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21 March, 2011

Irresponsible Cloudbusting May Increase Radiation Danger

By Joel Carlinsky

Joel Carlinsky writes on the irresponsible use of cloudbusters at his blog:

"Strong winds and torrential rains and mega snow in storms in West Coast and California March 18-20th are result of radiation reaction with atmosphere in Japan and across ocean.. An Oranur reaction has taken place in Japan and across Pacific causing intensification of storm as it crosses Pacific."
---Post to an internet mailing list.

I agree 100%. The real problem is not the radioactive particulates in the atmosphere. It is the oranur reaction they cause. And that is not detectable with the usual instruments. We can expect a series of intense storms as the atmosphere reacts against the oranur excitation from the damaged reactors with strenuous efforts to rid itself of the pollution.

One effect of such storms is that a lot of the radioactive particulates will be washed out of the atmosphere into the sea or onto the land before they have had as much time to run down into less a less harmful state as they would otherwise have had.

A further problem is the large number of backyard cloudbuster hobbyists who are bound to try to "help" by pointing pipes at the sky in all directions. None of them will know that there are others doing the same thing, possibly within a few miles of them, and there will be cloudbusters drawing from all directions at random.

And that will result in some very chaotic weather. It will also spread the radioactivity around quite a lot more than nature ever would have.

I suggest that anyone reading this should look at the weather maps for the next few weeks for signs of cloudbusting being done from the West Coast in an attempt to divert storms away from some areas to others.

The most likely scenario is that someone will decide that the most poulated areas are the ones that should be "saved" at the expense of those less heavily populated, so storms that are on-track to a large city may suddenly change course and go to some relatively unpopulated area.

Also, look for unpredicted rain to wash a lot of fallout down out of the atmosphere before it reaches land. That could mean someone decided to contaminate the ocean instead of letting the fallout reach land. The fallout that reaches land will tend to stay where it hits the ground, while anything that comes down in the ocean will tend to travel much farther and faster than any contamination on land, but that will not occur to a lot of people who think of the ocean as a public dumping ground.

A probable result of such misguided cloudbusting to "save" or "protect" areas on land is the radioactive contamination of the Pacific Ocean food chain to a significantly greater extent than would happen otherwise.

There is no transparency and no accountability in the field of cloudbusting. Anyone is free to decide what to attempt with a cloudbuster without any input from anyone else or any oversight by anyone representing the interests of the public. There are no standards of training required, no guidelines that must be adhered to, and no way to sanction those who cause damage or to require them to carry insurance to compensate their victims.

Cloudbusting is a wild frontier where anybody can do exactly as he pleases with the fragile atmosphere upon which all life depends. Most of the people who take up cloudbusting have good intentions and think they are doing the right thing, but they nearly all lack any real knowledge of the little-known branch of physics that the cloudbuster is based on, and they also are almost all totally ignorant of the biological sciences that would enable them to understand the potential effects on the ecosystems they will inevitably affect.

And there are some who are sadists or psychopaths or driven by a need to dominate and control. Such persons are attracted to cloudbusting for the feeling of power that it gives them. They enjoy the feeling that they get to decide what weather the rest of us have to endure.

And the rest of us are at their mercy.

I am trying to change that. I am trying to get a movement going to demand transparency and accountability in the cloudbusting field. There should be standards set, a professional Code Of Ethics, training, insurance coverage, consultations with ecologists, and some way to sanction those who are found guilty of malpractice.

Because the atmosphere is too important to be left to whoever wants to control it.

If you would be willing to help in this project, please contact:

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