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25 March, 2010

Cabalistic Cabal

Yellen said to be Obama's Pick for Fed Vice Chairman Position

"Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Janet Yellen is President Barack Obama's pick for vice chairman of the central bank in Washington. Yellen, 63, would replace Donald Kohn, a 40-year Fed veteran who resigned. Yellen, served as President Bill Clinton's chief economist in the 1990's. The Obama administration is also working to fill two other vacancies on the seven-member Fed board. Among the candidates is Sarah Bloom Raskin, 48, Maryland's commissioner of financial regulation. She graduated from Harvard Law School in 1986, the same year as Elena Kagan, Obama's solicitor general. Peter Diamond, an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is also under consideration."

So we have Janet Yellen, Sarah Bloom Raskin and Peter Diamond as all potential candidates for occupying the current vacancies on the Fed's Board of Governors. On the surface, it appears that an unwritten requirement is that one must be a member of a particular ethnicity or religion to be eligible. Similar to how all the Presidents and Directors of the major international banking institutions just all happen to be representatives of the same "ethno-religious" group too, which their "objective" mass media never reports.
  • World Bank--Robert Zoellick
  • International Monetary Fund--Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  • European Central Bank--Jean-Claude Trichet
  • Bank of England--Mervyn King
  • Federal Reserve--Ben Bernanke
  • Group of Thirty (G30)--Paul Volcker

Just all a meaningless, irrelevant coincidence I suppose. The essence of all conspiracy research is exposing the agent(s) of the conspiracy. Here is the covert cabalistic cabal which controls and manages the global economic and political system behind their phony Presidents, Prime-Ministers, Premiers and other assorted puppets of putridness. They live, we sleep.

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