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28 August, 2008

May as well start with a BANG!

Our host Devin LaRue has just invited me to post on this new blog... So I will make it my mission to try and explain to Paranoia readers, the link between the centralization of power, nuclear utilities, the shadow government, suppressed energy conversion technology, Idaho Transfer and the great changes we are about to face, Obama or McCain either way.

Sure, Obama would be better, if you're a planet lover... while McCain may spell doom and disaster by hanging on to antiquated nationalist themes which don't play anymore on the other side of the globe. China may be a totalitarian regime, but the good ol'U.S.A. has ten times more prisoners.
In November, a green team is about to take over the White House, no matter who gets elected. Yes! magazine, maybe inspired by Congressman Chris Shays, this issue speaks of a purple constituency, blending Democrats and Republicans, into kind hearted populists...
What's that spell? I'm sorry, but what we need are MORE political parties, not less... because less means only one left, and one ultimately means fascism, no matter how friendly.
This green team about to kick their vegan storm trooper boots inside the oval office, is viewed in some conspiracty circles as the birth of green fascism in America. And they might be right, because it took so long for the so-called intelligent lifeforms of this planet to finally wake up to the damage they are causing the biosphere. Now the survival clock in those who have seen the light is rushing towards midnight, and they see no other alternative than to impose a green lifestyle on all humans.
Who will this green team be? Well, it's already here, they are the environmental elite, green Hollywood, all those who put money down on a Tesla Motor roadsters, and spends $4000 a year to attend the TED conference. Folks like the Governator, Bobby Kennedy Jr., the progenity of Cousteau, Hearst and Rothchild... the second, third generation Federal bank trust fund babies, who have always run the show, new boss, same as the old boss.
And you know what, I'm going to shock you, I'm all for it! I'm one of them, I'm part of it... I'm a green ring leader who's never been invited to Davos, Bohemian Grove or Skull & Bones... But I did influence Chris Carter just a little one fair day at Wetlands in 1989 by giving him a copy of Fringes of Reason! Because we've waited long enough to do something. Since the 60's we've been warning the world about an end to oil, about vanishing free energy inventions, about an armada of nuclear powered secret aircraft, which the Shadow government was build around. And Kucinich knows it, which is why he's so nutty.
I told a friend the other day, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, sometimes you need a meaner motherf***** to annilihate a tired old tyrant, a little like Beowolf. So I'm accepting this invitation to blog for Paranoia, while I'm reading an amazing book, Pronoia hoping that we can change our thought patterns in time to avoid head rushing into a self-fulfilling prophecy of Apocalypse.
The generation prior to ours generated the reality we're witnessing now... Short of running away with the Burning Man circus or lavish in hedonism on a beach in the Greek islands, we can either build a green empire, pull ourselves by our boostraps, and bring ecotopia on Earth, or spiral into an oblivion of collapsed ecosystems and nuclear waste, holding our breath, gasping for air, praying we'll have enough money to afford the air conditioned Night of the Living Dead at Wal-Mart. Our choice. Won't do any harm to pull up our shirt sleeves and clean up our room, before the Galactic Federation can accept our graduation into a whole new set of cosmic mindf***s.
In RAW I trusted... Playboy bunnies first, or this day and age... all the IMG, NEXT and Storm models! Point me to the hangar with the next shuttle to the Moon base. I did the best I could here, now it's every man for himself, women and children first, if there's room left.

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