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30 August, 2008

The Nukuler "Resurgence" by Cathy Garger

(I'm posting this on behalf of Cathy Garger of the [no-new-nukes-yall] Yahoo Group, the best anti-nuclear list serv in the country, by invitation only. RemyC.)

To anyone who cares to listen,

I had a good conversation about Obama's nuclear stance recently inside the Obama Political HQ in Annapolis, MD . Funny thing is, the campaign worker was a former Greenpeace worker who, I could tell by her body language, was not exactly thrilled with Obama's nuclear position.

She told me that while Obama does not like nuclear power, he WILL go for legislation that contains other alternative energy sources within it...

The things she said made it quite clear that he is, in actuality, not dedicated to a firm and unequivocal anti-nuke stance, which is how I have interpreted his position as well.

Obama and McCain - who wins matters not too much on this issue. Many are saying the same thing that many of us said with Kerry (Yes, he is not perfect - but he is better than the other guy).

In reality, however, both will keep perpetuating new nuke plants. Both are likely to perpetuate the radiological wars and the onslaught of radiation contaminating our nation... as well as around the rest of the world.

The Nukuler "Resurgence" begun in earnest at the very beginning of the current presidential administration, will be pushed further by both of the two candidates. Both parties are corrupt in this affair - and yes, we need to educate people the truth not only about this, but as many of these issues as we can.

I have thought long and hard about our obligation to educate everyone else about everything we know. In the course of my research and writing the past few years, I have spoken to many "insiders" who tell me things "off the record." Through them and by reading, I've learned that things are not at all as the Associated Press and other major news firms that are infiltrated with writers who are paid to defend the bottom line of the power-and-control holders.

Yet, if I were to try to educate everyone about everything that's going on? There are not enough hours in the day! Plus, in all candor, I just do not possess that degree of boundless, limitless energy! I admire the heck out of anyone like Elaine, however, who researches the depth and background of this vile, rampant corruption... and then selflessly, tirelessly works night and day in this educational work.

Indeed, the nation is in far more trouble than is ever being acknowledged and reported... And to many of us, however? The thought of trying to expose it all is absolutely, mind-boggling and utterly overwhelming. So... we effect whatever changes we possibly can.

I agree that being "politically correct" and trying so hard not to offend anyone is in no one's best interests - and that it is important that we share what we know with as many as we can.

Is nuclear power the only issue? Or is Uranium weapons use both inside the US and all around the globe the only issue? How 'bout the fact that our Dept. of [Nukuler] Energy Weapons Laboratories are permanently, irreparably contaminating our environment and harming our health - and the health of untold numbers of generations to come? Are manufactured radiological, biological, and chemical wars being fought in various places throughout the globe the only issue?

No No No No. These few issues are only one part of the problem! There are hundreds of issues! What about the nearly 400 deaths caused so far by Taser use? How 'bout the fact that undercover officers actually escalate gang violence and deal drugs to inner city youth, then incarcerate them... and prison corporations make a buck on the contracts and the inmates' free labor? What about corporate polluters who have ruined the Great Lakes and this is all silenced by the feds till some scientists of strong conscience blow the whistle on Uncle Sam?!

What about the toxic poison Aspartame that is now not just in our diet sodas, but in almost all of our kids' vitamins, medicines, candies and gum? How 'bout the aerial spraying of metallics in our air and experimental toxics all over the nation that ostensibly kill mosquitoes and the benign apple moth? What about forced vaccinations of our kids (some of the ingredients which are not disclosed to us *and* cause far, far greater problems than the actual diseases they purport to prevent)? What about the Veterans... and the fact that they are underhandedly recruiting our kids as cannon fodder while roughly two-thirds of them wind up disabled, many of them eventually dying slow, painful deaths of radiation poisoning?

The listing of the national problems our power-and-control holders are either ignoring or, even far worse, are actually perpetrating themselves(!) could fill entire books! There are so many issues caused by those in control who honestly do not care about the health and welfare of our citizens or our environment.

Yes, this nation is in a heap o' trouble and nuclear power plants are indeed one of our more serious problems. Yet power plants... along with the other ways that the Depts. of War and Nukuler Energy are radiologically "dosing" us all and ruining our air, water, and soil.... are, as far as I'm concerned, THE single most serious of all.. and not "just" due to nuclear accidents and leaks, etc., but also because the half-life of these radionuclides emitted into our air and water, leeching into our soils, is often into thousands, millions, and even billions of years.

In addition, the radioactive poisoning of the US is MOST critical because the effects of these radionuclides within our bodies are cumulative... and because they irreparably wreck the genetic material of not just our descendants, but for all life forms. All of this is on top of diseases caused by radiation, which cause so many of us to suffer needlessly, create painful grieving, permanent loss, and vacancies in our families with a void that can never be filled. If all that's not enough? We must consider that these environmental radionuclides create untold havoc on the ecosystem upon which all future generations of human, plant, and animal species will rely.

There is so much psychopathology (some just call it evil) to expose ... and sadly there is never enough time!

So, yes, your sentiment is right-on. We've got to do the very best we can to expose all we can to as many people as we can. We need to expose the totally compromised political system and all the groups (many of them benign non-profits that are set up by the feds themselves to "look like" do-gooders) that are actually, however, formed in order to protectively control the opposition and stage lame do-nothing events and actions and guard the foxes within the federal hen houses.

And no, we must not care about how popular this will make us ... nor how "PC" it is, nor how many people will not tune out and just not want to (or be able to bear to) listen. We also have to realize that those who oppose the efforts of those in power and control will be attacked all along the way by government "minders" - workers who are wolves in sheep's clothing, skilled, trained, and quite adept in waging clever psychological, verbal attacks... often subtly, artfully done... designed to get the rest of the group to go against anyone who tries to expose Uncle Sam's dirty deeds.

We've got to face it - this is all pretty depressing stuff! It is far, far easier for so many people I know to just turn the other way to it all, or to go into denial mode or distraction mode by saying they have such a busy, busy life (and secretly hope and pray that "someone else" will have the courage - and the stomach) to expose this all.

But yes, I agree that those of us with a strong conscience and love of humanity must - yes, simply must - boldly, tirelessly, speak the truth the best we can, as loudly as we can, and as often as we possibly can!

There is one more thing and I think it's important. I can not speak for anyone else, but I am still a "work in progress." We are all at various stages on this journey (or, rather, this applies to all those who are actually good-hearted activists not on the payroll of an organization which possesses a hidden agenda). Some know all of this already, and some know very little, if anything. We have to be mindful, I believe, of realizing where each person is in his/her journey of discovering these and other horrors.

If you will remember way back in circa 2004? I was an environmentalist merely wondering why our local river was so badly polluted and void of life? And then, when I told one friend I volunteered to be the Maryland chapter leader of Mothers Opposing Bush simply because this administration was not caring for our environment... she told me that I had not even scratched the surface and asked me to start to do deep research into the waging of these wars. From that came my intensive research into the entire horrifying circumstances of how 9/11 was actually carried out... and then further research into the Uranium poisoning of the US - and the rest of the world - starting in 1945.

It takes some of us years to be able to gather our voice, our confidence, and our sense of expertise and boldly expose the "evils" - and, admittedly, some never find the courage to do it at all, even though they know a great deal. So I keep thinking that we need to somehow find ways to build better support systems so we can continuously build up one another's knowledge, expertise, and confidence - and inspire and encourage one another to go always try to go one step farther still.

Cathy Garger
Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition
Saturday, August 30, 2008


  1. I want one of those Hyperion nuclear power units! I could bury it under the parking lot and sell power to the neighborhood!

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  3. Devin, I didn't design it... it came ready made that way from the web! I didn't even notice till you point it out. Maybe the designer had his reasons... Ask Jaye Beldo, he's the one who found it. I just borrowed it.