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26 September, 2010

My Story is an American State Secret

On the 5th of July 2010 I spent about half an hour visiting with two very polite regional policemen [Mossos] at my door. What I said and what the policemen said and, what I did not say, causes reflection

Ostensibly, the police were looking for someone else and I was able to truthfully state I had no knowledge of the wanted person. But in the course of the conversation and our interactions, one thing became very clear. The [professionally courteous and pleasant] police were here to take my information

I made no secret of the fact I am unregistered in Spain, and I made it clear I had no intention of registering with immigration or applying for residency. The police copied my passport information, questioned me about further details that would confirm my identity, reported in with their radio my information and had me sign a statement to the effect I had lived in my present apartment “for more or less one year, to be provided to the judge” who wanted to know who lived at this apartment

I told the policemen I doubted I was officially wanted for “writing wicked political satire” and simply felt at present time I had no better place to stay, that I am a well behaved guest in their country, and I do not advantage of their social services and spend only my own money. The police stated to me they did not think my stay in Catalonia under the circumstance would be a problem, and they left

But my stay here is a problem [click on the title above, to read more..]

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