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14 June, 2011

R. Stevie Moore on world tour with Tropical Ooze!

by Joan d'Arc

I got to see Stevie last night at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket at his first show with backup band Tropical Ooze. I was honored to buy him a glass of wine, and then to pick up his broken glasses off the floor when they fell off and smashed in half. Oh nooooo! Other than that bummer, it was an awesome show! The band is tight, loud and Stevie kicks some serious rock n roll ass. Some of the songs he played are below. Make sure you go out and make this national treasure welcome in your town!

"The son of famed Country session musician Bob Moore, Stevie fell under the spell of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Zappa as a Nashville teen, which made him a bit of an outcast. In 1968, at the age of 16, he got a 4-track and started making his own tapes. Over the course of several years, he experimented with sounds and instruments and styles, until by the mid-70s, he was writing and recording his own brilliantly skewed pop songs, usually playing all the instruments himself" - Stewart Mason (All Music Guide)

"Moore is well aware of the chief advantage of working on his own: the luxury to pursue any idea he concocts, no matter how bizarre or cornball. Without interference from colleagues, he manages stunts and juxtapositions conventional groups couldn't imagine, let alone attempt. " - Michael Bloom 1984

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This past January, Kickstarter nation helped get R. Stevie out of the house and into the studio. With the FANtastic momentum, R. Stevie is looking now to get out of the studio and into to your town! He will be joined in his crusade by bad boy Brooklyn backing band Tropical Ooze and documentary filmmakers Jon Demiglio and Tricia Gray.

Radio interview / show in Brooklyn:

Tour schedule here:

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Part of the problem.

She is the girl everyone but everyone is talking about.

Bigger than the Beatles.

Human Race.

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