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14 March, 2011

The Trevor Constable Story

“Racist Rapes Atmosphere”

The Trevor Constable Story

By Joel Carlinsky

Trevor Constable is in his 80s and retired now, but has left a legacy of younger imitators and groupies who look up to him as a great alternative science researcher and innovator. Several of them are actively trying to copy his methods of "weather engineering" using the equipment and methods he devised. This is highly unfortunate. Even one Trevor Constable is at least one too many.

Far from being the benevolent humanitarian the deluded groupies think he is, Mr. Constable shows some truly alarming tendencies. He was a campaign worker in the 1968 presidential election campaign for George Wallace, who ran on a platform of strict racial segregation. He later said that he wanted Wallace to first win, then get asassinated soon after, so his running mate, General Curtis LeMay would become president.

Constable went on to later become a close friend of LeMay, and on his behalf, LeMay at the time of his death was lobbying his former associates in the Pentagon to look into the weather control methods developed by Constable. Apparently neither of them knew the United States is a signatory to a United Nations Convention banning weather modification as a weapon or any military research on weather modification, so what LeMay was doing was urging his former co-workers to commit a war crime. This could be regarded as treason.

Constable has written several highly laudatory biographies of World War Two German and Japanese war heroes, stated that Lee Quan Yu, the former dictator of Singapore, best known for advocating beatings with a cane as a punishment, is the greatest political leader of the 20th century, and once told a radio talk show audience on the Art Bell Show, that we should not show any sympathy for crippled children because they must have done something in a past incarnation to deserve being crippled.

Constable is very mystical, and especially influenced by Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian folklorist, philosopher, and theologian whose highly mystical ideas are often incorrectly thought by mystical-minded people to resemble those of Reich. In fact, there is no resemblance at all and Steiner was about as far from being a scientist as it is possible to get. It is hard to imagine any set of ideas farther removed from the meticulous natural science of Reich than the near-total reliance on intuition and folklore of Steiner.

In an article in the Journal of Borderland Research, What The Financial Newsletters Leave Out, he once claimed that the real conspirators behind the conspiracies the conspiracy theorists talk about are not human; they are Arimanic entities on the Astral Plane, and they use astral radionics machines to influence the minds of people here on earth.

In a conversation with me, he once stated that "Reich did not invent the cloudbuster. He was a re-incarnated Atlantean, and remembered how they used to build them in Atlantis. They fought a war with them and sank their continent." When I asked him how did he know that, he said he was clairvoyant.

In a letter to Dr. Richard Blasband, then Director of Research of the American College of Orgonomy, which at the time was funding his cloudbusting efforts, Constable asked Blasband to hold onto a check for money they owed him because he was in the process of a divorce and wanted to wait to claim the money until after the judge had examined his finaces so his disabled soon-to-be-ex-wife, the mother of his two children, would not be able to get her hands on it.

This from the man who once stated, "Inherent in the Anglo-Saxon race is the spirit of fair play. It is a part of their structure."

It is with this background in mind, that we must look at the statement he made in a letter to Jerome Eden, published in the C.OR.E. Manual, by Jerome Eden, to "Take the orgone by the balls and it will talk. Any other approach and it laughs at you". Eden commented, "That's how you torture somebody!"

According to Mary Poe, who was his assistant, when she quit, shortly after he had discovered how to direct a lightning strike to a selected target, he tried to kill her with directed lightning bolts.

In his published writings on his weather control work, Constable often used expressions like "Shoving millions of tons of air around", but in all his published writings, spanning over 40 years, he never once mentioned any such concept as self-regulation of the atmosphere, or suggested there was some sort of cause for the droughts he constantly attempted to break.

In fact, he never even mentions DOR, the stagnant, unhealthy state of orgone, which according to Reich and almost every other worker in the field, is the underlying basis for droughts and must be carefully removed before attempting to bring rain to a drought-stricken region. He told me that thinking about DOR causes it, so he tried not to think about it. He said Dr. Richard Blasband was "socking in the whole East Coast with DOR by worrying about it all the time".

One result of this conflating cloudbusting with mysticism was that, since he did nothing to remove the DOR blockage that was causing the droughts, every time he "ended" a drought, the drought soon returned again right after he ceased working. Time after time, Constable succeeded in bringing rain in the mist of a drought, or in a desert area, but in not one single instance did the rains continue for long after he stopped operating.

His sole criteria for the success of an operation was the amount of rain that fell, not the impact that rain had on the place where it landed. He often trumped his "great results" by documenting them with first, the original weather forecast from the previous day, then the news story about the rain the next day, to demonstrate how he had caused the forecast to be wrong.

One of the operations he did was thus documented by the news headline: 9-Year-Old Boy Swept Out To Sea By Sudden Unexpected Storm". Another was documented by the newspaper headline: "Storm Hikes State Death Toll To 67 On Rain-slicked Freeways".

It should be noted that this particular operation was not conducted to break a drought or because there was any need for rain, but merely to demonstrate a new technique he had discovered to Dr. Blasband, who was visiting. Blasband did not raise any objections to this killing people for the sake of a demonstration.

In another instance, Trevor Constable was asked at an alternative science conference about one article of his in which the "beneficial" results were accompanied by a news story of 6 field hands being struck by lightning. He shrugged it off with, "Well, if they don't believe in it, they can't sue me, can they?"

Now there is a reason I am going into all this material that sheds light on the character of Trevor Constable. That reason is that recently an Australian admirer of Trevor Constable, Ash Palise, has taken up cloudbusting as a hobby, and already has bungled several operations, inflicting more damage on Australia than Trevor Constable managed to inflict on the entire earth in his entire 40-year career.

And Mr. Palise has been trying to emulate his hero, Trevor Constable, using his variation on the cloudbusting equipment first invented by Reich in 1952, and operating it according to the theories and concepts he has picked up from Constable, theories and concepts unsupported by any scientific evidence, and dramatically at odds with those of Reich and virtually everyone else who has engaged in cloudbusting over the past 60-odd years.

One result of this uncritical acceptance of these concepts of Constable by Ash Palise, has been the recent floods in Queensland, the worst flooding in Australian history. Hence the need for a full-length disertation on the misconceptions of cloudbusting promulgated by Trevor Constable and now, unfortunately, being continued by Ash Palise with truly disasterous results.

( To be continued......)

Joel Carlinsky writes on the irresponsible use of cloudbusters at his blog:


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  1. The irony is that Reich's works have their origin in the "two sciences" theory of Soviet Union (Proletarian science and Ruling bourgeoise one) to defeat the latter that he thought mystic, and are recuperated now by the mystics!