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21 March, 2009

Closing Times

fellow paranoids

Just to let you know that the last podcast ("Closing Time") and blog post ("the secret of seers", a dream experience from some years back that i kept private until now) are now up - the snake is shedding his skin.

here are the show notes

Know that all of Nature is but a magic theater
That the great Mother is the master magician,
and that this whole world is peopled by her many parts
—The Upanishads

In a final, two-hour special, Aeolus takes a bow and delivers the long-promised Sorcerers’ Revelation, discusses his reasons for ending Stormy Weather, describes the pitfalls of the alternate perceptions community and prevailing conspiracy narratives, the danger of knowledge without a context, surrogate gnosis and the matrix outside the matrix, seeing energy directly, the way the world ends, the edges of reality, the known, the unknown and the unknowable, global conspiracy as the ultimate opportunity for surrender, saturation with occult knowledge as a means to short-circuit the counterculture, the need to use one’s life as a case study to turn knowledge into self-knowledge, occult knowledge as being a technology that comes without a manual, the sorcerers’ revelation, Tulpa creation, Masonic Sorcery Theater, the life and death of Carlos Castaneda, prey to power, “the tenant” and the art of dreaming, the old seers and the creation of alternate realities, a new meta-narrative to contextualize all other narratives, the thought forms of God.

Featuring a special appearance by Neil Kramer –

happy springtime

AK (the stormy one)

1 comment:

  1. Kephas,

    I'm so sorry to hear you're quitting my favorite podcast! I'm listening to it now regarding a "trickery" in which we are complicit and a "surrogate awakening"... Many deep theories there and some ideas that perhaps we don't want to entertain.

    But this is not "entertainment". Your podcast goes way beyond that. You actually address concerns about whether freedom is indeed possible. Nobody else is doing that. Thank you for making us all dig deeper than we wanted to dig, into the well of cognitive dissonance.

    thank you so much.