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09 August, 2010

The Wells-Newman Weather Control Machine

The Weather Rangers website has this posted as the explanation of how the Wells-Newman machine works:

The Wells-Newman Weather Control Machine

How Does the Machine Work?

Posted by Alberto Feliciano on August 9, 2010 at 5:42am

Nobody knows for sure. The machine seems to deflect a part of what we understand as 'gravity', redirecting a small portion of it's force into any direction in which we point the machine. It is the opinion of at least one Scientist, MT Keshe who is a Nuclear Engineer, that atmospheric weather is a reflection of the magnetic/gravitational internal workings of the planet. If that is so (and it makes a lot of sense after you have read his book "The Universal Order of Matters") then it is possible the machine may be affecting the movement of magma flow and magma rocks underneath the surface. The changes induced inside the planet then would be reflected on the surface and create change in the weather conditions. The machine appears to work in the same way as the brake pedal in a Semi-Truck: not necessarilly excerting direct pressure itself onto the wheels but affecting the truck's braking system through what we might call indirect means, redirecting the pressure.

Response by Joel Carlinsky

My amazement when I saw this explanation was a bit greater than it would have been if the machine had spoken and told me how it worked. It would be hard to think of a less informative explanation or a theory as far from the reality as this one. If I were prone to paranoia, I would suspect a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the facts.

The Wells-Newman weather control machine is an electrical device. It is powered by ordinary household AC voltage. To anyone at all familiar with the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s and 50s, that immediately tells everything needed to understand how such a device could affect the weather and give the illusion of weather control.

Reich found that weather is driven by the constant motion of orgone energy in the atmosphere. Great sweeping streams of orgone flow into the earth from deep space, swirl around the planet in a corkscrew movement, and impart motion to the atmosphere. Anything that alters the speed or direction of the orgone flow will have an effect on the movement of the atmosphere.

The cloudbuster does exactly that. It manipulates the movement of orgone energy, and the movement of the air follows. If the atmosphere was moved by anything else, the changes in the movement of the orgone caused by the cloudbuster could not affect it, so the functioning of the cloudbuster proves the theory.

The normal atmospheric orgone is in constant motion, both from point to point, and superimposed on that moving stream of orgone, it is also expanding and contracting in a pulsating motion. But under certain well-defined conditions, the motion becomes "stuck" or stagnated, resulting in a "dead" region in which the normal atmospheric processes fail to take place. If this goes on long enough the inflow of new energy to the area downstream of the DOR field is blocked and the area does not get much rain and a drought is the result.

Such DOR barriers are always to be found just upstream from any area suffering from a drought. In the case of long-standing deserts, the DOR field is very strongly entrenched and are due to prehistoric meteor bombardments that had the effect of atomic bombs.

The stuck condition is called "DOR" and it is known to be caused nowadays by irritation of the orgone by nuclear and to a lesser extent, by electrical sources of excitation. The process of irritation is called "oranur".

Nuclear explosions and nuclear reactors are the most important sources of oranur and DOR, but any high-voltage AC electrical equipment will cause a milder amount of oranur and DOR. While the effects of electrical equipment are seldom as dramatic as those of radioactivity, they can be enough to be noticeable by a particularly alert individual.

Most people never notice DOR or oranur, even in the most intense situations, and those who do usually form some sort of rationalization to explain it to themselves without really facing up to what they are seeing. This tendency to rationalize away the observations of orgone-related phenomena is by far the most common reaction to any observation of anything to do with orgone energy.

The Well-Newman machine apparently creates an oranur field, not as strong as the oranur field around a nuclear reactor, but strong enough to block or disrupt a storm system moving across the surface of the earth, something the field of a reactor has long been known to do.

Similar effects have often been observed from radio and television broadcasting antennas, radar and microwave dishes, and high-voltage power-transmission wires. DOR can also be found indoors in rooms with microwave ovens, electronic equipment, or flourescent lights. I have seen clouds break up consistently directly over high-tension wires while other clouds, not passing over the wires, were unaffected.

So when I first heard of the Weather Rangers and their electrical weather control machine, I knew at once what was happening. It is nothing new. And it is not "weather control". It is a device that has a strong enough electrical field to cause an oranur irritation of the atmosphere and break up clouds and, possibly, under some conditions, block a storm or bump it into a new path.

As a side-effect, it will also cause DOR and will make people near it sick, though this may not be noticed by anyone not familiar with the vast range of symptoms possible from DOR sickness.

Fortunately, most really strong storms, such as hurricanes, are too strong to be destroyed or diverted by any oranur source powered only by household current, and tornadoes, far from being prevented by creation of oranur and DOR, will be increased since they are a reaction of the atmospheric energy to build-up of DOR and serve the function of restoring mobility to the stuck, stagnated atmospheric energy field.

The Weather Rangers have developed a vast edifice of rationalization based on the fortuitous observation that this device could break up clouds. Seeing it as some kind of "weather control machine", and steeped in the culture of comic books and superhero cartoons, they formed a club to "protect the innocent" from bad weather, unaware that what they were doing would cause serious environmental problems and cause far more harm than any storm ever would.

And, having no idea of the orgone energy that drives the atmosphere, they have managed to come up with an incredibly wrong theory of how the device works. And having made an emotional commitment to both the theory and the ideology of "protecting the public by preventing deaths from hurricanes and tornadoes, they are not likely to listen to any Reichian who tells them what they are really doing is making things worse by creating more DOR.

So the Weather Rangers have become an additional source of destruction of the atmosphere.

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