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04 February, 2011

Who is Monkeying with a Cloudbuster in Australia?

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Joel Carlinsky writes on the irresponsible use of cloudbusters at his blog:

By Joel Carlinsky

February 2, 2010

This storm ( link to news story below ) looks like it is being augmented by a foolish attempt to weaken it by someone in South Queensland pointing a cloudbuster at it. While it is often possible to divert a storm with a properly/designed cloudbuster operation, there is no case on record of anyone ever succeeding in weakening a full-blown hurricane by drawing from it.

Such a draw would be more likely to increase the strength of the storm since by the orgonomic potential, a very strong storm system would draw energy the other way, from the water the cloudbuster was grounded into, into the storm,via the cloudbuster.

I have seen this happen on a small scale. Once, when I was using a small DORbuster ( a miniature of the cloudbuster ) grounded into a bucket of water inside a small accumulator to experiment on breaking up jet aircraft contrails, I pointed it at a small, but apparently strongly/charged cloud. Instead of the cloud breaking up, it grew! There was more water in the cloud than in my bucket, so the draw went the other way, and the DORbuster acted as a conduit for the cloud to draw energy out of the bucket.

But some people do not know that. And if someone draws from a strong storm system, the likely result would be to greatly strengthen the storm, which is what seems to have happened in this case.

A Mr. Ash Palise, who happens to live in Queensland, has been engaged in cloudbusting operations lately and judging from the incredible level of stupidity involved, this looks like his work. Investigations to confirm this suspicion continue. Mr. Palise can be contacted at if you want to send him an e/mail and express your opinion of his experiments in weather control.

Please forward this message to everyone on your list. The people of Australia need to be warned about this incompetent individual monkeying with their weather.

Australians flee massive storm racing to NE coast - Yahoo! News

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