refuse to initiate violence. I’m inspired by these and all of my fellow inhabitants on this planet who interact freely every day.

My vision for a free world: We’re soaking in it.

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