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29 March, 2010

Alien Media

'Who controls the media controls the mind: who controls the mind controls the machine.'

Now let's see who controls the American mass media complex.
  • ABC--CEO Robert Iger
  • CBS--Chairman Leslie Moonves
  • NBC--CEO Jeff Zucker
  • PBS--CEO Paula Kerger
  • FOX/News Corp.--Chairman & CEO Rupert Murdoch
  • CNN/Time Warner--Chairman & CEO Jeffrey Bewkes
  • MTV/Viacom--Chairman Sumner Redstone
  • Google--Presidents Sergey Brin, Lawrence Page

You know, I never noticed this before, but they appear to all be members of the same alien consanguineous ethno-genetic gang , just like the individuals who supervise the world's economic system through their central banking syndicate. Must be just another meaningless coincidence I suppose. And I bet if one continues doing the research one will discover the same pervasive predominant alien monopoly of the newspaper, radio, music, movie, magazine and book publishing industries as well.

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