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14 March, 2011

The Cosmic Pulse of Trevor James Constable

Interview by Joan d’Arc (This interview took place by telephone in 1994)

Plasmoids That Live in the Sky might be the title of a campy fifties sci-fi movie, but in this case it’s the subject of the life work of Trevor James Constable, and the result of years of scientific research gathered and corroborated worldwide and presented in his book Cosmic Pulse of Life. When he is not documenting the existence of macrobacteria on infrared film, Trevor is doing some serious “cloudbusting” experiments, explained in his video Etheric Weather Engineering on the High Seas and in a forthcoming book. Here, Trevor talks about fringe science, the invisible realm and the flummoxing of earthling power elites by evil entities having no business doing business in this dimension.

Joan d’Arc: Mr. Constable, I read that your book, Cosmic Pulse of Life, first published by Merlin Press in 1976, “shocked the publishing industry” because of its criticism of official science, a “science” which has been unable to make a significant finding in the area of UFO phenomena in over forty years.

Trevor James Constable: Well, first of all, the shock which is alleged to have occurred in the publishing world is, I think, exaggerated. I think it had a serious impact on the UFO world, because people suddenly found that a large mass of evidence had been gathered, and it was original evidence. It hadn’t been put through any kind of government or scientific strainer where the life could be knocked out of it. This indicated that the UFO thing was something immeasurably more complex than just a bunch of entities climbing into spaceships over on Venus or Mars or somewhere else in the universe and traveling over here to take part in the life of the Earth in some incomprehensible fashion. It showed that there was a biological dimension to the whole thing, and this in turn is the key to the general sequestration of the whole approach of Cosmic Pulse of Life. It is true that, since the days of Kenneth Arnold, when UFO’s first entered the public domain, there has been no single significant finding in the area of UFO phenomena.

d’Arc: Yet, answers seem to be closer when working with the theories of Wilhelm Reich and others considered to be in the realm of “fringe” science.

Constable: That is a fact. It is true that answers are closer when you work with the theories of Wilhelm Reich. Because you must remember that Reich’s work is rooted in practical matters. And his discovery of this biological energy, a specific biological energy that he called orgone, set the entire question of vital force on a completely new basis. Up until then, it had been sort of a philosophical will-ó the wisp. Reich changed all that, and by using modern instrumentation and modern methods he presented evidence of the existence of this biological power, the thing that makes every heart beat and which nobody, but nobody, in the entire reaches of official science has yet seen fit to address.

d’Arc: Why do the High Priests of Science need to protect the materialist worldview at all costs?

Constable: [Imagine being] raised from infancy with chains of interlocking and interlacing views laid upon you and made a part of your method of functioning and viewing creation, and all this excludes the idea of a biological energy; there isn’t any pulsation, it’s just chemicals. Then all of a sudden someone comes along and says, “Hey, wait a minute, there is a bioforce!” And it’s physical, it’s accessible. You can demonstrate it! Well, what happens is everything that you know, everything that you have been taught, everything that makes up the cement of your whole worldview is subject to a very serious disillusionary attack. That is the reason why they clamp down in official scientific circles at the very suggestion of specific biological energy, orgone, or as we refer to it in my phase of weather engineering, chemical ether.

d’Arc: Explain your theory that some UFOs are “plasmoidal living organisms” which are native, albeit invisible, to our atmosphere and how you came to realize that these biological entities could be photographed using infrared film.

Constable: As explained in my book, when Dr. Woods and myself started this work back in 1957, we went after spaceships like everybody else. We had no consciousness whatever of there being anything else. And when we used infrared film for the purpose of pursuing objects that were repeatedly seen and reported worldwide as having come from and often returned to an invisible state, we recorded not so much spaceships as these strange plasmoidal living organisms. And there were too many of them to be ignored, or blown away as aberrations or the results of faulty processing: the normal excuses that are made for these things.

And, we were not at all happy at the time that we obtained the first evidence of the plasmoids; not at all, because we wanted spaceships. We were in that same hard, mechanical idea about these things, that someone had built these things over in Venus or Mars or elsewhere, and they jumped in them and flew over here, and they were cheek by jowl with us on Planet Earth. At least that’s what we wanted to be able to prove.

In actual fact, using infrared film, which extends the range of the human eye far beyond what the eye itself will register, we got something else. We got these living organisms, and we got lots of them. And since that time lots of other people all over the world have got them. I just got a letter from a gentleman who photographed shoals of these things over the Western Australia desert. So, they are there and they have always been there. They are not from anywhere else, they are what we might call the upper dimension of our physical world. They have been referred to as macro bacteria: the counterpart at the upper border of physical nature of the microbes that infest the sub-sensible realms of physical nature of which we were earlier not aware. We are aware of them now, because centuries ago the microscope was discovered and an optical limitation was removed. Infrared film does the same thing at the upper border of physical nature, but the things that are found, instead of being extremely small, they are very vast, sometimes forty or fifty feet across.

So everything fits from a polarity point of view, and finding out that these things could be recorded with infrared film was simply accidental. It was not something that was planned, programmed or intended. But we didn’t shrink from what we found, we pursued it through the years and we never found any reason to revise it. The work that was done subsequently in Italy twenty or thirty years later served only to verify it, as has the work done by other people in Romania, Australia and elsewhere. All through the years, all of this has been mercilessly crushed by the people in the UFO field who feel that they are somehow serving the truth by killing something that’s alive.

d’Arc: How does orgone energy (“the ether”) relate to your exobiology theory and your work in Reichian cloudbusting?

Constable: I would need a three or four hundred page book to describe my work in Reichian cloudbusting. In fact, a fairly comprehensive volume on this is being prepared now and is going to be published by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation sometime this year. So it is futile to attempt an interview at this time to describe my work. I haven’t done Reichian cloudbusting in a while; I do things in a completely different way, I use geometric forms. I do not use the old time Reichian cloudbuster anymore, although I made good use of it for many years.

I can only say it is impossible to assemble any kind of valid exobiology theory if you do not first understand why it is that everything living on this Earth, from the microbe to the mastodon, pulsates! That’s the thing that you have to elucidate first.

d’Arc: If Reich had lived beyond the mindset of the fifties, do you think he would have changed his view of UFOs as “machines from another planet?”

Constable: Sure, I think that he would have readily expanded his initial conception of UFOs as machines from another planet. However, I want to point out something significant here, and I never tire of re-emphasizing this, because it never seems to sink in, that it’s not a question of having spaceships or plasmoidal organisms: you have both! There are at least two dimensions to the UFO phenomenon. One is the spaceships idea and the other is the living organisms. And because in the mode of their manifestation these two aspects of the UFO phenomenon are mutually confused, nobody seems to have been able to straighten it out, except me.

People believe that you’ve got ships from other planets and you can’t have anything else. If you’re going to have biological critters in the upper atmosphere, well then you can’t have the other. You’ve got to have both. And what this does is expand your consciousness. And that is one of the good things about this whole phenomenon in all its diversity. You’ve got to get your consciousness expanded and operating along new lines. The old ways are dead and gone, like this civilization of ours. I certainly believe that Reich, had he lived, would have expanded his understanding of these things, because he had the mentality and the observational power to do so. But, you can’t expect very much of a man at a critical time of his life when he was being harassed and hounded by the medical profession, the psychiatric profession, the FDA, and the courts. You can’t expect much from a man who is under that kind of pressure.

d’Arc: What was your theory of space and flying saucer propulsion in 1958, when you wrote your classic book They Live in the Sky, and how have your theories changed since then? Were you influenced by Wilhelm Reich’s work (described in his book Contact With Space) and were you pursuing a similar path in your research?

Constable: My theories in 1958 I cannot recall for you in detail or compare them to the views that I hold now. But basically there wasn’t a great deal of difference, it’s just that in the meantime more and more evidence has accumulated. The basic idea that the source of all these things is the invisible has continued to gain momentum and continued to gain status because of the derelictions and inadequacies of the formal theories. I was influenced by Wilhelm Reich, but not until after I had made my original contribution with They Live in the Sky. I did not know Reich existed or I might have written that book differently. That influence came along later and is part of subsequent development worked out in Cosmic Pulse of Life, which correlates with work from Romania and Italy.

d’Arc: Does the appearance of UFOs in the skies have anything to do with the “destruction of the industrial, financial, moral and spiritual fabric of the USA?” Is the American decline an engineering job on the part of an otherworld intelligence which somehow rules the planet Earth through its top power elite?

Constable: Everything that has happened and everything that we are seeing now that shows this ongoing downtrend in American Life, the industrial, financial, moral, spiritual and political fabric of the USA disintegrating, this is all being brought about by people who are in the body with us. There is no question about that. This is a function of conspiratorial activity. It is the inspiration of it that comes from other planes; the guidance of it. And very often these people have no conception whatever that they are under psychic control and are being directed from other planes to do these things by entities who cannot manifest here themselves. That, in my opinion, is the reality of any infiltration of the top power elite which is, by the way, not something visible to the ordinary citizen. It is hidden also, as most people know, down at the level of the Presidency. Somebody like George Bush (Sr.), for example, would be probably at about the fourth layer down in the power structure. The entire world is run from the shadows and it is well to keep that in mind.

d’Arc: In your book you state that scores of people believe there is some undetermined energy principle behind the UFO phenomena, yet the billion dollar NASA budget does not contain a dime for UFO investigation. Why does the government bury its head and continue to pretend there is nothing out of the ordinary happening in the Earth skies?

Constable: Of course it is true that there is an undetermined energy principal behind the UFO phenomena, and NASA has no hesitation in squashing billions which it doesn’t have to earn, and spending nothing to investigate UFOs or even have a small project on them. Nothing. The reason for it is very complex and relates to the energy question. We know from Reich’s work that this energy will run motors, and if you can run motors out of the atmosphere without having to hook into the power grid, that is a disaster for the world’s power structure. The control of energy is the control of people. It is the control of economies. So the breaking of the fuel monopoly is reason enough for governments who are run from the shadows and steeped in corruption to do nothing to elucidate the principles of energy that are behind UFOs.

d’Arc: Can you discuss your statement that “unseen extraphysical entities have expanded their manipulations and destructive capabilities on the physical plane via humans they can control.” Do you see this as an occult influence in top levels of world secret government?

Constable: Extraphysical entities with an interest in the earth plane can only manifest here through correspondences. They do not come down and land on the White House lawn, because they do not belong to the Earth plane. So what they have to do is find correspondences within those in authority and control what they can access and, by those means, infuse their malevolent ideas and purposes into the civilization. On the simplest and broadest basis you may ask yourself why it is that the US, despite having had the most successful and largest expansion of production in the history of the world in World War II, grew by 1950 to become a phenomenally prosperous country, and since that time has been run down mercilessly to a shadow of its former self, incapable of carrying out even many of its own defense processes, can’t forge its own aircraft carrier anchor chains, stuff like that. Straight down from a high point. Despite the prodigious proliferation of computers and other things that are supposed to improve productivity and increase the standard of living, our standard of living goes down. The chief agency and the chief link between the ruling authorities, the real rulers here, and those in the extraphysical realm who are utilizing them, is the dishonesty of the men on the physical plane. That’s what opens them to access from the unseen.

d’Arc: In your book you talk about Hitler and the occult influence in machinations of World War II. Most people do not believe in “magic,” but is it more simply understood as a series of deals made with other-dimensional entities who shouldn’t be trusted?

Constable: I referred to Hitler merely in passing and pointed out that he was essentially the vehicle of Lucifer and it was a Luciferic activity that he headed in Germany. Anyone who does not understand the difference between Lucifer, Ahriman (the evil deity in the Zoroastrian religion) and Christ will never know anything about this world. We in the USA are fully in the clutches not of Lucifer but of his opposite, Ahriman, and the Ahrimanic powers in general. This is what you are dealing with in the so-called phenomenon of the Greys, all of which is taking place in the darkness. It’s a significant point, it’s a signature. Nothing is out on the table, nothing is in the light, everything is in the dark.

d’Arc: So the trouble we find ourselves in is a result of bad deals made by Earth leaders?

Constable: Oh, true to form, I think that these arrangements were originally entered into with these otherworld entities for the purpose of attempting to get from them technology that could be used to make profits, technology that could be exploited and, instead, they found themselves inextricably enmeshed with entities they could neither understand nor control. And these were beings that had no trouble flummoxing them five ways from Friday. The very sound principle from basic spiritual science is to have no commerce whatever with entities of this type, to have no commerce whatever with entities who do not belong here and above all to be honest, since honesty protects you against all this. Do everything that you want to do, or that you want to see done, in the broad light of day and right out on the table top. That is a principle that I think our government relinquished and buried a long time ago. Alas for America!

©1994 PARANOIA. This interview with Trevor James Constable first appeared in PARANOIA, Issue 5 (Summer 1994). The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor James Constable was republished by The Book Tree in 2008 ( (800) 700-TREE.

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