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14 June, 2011

Anonymous, operation empire state rebellion

Operation Empire State Rebellion begins today June 14, continuing until every city occupies a space.

After the Operation Sony has been completed, Anonymous has announced a new operation with a different focus. The hacker group wants Ben Bernanke to step down as the Federal Reserve Chairman due to his questionable decisions over time.

Ben Bernake is the one who decided to bail out the banks because they are too big to fail and Anonymous wants to put an end to this organized criminal class, to end the finance lobbying, and to break the Federal Reserve leaders because these are the main reasons for the economic crisis.

Anonymous wants the Operation Empire State Rebellion to begin tomorrow on June 14th. The National Flag Day is tomorrow and the hacker group invites people to join the “non-violent” protests in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and in other cities across the US. You can view the cities and program of the protests by accessing the Google Maps guide right here.

The activist group is upset by the fact that nothing has changed during the Barack Obama presidency and that action must be taken against the democrats and republicans as both parties has failed the people of the United States.

You can watch a video below uploaded by Anonymous on YouTube where you can learn more details about the Operation Empire State Rebellion.

I remind you that it’s not the first time Anonymous members asked Ben Bernanke to step down. This thing also happened a few months ago, but the outcome wasn’t the one the group had expected. You will probably see a lot of mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and you will receive a lot of emails about the protests.

I don’t know if we should expect anonymous to hack into the website of the US Federal Reserve, US Government, or the White House web page. We’ll be right here tomorrow, following the protests and the Operation Empire State Rebellion so you should stay tuned to catch the latest news!

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