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15 October, 2009

Political Astrology of the U.S. by Don Grabau

This series of videos deals with the birth chart of the United States and how it relates to current health issues which include the H1N1 flu virus and vaccinations and the ongoing health care debate.

Finally, the first youtube videos from Don Grabau.

Tune in to Don Grabau at the links below to learn more about da House of Neptune!

Part 1:

“Love is the universal ground of all being.” Trust and faith in your government and in other people, the kind of faith a child has, that the universe supports you. Fantasy, make-believe, or the negative side of that, so much fantasy, lying, and deception on the part of government and legislators.

Part 2:

The empire is deteriorating. Propaganda and war. The tendancy is for the imagination to degenerate under aggressive Mars, the military. Lying and mystification is accelerated. Neptune is a dreamy energy which prefers connection. Virgo deals with careful distinctions and separation. So the tendency is to create confusing foggy unclear language which goes round and round in circles; obfuscation in communication. America’s idealistic Aquarius (European heritage) is now confused. The masked aggression (propaganda) of the “founding” era continues and is being turned against America karmically in the House of Neptune.

Part 3:

“The collective mood of the country is controlled by Neptune.” What to expect in 2010 and 2011. The country is in a massive swab of Neptune energy. What does this mean? Escapism, lying and betrayal on the part of legislators and government. We’re in a collective state of aggression (war) and aggressive legislation, especially regarding vaccines. How do we trick it out of its stance of wars in Af-Pak, Iraq, Iran? The empire is policing the world with its propaganda, which is all about money. The country is out of the hands of the people and is being run by corporations. Elections are a scam. The ideals of the Declaration are on center stage and we have to recreate it anew.

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