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15 March, 2010

PARANOIA the conspiracy reader, volume 1 available now!

Hey All - Thought you might like to know my 1994 interview with Tiny Tim has been reprinted in the new PARANOIA conspiracy reader book!

Interviews with David Ray Griffin on 9/11, Craig Heimbichner on the OTO, Jarrah White on the Apollo hoax, Acharya S on the Jesus Hoax, Roderick MacKenzie on the JFK assassination, Michael Cremo on Forbidden Archeology, Melinda Leslie on MILABS - REABDUCTIONS, Dan Harms on Lovecraft's Necronomicon, and more!

Also read my 1995 interview with Ralph Rene on how NASA Mooned America, and Al Hidell's interview with David McGowan on the political connections to serial murders.

Also featuring Robert Guffey on Albert Pike, and Tony Bragalia on RAND and UFOs, and don't forget Providence Bug Man himself, David Gracer, on the final solution to the economic downturn: Entomophagy (eating insects), yes! I know you're into it!

A smashin article by Iona Miller on Tavistock, the mother of all think tanks, and Barbara Green on who the hell murdered Robin Hood and where is he really buried? Phil Coppens on 2012, and so much more!

Original artwork by Lee Harvey Roswell, John Moore, Ned Sonntag, James Quigley (Gunsho), Saint John, Iona Miller, Al Hidell.

Were the Apollo moon landings hoaxed?

Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

Who wrote the occult grimoire, Necronomicon?

In this new PARANOIA compendium, 24 authors and interviewees discuss the monumental conspiracies of our time, including:

What will happen in 2012? • Did the Mob assassinate JFK? • Who is reabducting UFO abductees? • What role do magick and ritual play in The Invisible Government? • Have we received any messages from space?

192 pages, available now!

More highlights here:

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