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06 December, 2008

Faux News Troll Squad Would you fellow Paranoids mind terribly much going one click back to my Blog here and seeing what you think about the goings-on over at my main Home Blog(click title to be linked) and whether you think I've Spotted a Trend... or am I dealing with a 'Lone Nut'?
Much appreciated. Yours in Paranoia NED SONNTAG


  1. Hello Ned~
    The only proven method for dealing with trolls is to completely ignore them until they go away.
    I question why you want to hang out at Drudge in the first place. Thatsite is troll central.
    ~Mark Elliott
    Paranoia magazine

  2. Naah I'm sayin' we've got a least one Drudgehead or Newsmaxer always bringing the latest talkingpoint over to ...which is actually run by an old leftie beatnik coffee- house owner. He likes the arguments among Commenters 'cause it brings traffic. I'm sayin' if the Commenter works for Fox and wants to post Fox-friendly theory, he should disclose his agenda/mission/task.