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30 August, 2008

Playboy Club in Cyprus is a brothel!

I just saw on the France 2 French news of my local cable channel that this Playboy club on the island of Cyprus is in fact a brothel... I'd be curious to know if the folks at Playboy are fully aware of this, turning a blind eye... or if they're so afraid of the Russian mob running the island, that they are helpless at the poor use of their brand name.

Last night I went to the movies, Babylon A.D. where French actor Gerard Depardieu plays a Russian mobster in the not so-distant future in a Russia riddled with nuclear power plant meltdowns. There's a massive beauty drain orchestrated from the old Soviet Union where sexy women start with nude photographs promised modeling jobs in the West, and end up in places like these.

The report described hundreds of brothels on Cyprus with tens of thousands of prostitutes drawn there from Eastern block nations under false pretenses. It seems Cyprus sanctifies this, awarding these young women working papers as performers.
The reason the French media might suddenly be paying attention, is because Russian mobsters are buying up all the prime real estate on the Riviera between Toulon and Nice. At the rate old French nuclear power plants are starting to blow gaskets, the whole region may soon look like a scene from Babylon A.D., as if French anti-nuclear organizations had not been trying to warn the world about this.
Wake up Playboy, restore the bunny's good name!!! Send the Bunny Police to Cyprus and rip their sign down! And Hef, print your mag on recycled stock for Pete sake, so they don't have to start clear cutting Siberia. Listen to the girls you put in your magazine, they're all like Pamela Anderson, bleeding hearts for Gaia!

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  1. It is interesting to note that within the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, prostitution is not illegal so long as it occurs indoors and does not involve outdoor solicitation. Streetwalking is illegal, but brothels are not. In Rhode Island they arrest hookers plying their wares on the streets, but for those who do not they have to use other laws against them. They get massage parlors for not having licensed masseuses, but they do not arrest the masseuses for giving "happy endings." So log as the sex transaction did not occur on the street, it is not illegal in Rhode Island.

    There are many private clubs (I used to live next store to one on Atwells Avenue) that are brothels, and there's nothing the authorities can do about it. Hell, they would not dare considering how many judges frequent them!