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08 March, 2010

Author Jerry Smith has died

Jerry Smith, prolific conspiracy author, beloved assisant at Adventures Unlimited, has passed away very suddenly from pancreatic cancer. He was ill for only about two months.

He was a prolific author on the frontier of weather warfare research and HAARP. He also co-wrote and did research with Jim Keith.

He appeared on the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory show on HAARP destined to be a classic.

Jerry's website is:

See obituary for Jerry Smith written by Loren Coleman:

Jerry Smith Dies

Jerry Smith's world was occupied by HAARP, Burning Man, black helicopters, and Loch Ness. Smith died at 3:00 am on the morning of Monday, March 8, 2010, of pancreatic carcinoma (pancreatic cancer), I was informed by Kenn Thomas, editor of Steamshovel Press, moments ago. Smith, born on April 8, 1950 in Pomona, California, was an author, lecturer and editor on unexplained phenomena, but sometimes remained behind the scenes in recent years, as a ghostwriter.

Interests that had him ranging from Loch Ness to Burning Man, the well-known writer to a select few was a true friend to many in the field of unsolved mysteries.

Smith's acknowledged bibliography of published works includes three books from Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP), scores of non-fiction articles and reviews, and more than a dozen ghost-written books.

Smith began his career in writing and publishing in the little magazine field in 1966, writing and publishing his own amateur sci-fi fan magazine (called a fanzine or just "zine") in the Valley Science Fiction Associations' Valley Amateur Press Alliance (ValAPA) of Pomona, California. He was active in the zine scene throughout the late '60s and early '70s, appearing regularly in zines and APAs, like the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society's APA-L, and culminating with his founding of the Unicorn Society and its Unicorn Amateur Press Alliance (UnAPA) in Klamath Falls, Oregon, in 1974.

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