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04 December, 2008

Nuke Mecca? Yeah, okay.

Islamic fundamentalism can’t be destroyed with physical bombings directed at physical objects. How can a philosophy be destroyed physically? How can a bomb wiping out a physical place really wipe out an ideology? It can’t.

Consider this: Sunni Muslims follow the traditions known as "hadith" as a way of perceiving the Qur’aan. In the hadith, one states that it is lawful to assassinate a being who walks directly between the Muslim and their point of prostration during prayer. The praying Muslim is to stop the trespasser a total of three times, and if that doesn’t work, the trespasser is said to be a devil and it is then lawful to use physical force to end the transgression, this physical force ending with nothing less than murder if no other way is feasible or effective. What, then, do people think coming between the entire Muslim populace and one of their 5 obligations would result in? I say, it would be nothing less than the cause for a all out and Islamically agreed upon jihad, not a secterian psuedo-jihad like we are seeing now. If people think that having jets fly in to 2 skyscrapers full of people was bad, then I wonder how these same people would view having their quite local Muslim community take up arms against every non-Muslim in the area.

As far as the idea that Rome had destroyed radical, fundamentalist Judaism, consider Isreal. It is a country founded upon the basic tenets of radical Judaism. Yes, we can argue that the Zionist occupiers are political in nature, and not religious and therefore aren’t fundamentalist, however truth be told the Zionist regime justifies every atrocity with a fundamentalist interpretation of the Judaic faith, therefore in the long run, Rome’s actions haven’t wiped out anything, but rather sharpened it to conceal itself behind a facade of suits, ties, and political rhetoric. This same thing is done by Muslims and it is known internationally as The Muslim Brotherhood, Brotherhood of Muslims, or, Ikhwaani Muslimiin. The Saudi Government is reported to have spent tens of billions of dollars at one point to place "fundamentalist" Muslim teachers in the universities of the world, as well as to translate many fundamentalist texts into different languages to spread the doctrines to the masses. Let it be known that war and mind-games aren’t abstract concepts to the Muslim mind, and to continue to consider these individuals as somehow different or less evolved does two things. Firstly, it shows the naive arrogance of the west to think that somehow war will work for us, and always against them, and it shows a gross underestimation of Muslim planners.

Islam itself has its roots in Rome. In the time of Muhammad, his hometown had been infested by Roman Catholic "plants", awaiting the coming of a prophesied "comforter". Roman astrologers knew for some time that, from that region, at a time foretold by the stars, would come a prophet, and that prophet would have the character and demeanor necessary to implement a faith upon a foreign people who were difficult to convert to Christianity. Augustine devised a plan to place Roman Catholic nuns and priests in the region of Mecca in high enough concentration, and blending in so as to round up this individual early in their awakening and in turn guide their perception of the awakening towards an inherently Christian comprehension. Muhammad’s first wife, Khadija, was Catholic. As soon as he got the desired results from his cave-meditation sessions and freaked out, he went to her, who in turn sent him to her uncle, a Roman-Catholic priest. This priest then commenced to explain Muhammad’s visions as being the angel Gabriel coming to him to teach him of the next phase in God’s plan for man, and that next step was Islam. It was to be spread both by nature and nurture, aka word and sword, by the Arabs to the world. Rome never imagined that this man could be so influential as to pull it off, and now we have the present situation; the Roman descendants have a way-ward child to deal with and are so frustrated that they are ready to use nuclear weapons to "defeat fundementalism", and are trying to use Biblical lies to justify it.

Consider the issue that Christianity itself is only the sum of stolen, so-called pagan teachings and mythologies. It has elements from so many different cultures that have been invaded and destroyed. This makes Christianity a way-ward child of the ancient mystery schools, too big for its own britches, and running roughshod over the inhabitants of this whole planet. Now, one of its own bastard children is acting the same way. It is truly son against father, but people are so caught up in the hype that the two aren’t one, but really are two, that they can’t see that what we have is a whole bunch of pain and strife, dressed up in suits, ties, collars and habits, kufees and khimar, all killing itself. People need to get the hell out of the way and let it fall faster. Instead of bombs, try using right knowledge to kill not only Islamic fundamentalism, but also Christian and Jewish. Of course, people are still afraid to go to Hell, so they think they have some inherent rights to something, justified by faith. All forms of fundamentalism are breeding grounds for terror, and the Christian right are equally bad. Where do you think the idea for nuking Mecca came from? I would guess from the same murderous and dominating intent that created and then destroyed Herod, and even Rome. Americans will fall with the current incarnation of this barbaric ideology, unless Americans wake up to the evils of Re-Legion as a whole, and stop thinking that we are some god-favored nation that deserves, anything.


  1. That's a very thoughtful reply to my Nuke Mecca post! Thanks! I am told there were demands by some I remove my post, seeking to censor that which they do not like. I was surprised. The most vehement demand made directly to me came from a supposed "liberal" who professes the values of free speech. Free speech only for the agreeable is not free speech at all.

    I had hoped to start a discussion on this because more and more I see advocated an all-out war against Islam. The Bush administration has publicly stated it would not rule out the use of battle field nuclear weapons in the Middle East in the "War on Terror".

    Personally, if I could press a button and eliminate the entire Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion, I would, but I realize that's mere fantasy. I was raised Methodist, as is the Bush family. It is the most liberal of Protestant sects in the United States, and controls the World Council of Churches. Methodists also control several of the largest universities in the nation: Boston University, Southern Methodist University, Duke University, Methodist University in N.C., Central Methodist University in Missouri, Wesleyan University, , Wesleyan University of Ohio, DePauw University in Indianna, blah, blah, blah... Through these they've created the Protestant liberal mindset. Yet for freedom they are not.

    I did not leave the Methodist Church until 1986, but I had stopped believing more than a decade earlier. I actually read The Book of Discipline when I was 12 or 13, just after I had joined the church (Roman Catholics would call it a confirmation). I was then a full voting member of the church. The Book of Discipline clearly stated that all who did not die in Christ were condemned to Hell. I asked our pastor about it, asking what about people in the world who had never even heard of Jesus. God's Will and to Hell they go!, was the basic answer. I told him I did not believe that, and he told me he did not believe it either! So church was just about family and comaraderie, church suppers and socials, picnics and outings. That was good enough for me. I did not care about the silly rituals. At least, as a Protestant, we did not have the foolish Roman Catholic belief that the wine and bread actually become the blood and body of Jesus Christ just because mumbo jumbo was said over it by a man in a wizard costume.

    I agree with your statement that Christianity contains a bunch of pagan aspects. That was necessary because Constantine (who was not a Christian at all, but worshiped Apollo the Sun God, and was a member of the Sol Invictus religion) wanted the empire to have one religion. All the legal religions of Rome were merged under "Christianity". Jesus was then said to have been born on December 25th to a virgin, as was the god Mithros. The Mithraic religion was more popular than Christianity but was on the decline. So Christianity won out over it. However, Islam has pagan elements as well.

    Allah was only one of many gods worshiped at the Kabbah stone at the time of Mohamed - although Muslims, getting their information only from the Quran, deny this. Allah was, in fact, represented by a carved black obsidian idol and was the god of Mohamed's tribal area. Mohamed went to war, killing thousands upon thousands, to make his god the only god of the Arabs.

    The Quran, itself, changed much over the years and did not even get written until about 1000 C.E. And, yes, it has changed.It was not written by Mohamed, who, himself, was an illiterate desert bandit. Yet, as was done to Jesus by Rome, was done to Mohamed by his followers. Both men were militant leaders who led revolutionary armies for their own glory, and both caused the deaths of thousands needlessly. Both were then cleaned up by their followers and put upon pedestals of glory upon which neither deserve to be.

  2. Ah Devin... I am reading this post today. Wish we could keep bullshitting about this topic... It went pretty well. I dropped the ball on any more commenting, and now it can't go on in any way. You are missed, probably by more than you ever knew even liked ya! I hope your travel is fairing well my friend...