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02 December, 2008

WMD attack on US within 5 years?

Commission Report Says A Nuclear Or Biological Attack Should Be Expected Within Five Years

Do you think this is likely?

What should we do about the possibility of such an attack?

The site,, offers an interesting take on the issue.

In the article the author discusses the destruction of Mecca and the result it might have on radical Islam.


In the article, the author sets forth the opinion the nuclear destruction of Mecca (during the Hajj no less) would have a similar effect the destruction of Herod's Temple in Jerusalem in 70 C.E.

 had on the radical Jews of Judea. It calmed them and made them rethink their relationship to their god and to the world. Rabbinical Judaism was the result. The Romans made no attempt to stamp out the Jews - although many died. The Roman's desired to destroy the nature of the Jewish religion, and at that they succeeded.  I would argue the world is a far better place as a result. Think of how many Jews lived because they were no longer stoned to death for working on the Sabbath, or stoned for adultery. After the destruction of the Temple and its corrupt priesthood, the Rabinate brought peace, understanding, and most importantly compassion to a religion that had known very little of any of these. Would this work with radical Islam? 

What would radical Muslims do if they could not look forward to making their pilgrimage to Mecca and walking counter-clockwise around the Kaaba Stone chanting "Here I am Lord, here I am." Would they, too, have to rethink their place in the world and become more understanding of others. Would they follow in the footsteps of their cousins, the Jews, and choose to follow the intent of the law and not merely the letter of the law? Would they learn compassion?

Surely this is a radical approach, but it offers fodder for thought.


  1. I don't think it would be a good idea to nuke Mecca. They'd come at us like a hoard of wild animals! We'd have to carpet bomb every Muslim country in the world.

    Now, on the other hand, if we could make it look like the radical Muslims did it themselves, that might be viable. Didn't they attack the Grand Mosque in Mecca once anyway? It's not too far fetched an idea that the Muslims themselves would do it.


  2. Dear FBI,

    Paranoia Magazine has never, would never, and will never advocate the bombing of any nation or maiming and murder of any people, or the followers of any religious belief system, as a solution to any problem or as a pre-emptive strike doctrine.

    Any suggestion or signage posted on this blog, by anyone, regardless of their relationship to Paranoia Magazine, should not be considered the opinion of Paranoia, its editors, assistants or assigns, no matter how big the lettering on the asinine sign might be.

    Remember, Paranoia does not knowingly publish disinformation but sometimes it’s hard to tell.

    Thank you.


  3. It needs to be understood that Paranoia magazine does not own this blog and is not responsible for any posts here.

    I do not necessarily support the "nuking" of Mecca, but merely pose the question, as others have, would the destruction of Mecca help to make Islam less radical. Some think it would.

    The elimination of the item of worship for Muslims might make them less radical, as it did the Jews. Although Muslims would deny they worship the Kabbah stone, it is rather funny they circle it endlessly calling it their lord and telling it they are here. The Muslims seem to be worshiping an idol (going so far as to kiss it) while such worship is forbidden under Islam.

  4. Dear God,

    I know that when you hear comments like "Nuke Mecca," you think "That first flood didn't really improve this bunch, did it? Maybe it's time to pull the plug on the experiment, starting with the guy who posted that comment." I understand. I truly do. I feel that way half the time. But give him and all of us a little slack; chances are the Republicans and Democrats will finish off the world in some bipartisan Cryptocracy machinations, so there's no need to get too involved at this juncture.

  5. I don't advocate nuking Mecca, but others do, and some people are seriously talking about it and what consequences there would be.

    I think discussion about it can only help to shed light on the nuts who advocate it.