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09 March, 2009

Office of Grift Supervision?

Darrel Dochow - Office of Grift Supervision - allowed IndyMac bank to cook its books, investigators say.

The man at the center of a fraud scandal at the Treasury Department has been allowed to quietly quit and retire from his job as a government regulator, despite allegations that he allowed a bank to falsify financial records and amidst outcries from investigators who say the case shows how cozy government regulators have become with the banks and savings and loans they are supposed to be checking on.

Darrel Dochow, the West Coast regional director at the Office of Thrift Supervision (sic) who investigators say allowed IndyMac to backdate its deposits to hide its ill health, quit last Friday. Prior to his leaving, Dochow was removed from his position but remained on the government payroll while the Inspector General's Office investigates the allegations against him.

Treasury Department Inspector General Eric Thorson announced in November his office would probe how Dochow allowed the IndyMac bank to essentially cook its books, making it appear in government filings that the bank had more deposits than it really did. But Thorson's aides now say IndyMac wasn't the only institution to get such cozy assistance from the official who should have been the cop on the beat.

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1 comment:

  1. You never hear anything in the CIA-controlled mass media about how the banks should be prosecuted for issuing fraudulent loans to people who lack the resources to repay them, thus precipitating the economic "collapse". Can't be that bad though, since morons are still filling up stadiums to view million-dollar "sports-stars". Instead the media insists that the "american people" are to blame for the bankruptcies. That's some chutzpah.