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30 September, 2010

Heat Wave in Russia Caused by Cloudbusting in Algeria

By Joel Carlinsky

Dr. Richard Blasband and Dr. Barbara Koopman, both past presidents of the American College of Orgonomy, and both practicing medical orgonomists, are both students of a Russian psychic healer, Nicolai Levashov, whose methods they have both wholeheartedly endorsed in numerous public statements. Dr. Blasband has done a lot of cloudbusting in past years, though he seems to have given it up since he became involved with Levashov.

One must wonder, though, why he has not informed his mentor of some rather obvious facts that would have prevented Levashov from making this embarrassing claim in a newspaper interview in his native Russia. In the interview, posted on his website, Levashov says the recent heat wave and drought in Russia was intentionally caused by the United States government, using secret electromagnetic weather control technology. He says the motive was to cause a famine in Russia to force Russia to buy gentically modified grain from America which had been modified to cause sterility in future generations of Russians.

Dr. Blasband must know there is no such secret weather control technology and no such American government plot. He knows this because he is a friend of the group that caused the heat wave. He has been in frequent contact with them. They are based in Berlin, Germany, and are engaged in a "desert greening" project in Algeria. There is nothing at all secret about this project. They have a website and are actively seeking to publicize it.

This group of Blasband's friends have a cloudbuster at an oasis in the desert in Algeria. They are trying to create a farming colony there, using the cloudbuster to bring rain into the area. The way they have been doing this has successfully resulted in rain in their area, but as a side-effect has pushed the hot dry air mass that is normally over the Sahara Desert northward to Europe, whence it moved Eastward until it was over Russia, causing the unprecedented heat wave in Russia. An examination of the weather maps for the summer shows clearly where the hot air mass came from.

This accidental side-effect of the Algerian cloudbusting project is the true cause of the disaster in Russia, not any "secret government weather-control plot" by the United States. Why does Dr. Blasband not so inform his mentor?

It may sound a bit paranoid of me, it may perhaps be a conspiracy-theory, but I can think of only one reason for his silence on the subject: Maybe Dr. Blasband would rather let the U.S. government take the rap for the heat wave in the eyes of the public than to expose his Algerian friends as the real cause of the sufferings of the Russian people.

The article/interview can be found here:

Tatiana Aliokhina

Anti-Russian Anticyclone: Who ordered the deadly summer?
Nicolai Levashov’s interview for the newspaper The President
The infernal heat, fires and smog of summer 2010 in Russia were more like that of a huge crematorium gas chamber than a unique natural disaster when the temperature broke all records. How can the apocalyptic summer weather of 2010 be explained?
A bit of history

In 1977 the UN adopted the convention on the prohibition of "environmental warfare" using means which would impact on the environment, and artificial stimulation to effect climate change. The USSR and USA also concluded an agreement to cease development in this area but they nonetheless continued under the guise of scientific research.

Recently declassified documents show that even in the seventies the USA and USSR entered into an unprecedented climate control arms race. Documents of the National Archives of the British government show that in the seventies both superpowers seriously suspected each other of preparing for "climate war" and both had secret military programs to control the global climate. Weather forecasting became an integral part of the secret services according to Leo Carlin, the Rector of the Hydro-meteorological University. So, economic droughts and political floods may well become part of the weather forecasts in the 21st century. The climate becomes an economic and national security field and "climate weapons" the most guarded state secret...

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