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21 November, 2012

"The U.S.S. Incessant: A World War II Story About My Father"

 It was difficult for me; the day I got stumped.  A simple request, which should have been easily met with similarly simple response on my part became a journey that was a lesson in duality.  Read "CONSPIRACY GEEK", and write a review... Yes I'm on it!

Thankfully I don't own a credit card, or I'd actually have done just that for Amazon.  My being a little out of step saved me from tackling the book with that attitude, and since I am sharing my thoughts on a niche-blog with a smallish audience, I can simply share my thoughts on some chapters.  Which is where the bonus is for me, because I have no sense of urgency to complete the entire book as if it were a book to be read abruptly and reviewed briefly!  That isn't what one does with a literature of this nature.  The variety of topics and techniques are diverse, too much so to take this book lightly or with an attitude of nonchalance.

Joan d'Arc's "The U.S.S. Incessant: A World War II Story About My Father" began as a cumbersome chore.  Here I am, 34 and totally uninformed (AKA "uninterested".  That's what I always would tell myself at least.) about WWII's details.  Same with WWI.  Korean War as well.  And I'm about to read a World War II story about an author's Father.  Great...

Joan's delivery method for this piece is the only part of the chapter that was tough to tackle!  And, not because she is awkward in her prose, but the quite the contrary.  There is a grace with which she delivers heavy measures of candor, historical reference, and an overall good-feeling as you go because, whether you know history or not, you know being human.  In the end, it was a very candid glimpse into the life of an author that one otherwise doesn't get.  At least, not from this author.  While she may tell-all about digestive-ailments that she had to figure out and treat on her own, thanks to The Bird Lady (Referencing a chapter in Hunter Gatheress Journal Vol 1), Joan isn't one to start talking about her personal life.

You will not find names here, as is to be expected from a Paranoid Woman in a world of vast conspiracy.  That in itself is unusual, because if anyone is not shy about name-dropping  in her writings when it is relevant or necessarry.  You will, however, be taught some heavy stuff about mustard gas, learn about what we now call "PTSD" and/or "CPTSD" and how these syndromes can effect a whole family, be told of some tough living that bore fruits of of what sounds like a colorful and ultimately fulfilling childhood.  Maybe not the type one thinks of as being "blessed" by today's standard, however there is no moping to be told of in the words contained within the 6 potent pages that sit quietly between the covers of "CONSPIRACY GEEK" - disguised as a WWII story - but really a study in sociology and also a candid glimpse at the younger years of one of the busiest Lady's in the world of "Alternative-Reporting" and conspiracy literature.  Definitely a great piece of work!

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