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14 March, 2009

Staged Synchronicities

The "CIA"-controlled mass media through their fictional TV, radio programs and movies like to subtly foreshadow particular political or social events of the future. They are able to do this because both are scripted and premeditated in advance to occur, either through paid conscious agents or surreptitious methods, such as hypnotism, psychotropic drugs etc. When a united cabal owns and controls the entire political, economic, educational and corporate entertainment/media system, then it is not too difficult to embed and plan the future beforehand. One of the most famous examples is the 1962 film "The Manchurian Candidate" and its apparent parallels to Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement in the Kennedy assassination in 1963 as a 'brain-washed' experiment. (MKULTRA-Sydney Gottlieb). Another odd correspondence between "fact and fiction" was when ABC premiered the TV movie pilot "The Greatest American Hero" on March 18, 1981, the name of the main character being Ralph Hinkley. Then around two weeks later on March 30th the media erupted with the story that President Ronald Reagan was fired upon courtesy of John Hinckley.

Another repetitive trend of the last 10 years leading up to the election of President Obama was the appearance of African-American men casted as President in various TV shows or films. The most popular one was Fox's 24 which premiered in 2001. For the first five seasons actor Dennis Haybert played Democratic President David Palmer. Haybert's portrayal of an African-American president had such an impact that the actor himself even felt that his role helped Americans become "comfortable" with the idea. Political commentators even referred to Obama's election as the "Palmer Effect".

Compelling evidence that the future is revealed in the mass media before it manifests itself, was exposed in the NBC show "The West Wing". There were striking similarities between the shows 2006 season "election" and the actual 2008 U.S. Presidential election. Jimmy Smits played Matt Santos, a young minority Democratic candidate who is pitted against an aging "maverick" Senator named Arnold Vinick(Alan Alda). Santos is telegenic and a popular forty-something with two young children. An "inspirational speaker" he announces his candidacy by telling supporters: "I am here to tell you that hope is real. In a life of trial, in a world of challenges, hope is real." Sound familiar anyone? I suppose if the writers had the crowd shout "Yes we can!" it would be too obvious. His "opponent" is Arnold Vinick, a white-haired Senator(McCain) with a reputation for declaring "straight talk" to the press. Even the vice-presidential picks are similar: the Democrat selects a Washington veteran, while the Republican chooses a staunchly evangelical governor to shore up the base. President Obama likes the music of Bob Dylan and "coincidentally" so does Matt Santos in the show. When the press starts asking where Vinick attends church, he tells his staff "I haven't gone to church for a while." Asked in July 2008 by the NY Times about his church attendance, McCain said: "Not as often as I should." In Britain, where the series remains popular in syndication the newspaper The Telegraph declared: "Barack Obama will win: It's all in The West Wing."

Another odd strand of synchronicity began on April 4, 2007 with the leading news story of "shock-jock" Don Imus being castigated for describing the University of Rutger's women's basketball team as "ho's." For about two straight weeks on the local and national media outlets this silliness was the major news item dwarfing everything else as the nation followed the saga of Imus apologizing and being fired. During the ongoing continuous coverage of this "news", on April 14 the Hawaiian-American pop-singer Don Ho, famous for his hit "Tiny Bubbles"(#8Billboard, 1966) passed away. Then on April 16th, the culmination of "ho" coincidences transpired when Seung-Hui Cho, a South Korean student at Virginia Tech went on a shooting rampage killing 32 people and himself.

And to top it all, in November 2001 the hip-hop group "The Coup" released their album "Party Music". The intended, original CD cover art, created in June 2001 depicts the WTC Twin Towers exploding, months before the 9-11 "Islamic terrorist attacks".


  1. funny you mention hip hop cus in the culture we have a word that describes the rubbish you just posted

    nigga yo' reaching

  2. Check this then:

  3. At least you see all the artificial sychronicity out there that many are in awe of and spend thier days and nights searching for false sychronicity rather than exspanding their consciouness and doing some thing about it.

    This type of occult study doesnt serve to fully awake a man/woman but is the state of in between being awake and asleep. Ego loves artificial sychronicity and the attention it gets from showing it off. To exspand consciousness we must first be totally consciousess and thats requires ego death and entering the state of clockless/calenderless Now or as I call it Nowarchy.

    Nice post.

  4. I think movie star and wrestler 'The Rock' was a great help for Pres Obama's election. 'The Rock' and 'Barack' sound similar but The Rock is like a superhero version of Obama.

  5. To the first poster are the dumb nigga that is clueless. But what else can you expect from someone in a culture that is NWO controlled and is one of the biggest reasons for the downfall of society. Hip Hop is nothing but a bunch of evil, stupid, criminal thugs preaching materialism, hate and illicit sex. Hip Hop has become a joke and has moved far away from its original purpose, much like punk rock.

    unlike the first poster, I am not a coward, I publish my name. But what can you expect from a culture full of cowardly criminals.

  6. Peculiar Behavior

  7. a good example of what you are talking about is the upcomming movie about 2012. the armageddonites work hard to get you to believe their agenda. belief is the holy grail. what we truley believe collectively we will experience.
    thankyou for your insight.

  8. The 2012 myth was started by Jose Arguelles and continued by Terence McKenna and the CIA. The Mayan calendar doesn’t say anything about the world ending on December 21, 2012. It’s just the end of a 26,000 year cycle. There will be no “eradication of time itself” or “planetary alignment on the Galactic Plane.” There is no such thing as a “Photon Belt.”

    But perhaps more “down to earth” -- Is it a population control hoax? A provocation to shoot the believing zombies in the streets?

    The CIA has definitely been caught perpetrating New Age hoaxes. Remember Hale-Bopp comet and the UFO that was supposedly following it? That was a CIA hoax and a "staged synchronicity" too. The proof is right here:


  9. A "photon belt", that's funny. I think the 2012 calendar hype probably serves the same purpose as the Y2K scam did (diversionary mind-control)--keep the masses enthralled with fantasized doom.


    From the basic concept of "staged synchronicity" we can extrapolate a general theory of predetermined futurology; applied to the political, economic and entertaiment scenarios. Its not so much recognizing that the overall future of society is planned, but how far ahead it is. Five, ten years...? The next rep/dem presidential candidate(s) are probably being selected now for the ignorant herd in 2012, the next war is on paper just waiting for the exact date to begin, the next CIA terrorist attack to be blamed on "al-qaeda", the next economic crisis, etc. The sociopolitical present is what was simply ordained years ago. The masses are simply spectators, casualties and unconscious "bit-actors" in this global "movie".

    When a united oligarchic cabal of multi-billionaires monopolize or control the total government, corporate and media apparatus then there is no other conceivable method of governance on their part. As Carroll Quigley revealed in his book "TRAGEDY AND HOPE": "The expert will replace the industrial tycoon in control of the economic system even as he will replace the democratic voter in control of the political system. This is because planning will inevitably replace lassiez faire in the relationship between the two systems. The main framework and operational forces of the system will be established and limited by the experts on the governmental side; then the experts within the big units on the economic side will do their planning..."

    The "experts" of course being the cryptic ruling class. The only thing that can prevent their fixed future from unfolding is their forceful expulsion from power.

  10. Very intriguing stuff! I saw another guy's post on a whole lot of 9/11 synchronicities too at There seems to be a history of these kinds of "coincidences" happening a lot and begs the question what is real and what is fantasy? And why is it that so many of these novels/films seem to serve as a script especially for intel agencies (CIA/FBI etc) whose plans and policies also seem to follow a script not unlike the plot of a novel or film itself? Is the media really one big propaganda machine to act as an adjunct for the government agencies while serving as a diversionary tactic over the people to keep them dumbed down and distracted from the real important issues facing our collective lives, liberties and property? Or is there something more going on beyond the realm of our physical human plane? So many questions so few answers...