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03 August, 2010


Lunatic government scum polluting the planet with their toxic chemicals

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It seems these bacteria in power call their insane program of spraying chemicals in the atmosphere "geo-engineering". Notice how they label all their insidious activities with Orwellian sounding phrases, similar to how the reduction of one's freedoms is outlined in a "Patriot Act". According to their deranged logic the reason for their chemical contamination of the atmosphere, people and land is to "prevent global warming", which is nothing more than a hoax concocted by the global governors of the CIA-Mossad-MI5-FSB to increase their socioeconomic and physiological power over the masses. They simply hired the dweeb Al Gore to be their frontman.

Another one of their profitable pernicious schemes is the "war on cancer". Here's how it works: first they program the masses to buy their chemicals in the form of deodorants, body washes, hair products, cosmetics etc., which after extended repeated use causes some type of cancer in the consumer-victim. The manufacturers of this poison know all this, but their co-conspirators in the medical industry profit handsomely since the patient then undergoes their expensive chemotherapy and radiation "treatments". Then these money maniacs also generate more millions or billions of dollars through their annual "Race for a Cure" hustle, held in numerous major cities across the globe. Remember, the very same group of "humans" selling the toxins are then organizing an event to "cure" it. And the zombies of course, pay their $50-$100 fee to participate in the "race". But what do you expect? Nothing can improve because the sociobiological dichotomy remains constant. The same anti-social predator phenotypes continue reproducing and maintaining their power over the less intelligent target masses.

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