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12 December, 2008

Alex Jones Over The Top?


  1. Whew! This guy is completely off his rocker. "Hell Force!" "Take no prisoners!" "They plan to kill you and your family!"

    I thought at first the song was "Highway to Hell". What is that song? It's ridiculous.

    Thanks for posting. I had to laugh pretty loud a few times. The religious right is hysterical. Jones is doing his best Bill Cooper imitation. Give Jones a breathing bag. He's hyperventilating!

  2. Bill Cooper was the real deal.Alex on the other hand is obsessed with Germanic death cults.Still,the Illuminati is in the last stages of the takedown of the USA.Joan's New Age philosophy skews her perception.

  3. That's the first time I've ever heard Joan d'Arc referred to as "New Age"!

  4. Yes, Bill Cooper was the real deal. We used to trade advertising years ago in his newspaper Veritas. Of course, he’s wrongly attributed as the author of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (the real author is Hartford Van Dyke) which he published in Behold a Pale Horse. Several of his theories were totally cracked, for instance, the JFK assassination theory that the driver did it, and some of his UFO theories were way out there. But still, the real deal.

    Devin is correct. I’ve never been called “New Age” but I’m sure many fundamentalist Christians have assumed from my books that I’m New Age. But in this sense it’s different from what Devin is thinking. As he knows, I’m miles away from an airy fairy new ager, but some of the concepts I talk about in, say, Phenomenal World, are concepts that a Christian fundamentalist would certainly find demonically inspired.

    Here’s the rub: Fundamentalist Christians are indoctrinated to line things up as pro-Christian and anti-Christian. Anything that goes against their way of thinking is referred to as “New Age.” That term has become the descriptive heading above everything including Freemasonry, Theosophy, Gnosticism, Atheism, Satanism, Illuminati, etc. or any secret society to which Christians are admonished against joining. It’s a very dualistic way of looking at the world.

    I would hope that in 16 years of mashing together and stewing both Christian and non-Christian and right-left themes in one pot, Paranoia has done some damage to some of that dualistic left-right thinking. And I think we have. But also in that 16 years, I have seen no good come from fear traders like Alex Jones. Just listen to the horror in his radio voice. He’s panic driven. And if you don’t think he’s making money on hysteria hand over fist, you’re not thinking it through.

    On the other hand Paranoia has maintained an air of fair mindedness, but that doesn’t sell. We’re just barely making it. Panic is what sells, and I personally refuse to stoop to that level.

    Of course I would not, and even if I had the means it is not my purpose to, take away anyone’s religious beliefs, as it’s your life to live. Your mind is your own. Just make sure of that. Just make sure you’re not being controlled and that means from any side of the fence.

    But there’s a problem: I don’t find it possible anywhere in my seditious skull to believe in a personal god who died for my sins. I’ve tried and it’s just not possible. It’s completely nonsensical to me. I’ve been looking for my soul but I think I often mistake it for my conscience, but I would hope others see that it doesn’t make me a bad person.

    Although to some it makes me a New Ager. But can’t we all just get along?

    ; )


  5. Hi Joan

    Jones is definitely a fearmonger. His MO illustrates how all-essential TONE is, since it creates the context in which information is received. Personally I suspect Jones of being disinfo for this reason alone: by pumping up the emotions of fear and outrage, he is (wittingly or not) sabotaging his listeners' capacity to think clearly, dispassionately, about the info they are being bludgeoned with.

    I wonder if the same isn't true, in subtler ways, of David Icke?