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17 February, 2011

An Overview of The Cloudbusting Situation

By Joel Carlinsky

Joel Carlinsky writes on the irresponsible use of cloudbusters at his blog:

February 17, 2011, posted to

Dear Dr. ................,

You ask a lot of good questions, but unfortunately there are no good answers. I will try to summarize the background to the situation.

1. I have been involved in orgonomy for over 40 years, have done most of the basic experiments first done by Reich, and some original ones, and was a student in the only seminar Eva Reich ever taught on orgone biophysics. My experience includes the first cloudbusting expedition in Australia, in 1971.

2. As the internet has made spreading information around so much easier that it was before, more and more people have found out how to construct a cloudbuster. Hardly any of them have a clue to how to use it properly. The result has been a lot of erratic weather, and numerous deaths have been among the results. I have documented many of these cases on my blog,

3. My role has morphed into that of a crusading cyber-journalist, blowing the whistle on incompetent irresponsible misuse of the cloudbuster. In this capacity of environmental activist against Cloudbuster Malpractice I have made many enemies among the Atmosphere Abusers. Not surprisingly, some of them have attempted to retaliate by posting defamatory articles about me on various internet venues. This is the normal spate of personal attacks any environmental activist regularly undergoes from those he criticizes. The more effective the criticism, the more vehement the attacks.

In most cases, it is harmless enough, since the people I am trying to reach are not likely to fall for such obvious slander of an environmentalist, and the people who are likely to believe the lies told about me are not likely to become active against cloudbusting anyway.

In particular, conspiracy theorists and free-energy advocates are seldom environmentalists and could not be expected to become active in a campaign to obstruct use of what they think of as a new technology. The free-energy believers are almost always in favor of any new technologies and expect new technologies to save the world from environmental problems, while the conspiracy-believers think the corruption of few bad eggs in positions of power is the real problem and expect to solve it by political means. Neither is a potential activist against a mass movement of well-meaning but incompetent middle-class backyard hobbyists irresponsibly playing with a new technology.

4. I am not against all cloudbusting. On the contrary, I consider properly-done cloudbusting to be a much-needed adjunct to the environmental movement, with the potential to at least partially off-set the harm being done to climate stability by nuclear technology.

The wide-spread use of radioactivity is the most serious problem facing this planet, and the cloudbuster, while certainly not a panacea, could do a lot to help keep the earth habitable until the Atomic Age is over and the atmosphere can start to recover from the damage that the use of nuclear power has inflicted upon it.

The issue is not cloudbusting, per se, but improper cloudbusting by persons who do not understand the principles involved, the most important of which is atmospheric self-regulation, a concept that authoritarian personalities seem unable to grasp.

5. Cloudbusting can be taught, but it is more like a neuro-muscular skill, like swimming or riding a bicycle, than an intellectual subject of study, so it cannot be taught or learned via the printed word, over the internet. The ability to recognize proprioceptive sensations is much more important than any book-learning in subjects like meteorology or atmospheric physics. In fact, formal training in such subjects is not only irrelevant, but a positive drawback.

Another major drawback is mystical thinking. Many people who are attracted to cloudbusting suffer from habitual mystical distortions of their thinking processes, which can become dangerous if they are allowed to manipulate the weather.

6. The people who do the best work in cloudbusting come from a background of kindergarten teaching, animal training, gardening, and artistic pursuits. The ones with the worst record come from a background in physics, engineering, especially electrical engineering, and meteorology.

There is even some doubt if cloudbusting can be properly learned by adults, and it is likely that only young trainees, under the age of 17 or so, should be accepted for training. A proper training program for adolescents would take about two or three months of full-time personal instruction, and would not include meteorology, which is largely irrelevant.

7. The cloudbuster is based on a fundamental breakthrough, and is not just an extension of current scientific knowledge, and the most important lesson to be learned from it is that it renders the prior scientific model of the atmosphere obsolete and all previous concepts of atmospheric functioning must be abandoned. This strikes some persons with formal scientific training as heresy and they strongly resist it. But no progress will be made until the current model of the atmosphere is dropped from consideration.

The orgonomic model of the atmosphere certainly does not exclude the well-attested role of naturally-occurring cycles based on astronomical factors, but superimposes upon those natural cycles two additional factors of human origin. One is a global, ongoing, generalized deterioration of atmospheric stability, a breakdown of the coupling between the atmosphere and the underlying orgone field that is the ultimate Prime Mover of the material components of the atmosphere. This global oranurization is behind most of the long-term changes in climate that are being conventionally --and wrongly-- ascribed to greenhouse gases.

The other factor taken into consideration by the orgonomic model of atmospheric functioning, but ignored by the conventional model, is the genesis of specific weather events in cloudbusting operations. Many severe storms, floods, etc., are known to have been caused by poorly-done cloudbusting operations. The recent disastrous floods in Queensland, Australia, which were caused by a series of bungled operations by a Mr. Ash Palise, of the Brisbane area, are only one example of this added factor that must be taken into account to form a complete picture of what is happening in the atmosphere.

8. A basic miscalculation by many people who do not understand the concept of cloudbusting it that there is some way to improve the cloudbuster. There is not. No improvement on the original design is possible. There are many claims of better forms of equipment than the original cloudbuster, as designed by Reich, but on close examination they all turn out to be either outright lies for commercial purposes or self-deception by individuals who do not understand the way a cloudbuster works.

There is certainly much room for research, and much research should be done, but inventing new forms of equipment is not the direction research should go. What is needed is more information on how the atmosphere functions, and how the operator functions while interacting with the cloudbuster. We need better operators, not better equipment.

Another miscalculation is the blind faith in electromagnetism that misleads some people into thinking some electrical form of weather manipulation is possible. Since electromagnetism is a secondary form of energy, and such secondary energies interact with the primary energy of the atmosphere, irritating it into a toxic and more randomized state of activity, all any electromagnetic device can do is add to the disruption of an already damaged atmospheric energy substratum. There is no way any electromagnetic device could ever do any good in terms of helping to restore a damaged atmospheric energy system to normal functioning, which is the point of a properly-conceived cloudbusting operation.

9. There is no law specifically against cloudbusting yet, but there are numerous laws that could be used to put a stop to free-lance cloudbusting by individuals. Activists should have no trouble convincing the authorities to take action against independent cloudbuster operators under already existing laws that were intended for other purposes.

In case where the authorities prove unconcerned, there might be other ways to trigger some action. An insurance company, for example, might be persuaded to use their considerable influence to instigate legal action against persistent cloudbuster operators to protect their profitability. Or a civil suit for storm damages could be filed, which even if not ultimately successful in a trial, would drive up the cost of cloudbusting beyond what most people interested in it could afford.

10. The most urgent need right now is for a Code Of Ethics for cloudbuster practitioners, and a set of standards that can be agreed upon for what goals to attempt. Since at this moment, such considerations seen hopelessly Utopian, my role of investigative journalist, cyber-activist, Nemisis, and Jiminy Cricket to the growing cloudbuster movement, seems assured.

Joel Carlinsky
( Former orgone biophysics student of Dr. Eva Reich )

Permission to post hereby granted. Please forward this message to any person or group you think might be interested.

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