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08 November, 2012

Thoughts on "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life", by Joan d'Arc in her new book "CONSPIRACY GEEK"

        She calls the piece "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life", however I believe it could be called, "Memoirs of The Creator".  Joan d'Arc certainly maintains her tongue-in-cheek pose while bringing to the table some of the most difficult questions, and also answers.

I began reading "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life" with expectations, as a friend of mine had sounded excited when suggesting I read it.  So, I did.  I'm already reading "CONSPIRACY GEEK", so there was no harm to be had of reading in the same irregular order I was already reading it in, just differently.

Immediately, I was confused.  I said, "Wait, is this a fictional story or is this a thesis?".  I didn't know. So I read on, paragraph after paragraph of finely-woven wording, expressing the impossible question of "Why?".

Immediately I was taken in by the stark harshness of her description of nihilism in everyday life.  She simply states it to be a frame of mind "where no action is preferable to any other".  I felt, things, as I read these words stitched into the tapestry of the whole in waves of undulating, conscious expression that seemed to tarry on the side of sorcery, rather than a matter to be reduced to the category of fiction or official.

I began to feel fear of this woman.  These words were too powerful.  She shouldn't have this power. I read on.

The pointlessness of my everyday life became evident.  The emptiness of my motion, the lack of passion in my action.  Life, the rite of existing in the physical form, had been hollow for a long time, and I know that.

To read the same thing I often feel, and not even know that to be the reason for my "fear"; well, that is even more power, is it not?  And I read on, against my conscious Will, it seemed.  What magic IS this?!

Then, in one fell swoop, the significance of the seemingly-useless became clear.  The power that inactivity, as well as activity, has over the world around a person is tremendous, which is demonstrated by Joan d'Arc's use of Gerard Duprey.

I don't know who the man is, except for the unpleasant impression of the man's overall existence that I derived from inside the lines of Joan's wildly-flying magic carpet ride of literature.  He sounded slovenly, apathetic, and utterly useless; though intelligent.

My instability began to settle, and I drew nearer the end.  Mind you, this is only a short piece.  Yet one hell of a ride!  In the few pages of "The Deconstruction of Everyday Life" , I felt more, was moved further, and had the most intense "AH HA!" moment in many years.

This slob-of-a-loser-guy, this lethargic Duprey, gave Joan the fuel needed to show me that even in the state of inactivity, presence and thought are enough to make things happen; to create.  She showed me, for a moment, what it was to be a creator, by inducing both understanding of the base-human  "side of the coin", and somehow granting me a moments' detachment from all of that, through her crafting of this piece, so that I may really say "Oh, I see."  I still can't express what I saw, am seeing, and wish I could just give to you, now. The activity we often think necessary to make something happen.  The activity I have found is important... Only when it is.

Though I wouldn't opt to be a motionless mover, I can see how in Duprey's inactivity (which wasn't really inactivity and that may make him a bit of a contradiction in his self) has had effect.  A ripple grew from his laying on the kitchen floor, snapping and pointing at the help, which reminds me of the term "thought-forms".  This glimpse, and the practical way Joan applied her craft to expressing to the reader that there is reason to feel good, even if right now things seem bleak.  She teaches how to be a creator, even if only in our own small ways.  She gives us the formula of having a moment's peace, and if a moment can be achieved, a life-time can be aspired towards. In that is the Power.  With that, my fear ceased to exist.  I put it back down.

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