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19 August, 2010

Corporate Terrorism in the Gulf

An Astro-Gnostic Look at the Deep Water Horizon Catastrophe


"THE MOST COMMON WORDS I hear spoken by any environmentalists anywhere are, We’re fucked. Most of these environmentalists are fighting desperately, using whatever tools they have—or rather whatever legal tools they have, which means whatever tools those in power grant them the right to use, which means whatever tools will be ultimately ineffective—to try to protect some piece of ground, to try to stop the manufacture or release of poisons, to try to stop civilized humans from tormenting some group of plants or animals. Sometimes they’re reduced to trying to protect just one tree." (Derrick Jensen, "Beyond Hope"; Orion Magazine; June 2006.)

The Deep Water Horizon was not a platform floating in the Gulf Of Mexico drilling for oil. It was a weapon of bio-psychic-terrorism. An embodiment of the collective corporate lust for economic-energetic control of the World's future. BP, Transocean, and Halliburton with all their various and assorted chief executive officers, investors, and bankers collaborated in the pursuit of profits to be obtained by draining the Life-Force residing within the body of Pacamama, Sophia, Mother Earth. What they saw on their horizon were personal financial profits to be pumped up out of the abyss of the Great Mother's Gulf. Black Gold, the slippery stuff that makes the gears and engines of Corporate Industry run smoothly. Fuel for the combustion engines of every dying and death-dealing Dystopian Metropolis. I mean this kind of METROPOLIS !!!

At 9:45 PM on April 20, 2010 the rig exploded due to an uncontrolled eruption of methane gas and oil made possible by a combination of well documented corporate incompetence, greed, and criminal negligence which killed eleven workers, wounded many more, and released from at least thirty thousand feet beneath the sea a highly pressurized gusher of toxic gases and other exotic fluids lethal to most forms of organic and human life. Corporately owned American Media initially reported the event in a rather off-hand manner as just another unfortunate "accident" and neglected to mention the gusher at the bottom of the Gulf until a few days later when they called it a "spill". That was the "spin" immediately placed on an ongoing catastrophe which more than three months later (August, 2010) still defines the way most Americans continue to see the event. Yes, and Nero did fiddle while Rome did burn. (I tawt I taw a puddy tat!)

At first, I assumed this catastrophe was just another routine astrological out-picturing of the final stages of the series of five opposition aspects occuring between Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces which began the day Americans supposedly elected Barack Obama as President and did not end until July 26, 2010 when both planets shifted out of the Water and Earth signs (Pisces-Virgo) into the Fire and Air signs (Aries-Libra). Just another Rape of Mother Earth, another rigged corporate crime against all Life.

The shift of elements from earth and water to fire and air suggested that the viscous fluid from the bottom of the sea would burn in the air. And because this sea is the Gulf Of Mexico, one of the five major vortices on Earth creating world-wide ocean currents, this oily gas gusher will wind its way through all the waters circling the planet. The fires have released chemically ("dispersant") lethal fumes to be carried on the streams of the Winds. The clouds have gathered it up to drop as rain all around the globe, especially from the Gulf of Mexico to the North and East of the USA.

The sudden and explosive changes indicated by Uranus to all the status-quo structures and forms of Saturn emphatically signified a major shift in human destiny but I didn't want to say a word about it to my happily cynical friends because most of them are persistently denying the revolutionary wake up call symbolized by Uranus opposing Saturn. It's a call which requires that all of us shift out of our comfort zones, that we recognize these are times cf shocking change and uncomfortable realizations. Yes, but human nature craves Saturn Security, even if that security is false.

The major thrust of an astrological opposition between Saturn and Uranus is easily summed up in two words: challenge authority. Demand to see its credentials. Question it. What we can't question binds us.

Yet, I've grown weary of being a messenger for "wake up calls" since Pluto crossed America's Dharma Path (Ascendant) in 2001 (WWTowers-911 Events) and announced the obvious likelihood of the Plutonian Death of America as a Nation. Americans are trained to confuse the message with the messenger. To them it's as if anyone who voices the obvious personally wills the Nation's Death, as if such a person is undergoing a gratuitously self-induced "depressing" and "negative" attitude toward life!

Nevertheless, I drew up a chart for this Deepwater Horizon event and took a look at it. Here's the chart:


Well, the annunciatory opposition of Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces is clearly visible in the chart, but the Sun as well as Neptune and Chiron (both of which are in conjunction aspect with each other though 'out-of-sign' in Aquarius and Pisces) are also in quincunx aspect (all three of them) to Saturn, sextile to each other, and semi-sextile to Uranus forming the infamous "Finger Of God" or "Yod" configuration. It's a "boomerang" Yod with an extra special "kick" from the trickster-fool (Uranus) poised to give us all the finger! Some weird joke is manifesting itself in phrases like "top kill", "static kill", "bottom kill". Too much kill, if you ask me. Total Kill.

Sounds like war stuff, like those cruelly cynical movies made by Quentin Tarantino. The "Kill Bill" syndrome. BP or Citizens United versus the Supreme Court. Remember, kiddies, Corporations are Persons now and they legally have the "same" Constitutional Rights as you and me. Their "lobbyists" can install whomever they like into any position of Federal or Local Government. They are free to buy any office in the land. It's the argument of the Federal "Finger Of God" -it's the LAW!!! Supreme Commandments carved in stone. The talk of the Master Bible Archon, the Shylock of the Old Testament, Yahweh-Saturn:

"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on. Nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line. Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”

This nefariously moving finger of a "Yod" is a highly unstable energy construct of a "last chance" (Rudhyar) nature implying something of a "fated" or "karmic" set of forces at work. All its power pivots about the Saturn-Uranus opposition giving it a very charged meaning; Uranus is all but guaranteed under such circumstances to break open the form of Saturn. In this case, the Deep Water Horizon drilling rig (symbolized in the chart by the Sun) is the form Uranus broke open.

Saturn is the indicator of the possessed human vessels used by the Archon Authority secretly in charge: BP Corporation and its CEO, Tony Hayward. The chart for this explosion guarantees that highly unstable conditions (both psychological and physical) prevailed at the rig right up to the moment of the explosion. The quincunx aspect always indicates a state of continuous adjustment followed by readjustment like a perpetual game of musical chairs. It is an aspect indicative of instability and excess. How many volumes of "Kill Bill" do we need?

Try untold millions of gallons per day! And don't forget to toss in the Uranus Kicker, neuro-toxic "Corexit". O, yummy-yummy, what fun!

There are two sets of Yod Configurations in this chart with Saturn at the Apex of one, and the Sun topping the other. This second, "other" YOD has Saturn sextile the Saggitarius Ascendant of the event with the Sun at its Apex and in Quincunx to both. Sagittarius rising implies that a message, vision, teaching or prophecy is at the core of the Deep Water Horizon event and that it will resonate with America's Natal Saggitarius Ascendant. So, what is that "prophecy"?

Well, Jupiter, the Planet-Force "ruling" Sagittarius is found in the Oceans of Pisces rushing toward union with shocking Uranus wanting to EXPAND the message. Here is the Sabian Symbol (Rudhyar again) for the degree Jupiter occupies within Pisces' Cosmic Ocean:

Rudhyar gives the "keynote" as: "The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great 'peak experience'."

As the rig exploded the Sun had just entered the sign of Fixed Earth, Taurus, while transiting Chiron as the Collective Wounded-Healer function of all Humanity had just entered the Mutable Water sign of Pisces representing all the Oceans of Earth. The two, Chiron and the Sun, aligned in productive Sextile aspect with each other while both pointed in excessive Quincunx fashion to Yahweh-Saturn occupying the Final and Summing-up degree of Virgo's Mutable Earth. The Earth broke from the Uranus Shock of the explosion as the pipes were blown out of the rock in the sea bed tearing open what many have called a "gate" into the Underworld, the Xtian Hell Realm. It's a gate the Corprations (including the Federal Government) can't close.

But they can and have lied about it using the negative (simulated) side of the Force of Neptune affecting the Collectively Abstract Mind of Aquarius in Quincunx aspect to the Power of their Saturn "Authority". I repeat, this so-called Authority of theirs is Archontic, it's a mere simulation of true Authority -the kind that derives from respecting boundaries and forms. The Earth and Sea were raped, violently ruptured by the decadent Corporate Elite in league with the deamonic mimicry of the disembodied and thoroughly non-organic entities that are the Gnostic Archons:

"Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can. The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, "counterfeit spirit." (Apoc John III, 36:17. The term occurs several times in different texts.) The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term HAL, "simulation." The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern." (see John Lash; Gaian Cosmogenesis and the Origin of Alien Life According to Gnostic Teachings.)

It's important for Americans to recall that as a Collective People, we are symbolized by the Moon in the Nation's Birth Chart, and that Collective Moon is found in Aquarius at 27 degrees and 13 minutes. Neptune touched (conjuncted) the US Natal Moon on March 5, 2010 and will do so twice again on August 23, 2010 and finally on January 16, 2011. Its passage over the Moon is being used to create widespread confusion characterized by a pronounced inability for focusing the critical mind. It is being used to create an American Fantasy of Escapism. Recall how the Yahweh Archon of Old Testament Biblical fame brought about the confusion of tongues at the infamous "Tower Of Babel". Today, that Tower is Public Media.

Meanwhile, the Progressed US Moon is in Virgo where, on June 26, 2010 it touched (conjuncted) the Natal US Neptune at 22 degrees and 25 minutes in that sign of Virgo. This is a highly unusual and statistically significant combination of Moon-Neptune interactions! The last time Neptune conjuncted "WE THE PEOPLE" was 165 years ago (1845-46); it's not an everyday event! But it warns of mass delusion, escapism via prescription drugs, confusion of feelings on a COLLECTIVE MASS FEELING LEVEL. National Psychosis. Lying as a "trickle down" practice from the Upper classes to the Lower. Faithlessness and Betrayal. Contagious and slow spreading disease. Speaking of which....

Neptune is the traditional "ruling planet" of OIL. It's action is fluid, dispersive, pervasively permeating all boundaries, and on the day of the Deep Water Horizon Explosion it was excessively impacted (via Waning Quincunx aspect) by Saturn in Virgo -the Lord Of Boundaries found in Mutable Virgo Earth. So, Neptune (ruler of the fading Age Of Pisces) was simultaneously conjuncting the US Moon and in Quincunx aspect to Saturn while blending (Conjunction) with Chiron and sextiling the Sun which had just entered the energy-field of Earth, Taurus.

So, what happened? Excessively leaky boundaries resulted; something more than mystical was and still is afoot ...a distinctly 'peak experience'. It's a slippery, "oily" Neptunian peak experience being craftily engineered by disembodied Archontic Forces and their collaborative human vassals. Do not expect the mixture of oil/gas/sludge alternately gushing and oozing from the seabed of the Gulf to cease anytime soon! And don't agree to pretend (Negative Neptune Escapism) this event was an "accident", either. It was deliberately planned. A "New Law" is, indeed, "Walking Down The Slopes"! A Law of Global Proportions affecting every person on Earth. An Archontic Law rooted in religious Monotheism enforced through Yahweh's penchant for fear mongering and terrorism. A Law designed to bring about Mass Homogenization of thought and behaviour via tricks like the "Cap and Trade" legislation. Evidence of this is found throughout the chart cast for the moment of the explosion. Let's take a closer look at it.


The Magical Mind Games of The QUINTILES.

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